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 Excellent technical course, very well maintained

5+    9/11/2010   9/12/2010
Review By: weeman
Played: 218  Reviewed: 59  Exp: 10.1 Years
9 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: Well maintained course just south of downtown Nashville. Course flows from open to mostly wooded holes and finishes up back in the open. Multiple pin placements on every hole with one hole having seven different placements. Many holes have benches on which to rest. The wooded holes are well preserved with defined fairways with an additional tree or two left in the fairway to add an element of luck in successfully reaching the green. Many railroad ties can be found throughout the wooded fairways to restrict the erosion as well as many gravel paths to keep from wading through mud. The underbrush in the rough is manageable to get out. Depending on skill level, your ability to get out of the rough is the difference between a par, bogey, or worse. Seven Oaks requires a technical game to have a shot at birdie. Even on the open holes, shot placement is paramount for having a good next shot.
Cons: Not many that I can pick out. Several of the greens are topped with gravel which can eat away at your disc. Each tee sign shows multiple pin placements but no indication of which sleeve the basket is in. This factor knocked down my rating for the course by one half star. For people who like to know what type of shot to throw off the tee, this adds a lot of walking to locate the basket before you play the hole. This problem can be solved by marking the sign in a semi-permanent way to show where the basket is. Maybe use little colored rivets next to the location of the basket as they do at Cedar Hill. Many of the tees are as old as the course itself and have rusted through the years making reading the distances off them difficult. Course is very popular and can get crowded. It may not seem like a problem for a group of people but singles will get held up a lot of the time waiting.
Other Thoughts: Personally this ranks up there with Cedar Hill as one of the best courses in the Nashville area. If you're not a local playing this course, say thanks to someone who's there all the time. Seven Oaks is a non-parks managed course, meaning that its the disc golf community (not the city) that got the course looking the way it does with all their hard work and volunteer hours. Access to the hidden holes can be done after number 6 by going a little bit farther back left of number 7 tee pad. There's a path leading there but you have to be on the look out for it. These holes are more technical and unforgiving then the rest of the wooded holes. After completing these three holes (I, II, III) you'll be right back at seven's tee pad.

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 Hometown Favorite

5+    8/26/2010   8/26/2010
Review By: Coast
Played: 27  Reviewed: 3  Exp: 13 Years
4 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: This course offers the full spectrum of hole layouts, with the exception of any water holes and I'm fine with that. The course is maintained by a excellent crew who give up one weekend every year to a work/party focusing on a couple of holes to manicure, as well as a regular early Sunday morning clean-up. Hence the mentioned mulch, gravel and rail-tyes throughout the course.

The flow of the course is quite smooth with "Next Tee" signs on all the baskets and cleared paths leading to and from each hole. The average hole length is around 300-340' and most all holes work for backhand and forehand throwers. The baskets are moved on a regular basis, but are always marked if you take the time to look at the signs.
Cons: The course crowding sometimes makes you think it is the only course around Nashville. The signs are a bit old and some holes distance are hard to make out.
Other Thoughts: The inner-course holes are played in the weekly doubles and handicap tournaments, so if interested to take part in these events practice them. These holes can help relieve some of the slow play after holes 6 when you can take the split.

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 A day in the park

5+    8/17/2010   8/2/2010
Review By: johnnyfoodstamp
Played: 24  Reviewed: 21  Exp: 4.2 Years
This review was updated on 8/18/2010
1 Helpful / 11 Not
Pros: First 4 holes play through a lightly wooded field with a over the hill shot on hole 2. Nice wooded/field shots follow. I was recently hipped to the "intercourse" a.k.a. Holes 19, 20, and 21. Kinda remind me of Star World in Super Mario Brothers. The back 9 offer a lot more room to throw, with Hole 18 being my personal favorite. Lots of nice locals to play with too!
Cons: Can get quite crowded at busy times.
Other Thoughts: The best course in Nashville hands down. Oh, and fyi, the "intercourse" is located down the trail to the right of basket 6. It is not really that hidden but for some reason we couldn't find it without being shown.

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 A True Labor of Love

5+    7/17/2010   7/29/2010
Review By: slowRoll
Played: 62  Reviewed: 10  Exp: 7 Years
This review was updated on 7/30/2010
8 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: I'll say it upfront; the crew that takes care of this course deserves a 5 star rating by themselves. Mulch and gravel are everywhere, pin positions move every two weeks or so. Huge railroad ties are laid down all throughout this course to act as roller deterrents and create a tiered effect on several holes that add to the visual beauty of the woods surrounding you. They even have some "video game fences" as we like to call them. Fences that server no real purpose at all. They are just their for looks and to be an obsticle for you to navigate around. Homemade benches are scattered all throughout this course. I take a stool, but you could do fine just taking breaks at the spots they provide. Good mix of open, wooded, and left/right doglegs. This course doesn't seem to have any sort of favoritism built in from a design standpoint unlike some of the other courses I've played recently. The course locals do a really good job marking pin positions with bolts on the tee signs. Be sure to pay attention to where it is located, because they do move baskets very frequently here. This course is really nice to play after a good rain. There is a creek that is dry most times, but it really fills up quickly and I enjoy playing several of these holes to the sound of flowing water.
Cons: Crowded. I've taken days off work thinking I'd have the course to myself only to find a dozen cars in the parking lot at 10:00 am on a Tuesday. Not a lot of elevation changes to deal with (no more than 40' variance on any hole). Some may consider that a "Pro", but I enjoy the challenge elevation provides. There seems to be a large hippy element that is connected to this course. Not the first place I would bring children to play. Signs are older and a newer visitor might need help navigating their first time through. Large fairway that houses hole 3, 4, and 18 is a dangerous spot. Watch out for errant throws.
Other Thoughts: The three extra holes are called the Inner loop ( or innercourse if you want a chuckle), they were designed to allow local players to jump into the loop from various points on the course to avoid crowds up ahead with the idea that by the time you finished the inner 3, the blockade up ahead should be long gone. The ideal way to enter the inner loop is after hole 6 down the hill. If #6 is in the long, the teepad for hole "I" is just to the left of the basket. If 6 is in a shorter position, simply walk on down the fairway and follow the path to your left to I's tee. I plays up the hill (get used to the tight woods, all 3 are like this) to a basket that can be positioned left, right, or straight. II's tee is to the left of I's basket and actually plays to either of 2 separate baskets. II regular is a tight dogleg right, the other basket is called the X-factor and snakes it's way straight ahead through a tight curving fairway. III's tee is just up the hill to the left of X-factor's basket. III plays down the hill, again through some ridiculous 6' wide…tree… 4' tree...gaps. After completing III, continue walking ahead down the fairway and you will find yourself at the teepad for 7 having missed nothing on the original course. I hope this helps some of you travelers navigate and enjoy these unique holes. The inner loop is in my opinion the toughest 3 hole block on the course. Check this course out next time you are in town, you'll be glad you did.

Not trying to pub myself , but I did create a complete course directory if you plan on visiting and playing in middle TN. You can walkthrough these courses via slideshows and read a brief writeup of any of our courses in under 2 minutes.


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 Fore !!!!

1    7/14/2010   7/29/2010
Review By: upfromtheashes
Played: 39  Reviewed: 37  Exp: 9.6 Years
6 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: I'm a big fan of multiple pin placements, and it appears that the Nashville disc golf community is as well, because both Seven Oaks and Cedar Hill have tons of em. I've only played this course one time, so I don't know how often the pins are moved, but there's a lot of potential replay value with so many possibilities.

Teepads and signs were showing their age, but were mostly adequate. Decent variety of holes: wooded, open, longer, shorter. Never felt repetitive as if we were playing the same hole over and over.

This course had more crushed rock and mulch on fairways that any course I've ever played. I'm listing this as a "pro" not because I enjoy fairways full of gravel, but because it occurs to me that this gravel didn't make it's way into these wooded fairways by itself. Someone (probably lots of someones) had to cart every stone back into these wooded fairways, and I'm assuming the alternative would have been mud. I'd much prefer gravel/mulch fairways over mudways.
Cons: My biggest gripe by far about this course is how tightly interwoven all the holes are. There are numerous places where you could hit someone (or be hit by someone) from another tee. You have teepads in the line of fire, and fairways that "T" other fairways. I could have killed a guy on 18 that I never even saw until after I'd thrown.

Adding to the likelihood of hitting someone is the fact that there are SO MANY people playing this course. We played at 2pm on a Wednesday, in 95 degree weather, and STILL saw tons of people playing. I can only imagine what it would be like on a Saturday in the spring or fall.
Other Thoughts: The 3 extra holes were placed very strangely. They don't come at the end, like you'd expect them to. In fact, we'd never have seen them at all had we not gotten lost looking for #9's tee. We finished hole 8 and went down a path that we hoped led to 9. Well, instead, we found a tee with a sign that said "III". Ok, we thought, maybe this used to be the old hole 3 and they never updated the sign? *Shrug* So we played it, went to the next tee, and it's sign said "II". It was then that we realized that we had stumbled upon the 3 extra holes and were playing them in reverse order. We backtracked and eventually found #9s tee, but that's just really strange to stick 3 holes right in the middle of the front 9. Why not renumber the holes 1-21 and give better directions to find these extra 3 holes? Better yet, why not get rid of them entirely and use that land to space out holes 1-18 so that they are a little less cramped on top of one another?

Edit: After playing the course and writing my review, I discovered that this course has it's very own website. Click the Links/Files tab up above for the link to the website. It's fantastically done, with photos and writeups of every hole. I wish every course had something like this!

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 good for one play

1    7/4/2010   7/6/2010
Review By: LMeyers
Played: 5  Reviewed: 5
0 Helpful / 5 Not
Pros: lots of people playing, good tee pads, people we encountered were friendly. pretty well maintained and groomed course (appears that someone cares)
Cons: some holes poorly designed, sometimes hard to find next hole.
Other Thoughts: was fun for one time, probably wouldn't go back

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1    5/14/2010   5/14/2010
Review By: Fleet
Played: 20  Reviewed: 7  Exp: 4.1 Years
4 Helpful / 3 Not
Pros: Very, vey challenging, you'll need a mixed bag of throws. Lots of alternate pin placements that routinely change. Homeless guy that looks like Willie Nelson lives around the 11th hole (no joke) and gathers lost discs. He's cool; he knows a lot about the course and will point out where to go if you're lost.
Cons: The crowds are one thing, but when groups play the course out of order it throws things way off kilter, especially around the hole 6-hole 7 area. After hole six you can either go straight to hole 7 or the first of the alternate holes. It never fails that as soon as my group finishes hole 6, this large group comes out of the woods right in front of us and to get ready to play hole 7. Often times we've had to skip the hole altogether and replay either hole 1 or 10 (next to the parking lot) to make a full 18.

Some of the regulars can be complete assholes, in part because of the problem listed above, and partly because some of them don't like it at all when you ask to play through.

Some of the tee boxes need work. All the tee signs need replacing, except maybe hole 14.

The basket for hole 13 borders on the fairway at hole 14. Errant throws from the 14 tee come down on 13 all the time.

There's a large field where hole 3, 4, 9, 10, and 18 kind of converge. 18 is supposed to be the main hole but you're right next to the 4 tee, the players at 3 are coming towards you on the left, the tee at 10 is to the right down the fairway, and guys throwing at hole 9 could possibly get in the way depending on where the pin is. More often than not there's no real danger of hitting anybody/getting hit, but it does get really congested in that field sometimes.
Other Thoughts: For as many cons as I listed, it's not a terrible course. After a while you kind of learn the ways of Seven Oaks and just deal. It's the challenge the course delivers that keeps me coming back. If it weren't as difficult as it is, I probably wouldn't go there so often.

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2-4    3/16/2010   3/17/2010
Review By: peglegholly
Played: 7  Reviewed: 3  Exp: 4.7 Years
0 Helpful / 5 Not
Pros: Beautiful
Varied holes
Alternates available
Cons: Can get a little muddy
Sometimes crowded (because this is considered the BEST course in Nashville by locals)
Hole 18 is pretty long
Other Thoughts: This a really nice course with ample seating at each pin and plenty of garbage containers throughout. I had a lot of fun at this course, and would easily say it's one of my favorites in Nashville.

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 Fun, but crowded

1    5/8/2009   2/9/2010
Review By: mashnut
Played: 747  Reviewed: 747  Exp: 12.1 Years
12 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: The course has a ton of variety and balance. You'll throw all kinds of shots, over nice rolling hills in the woods and in open clearings. The course did a great job of playing in and out of the woods, and never felt repetitive or stale. There was a great balance between shots that required left or right turns, with some straight narrow fairways to navigate too.

There are concrete tees that are well worn but still serviceable. There are multiple pin positions on all the holes, with some holes having several possible settings. The signs showed distance and layout, and had a nice set up to show what the current placement was so that you didn't have to walk the holes just to see where the in was.

The different pin placements looked like they would really change things up and make the course play very different. The setting when I played was a nice balance of longer and shorter placements, and kept the left/right holes pretty even. I don't know how often this changes or whether it's always in such a nice balanced layout, but it certainly was well-done when I played.

The local players clearly love and take care of this course, and the ones we met and played with were friendly and helpful.
Cons: The course was quite crowded when we played, with several large groups slowing things down even more. We ended up waiting on every tee, which made for a very long round.

The tees aren't in great shape, many were cracked, sloping, and worn very slick with use. There were also some where erosion had made drop-offs around the edge of the concrete making for poor footing on run-ups and follow-throughs.

This course is showing its age a bit. The baskets and tees are very well used, and are starting to break down a little. There is pretty significant erosion in many places on the course, especially in the wooded holes which made for poor drainage and lots of mud and standing water even a few days after rain.

The extra 3 holes were a fun addition, but were tricky to find. It would have been nice to have a little better signage explaining the course layout and the optional extra loop.
Other Thoughts: This is a great older course that is still challenging and fun even with newer disc technology. There are lots of holes that reward great shots and punish bad ones, without being a disc-eater. I would definitely stop by this course for a fun round if you're in the area.

Newer players might find this course tough and a little frustrating, though it's not too terribly long. More experienced players will find a variety of challenges here, and will need lots of different shots to score well.

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 Early Wood

1    12/15/2009   12/15/2009
Review By: lschrock
Played: 38  Reviewed: 18  Exp: 13.1 Years
6 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Nice, controlled drives are the key to this oak forest. I played the majority of the course with a roc, with the exception of a couple of holes. Lots of trees, with most of the fairways having really defined lines. There are a couple that you throw, and just close your eyes and hope for the best. Pretty clean course for the most part. In a park right outside a nice little neighborhood, the course is pretty isolated. I don't foresee a lot of interference with joggers or bikers, either. This park doesn't share its disc space. Decent elevation change, and a good variety of shots. This course provides a lot of ace runs too, as long as you don't hit a tree.
Cons: No really long drives, though it could be the pin placements on the day that I played. The guys that I played with said that this course gets really packed most of the time. I guess I played at a good time. Course holds a lot of water, and it had just rained. A lot of holes in the 200-300 range, so the course is almost a midrange course exclusively.
Other Thoughts: Great course overall. Recommend a play or two, as long as you skip the peak play hours.

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