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Technical difficulty

2-4    4/20/2013   4/20/2013
Review By: Bennybennybenny
Played: 54  Reviewed: 54  Exp: 4.1 Years
This review was updated on 5/16/2013
8 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: -I loved Nevin park! It's 340 acres. It has a few baseball fields, horseshoe pits, picnic shelters, multi purpose trail, a few playgrounds, bocce ball courts, shuffle board courts, soccer fields and the best of all, a challenging disc golf course. The course was extremely technical and difficult for me but I still had fun.
-LONG teepads. A chance in a foot fault is 1/10 chance.
-It's a shame most disc golf courses don't end like #18 does. #18 is the best finishing hole in Charlotte (Barely beating #18 at RL Smith.) #18 has about a 40 foot drop in elevation with the creek at the bottom of the hill. Then, it rises about 20-25 feet. The woods to the left are pretty light but to the right, they are pretty thick. Even though it's pretty wooded, you can still grip it and rip it.
-Good use of elevation on the course, #18 definitely was hilly. On most holes, the elevation is pretty good. The first few holes have elevation changes of about 10 feet.
-The course is very technical but 13 and 14 are mostly open. #12's teeshot is open but it goes into the woods. The woods will still make you better.
-#12 is another great hole. The drive is nicely downhill and it goes left into the woods. It's the longest on the course but with the teeshot, you have a change to throw a nice drive into the woods and lay up for a par. A birdie would be lucky because it's pretty narrow in the woods. This hole get no love :(, and this is a really fun hole!
-Course has great variety, like the aforementioned elevation, on the short pads it has five doglegs and a double dogleg (#5), so six holes are doglegs. On the longs it has eight doglegs. A few dropoffs, a bunch of long holes and a few short ones, and a couple open holes.
-Trash cans on almost every hole. I only saw one bottle beside a teepad, a bud light bottle. Most courses have a bit more trash. Bencheson most holes too.
-The new #11 was also unique. The teeshot was wooded and 240" feet past the tee, it's still pretty wooded but it's another majestic hole.
-Practice basket in the woods. #1 is across the street from the practice basket.
-Arrows pointing you to the next tee for the longer transitions.
Cons: -The course was like a temporary home for caterpillars and spiders. Spider webs were everywhere. My parents and little sister wouldn't stop complaining about it and I don't blame them. I wish I brought pesticide. This is only temporary.
-#9 was a bit over the top for me. It's very wooded and very long. I never had a tee shot in the fairway so I would have to just throw a twenty foot shot out of the trees just to be safe. Still, I did say this course is for advanced players.
-#14's mando gate is irritating. It's not very wide, I considered it irritating because it didn't feel like a mando gate because the mando pointing left is about 15' behind the mando pointing you right. It's used to protect the horseshoe pits and the neighborhood. The first round I made it though but not the second round. This is just my opinion, I think it's frustrating.
-This didn't bring down my rating but it can be a little hard to find the first hole. This place has two parking lots, go to the further one, find the opening in the woods where the practice basket is and cross the road.
-That's about it except that it's not in the best part of town. A cop was there but I didn't see any too shady looking.
Other Thoughts: -This is definitely a hard course in Charlotte but I enjoyed it when I would be in trouble because it makes the hole interesting and challenging. This course is not for beginners. It requires long throws and straight throws. It's extremely demanding. I know people say Renaissance is the hardest but I think that this is the toughest in Charlotte, but I loved it. Every hole can result in very high numbers. Even #2 and #13 and those are pretty easy but if you are not in the fairway, you have to work for a par.
-Every hole is unique in it's own way, I know I say #9 is a bit over the top for me but it's the hardest on the course. It's still interesting and I will say that every moment you spend playing disc golf is worth it.
-#7 would be the "love it or hate it" hole. It's 202 feet long but has a four foot gap to throw through. For a hole with a small gap, I think it has the appropriate distance. Some people will expect themselves to birdie a short hole but it's bogeyed, a lot.
-Every hole can make you or break you here. You will have to play it wisely. Look at the fairway, debate whether you should risk going for a birdie or play it safely and make a par. Going for it on this course can really hurt your score. An example of going for it would be #2 and #13. #2 is a short uphill ace run with a pretty wide fairway, #13 is an open uphill shot and after 200' feet, there is no vegetation to the left. An example of playing safely would be the aforementioned #7, #9 is very tight with an elevation gain of about 15 feet. #16 is a hole where you want to throw about 180' from the short, 350' from the long so you can make a birdie. OB is marked along the creek so if you over throw, your shot is OB.
-The reason why my title is called technical difficulty is because the course is very technical and very difficult.
-This course deserves a 4.5. I LOVE IT!! But the spiderwebs and caterpillars all around the course are a problem. Still, this is one of the best in Charlotte, some say it's THE best. Just go out and play this if you are ready. Send me a message if you want to know more.

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Date: 4/29/2013 Designer Response by: 1978
Thanks for your review Benny. Hole 14 is double Mando to protect fields to left (volley ball, bocce ball, picnics, and right; peoples yards. Everyone dislikes certain holes. Hole 9 plays about middle of the pack a little less than +.5 strokes over par. 12 is the toughy +1.25 and 15 the easy one at -.25.

Silk Worms - This is a 2-week problem experienced in any wooded area (including city streets) in Charlotte. I dont remember the worms being this bad. I think the cold winter delayed gradual hatching of the worms and they all came out together. It has been insane, every where, their pooping sounded like rain at Bradford and HN this weekend.

Insert Title Here

1    3/20/2013   3/20/2013
Review By: New013
Played: 145  Reviewed: 99  Exp: 4.7 Years
This review was updated on 4/4/2013
17 Helpful / 4 Not
Pros: (see rant below)
Cons: (see rant below)
Other Thoughts: If you've read my reviews before you're already thinking this is a bit unorthodox, but for all intents and purposes I can't review Nevin like I do every other course... I just have to rant.

We live in a world where nothing is black and white, everything is in this space of grey. Is it good is it bad; who knows what the truth of anything is anymore?

Well in the world of disc golf I can usually tell you how I feel about a course when I'm leaving, for me that is black and white. The only time when a course isn't black and white is when I think... eh... and that usually means it's not that great.

Well Nevin is a different breed of course, it's definitey not eh and it's not black or white either; not for me at least. I can tell you a lot of things I love about Nevin followed by reasons why I don't want to go back and play it.

When people describe Nevin they use words like 'brutal' or 'unfair'; personally I disagree with that sentiment. Is it difficult? Yes. Is it unforgiving? Yes. If you walk up to one of the long par 4's and say yeah I can put my driver way up there and then nail a tree 50' up the fairway and kick in to the rough you're going to have a bad time. If you go for a green with the thought in mind that you're going to put it right beside the pin you might end up down a 50' hill wondering what just happened. That's Nevin.

There are no unfair holes here, in fact ample space is given on every hole to get a shot up to where you need to be to proceed. You could probably take a putter out here and shoot par if you keep it straight... but who does that?

The fun part of Nevin is thinking for a milisecond you can make that shot and then taking the ass kicking it hands out. It has this effect that makes it seem doable before you realize you should of played it safe. That's why I don't get the complaints, you chose the path youre walking down.

There's not many holes here that ask you to shape a disc in some amazing way to score well. You'll get a lot straighter shots and from the shorts this course is open to getting in the red. Though honestly if you're going to Nevin what's the point of playing the shorts. It's meant to be what it is and that's a true test of not only your physical game but your mental game.

You're going to end up in trouble here, you're going to take a few lumps the question Nevin asks is how are you going to handle it? Are you going to complain and say it's just not fair or are you going to stand up and say FU Nevin I'm coming for you.

I don't know if I want to go back and play Nevin, personally I don't think the front nine is all that fun but the back nine for me is really fun and the entire thing weaves through a really great park. The most telling thing about Nevin is both times I've been out there I've seen very few other people out there playing it because the chuckers steer far clear of it.

Though maybe that is the saving grace for an extremely well designed course. Yeah it starts off with some non-inspiring holes but by the end if you birdied one of the "brutal" holes you look back and say I did that. For one moment in time I conquered a little part of something not meant to be conquered.

So maybe I do go back, my one memory of my entire chucking discs out of the rough hoping it lands back in the fairway trip to Nevin was I had a pretty good look for 3 on 17 long, it's a par 5 if you've never been there it's not an easy one. I want that 3... and one day I'll get it.

End rant.

17 of 21 people found this review helpful.
Date: 4/5/2013 Designer Response by: 1978
You need to go back to get that 3 on 17 AND the 3 on 5. Hope you enjoyed the new 11. Someday I'll upgrade #2 for you.

 Unpredictably fun and satisfyingly difficult (Beg/Int Review)

1    1/21/2013   1/22/2013
Review By: apparition
Played: 43  Reviewed: 37
This review was updated on 1/23/2013
9 Helpful / 3 Not
Pros: + Unpredictably challenging and fun
+ Hole layout diversity
+ Easy to navigate with lots of wooden arrows pointing the way
+ Short tees that didn't make holes too easy, just slightly less frustrating
+ Ample pictures and videos of Nevin are online
+ All expected amenities are in place
Cons: - 11 didn't have a teebox; sure the hole will be finalized soon
- The transition from 11 basket to 12 tee required scaling a fairly steep ~15ft hill with only makeshift steps carved out of mud. Felt dangerous (not a big deal if dry).
- Hole 15(?) required driving between two mandos that most beginners and even some intermediate players can't throw on without sacrificing a lot of distance.
Other Thoughts: Nevin was a huge surprise for me. We played Nest in the morning, but I didn't budget (or anticipate) time for this awesome course because of what I've read about its level of difficulty and a high chance of losing discs for beginners. We decided to play Nevin anyway since it's so close to Hornets. The two accomplices I played the weekend with had never played disc golf before Friday. Nevin was very challenging for all of us, but it was still very rewarding and fun. And we didn't even come close to losing any discs. We may have had a much different experience if we didn't play Charlotte in the winter, though. I am so glad we did. My biggest piece of advice to anyone playing in Charlotte is not to skip Nevin even if you're a beginner!

One thing I want to note is that I loved watching the 2012 Men's Open World Championship videos online the day before playing Nevin. It was so cool to be throwing a hole and have the mental imagery of Barsby throwing the same hole and hitting a tree that I glided right passed :)

After playing seven courses in Charlotte in 3.5 days, I feel I have enough experience to say, in my opinion, Nevin's layout and course design is the second best in the area (I loved R.L. Smith). From the moment we started hole 1 we felt like we were in a forest secluded from the mainstream sports facilities where we parked our car. This very effective separation helped us keep focused on our round and consider each hole individually, rather than trying to navigate around a park full of people and other facilities (like the first 7 holes of Nest). The overall feel of the course was self-contained disc golf glory.

**Update**: Unlike Hornets Nest, I believe there isn't a primary aspect of discing that is emphasized at Nevin. Accurate driving off the tee on a calculated line is very important, but it's equally important to throw calculated approach shots. Putting here is easier than Renaissance, but only because you're not putting up to elevated baskets all the time. I didn't feel the course favored righty or lefty. Overall, this is a fantastically well-rounded course. I originally had 4.5 discs for this course, but after considering it over the past day and talking to the people I played the course with, I wholeheartedly believe it deserves 5.

Thanks for reading!

9 of 12 people found this review helpful.
Date: 8/16/2013 Designer Response by: 1978
Thank you for the review. 11s is the old hole 11 which played over a walking path. I could but might not ever use the short again. 11L is brand new, pictures will be up soon. We tried to level and set the pad frame. Pad will be poured in the next few weeks. EDIT PAD IS POURED You are correct, Nevin gets a bad rap for shule. It is not bad especially since some clearing for worlds.

I framed with 4x4's stairs a bit farther down on 11-12Long transition so it is not as steep a climb. If you follow the signs, they will lead you gradually to #12short's pad with no traversing of steep inclines.

 Keeps getting better

1    12/28/2012   12/28/2012
Review By: PanicKJ
Played: 25  Reviewed: 13  Exp: 6.7 Years
6 Helpful / 3 Not
Pros: Lots of variety. Very challenging. This course will bring out all the tricks you have in your bag. You feel like you are at a disc golf course only as the course is separated from the baseball fields. Great use of elevation. The fairways, in general, are proportionately fair to the length of the hole. This is a must play in the Charlotte area. I do not have the time to write a book report here, but you need to know that this is one of the best courses in NC.
Cons: Hole 7

Maybe if the surrounding area around the front wasn't so thick it wouldn't chap my ass so bad but when I play this hole I always get a 2 or a 5 depending on if I hit the gap.
Other Thoughts: Every time I play Nevin there is something new, I look forward to playing when I am in town. I hope that eventually there will be a par 72 layout. The new hole 11 is a great improvement over the short version, I would not shed a tear if the old short hole never came back. I did not like the road playing ob on that hole. Any complaints that I may have had in the earlier versions of this course have been improved upon already.

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 One of my favorites

5+    8/15/2012   8/16/2012
Review By: Steelo
Played: 88  Reviewed: 9  Exp: 7.8 Years
This review was updated on 1/2/2013
3 Helpful / 5 Not
Pros: Fun and challenging shots. The course will never get old, it will just age like a fine wine.
Good use of elevation and risk/reward. For example, hole 18. Off the tee you must decide to either land short of an OB ditch and have a longer approach or throw a driver over the ditch thus making you approach much easier. Several other holes have similar situations without using OB as a penalty but the rough is bad enough to make you decide to go for it or lay up. Hole 11 in the longs is one of my favorite holes.
Cons: Not a beginner freindly course, which is only a con if you prefer more open and/or shorter holes.
Other Thoughts: If I could live next door to any course in Charlotte, this would be the one. Playing disc golf at Nevin will make you better.

3 of 8 people found this review helpful.
Date: 8/16/2013 Designer Response by: 1978
Thank you for your review.

The following holes have benches (17 of 24 pads, 14/18 holes).
1s, 1L, 3L, 4-9, 10L, 11, 12 L/S, 14, 17L/S, 16L, 18.

The following tee pads will not get benches at this time because of location or fairway obstruction issues.
2S, 3S, 10S, 13, 15, 16S

All future potential Long holes get benches when they are completed.

 Never Never Land

5+    7/23/2012   7/23/2012
Review By: #19325
Played: 318  Reviewed: 170  Exp: 13.8 Years
11 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: Nevin is an absolutely fantastic heavily wooded course. It has tight lines and rolling hills. If you want to learn how to play control golf this is the pace to do it.

Just like the other Charlotte courses there is an option to play an easier layout with the short tees or just get absolutely pouded by playing the longest layout. The long layout is just NASTY!! The options are limitless out there.

Brand new Innova Discatchers with a practice basket near the parking lot.

Tee signs are on every tee pad. There are also distance markers on trees in the center of the fairway. Sick!

Awesome concrete tee pads for both the shorts and longs.

Navigation was pretty easy on this course.

There are some awesome professional par 4's and 5's on this course. A great example is hole 1. From the short tee it's a rather routine par 3. From the long tee it goes to a very difficult par 4. Hole #5 is just a nasty par 5.

Even a routine 202 foot hole here is great. Hole #7 has a tight gap to hit then a just nasty drop off behind the basket.

There is a great variety of distances on this course. You'll have to use pretty much every shot to score well here.

Hole 18 is a great finish to the course!
Cons: More descriptive tee signs would be good here.

No chance to stop by the parking lot while playing.

There are very few chances to just open up and rip a driver.

Beginners are going to struggle on this course.
Other Thoughts: I love this kind of golf. You have to manage this course and keep the disc in the fairway. If you make a mistake on this course it's very difficult to make up for it.

Just like other Charlotte courses the park is just awesome.Lots of other activities and restrooms. Charlotte has some of the best courses in the world!

11 of 13 people found this review helpful.
Date: 11/9/2012 Designer Response by: 1978
Thank you,
The donor of the tee signs (Alan Beaver - Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation) did not provide for more descripive permanent tee signs. Care is made to provide replaceable hand drawn laminated signs that may or may not be destroyed. Versions of these are visible in the course photos area. Course is still under re-design and expensive signs are not feasible at this time.

 Score well here, score well anywhere

5+    5/10/2012   5/11/2012
Review By: curmudgeonDwindle
Played: 18  Reviewed: 16  Exp: 35.6 Years
This review was updated on 5/15/2012
6 Helpful / 1 Not
Other Thoughts: Course is in a community level park (340 acres) over rolling piedmont landscape. The majority of the course is under old growth piedmont canopy and is, in the main, sequestered from other park activities. Nevin is one of the most elaborate, clever iterations of the wooded (read: tight, technical, etc.) piedmont course style available today. Large park size yields above average potential for expansion, but at the current time golfers should have plenty enough to chew on here, even for the most ambitious in the community.
Course roughly circles other park facilities in a counter clockwise fashion, with no returning 9s. Signage, equipment and amenities are all above average. Nevin's tee pads are superior.
Course represents a very demanding test of golfing skill, best undertaken by more 'serious' players, as its character is not 'fun' in a particularly light-hearted manner. Course also really deserves to be played more than once, as it might be difficult to really 'play' the first time through; many holes/landing zones are blind or semi-blind, especially from the long tees.
Course will heavily reward flat, straight shots of up to 300', with an emphasis on fade control, using both spins appropriately. Bring both spins to score well at Nevin. Heavy penal rough exists on almost every hole and it can be very difficult to advance the disc from the rough at Nevin. Opportunities to 'be creative', recover gracefully and/or 'improvise' are limited, especially if scrambling. Iconic #6's fairway route is just one example of the most often and well rewarded shot shape, both from off the tee and from the fairway at Nevin. These are also called 'frozen rope lines'. Average fairway width appears to be between 12 and 20', in several instances however, the tight 'geometries' of the fairway's line of play compress the available space farther. In other words, it can play much tighter. Most frequently a stable counter spin shot shape is favored off the tee, however this is balanced, nearly as frequently, by trouble awaiting such a shot with poor fade control in the form of harsh rough and/or drop-offs.
Risk/reward in the traditional sense is not entirely present as the course is very dictatorial in the lines that must be played. There are few holes with 'real' multiple routes to play (in fact, reviewer feels it impossible to either 'cheat' or overpower this course). Moreover, the golfer is forced to choose the 'right' level of aggressiveness to each given route. Long throwers will be hard pressed to make full use of their particular advantages. Correct distance and fade control are emphasized. The course can actually 'monkey' with this factor as well. For example, #2, very likely the lowest handicap hole, is a basic 250' uphill tube shot, but blind ob road is behind the basket. Untempered aggression on this scoring hole may result in a surprise penalty stroke. Conversely, no birdie putt is earned with a weak tee shot here. #8's 'fairway choice' (another 'iconic' style in disc golf hole design?) seems to be a risk choice based more on the individual's preferred shot shape, rather than a particular advantage gained from placement or a good angle gained from the given line.
Conservative play's reward can be stingy, as can be rewards for small or moderate successful risks. The word 'unforgiving' comes to mind, which means a scratch golfer should be around par, but the 'average' golfer will find this course much more difficult and punishing than others of a similar length/style.
Wind's affect regarding play is mostly blunted due to dense canopy cover, but does come into play strongly on 2 of the highest handicap holes.
Greens are generally open and flat. Several notable exceptions, which coincide with the lower handicap holes, feature lag-inducing blind drop-offs. Also many greens at Nevin are rather difficult to approach, as they are either in a bottleneck, offset parallel to the fairway's main axis or 'pocketed'. Targets are set at standard heights.
Of the 3 traditional schools of course design, Nevin is definitely a graduate of the 'penal' school. The course designers had some very specific tests for the golfers in mind when building this track. Course may remind one of an angry discipline-enthusiastic patriarch. Generally, the balance of fine technical requirements combined with the fair to good power required for solid play at Nevin, will outweigh 'decision-making' or 'strategy'. 'Hit-the-line' must be your 'strategy'. Stay in the fairway must be your 'strategy' to score well. Regular play here should improve mental toughness, consistency and realistic expectations.

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1    1/24/2012   1/25/2012
Review By: xcrunner134life
Played: 72  Reviewed: 14  Exp: 7.1 Years
7 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Excellent layout
Easy to get around
Difficult, but not crazy hard. If you keep it in the fairway, you are generally rewarded.
If you wanted to play the longer course, you don't have to go hunting for the long tees.
Good use of elevation changes.
Cons: Hole map at tee boxes would be nice. Most holes had a hand drawn map, but not all.
Some of the par 4s are more like long 3s
Other Thoughts: First time playing the course and I found it very easy to get around. Really the only downer to my round was it had rained the previous four days and everything was still very wet and muddy. HOWEVER, I was still able to get around the course with relative ease. Pushing my daughters stroller around the course was pretty easy. I only had issues with the mud. I will be playing this course again.

7 of 7 people found this review helpful.

 Don't be scared, Nevin is wonderful!

2-4    7/4/2011   7/5/2011
Review By: denny ritner
Played: 161  Reviewed: 107  Exp: 16.9 Years
16 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Nevin is the king of the wooded courses! The course is almost entirely under a gorgeous tree canopy with fairways that are appropriately wide for the required shot lengths. Nevin will challenge your ability to hit tight lines, shape shots, recover from trouble, strategize, and putt to baskets near drop-off's. Having extra power can help a bit, but only if it is controlled.

Nevin is a very demanding challenge, but the beauty of the woods, light schule, ease of navigation, and ease of traversing the terrain won't leave you feeling as exhausted as Renny.

If you believe in the myth that "all holes are par 3's", come play a real disc golf course like Nevin and you'll see the light. For both sets of tees the pars as listed (64/68) are right on for the blue level. Gold level players should be able to shoot well under, but the challenge factor is still more than enough to separate players by skill for the 2012 Worlds.

Nevin is my favorite Charlotte-area course and a strong candidate for the DGCR top ten list.
Cons: The course does not loop back to the parking area after 9 holes.

The course could benefit greatly from having a minimum of two tees on every hole and preferably three complete sets of tees on the course. The track is gorgeous and should be enjoyed by players of all abilities.

There are a couple safety hazards. Hole 11 sets up for a righty hyzer shot over the bike path. Hole 15 shoots straight up a winding bike path for the first 100 ft. or so. The long pad on hole 16 is one of the most insanely dangerous shots I've ever seen designed. A blind bike path crosses the fairway at about the 120 ft. mark, where a well thrown drive would be just about at head height to kill a biker that would come cruising down the hill. There is PLENTY of room in the park to create a course that has adequate safety buffers along the bike paths.
Other Thoughts: Nevin is a great part of the awesome Charlotte area disc golf scene. At present, North Carolina doesn't have any courses on the DGCR top ten list, but overall I don't see any city that stacks up with Charlotte in terms of the number and quality of disc golf options within a short drive.

Don't be a dirty discer, leave the course cleaner than the way you found it.

16 of 16 people found this review helpful.
Date: 11/9/2012 Designer Response by: 1978
Thank you Denny for the thoughtful review.
Hole 11 is no more. It has been redesigned to the right of 10's basket. A fully wooded par 4.

The first 150' of #16 is a wooded peninsula bordered by a walking trail. Both sides of the path are visible from the tee, visibility was discussed at length before pad pouring. The reviewers opinion at the danger of this hole may be over-stated. I have seen many more populated and dangerous disc golf holes in my travels. I am in agreement that sightlines should be expanded and cleared further and this will be completed.

Nevin was designed for advanced level players. Short holes at this park are only for speed of play in major tournaments (specifically Worlds). Because of the density of intermediate level courses in the immediate area there is not a need for recreational skill level holes.

It is this designers opinion that players navigating Nevin should experience the full version and not a watered down version. Future planned work is all targeted on increased difficulty and fairness.

A course for "Manly" men

1    5/31/2011   6/2/2011
Review By: forehandfranz
Played: 190  Reviewed: 122  Exp: 22.8 Years
This review was updated on 5/21/2013
15 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: The primary strengths of this course are that it has the ability to make you weep like a baby if you don't respect her authoritah! This wooded course has a variety of holes that will make you use every shot and make you use control over power, shot after shot, hole after hole.

This course is a gold level challenge all the way, but intermediate players will like it , as they will become better players if they stick with it. Many of the holes have narrow fairways lines with thick trees and underbrush on the edges. Some of them are par 4 and 5. Others are par 3, but will have sheer drop-offs behind the pin. For example- Hole #7 is a 202' slight dogleg left that has a 10' opening about 30' off the tee, but if you make it through the opening you are sailing toward the ace.....but behind the pin it devilishly drops immediately 20' to wispy trees below that can impede on your path to the basket high above. Not all holes are like this. There are some classic wide fairway shots that either have speckled trees in the fairway, or are bordered with thick forest or OB or mandos to make you honest.

The best (or some may say worst) characteristics of Nevin are that you have little time to ever relax. If you take your time and step back into a "placement and accuracy attitude" you will enjoy your experience. There are a few shorter holes where you have some ace or birdie opps, so don't fret!

As for amenities - tee pads are long and grippy, navigation is good (look for the next tee arrows), and there was no litter that I could see. The signs were very helpful too. Yardage markers along the fairways were sure a bonus!
Cons: This is only a con for beginners - this course is not for you. Even if they added shorter tee pads, I still think they would be frustrated. The fact that Charlotte has so many nice courses gives them other options.... So this does not detract from my rating.

This con may diminish over time (as the rough beats in), but much like Iron Hill- if you go a few feet out of the fairway, you are likely pitching out, which is almost like a lost stroke. It would be nice to have the opportunity to have some heroic saves from time to time.

Other Thoughts: I shot a 70 my first time and actually felt good about my round. Mistakes will happen, and I accepted them. If you go in with a more conservative attitude, you will enjoy your experience, and spend less time in the rough. Grip and rip could be your demise.....

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