Ingleside, TX 
Live Oak Park - Red Share
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Shady acres

2-4    8/8/2014   8/11/2014
Review By: Richie T
Played: 4  Reviewed: 3
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Pros: Very shady in the heat of the day. When extremely hot, shade is a life saver. Concrete tee box is great. Course marked very well.
Cons: Loose sand on fairways makes it difficult to walk, especially for folks with physical disabilities. Thorns in the and around the trees are terrible, but! All the more reason to learn how to stay out of the trees.
Other Thoughts: Playground could use some improvements and maybe modern equipment.

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 Great course to play on

1    7/24/2012   7/31/2012
Review By: madcow
Played: 27  Reviewed: 9  Exp: 5.4 Years
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Pros: beautiful, relatively clean, fun, great for average players, bathrooms, trash cans, lizards, sand, good mix of shots
Cons: none really cept no unique holes, no elevation change, wish there woudla been a water fountain.
Other Thoughts: Great course to play if you are in the area. Very well put together. Excellent signage, easy to navigate, beautiful trees.... really is a great course. Glad i was able to hit it up.

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1    1/1/2012   1/2/2012
Review By: Le4385
Played: 30  Reviewed: 4  Exp: 3.4 Years
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Pros: Amazing course, one of the most fun that ive played. A couple wide open holes and lots of technical holes. Nice concrete tees, signs, and discatcher baskets. Easy to find, and with the help of the map, not too hard to navigate for my first time. Since im used to rocky ground, the nice sandy turf was easier on the discs. Park amenities like bathrooms, a playscape, benches, and lots of trash cans make a very well put together park. Beginners and pros would have fun here.
Cons: I cant think of many cons. Lots of beer cans around, i tried my best to clean up a little. If you happen to throw way off the fairway like a did once, the thorns will scratch you up pretty bad. I also wish there was a little more water to play around.
Other Thoughts: Most other reviews say that this course is extremely woody and hard tonavigate. I disagree. I'm used to playing in Austin where there are way more trees than this course. Im still a beginner and i didnt find it too difficult. I loved this course and would recommend it to anybody. We played at the same time that a tournament was going on so it took a while to play. The locals seemed accomidating and i can tell they are super proud of this course.

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 Warm Up Course For the Gold

5+    11/29/2011   11/29/2011
Review By: hefalump
Played: 23  Reviewed: 19
This review was updated on 12/10/2011
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Pros: Good variety of holes here. Good for beginners and pros alike. I have heard it said the oldest is still the best, That is not necessarily true here. Still, this course is a challenge enough to hold it's own as a course separate and apart from the Gold course. If you come out to play both, this one serves as a good warm-up. Otherwise this one has it's own set of challenges and quirks.
Cons: I can think of few, except when it comes to the pars on holes 4 & 13. There is no way a beginner can get either of these holes in 3. Par 4 would be a stretch for hole 4. Hole 13 can be gotten in 4 because it is open and no obstacles. But with hole 4 having 2 doglegs to deal with, I feel only intermediates or Pros could match a Par 3 on these holes, and with that, those throws on 4 would have to be "dead-on' precision strikes. These are the only Cons I can think of here for now.
Other Thoughts: Nice course and good warm-up for the gold course. These people in Ingleside are proud of these two courses, I am sure. I like them both. They have brought me many hours of playing pleasure while I have been visiting down here and I am looking forward to quite a few more. Scored my first ace ever on hole 16. Toughest hole to play on the course, but then again, place a shot right and who knows?

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 Worth the Drive

2-4    7/24/2011   7/26/2011
Review By: Riceman
Played: 5  Reviewed: 5  Exp: 4.5 Years
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Pros: This course is better for the beginner than the gold course. If you play the gold first, the red will make you feel like a superstar. Everyone has did a great job with their review. I agree with all of the comments, so I will say the best thing about this course is the traffic. There is none. Four of us played this course and the red course over several hours and saw only one other group of players. Wow! I play Cedar Hill every weekend and set my alarm to beat the crowds.
Cons: Some thorns, but not nearly as bad as the gold course.
Other Thoughts: Locals should really spread the word about how great disc golf is and what great courses they have. This makes a great weekend disc golf trip. Corpus is only 15-20 minutes away.

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 Livin the dream at Live Oak

1    1/11/2011   2/10/2011
Review By: harr0140
Played: 839  Reviewed: 478  Exp: 6.3 Years
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Pros: 1) Nice John Houck Design Signs with all the information needed. Hole #, Distance, and Par, along with a really nice graphic designed hole map. There is also an entire course map at the first hole which is cool.

2) Garbage cans available in a few spots throughout this course. There also is a picnic area off to the side of one of the holes which I thought was pretty cool

3) Bright new discatcher baskets witht he bright yellow band make finding the baskets in these low hanging Live Oaks much easier.

4) Decent beginner friendly course because it has a decent mix of open holes and wooded holes. It isn't nearly as punishing as the Gold course with its tight tunnel type fairways.

5) No undergrowth on this course to speak of. Whatever may have been in the way off the fairways must have been cleared and killed whn the nstalltion happened . . . or this Live Oak Grove was naturally formed like this.

6) Low ceiling comes into play on multiple holes because of all the sprawling Live Oak trees. There are not super old or at least they are not as big as Live Oaks can get.

7) Playground located just off the first tee along with some bathrooms and some garbage cans.

8) Design on this property just takes all sorts of cool little spots and integrates them flawlessly into a cool course. It is well routed and flows well.

9)There is a really good mix of shots needed on this course, skip shots work well from time to time, sometimes an overhand shot might be called upon (not by me as I cannot throw that shot), hyzers, anhyzers, straight shots. Just bring your whole arsenal if you want to make birdies!

10)The distance varies nicely presenting you with all sorts of shots needed to approach the baskets. The shortest is listed at 174' and the longest is listed at 499'.

11) 2 - 9 hole loops allowing for a quick 9 hole round as well as the option of playing all 18, plus there is another course on the property if you want to stay all day. I love courses like this!

12) Pretty cool topography and land use. There are all sorts of sandy little pockets, almost like you are on the beach. I assume some of the area had to be dredged to keep the canal open into Corpus Christi, but this seemed to be mostly natural.

12) Number 4 is an interesting hole. You start aimed right at a 25' tall grove of trees not more than 50-100' in front of you. There is a landing area just over this grove of trees and off to the side. The firther left you are the better, but the next shot is up a tight little runway. It is all set on white sandy soil and it literally feels like you are playing on a beach. It is probably one of the more unique holes I had seen so far on the trip. It is definitely one that I recommend scouting the hole first.

13) Water in play on one hole but there is also enough room to avoid the risk of losing a disc. I like it when water carries are not forced, but they are the risk/reward option.

14) Nice concrete tees are available, which is nice considering how sandy the soil is and how bad the footing might be with a full runup.
Cons: 1) There was an immense amount of garbage on the first few holes strewn all through the wooded holes. I was shocked, but perhaps some clearing had been done and the garbage had been in the undergrowth, I just really couldn't tell.

2) This may be nitpicky but it is hard to find things wrong with this course . . . the tee on #10 is hard to find after playing #9. You can always look at the map by the first hole, but the tee is hidden back behind the corner of the tennis or basketball court in the far southwest side of the park.

3) The 11th hole is a little weak only because it runs down a gravel roadway. it is hard to see the basket from the tee, but you know you need to keep it fairly straight because of the thick brush on both sides of the path.

4) I guess although I like the sandy soils, it also does cause some footing issues from time to time. The sand is fairly loose and soft so you might twist an ankle if you plant wrong or int he wrong location.

5) Definitely little to no elevation change, but I do think some little hollows and rises are used well on some of the holes. They did what they could on this mostly flat piece of land, but that doesn't change the fact that it is totally flat.
Other Thoughts: This course is a fun beginner friendly option to the Gold Course (the other more challenging and longer course on the property). I am a decent player yet I still had a lot of fun. It is my type of course though, tight and technical. It doesn't require a lot of big throws which is nice, but ti does put a premium on accuracy.

I would definitely spend an entire day here by myself and play the red course multiple times as a warm up for the Gold Course. They are both equally fun, the Gold course is just a lot more challenging and longer, but both are outstanding designs and have a lot of cool unique holes.

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5+    10/18/2008   2/16/2009
Review By: Roc1Time
Played: 126  Reviewed: 118  Exp: 13.8 Years
This review was updated on 10/23/2010
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Pros: Super sweet course that is challenging which I love. Brand new discatchers and new tee signs make a big difference for this course, and makes navigation alot easier then in the past. One of my favorites for many reasons. Never busy so you can play at your own pace really. Lots of cool shots which brings in your short game and long game as well. Big thumbers have a big advantage here. Dont have that but you can throw big hyzers too most of the time. If your off the fairway you are screwed which is also something that I love. You should be punished for bad shots!! You will enjoy
Cons: Trees eat alot of plastic. I have lost plastic for good in some. BUGS need I say more. We have alot up where I live but nothing like this couse(Bring OFF). Could use some trashcans.
Other Thoughts: Good times, lots of fun, and pretty secluded setting which is cool. Get in touch with locals, bunch of great guys!!! Can play this and gold for a great day of golf.

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 Ctrl, Ctrl, Ctrl, Ctrl

1    9/26/2008   9/30/2008
Review By: Jungle Tim
Played: 15  Reviewed: 6  Exp: 8.6 Years
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Pros: Nicely laid out tight tuff 18 hole course, wooded. This course is a very technical course, it is not that long, but requires excellent control over your discs to succeed. There are plenty of trees, presenting an excellent challenge for those who take the below canopy route. There are a couple of long holes out of the woods, and water does come briefly into play. This course really demands a lot from the player on pretty much every hole.
Cons: There is no terrain to speak of. The trees are very very graby,it can be a bit like throwing a sweater in a velcro factory. A optional con is that it is all to easy to shoot up and over the canopy, effectively avoiding the obstacles rather than navigating them.

F@%$%ing Mosquitos! 'undreds of 'em!
Other Thoughts: A pro / con would be that there is little room for interpretation as to how to play some holes, and even less for error.

A bad day will be a BAD day, but a good day will be a very very well earned score.
Take your DX /Pro D that you wanna soften up!

Before playing get in touch with the 3rd Coast Disc Golf club they are a bunch of legends. And really you WILL need a guide for your first round.

Overall a good challenging course, not the best in the area, but well worth a visit.

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 Like a Cottonmouth: Tricky, Winding, and Nasty

1    9/27/2008   9/29/2008
Review By: Texconsinite
Played: 127  Reviewed: 78  Exp: 7.2 Years
This review was updated on 4/5/2009
10 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: This course offers a variety of technical challenges. Many different types of shots helps. Also, concrete tee pads on every hole, and grass areas of the course "fairways" (if they can be called that) are free of dead branches or garbage. Not an especially scenic course, but a very tricky romp through tightly wooded areas. This is probably one of the most heavily wooded courses I've ever played. Many times, you will be literally threading the needle to lay up off the tee.
Cons: Absolutely flat. This course has no terrain in play whatsoever. The woods make for a seemingly tricky challenge, since the route to the pin is often very winding, making it difficult to find a line through the trees. At first it was very intriguing, but eventually, it became frustrating at times.

Playing with some locals who know "the way" to play the course (and who beat me soundly), I eventually realized that they just threw spike hyzers up and over the trees to the pin on almost every hole. The thing about this is that the trees like to grab discs and not drop them, so unplayable lies in the branches were common, even for the locals. It became apparent that the only way to shoot par on this course is to play up and over the trees on every hole, and hope your disc makes it through the canopy without getting stuck. The one who's disc gets stuck in the trees the least is the winner.

This takes all the intrigue out of the holes, or picking lines, when you can play the same line (giant spike hyzer up and over) on most holes and the deciding factor is luck and distance, not skill. This is characteristic of what course designer John Houck calls "dumb holes". Ironically, John Houck designed this course.

IMO I would rather pick a line and thread it through the trees, and tried to on this course, but realized many holes aren't designed for that, since luck is rewarded more than skill. Staying under the canopy, several holes are just a game of pinball between trees, with no line to the basket that I could see.

Also, the rough that you inevitably land in is very very thick and very thorny. Its strange for a course so popular to not at least thin the edges. This makes it extra punishing when your shots deviate off the fairway, which is easy to do here.

To paraphrase John Houck: Risk reward means that if the fairway is harder to land on, the rough should be less severe. Likewise, if the fairway is easy to hit, a bad shot can be punished more severely. This course has several fairways very hard to hit, bounded by nasty rough. Punishing.

I never thought I would say this, because I love wooded courses and tight tunnel shots, but this is an example of a course being very challenging, but not all that fun. Mainly this is because most shots are risk-reward with slim rewards (just staying on the fairway) and high risk (nasty brush)

Also, most of the trees here are short enough to go over the top, while many of other wooded courses I have played (ex. Blue Ribbon Pines, Spring Valley) have taller trees with thicker canopies, preventing this shot on many holes and keeping the big arms honest.
Other Thoughts: The brush on this course is NASTY, and you will go in it sooner or later!! Wear jeans, or you will get torn up by thorns.

Disclaimer: This is by no means a bad course, and I would like to play it again someday now that I know what to expect. However, there are other courses in the area that are much more fun, so this would not be my first choice were I to go back.

Many of the locals would call this the best course in the Corpus Christi area. I would disagree.

The 3rd Coast Disc Golf Club are a quality group of guys, and the guidance and hospitality of all the members I ran into made this course playable for me, a first time visitor. If you are up for the challenge and think you can tame this beast, get a local and/or map. You don't want to get turned around on this course.

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 Nice Play

4/18/2008   4/19/2008
Review By: comcast eric
Played: 15  Reviewed: 4  Exp: 7.3 Years
3 Helpful / 4 Not
Pros: concrete tees, good variation
Cons: Hard to follow, no elevation changes, no tee signs
Other Thoughts: You need to have a regular show you the way your first time through. nice tee pads great use of the area. a couple LONG holes with several well protected baskets. it really has a nice blend of technical and let it rip shots. Best chance for ace would be on 16. 15 was my favorite hole. wide open fairway with a well protected basket. Other than lack of elevation changes this course really does have a it all.

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