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Uploaded By: dgdoctor Hole #4 (Taken 5/2009)
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 Better than it's rating.

1    10/5/2013   10/8/2013
Review By: BigMikey
Played: 42  Reviewed: 1
Pros: --Good use of elevation, up and down hill shots required.
--grass mowed very close, great for rollers.
--Lots of different pin positions.
Cons: --no benches.
--signs are there just not much detail. Missing a couple yardages.
--could be busy with non DG people.
Other Thoughts: Nice course with a wide variety of distances, from 180ish to over 400ft. Mostly open but has enough mature trees to require shot shaping on most holes. Enjoyable course.

Training course

5+    8/20/2012   8/21/2012
Review By: mm1315
Played: 15  Reviewed: 2  Exp: 4.2 Years
1 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: Two Rivers is a fairly open and beginner friendly course, that being said it can still be a challenging course even for more advanced players if you are really trying to go for it on every shot not to mention there always seems to be some kind of wind. Most holes have multiple lines for reaching each pin placement so no matter your playing style you have a good chance at reaching the basket. Both a pro and con it is a fairly short course with only a few long (350+) holes. I consider this more of a training course that is great for working on touch shots, new discs or learning to play in the wind.
Cons: This is a multi-use park so you have to be careful and watch for other park visitors, mainly on the front half of the course due to the bike/walking path. Inconsistent tee pads can be annoying at times. Some are a little dangerous I've tripped or lost my footing on tee pads for hole 4, 15 and 17, but I've heard they will be doing some work on them in the coming months. Signs are poor not showing where the next tee pad is and even missing some of the pin placements, best to play your first round or two with someone that has played there before. Finding the first hole can be interesting if it's your first time, it's back where you entered the park but there is no parking anywhere near the tee for hole one. Moles seem to be prevalent here as well so you have to watch your footing at times when walking.
Other Thoughts: Not my favorite but I play here often since it gives you more freedom to test out different shots and work in your wind practice. It would be nicer if there were a few more long holes to work on your distance throws in the open field. I will give a brief overview of the holes of the course to give you an idea of what you'll be getting into. I must mention I am a right handed backhand player, so any shot suggestions are given with that in mind unless otherwise noted.

Hole one is a fairly simply hole the pin is a good ways below you, straight ahead behind a large tree. The low hanging branches on the right side make this a nice touch shot coming low under them, most pros I've seen will try a high hyzer and attempt to crash through the tree with varied success. The left side of the tree is more open making it a bit more of a side-arm or lefty friendly hole. This is a possible ace (hole in one) hole but not guaranteed, I have clipped the basket with a side-arm and low skip shot.

Hole two, a fairly straight forward shot with the basket straight ahead, an OB (out of bounds) road 15-20 feet past it and a tree on the right side. There is also a rather large tree just a little ways off whose branches now are low hanging and blocking the hyzer line. This is the first true ace hole, though you can risk going OB if you throw a little too high. A nice slow anhyzer or straight shot is the preferred route, once again this is a lefty/side-arm friendly hole.

Hole three is the first difficult shot if it is in one of the long positions. The short position is straight ahead and easy to reach, but the pin is rarely in this location. On this Hole you are throwing uphill towards the tree line, a blind shot since you can't see the gap you are trying to reach and there is almost always wind here to affect your disc. The gap is almost straight ahead but only roughly 10-15 feet wide with a couple of trees in the dead center, it is easy to block yourself out off the tee if you get a little too far right or left. There is a high window on the right about 30 feet from the main gap if you happen to pull your shot right off the tee. This hole definitely forces you to place your shots well.

Hole four forces you to throw through a twenty foot gap forty feet away, not a difficult shot but the fact that you are throwing slightly up hill and the ground levels out then goes downhill means you have to place your shot well again. The first pin position is a fairly simple hyzer through the gap and turning left, there tends to be a headwind you don't feel off the tee here that can mess with your disc a little. The second pin placement is nearly straight ahead a little off to the right, the uphill then downhill factor coupled with the headwind can make this a challenging shot at times. Both pin placements force you to throw blind shots.

Hole five is fairly straight forward, a downhill shot with the ground sloping downhill right to left. The pin is slightly off to the right with a few trees to shape your shot around. Preferred route is throwing straight at it avoiding the low ceiling, but there is also an option of throwing a stall shot through a right gap and letting your disc fade towards the basket. A touch shot but this is the second possible ace hole.

Hole six is straight ahead on a slight incline, fairly open allowing a wide range of shots. Still this requires placement if you can't reach the pin in one shot because it is possible to have your disc roll away if you miss your upshot.

Hole seven shares a tee pad with hole nine, another nice touch shot here on either pin placement. If the pin is in the first placement it is straight down the path and a little to the right, with trees on the left and right creating a 15-20 foot gap about halfway to the pin and a low ceiling. The ground falls away to the right so getting your disc to settle and not roll away is key. The second pin placement is down the path and to the left near the paved path (OB). You can take the same gap as in the first pin placement here just making sure to end up left but not going over the paved path and out of bounds. The second line is to go to the left of the tree just left of the path, great shot for lefty/side-arms or if you have nice anhyzer shot. Even if you do make a good shot off the tee you must be careful not to push too hard on your putt and end up OB on the path beyond the pin.

Hole eight is slightly uphill straight ahead with the ground sloping downhill to the left. A fairly straight forward shot, what makes it interesting is the wind can really affect your disc here being on top of the hill. I have played here a lot and the wind can come from just about any direction.

Hole nine is straight ahead down the path or possibly to the left just off the path but it rarely changes position. This is another touch shot but is a possible ace if you can throw long and straight. The main problem here is there is a major slope going right to left downhill the entire length of the fairway making this a very interesting shot for right hand backhand throwers. If your disc hyzers out at the end you can be looking at a very difficult putt with the basket at a considerably higher elevation. Trees down the left side can block you out if your shot isn't perfectly on line here. There is another option of taking a wide hyzer to the right following the slope of the hill around a tree if you can place it well and not skip to far, this is my preferred shot here.

Hole ten has two placements, the first is behind a tree straight ahead . The ground slopes downhill right to left again, that being said the preferred line is a hyzer crashing in at the basket near the tree. The second placement is in the flat of the valley with a large tree on the left forcing you to shape your shot. The preferred shot here is throwing straight out barely missing the tree on the left, the only downside is the distance you have to get with this is difficult unless you have some real power. The wind can affect your shot hear as well. Another option is if you have a good tomahawk shot you can flex around the tree. The third option is throwing a wide anhyzer around the tree to the left and letting it work back towards the basket, this is the route I have seen a few pros take.

Hole eleven is downhill straight ahead behind a large tree. This is another ace hole if you can shape your shot around the tree.

Hole twelve is possibly the longest hole on the course depending on the pin placement. Trees on the left, right and straight ahead will make you shape your shot somewhat. The pin placements are focused around the large tree about 300ft away, being left, right or about 150ft behind. This is a great hole to work on your flex shot or flip up hyzer. The wind here swirls around and can affect your disc tremendously; I have experienced headwinds, crosswinds and tailwinds here making this a good hole to practice getting distance in the different types of wind.

Hole thirteen can be touchy depending on the pin placement. The ground falls away left and right off the main path down the center. The first pin placement is down the path just off to the right behind a large tree, choosing how to deal with the tree makes this a very touchy shot. I consider this placement more lefty or side-arm friendly. The second placement is straight ahead beyond the trees by about 50-75ft and a good 10-15 higher in elevation. The trees create a low ceiling that force you to throw long and straight and you are still left with a difficult putt uphill. If you have the power it is possible to take the trees out of play going with a high hyzer up and over them, but that can bring the wind into play.

Hole fourteen you are throwing over a valley at the pin in one of two positions on the opposite hillside, the wind tends to push you left here towards the woods/bushes so be sure to put your shot out wide enough. The first pin placement is wide open, the second is slightly behind a tree. There is a possibility of going too far and going over the fence if the wind takes your disc, but not a consideration for most.

Hole fifteen focuses around an uphill shot around a large cedar tree directly ahead and a few other trees beyond. There are two pin placements, the first on the right is an easy soft hyzer. The second placement is directly ahead past the cedar tree, the hyzer shot here is difficult being uphill with the trees beyond the cedar creating a low ceiling. There is a fence running down the left side of the fairway that is possible to throw a large anhyzer for those that have the shot, just make sure you force it over enough to keep it in the fairway. This is another lefty/side-arm friendly position.

Hole sixteen has two placements with the ground sloping downhill to a great degree left to right with trees creating a low ceiling. Placement one is straight ahead behind a tree, this is a touchy shot with all the trees around and low ceiling. The second placement is straight and right almost at the bottom of the hill below the second far tree on the right. A nice semi-flat anhyzer or trying to crash through the tree on the right near the basket are about the only two options you have here. There tends to be a tailwind or slight crosswind here so choosing the right disc to reach the basket is key.

Hole seventeen is slightly uphill with a mando on the tree straight ahead and slightly to the right (you must be left of the tree with your shot). The pin is straight ahead and slightly off to the right with a wide gap to throw through and a large tree between you and the basket. An anhyzer is the best option here just make sure to clear the mando being uphill this can be a little touchy, yet another lefty/side-arm friendly hole.

Hole eighteen is straight ahead across a slight valley with an OB road (and fence) running down the left side of the fairway. The tree the tee pad is under can sometimes create a low ceiling if it hasn't been trimmed. There are two pin placements, the short one is straight ahead reachable with just about any shot you want to go at it with and a possible ace hole. The second is long with the basket situated amongst three guardian trees. The interesting factor here is the wind, sometimes there is a crosswind from right to left that can push your disc OB. At other times there is a headwind that pushes your disc right and you can be in danger of hitting the playground area. Using the wind to your advantage here is key.

Well I hope this helps give you an idea of the course and what to expect, have fun.

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 Redesign Far Superior to Old Design

2-4    7/2/2011   7/11/2011
Review By: weeman
Played: 220  Reviewed: 59  Exp: 10.3 Years
3 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: The redesign of Two Rivers vastly improved a mediocre-at-best course into a something that's worthwhile to stop and enjoy. Several of the better holes off the original design are still used (I think its 1, old 2-> new 3, old 12-> new 14, old 13-> new 15) and maybe a couple others I'm forgetting. Most of the holes are straight forward with no surprises with many incorporating large old growth trees with big canopies. While not being overly technical there is some length so bigger arms definitely have the advantage here. Since a lot of the tees were moved around, the tee signs have moved as well with new paper copies of the holes inserted into the signs complete with all pin placements and directions to the next tee. All of the new tee pads are large patches of carpet that are mostly level. The new layout incorporates the slopes much better with multiple left-to-right and right-to-left slopes instead of just straight up and down the hills. There are several of the former shots mentioned but are scattered much more through the layout now. The course makes a loop back towards the parking lot after nine so you have the ability to easily cut your round short. There are also restrooms near the parking lot too.
Cons: I see this as being a course in progress with the lack of concrete tees, sleeve placements still to be added, lack of benches and trashcans. None of the tee signs indicate which sleeve placement the basket is in. Several times I had to throw a test shot out an approximate distance to see which sleeve it was in. With the constant elevation changes, the carpet tee pads had a tendency to flow with the ground and not be leveled off. I can see how this would mess with a lot of golfers. Though there are no trashcans on the course, there are several near number 1 as well as numbers 9, 10 and 11. In multiple spots a busy walking/biking trail comes close to several baskets but you're not actually throwing across these trails. Just beware of non-golf park users. Also, this is not a quiet course. Other park activities include several children playgrounds (on both the front and back of the course), the walking/biking trail, multiple shelters that were all filled when I was there, a large waterpark, and a large highway (Briley Parkway) all adjacent to the course. There's not a lot that can be done about any of these things, its just worth knowing about before you expect a nice secluded quiet round.
Other Thoughts: Once I heard that Two Rivers was redesigned I was somewhat skeptical at first but after playing it I'm a fan. The new layout utilizes the topography of the land much better while the layout doesn't feel forced onto the property like much of the old course. The course has appeal to players of all skill levels. More advanced players can work on distance controlled drives of various lengths and reading the elevation changes. Less skilled players can enjoy the course for the lack of underbrush and multiple birdie opportunities.

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 Nice park - nice course

1    6/30/2011   7/3/2011
Review By: KickMuttButt
Played: 148  Reviewed: 9  Exp: 33.9 Years
1 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: The new course layout is much better than the previous. I never played the previous; but the old tee signs and pads were still visible. Very nice park. Wide open. Cannot get into trouble except for 14 where a shot wide-left will leave you in some underbrush. Good mixe of elevation up and down hills plus many long holes accross the sides of the hills.
Cons: Not technically challenging. Most holes are straight blasts to the basket. However, they make best use of the land they have - so kudos for that. Need signage badly. Need a scoreboard in the parking lot to indicate where #1 begins (I Looked for 10 minutes). I dont mind the actually works well. Did I mention signage? Especially from #4 basket to #5 tee pad.
Other Thoughts: It shares space with a water park which is mildly entertaining to watch when there is a kid who is scared to death of the water slide.

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 You've got to admit it's getting better. A little better, all the time.

5+    1/8/2011   8/3/2010
Review By: johnnyfoodstamp
Played: 24  Reviewed: 21  Exp: 4.5 Years
This review was updated on 3/11/2011
3 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: Nice open drives. Lots of ace bomber chances and room to glide all day. Concrete tee-pads in decent shape. The place has been trimmed up in a few places making for less disc searching.
Cons: Lots of hills. Some signs are in poor shape. The numbers are wrong on a lot of the signs. Hills.
Other Thoughts: UPDATE: 3/11/11 THe Front 9 is redesigned and playable. Look for more improvements and the back 9 in coming weeks.

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 Confusing but very open - getting better

5+    3/21/2011   4/12/2010
Review By: vibe
Played: 10  Reviewed: 3  Exp: 4.5 Years
This review was updated on 3/22/2011
2 Helpful / 0 Not
Very wide open. Great place for beginners to let loose and experiment with throws without too many dangers of loosing discs.

The redesign requires far less up and down hill, and more side to side. Holes are designed to make the most of the park, with nice OB forcing certain throws and baskets behind obstacles requiring good approach shots.

No longer have to worry about other park users in new layout.

About 1/3 of the back 9 (the most back corner), and the first 1/3 of the front 9, are the best holes on the course.

Rolling hills, few trees.
Cons: Baskets and tees confusing could still benefit from additional signage (& I believe that will happen in the coming months)
Other Thoughts: If you tried this course before, and were frustrated, give it another shot.

Some teepads are still carpet. Full concrete pads coming soon, along with other ameneties. The best holes remain and the rest have been redesigned and given careful consideration.

Thanks to those who put effort into reinventing this course.

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 Open and hilly

1    5/8/2009   1/20/2010
Review By: mashnut
Played: 813  Reviewed: 749  Exp: 12.4 Years
This review was updated on 1/27/2010
9 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: The course plays through scattered trees in a park mostly devoted to disc golf. There is a walking path, but it seems lightly used, and the playground is never even remotely in play so there isn't much interference from other park users. There's great elevation on nearly every hole, as the course plays up and down a few grassy hillsides.

There's a good mix of lengths from a couple ace run holes to some good long holes that let you really rip it. There are decent concrete tees that were mostly in good shape. The signs were adequate to follow the course and know where to shoot.

The park is a nice setting for a casual round, with good grass and no underbrush. The grass was full with not much mud even after some rain, and was well-mowed.
Cons: Almost every hole on the course felt pretty much the same. Either you were shooting up a hill or down a hill, and you had to avoid a few scattered trees but otherwise it was just straight shots. There was some variety in length, but too many were in that in between length where most players won't be in range for 2 but there's nothing to punish bad shots and make a 4 at all a risk.

The signs were not in great shape, many were broken or vandalized and one was missing. Many showed multiple pin positions, but there was no marking for which position the basket was currently in. Luckily most of the baskets were visible from the tees, but with the elevation changes it's helpful to know what the distance you're shooting is.
Other Thoughts: This course is a nice quick open round, with no chance of losing a disc and a good workout with all the hills. It's definitely not the best course in the area, but it's not one to avoid, you can have some fun here.

It's a little too long for most newer players, but otherwise it's beginner friendly. More experienced players will have fun ripping some drives on some fun hills, but there's just not enough variety or difficulty to make this a great course.

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 Good simple course

1    6/14/2009   6/14/2009
Review By: brettmartin
Played: 26  Reviewed: 4  Exp: 11.2 Years
5 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: This is a nice course for anyone to try. According to other links, all the pars are 3 accept for hole 3 which is a par 5. They are all very possibly to par out on each one.

This is a very hilly course so make sure to be in good shape! I really liked how it was wide open which allowed you to really drive the disc as far as you can. It's really fun how on some holes you have to go straight up a hole while others you get to drive down a steep hill.
Cons: None of the signs had the pars listed on the sign so I just played it like other reviewers did. Hole 10 didn't even have a sign which was very weird. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to find the basket but overall it's not bad.

Another con I forgot to add is that you could say this course isn't very well maintained. I saw at least two baskets with two beer cans in each along with some teepads having alcohol bottles right next to them.
Other Thoughts: A very fun course if you want to get a good workout :)

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5+    2/25/2009   2/26/2009
Review By: discgolfertn5
Played: 1  Reviewed: 1  Exp: 13 Years
2 Helpful / 4 Not
Pros: wide open long holes perfect for big arms.i love it lol
Cons: no trash cans or benches, and get ready for a hike.
Other Thoughts: holes 3 & 4 are now on the back half because of the new bridge the city made. as far as hole 1 it is by the entrance of the park.they are in the making plans to change the course around. if you have any ideas of what needs changing email me i will relay the message.

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 Good day at the park

2-4    9/16/2008   12/16/2008
Review By: SimonCarr
Played: 60  Reviewed: 42  Exp: 10.2 Years
11 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: This course as good length and is superb for throwing rollers. Two Rivers Park is situated on 3 rolling hills, with most shots playing uphill or downhill.

The best thing about this course is also the worst thing about the course. It is fairly wide open and provides lots of opportunities to rip a drive.

For the most part, the baskets are very well placed. Many of the baskets are perched next to drop offs or are protected by trees. Out of bounds comes into play on several holes.
Cons: This course would be more interesting if there was some more foliage or other obstacles. The wind can also be a real problem on some days.

Not a course I would recommend for advanced players wanting a challenge.
Other Thoughts: This course is great for people learning the game. There are enough obstacles to make it interesting, but it is definitely not daunting. I have taken friends to this course for a casual round and they all enjoyed it.

For someone planning on making a trip to Nashville to play some great courses, I would skip this one. Seven Oaks, Cedar Hill and Sharp Springs are the ones to play if you are in the area.

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