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Uploaded By: 1978 Hole #8 (Taken 9/2010)
3 / 329ft.   3 / 329ft. Par / Distance:
Hole #8 Basket

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 NOT for the faint of heart

1    9/1/2010   9/1/2010
Review By: Jermy
Played: 60  Reviewed: 11  Exp: 4.8 Years
6 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: OK, first, this course is CHALLENGING!
Very long, very technical, and very fun.
Concrete T-pads, some decent (handdrawn) signnage, and very thought out , long, layout
Cons: DIFFICULT, have i said its long yet?
NOT beginner friendly, this course will kick most seasoned player's asses (which is also a pro! )
Other Thoughts: Bottom line- this course is new, still a ton of work to be done on it. In it's current state it is very impressive and ambitious.
This course is definitely looking to be a gold level championship course, its still got a good deal of work that needs to be done, but so far so good.

The length and hole layout is going to challenge damn near anyone, normally I would count this sort of difficulty as a fault, but NC has SO many courses in this area that a course like this isn't going to inhibit anyone from learning the sport.

The course seems like the parks just gave people this forest and said have your way with it. You can literally see where they carved their way through the dense forest to make way for the fairways that make up this course. Definitely a must play for any serious disc'er

- also- see brotherdave's review! he hits the nail right smack center on the head. this course definitely wants to kick your ass and take your lunch money

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 Top 5 favorite courses

1    8/14/2010   8/18/2010
Review By: philman
Played: 6  Reviewed: 5  Exp: 13.1 Years
3 Helpful / 10 Not
Pros: I loved this course. It was long, it was hard and it was fun. I think this is the best course in Charlotte period. My friends and I played Renaissance,Hornets nest and this. I love NC golf, and Nevin is well worth the drive.
Cons: I can't play it on weekends because I live in Cincy.
Other Thoughts: Keep up the great work.

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 Nevin ain't Heaven

1    7/18/2010   7/19/2010
Review By: BrotherDave
Played: 105  Reviewed: 102  Exp: 7.7 Years
This review was updated on 11/18/2010
36 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: I'm going to cut to the chase on this one. This course has:
Length with a capital L.
Well-defined fairways.
Signage and great tees.
A practice basket.
L-R variety.
Holes that require placement.
Memorable holes.
Cons: This course hates you. It hits the alarm clock before the sun rises so that it has time to prepare itself properly for hating you. It will kick your dog in the face. It ate your last piece of pie that your mom baked for you, then it threw it up on your best shirt. Think you made a good drive? Nope, the course will put your disc in a ditch, behind a cluster of trees, or kick it into the schule with it's many roots. Make a bad throw? Expect to make about 5 more before the hole is over. The course has open holes too, but you won't like them. Because there is just enough briers and weeds growing up on the fairway to make losing a disc easy or the fairway itself, like the wooded holes, never ceases to be "too clever" for its own good. Like the double mando on hole # 14. Sure, the mando on the right is cool, it keeps discs from flying into the neighborhood on the right, but the other mando some 30' to the left kind of forms a clown's mouth with the branches, an evil, sadistic clown that takes pleasure in popping kids' balloons. So what you get essentially is a ~10' tall by 30' wide window to hit up hill on a 500'+ hole, 200'+ from the tee. The question is, why? Why must every hole go out of its way to mock you? (That hole really isn't that bad/hard). But this is the way you feel if you can't hit narrow gap after narrow gap and land your disc with remote control precision.
Other Thoughts: There's a lot of cool, neat holes here. And most of them force you to think strategically. The problem is, it seems like even when you do every thing right, these holes find a way to deprive you from getting par. I'm all for clever bends and switch backs and dog legs but at some point you get tired of pushing the boulder uphill and you want a "dumbed down" hole to relax, get some confidence back, and key word here: Enjoy. This course has everything design wise that you can conceivably ask for, except enjoyment. But if you enjoy immense challenges that never seemingly never end and a course that gives good scores only to those favored by the Gods, then maybe Nevin is Heaven.

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 my favorite of two Charlotte trips

1    3/30/2010   6/11/2010
Review By: tallpaul
Played: 741  Reviewed: 133  Exp: 26.8 Years
This review was updated on 11/18/2010
21 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: Nevin's footage is not out of this world. Lesser armed players still stand a chance; if they can negotiate the fairways. This is perhaps my favorite thing about this course (as opposed to Renny, which has more of a big armed player feel; to me). This is not a short course; but neither is it a big arm track. Stan designed original concept here; but extreme kudos should be given to Mark and Matt (with some applause for various other contributors). M and M have logged enormous hours at this course. Mark also involved with a number of other area disc course projects; and seems (like a number of Charlotte individuals) to work non stop on making this area an even better destination point than it already is. He is also the main person responsible for enlarging the scope of Nevin towards an eventual par 72 layout. My original comment about length being fair for shorter arms, I think will still be valid to some degree; but Mark is sadistically laughing at the opportunities for even more length to challenge the risk/reward options for gold level players. I really think this is going to be a crown jewel by the time worlds comes to town....
I enjoyed this course from start to finish. There were four of us traveling on this trip; and we played some fine courses along the way (14 total courses in three states; per this site; 4 3 rated courses, 1 3.5, 4 4 rated, 1 4.5 rated, and four home grown; which were all at least 3.5's IMHO); and, we thought Nevin was the best/toughest of this group. Since then, some of the pin ball action has been removed from Nevin; but one of the course designer's reveals that very tight fairways are the "feel of the course" and will not be opened much.
Talk about a thinking man's course....Talk about a shot making course....Talk about a course to keep your wits about you after your second or third trip to the schule in succession...
You are asked to make narrow shot after narrow shot. If you're off the fairway, you need to spend a shot to get back into the fairway. Schule is thick off the fairways.
There are dog legs associated with this narrow steerage. You not only have to make thin shots; but you have to finish one way or another, to lead to your next shot.
To me; it was a beautiful walk in the woods; with great disc holes thrown in. I have been assured that the early spring look is nothing compared to the greenness of summer!
There are places for deuces; but, most often, you must make a good drive off the tee (meaning fairway; regardless of the distance), and then plan another excellent second shot (again, staying on tough fairways), follow this advice again, make a putt; and move on to more of the same.
The combination of length and technicality is simply out of this world. And, you will have to use every shot in your bag; right hand shots, left hand shots, uphill, downhill, tomajunk, forehand, escape rollers probably...etc. to maneuver your way around this test of skill.
There is not a huge down hiller here. Nor is there a great water shot. This is a rating based on great wooded shots. Hole after hole of them. Signature after signature hole of them.
Believe it or not; there is some mando here. Also, telephone pole(s) to hit on #18; in case there were not enough trees for you.
Two sets of nice, new, roughened and long, tees. Course feels longer than pure footage would indicate; due to narrow lines needed.
Other activities available in park; see other reviews.
At the time we played; things were fairly primitive in terms of amenities.
Other Thoughts: Bikinjack (from this site) was our guide this round; which helped our enjoyment level. Also helped on the navigation. We played in March. Course fairly new. I believe Jack had only played it once previously and we didn't have any troubles.
I have to say that N.C. is one of my favorite areas for disc in the U.S. Nevin is, after one time through, my favorite of this bunch!!! I will be back to see the progress with the amenities, and to play this awesome grouping in the future.
All of those who reside in a cold winter state, as I do, should put Charlotte N.C. and Nevin, in particular, on their escape winter weather trips. March and April are one of the best times of the year to be playing here. Southern spring is way ahead of us....things are green in March/April; but schule is not near as thick as it will be a month or two later....

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  Sublime ~ Very Well Designed ~ Incredible Trees ("Old Growth)

1    5/21/2010   5/21/2010
Review By: Infinitus
Played: 1  Reviewed: 1  Exp: 17.8 Years
10 Helpful / 5 Not
Pros: I am going to leave the minute details to those who wish to nit-pick the finer points. I have played a good many courses in my life; more than some, less than some. Charlotte, NC is (and has been) a supreme and premier area in the WORLD for disc golf, and for quite some time. This course is an EXCELLENT reflection of that fact... and is absolutely world-class. Do not be deceived. If you have the opportunity to play this course... do so.

This course does not favor any handedness or throw style over another. The tee signage and maps are great. It's a beautiful course (especially in Spring/Summer), FUN, well designed, balanced, diverse, engaging, and at times, complex (without being frustrating). The course profoundly balances a need for both shot-making and distance throws almost perfectly.

The tress on this course are some of the oldest and aged in the entire area and region... by far. It's very impressive in that regard. This may well be described as a future equivalent of Augusta in ball golf.

This course will challenge you to grow in and improve your game, within an excellent environment... while still providing a lot of fun. What more may we ask for in disc golf... ?
Cons: The pics currently posted for this course are not the best or true to it's current state of vastly improved development. This is not a punch-off the tee and shoot for birdie course. It represents a pure, fair and formidable challenge. That said, again, it's not discouraging.

It helps to have a spotter on a few holes (2-3 of them), but that's a con only to some.

Get you some of this one. It is, without a doubt, one of the best.

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 NEVIN... as in... NEVer agaIN

1    3/6/2010   3/31/2010
Review By: DSCJNKY
Played: 311  Reviewed: 131  Exp: 13.6 Years
This review was updated on 9/15/2010
14 Helpful / 3 Not
- Extremely Challenging. Everyone needs a good ole' fashion beat down every now and again to humble them. This course will definitely test your shot making ability, save your ass-ability, accuracy, and mental game. Out of the 120+ courses I've played… this was by far the most challenging.
- Brand New Everything. Innova DiscCatchers, large concrete tee-pads, fairways, stairs, terrace work... and, I'm sure new things (more benches, terrace work, better tee-signs, etc…) will be added to make the course even better.
- World Championships. This course was clearly designed with the 2012 Worlds in mind… and it's cool to know that you're playing one of the "Worlds" courses. It will be interesting to hear what the pros think about this course, as well as to see how well they shoot.
- Unrealistic Expectations. 600+ foot holes with a 20' gap the who length containing an extremely precise triple dogleg and nothing but a pitch out for anything but the most perfect shot… are a little too unrealistic for me; and considering that I would rank my golf game in the 90th percentile, probably a little too unrealistic for anyone but the top pros too… (and, even they're going to struggle at times). The course is just…
- Stupid Tight. But, from what I understand, that's how Stan McDaniel designs his courses - Super Tight… and then he lets the golfers break them in and loosen them up. Missing the fairway here practically requires a pitch out… the saplings are sooooo thick that forward momentum is usually impractical and probably foolish anyways. The very few "open" holes on the back-9 are a God send… and even they are littered with trouble.
- Terrible Signage. For what the holes are… and what they require… they need some extremely professional tee-signs detailing the holes shape, overall distance, the distances to the dogleg, the distance to the second dogleg, Pars, OB's, Mandy's, etc…
Other Thoughts:
- NEVer agaIN. OK… I kid with the title… I will play it again… but, just not until it's a little more broken in. Because I live a couple of hours away, and there are so many other options in the Charlotte area, it will probably be a while before I return… (like right before the Worlds).
- Local Routes. Nevin is the type of course you need to play more than once. There are simply too many forced ("optimal") landing zones and routes that you would need several rounds to figure out the "best" places to be and NOT to be.
- Putter Pars vs. Driver Double Bogeys. Use your PUTTER. Halfway through the round I realized that if I simply used my putter and mids to take shorter but straighter shots while chipping away at the fairway, I could remain in the fairway and make Par… as opposed to having a driver curve off into the woods, thus requiring a pitch out (or two) to make double-bogey. And, this is especially true if you don't know the "Local Routes".
- Double Digits Over Par. You're going to go nuts if you are at all worried about shooting under par. Which, initially, I was… because, usually - at lesser courses - I do… but after 5 holes I knew I had no chance of even getting close to Par. The goal quickly became trying not to shoot double digits over par, which I failed at.
- My Charlotte Rankings. If you're planning a road trip to Charlotte, here are my rankings (of the courses I've played): Renny, Hornetts, (Nevin in future), Sugaw, Kilborne, (Nevin current), Reedy, ……...Veterans.
- My Score: +12

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  Needs a little work...

1    3/29/2010   3/29/2010
Review By: davidadam1
Played: 7  Reviewed: 1
3 Helpful / 5 Not
Pros: Well marked course, with yardage markers in fairways. Good design, no backtracking or fairway crossing. Course ends where it begins which is nice. It is obvious that the guys in charge of this course care about it and will make the necessary improvements, I look forward to playing it again. This could honestly become one of my favorite courses in Charlotte.
Cons: Several fairways are too narrow for the distance. Mandos on holes 12 and 14 are tricky with the wind and distance from tee pad. As I am not a pro, throwing 250 feet and then making my disc turn at a 90 degree angle is impossible (i.e. hole 17). Very challenging uphill holes, make sure you are in shape.
Other Thoughts: Tee Signs need improvement especially with marking long tees and short tees but that will come with time and money. Possibly more trash cans and more benches, I only remember seeing one all day.

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 Challenge Yourself

1    3/20/2010   3/22/2010
Review By: rpitt08
Played: 95  Reviewed: 9  Exp: 16.3 Years
3 Helpful / 3 Not
Pros: Location: 1 mile off the highway.
Design: Featuring both lefty and righty holes. There are a couple of holes that can be 2'd.
Challenging: Lots of par fours and harder. Wooded and long.
Navigation Friendly: Tee signs at every hole. Easy to navigate. Fairways are clearly defined making it easy for a first time course player to throw toward the basket on a long hole where basket can not be seen from the tee.
Other Thoughts: Fantastic work designing and building this gem of a course. One of the best and most challenging I've played. On par with the Jackson course at IDGC.

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 the final frontier...

1    2/24/2010   2/24/2010
Review By: albert8fish
Played: 17  Reviewed: 17  Exp: 16 Years
10 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: Today I took bogeys on almost all holes, and still had a great time.This park is massive, and so is the course.It was raining and the ground was playdough, but I was there to scope out the new beast that everyone is raving about, by myself, with no one else around. Whole round went smooth thanks to the arrows and signs.(from #9 to #10 there is an unused tee pad in the fairway of ten dont let it fool ya, go down the hill to the stream for #10 tee pad)All in all it is a tech course with mid-range disc control a prerequisite, a true game of golf is played at Nevin, not an ace run course.
That is the future of this sport and Stan and CDGC are ushering it in big time with this amazing course.
Cons: Be in shape, or pay the price.I carry 22 discs when I play, I would like to think I have everything I need for my Charlotte courses.This course slapped me across the face when I realized I have so few under stable discs in my bag.I throw mostly side-arm so I have an array of stability, but today I could have used an under stable driver for backhand finesse shots.This course demands concentration like no other in the area, if you can't shape a shot you will not like this course at first.I used a max weight Mako today half way through the round and started getting my game back.Great course for training your arm to do exactly as you wish, because if you falter for one shot you will be looking at bogeys galore.
Other Thoughts: This is Renny's conservative old crotchety grandfather.
Some holes have flashy trick shot shortcuts, but very few.Where Renaissance will make obvious big steep elevation changes, Nevin will trick you with elevation and pinpoint accurate distance. I was expecting a pro level course like Hornets Nest but I got a glimpse at the future of our sport and course design instead Can't wait for a dry day, all of us here in the disc golf mecca of Charlotte have been building and playing these new courses in slop all winter.Thank you CDGC, and all who keep our courses clean and playable.

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 Very Tight

1    12/14/2009   2/3/2010
Review By: _.-Dut-._
Played: 50  Reviewed: 33  Exp: 16.3 Years
This review was updated on 2/26/2010
4 Helpful / 9 Not
- Very challenging course that offers a great variety of shots.
- Well taken care of course, especially for how new it is. Concrete teepads, fairways are well defined, alternate routes on several holes.
- Next tee signs and clear cut paths make this course easy to navigate.
- Great use of Mandos and elevation
The course is new and hasnt been "worn" in yet. There is no cons I noticed that dont appear to be working themselves out quickly.
Other Thoughts: Very tough course but fair. Fairways require accuracy to score well and offer a varirty of lines. A few holes have alternate paths that let you decide between forehand/backhand hyzer/anhyzer. The course is well worth making a trip to see and will only get better as it ages.

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