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Junk in the truck at Northeast.

1    3/26/2015   3/26/2015
Review By: borderpatrol
Played: 18  Reviewed: 2
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Pros: Northeast Park is a big nice recreational park.
Cons: First 9 holes are trick shots/not-disc-golf lines. The fairways need a lot of repair. You are better off playing the back 9 twice.

Back 9 holes need some tee boxes.
Other Thoughts: This course is embarrassing. It isn't worth your time, gas, or disc golf skills.

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Where are we?

1    8/14/2014   8/19/2014
Review By: reposado
Played: 225  Reviewed: 223  Exp: 3.7 Years
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Pros: The back nine "looks good." Clean looking fairways bounded by waves of tall grass. Rolling hills. Discs s curving over the rough to land in the clear.
The front nine has a ton of potential. There is great terrain in there. 7 that is steeply downhill to a basket sitting just short of a creek. 8 that climbs halfway up the slope on the other side and throws back across to the top of hill. Could be awesome. 4 that traverses a deep ravine to a highly placed basket. Even 9 that throws down and then up through a small open opening to a basket in an open field, leading to the back nine. It could all be great.
But that potential is largely unmet. I wouldn't say that the course suffers from a lack of maintenance. The grassy fairways are nicely mowed. What the course suffers from a lack of construction. It's like the front nine was planned, the baskets were placed and then that was it. It's not overgrown so much as the fairways were never cut. 4 would be awesome if there was anything resembling a window to throw through. There are intense hills in there, especially for the small footprint of the place and some of the holes could be epic if they were laid out so that a disc could find a route to the basket. Too many small trees, too many thick branches.
It's really a mess in there and the navigation is pretty much impossible. Baskets are marked with an arrow indicating the direction of the next hole but that rarely helps. There are far too many crossing paths, (my prayers are with whoever attempts to ride a horse down these trails, or maybe with the horse) and far too many occasions in which the wrong basket or tee is found first. From the sixth basket I immediately found tee 9. From there I walked down the only path that I though could lead to basket 8, hoping to back track. Nope, the seventh tee.
Other Thoughts: It's a really nice park in terms of other facilities and the holes that are visible to the other park goers look very nice. I just hope they don't actually play here and have this as their first experience..

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Review on Northeast Park

1    5/9/2014   5/9/2014
Review By: icezero82
Played: 34  Reviewed: 2  Exp: 0.8 Years
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Pros: Challenging thru the front 9. The NE park is huge and has more than just DG! They are nonstop improving the park.
Cons: However the course isn't complete and not clean for comfort play. We only found the front 6 prepared for play.

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Decent course, and #7 is super unique.

1    4/5/2014   4/7/2014
Review By: LeeLK
Played: 60  Reviewed: 53  Exp: 6.8 Years
Pros: Baskets are in good shape. The wooded front 9/open back 9 design is nice. Decent mix of shots. Beautiful in the spring.
Cons: No tee pads, semi-confusing layout (especially in the woods) and little signage to help you. A few holes have borderline-unfair denseness and therefore not much of a fairway (#9 for instance).
Other Thoughts: Not bad overall. While #7 is a bit weird, it is up there with my favorite/most unique holes I've ever played. 111 feet and about as far downhill--fun!

Not Much Has Changed

5+    3/14/2013   5/14/2013
Review By: BuzzSharpe
Played: 50  Reviewed: 12  Exp: 44.7 Years
This review was updated on 11/16/2013
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Pros: Most of the back nine. The rest of the park. Nice new paved parking lot, though it is primarily for the new carousel, kiddie train and miniature golf course.
Cons: As earlier reviewers noted a couple of years ago, the front nine is mostly a nightmare of non-existent fairways, totally inadequate tee areas and too much intersection with walking/running / bike trails. If a discernible fairway were cut for #9, it would be a grand side ending hole, as #10 is a grand side beginning hole, except for the design flaw of teeing off out of bounds. As enjoyable as the back nine is, there is the horse trail sign right in front of #12's green (which has now been surreptitously moved) and a lot of tree trash along the right side of #15, which is probably the best wooded hole on the course. With the rather arbitrary assignation of par 4 on several back nine holes, that one long hole with virtually no fairway on the front nine should be a 4 also.
Other Thoughts: I guess since Russell couldn't find any water into which to put baskets and disappear discs, forcing players to buy more from his employer, he left all of the trees to beat them up, so you'd still have to buy new ones.

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1    11/3/2011   11/5/2011
Review By: sloppydisc
Played: 199  Reviewed: 145  Exp: 6.3 Years
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Pros: 18 brand new baskets in the back of a large park. Some pretty good land on which to build a course. Thick woods and small hills provide ample opportunity for some quality design.

It is a new course so it will probably improve over time.
Cons: Natural tee pads. Not improved much at all, and in some places a little small or dangerous.

I completely didn't understand what was going on here. Beautiful woods and hills, and I am greeted with a 111' straight downhill shot! WTF is that? Just bizarre.

Most of the wooded holes were very short, and seemed to be designed by someone that never saw a disc fly. There are just some strange lines to hit and shots needed here.

Other Thoughts: The front 9 plays as a technical wooded course. There are a few shots and holes in there that are pretty fun. But the overall quality of play makes it almost not worth going in the woods. A true shame. Hopefully as this course ages, the local club will have the time and resources to make the changes necessary for this to be a place worth coming to.

The back 9 plays mostly over some grassy hills with a couple wooded holes mixed in. There is good use of the elevation and after the wooded portion, it is a very nice change of pace. Nothing exceptional awaits you on the back 9, but at least it is playable.

Hole #10 plays off a small hill down toward the basket. Hole #11 is a fun 451' over a small hill. 16-18 all play up and down the hills and let you air it out a little.

Rumor has it that there may be an additional course going in this park. If so, I hope it is more well thought out than this one.

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 Too New. Needs lots of work.

1    11/3/2011   11/3/2011
Review By: LoPan12
Played: 34  Reviewed: 9  Exp: 4.8 Years
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Pros: It's brand new, with new quality baskets. The back 9 are nice holes. The utilize elevation changes to make some play longer than they are. Some of these are blind baskets behind a hill though, and they could do with a pin flag. While the fairways are well defined, the air is open, with narrow fairways. You can utilize hyzer bombs and the like, but your aim better be good. It looks like its normally high wild grass, which is awful to look for a disc in. Keeping it short enough to search, but high enough to still be rough, and it would work out well. Currently, it looks to have been flattened, which I think takes away from some of the definition.
Cons: The front 9. These need work. Badly. Some "fairways" are barely a meter wide with so much ceiling, you might as well leave everything but your putter in the car until the back 9. I'm sure that there was a limited amount of space to work with in there, but that doesn't justify 150 ft horseshoe shaped holes. I wasn't advised that I needed a PDGA approved boomerang in my bag.

I understand its a new course, and that it will "become more defined." But you have to give that definition somewhere to start. In its current state, 1 season of light - moderate play will at best keep it as it is, at worst, the forest will just grow back in to the spaces. A great boy scout project would be to simply organize a mass of people to walk all the holes, and clear debris and brush.

The "Next Tee" arrows are an excellent idea! But several holes need a secondary "this way ->" arrow. Look at it from the view of a new player, with the scorecards/maps run out, and navigation becomes a serious issue.

Speaking of navigation, some embankments are required terrain to cross, and they are too steep to leave natural. They won't wear in to nice slopes, but will soon erode (some already have) into vertical rises of dirt. Retaining walls that double as steps will be needed to keep these safe.

On the back 9, due to the large number of adjacent fairways (5 or so) the chance of going into another lane is high. More so with a moderate wind, due to the elevation changes. If you don't keep your line low, keep an eye on the other holes.
Other Thoughts: The course has promise. Some of the front 9 might end up being too short once the lines actually open up. But that remains to be seen. Lots of things need to be made dead before the front 9 might be enjoyable. I approve the judicious use of powered cutting tools.

Simply sending a boy scout troop to tromp through the fairways to pick up trash and dead limbs would help to beat in the course.

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 tough course

1    7/27/2011   7/27/2011
Review By: mhorlbogen
Played: 23  Reviewed: 4  Exp: 8.7 Years
0 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: new baskets, very challenging, will humble you if make a mistake. great potential as the course matures and open up some throwing lanes. great elevation changes
Cons: tees are rough, a lot of rocks and roots make it hard to get a run up on tee shots, very tight, miss the fairway by even a few feet and you could lose a disc
Other Thoughts: in time this will be a premier course and will fit nicely with cedarock, wellspring and johnson street

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 Rough Around the...Everywhere

5+    6/1/2011   6/7/2011
Review By: BrotherDave
Played: 105  Reviewed: 102  Exp: 7.7 Years
This review was updated on 11/3/2011
8 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: It's DG in Guilford County, so that's always a pro. You have a half wooded, half open course with serious potential. The wooded half could seriously do a very Wellspring like imitation but assuming the tees are going to be where they are now, it will be a little shorter than Wellspring. It's short, mostly technical, dense woods holes with some super nice elevation coming into play on a few. The open half, basically the back 9, is much more defined, with fairways mowed out of tall grass. These holes are very reminiscent of Richlands, with tall grass representing the rough.

Tee signs with pertinent info make finding the tees easy enough. New DisCatchers, and this is one of the nicest parks I've ever been to.

There's also a "beginner" loop of 6 holes nearby, very similar to front 9 of the Rec course but very technical.

It's hard to say how good the variety is considering the front 9 is so rough right now but the terrain and elevation kept shots from feeling monotonous.
Cons: The front 9 is intertwined with a very busy bike trail, the last time I played, there was a competitive bike rally going on and I had to make sure no bikers were flying down the trails before nearly every drive. These trails also make it very easy to go the wrong way, aided by horse trails that also wind through.

There's a lot of saplings, fallen trees/branches, and clearing to be done on these fairways. Too much of a "baskets in the woods" feel right now. A lot of holes could use some branches lopped off to make actual windows or fairways b/c right now they're throw and get lucky fairways. A few holes use this bike trail for crucial sections of the fairway, making it really easy to put bikers and joggers in harm's way.

The back 9 is better but the fairways are a little narrow, I'd like to see the tall grass mowed more. There's just enough elevation and some trees to cause serious blindspots so if you really rip a drive it's real easy to lose sight of where it lands, regardless of if it's a good drive or not. Major potential for losing discs here.

A lot of the putting greens need to be widened, if you go 10-15' past the basket on them you're back in the woods again. I don't like being punished with bad putting lies b/c I barely overshot the hole. Really poor natural tees right now, they need to be cut out badly b/c it's all you can do to throw from a standstill on some of them.

For a Rec course, b/c of the roughness and high disc losing potential, it plays a lot more difficult than it should be, and I hope that doesn't deter potential DG converts in the area.
Other Thoughts: UPDATE: This course drastically needs to be redesigned. Many of the holes, even with fairway maintenance would be pretty lacking in fun. I don't see DG growing in this area b/c this course just isn't much fun right now, regardless of experience level.

This area really needs a club or some volunteers to tidy up this course and maximize it's potential, b/c it could be an incredibly fun course. I like the balance of the wooded and open holes, the elevation, and the Appalachian beauty is very good here. This is a course and review I'll definitely be revisiting often so if you think I'm lowballing it, don't worry, I'm personally trying to make this course better every time I go play.

Signature/feature hole: I think hole 9 will be, it's a downhill, hit a gap and putt in the open kind of hole but there's not a gap right now. Hole 18 is a real nice open bomb except for the grove of trees making it difficult to see what area of the tall grass your drive landed.

Also, watch out for snakes, I saw a black snake chilling around hole 12-13.

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 quite a walk!

1    6/7/2011   6/7/2011
Review By: dbhill_nc
Played: 18  Reviewed: 2  Exp: 7.8 Years
2 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: This is a brand new course. The tees are still natural, but there are tee signs and arrows on the baskets pointing you to the next hole. This course is a tale of two 9's. The first 9 are very short (all but one hole is under 200'), but very tight. The use of elevation is excellent. The back nine is mostly open and much longer. However, while most holes are "open", their is only about a 30' wide mowed fairway. The rough is 4-5' high grass and looks ready to eat some plastic. Navigation is manageable, if a bit confusing the first time. This course took me ~1.5 hours to play solo with quite a bit of time spend looking for disc in the rough on the back nine, so you will get your exercise!
Cons: Given this course is brand spanking new, the cons should be taken with a grain of salt. The front nine is amazingly tight and some trees need to be removed. Even with the arrows pointing you in the right direction, navigation is tricky in a couple of places. Just trust the arrow and keep going util you find the right tee.

The natural tees are very short, unlevel, and some are right up on drop offs (especially on the front nine). I spoke to a park employee and they do plan to put in concrete tees, so this shouldn't be an issue in the future. The rough on the back nine is brutal -- plan to spend time looking for your disc and use bright colors!
Other Thoughts: This course places a premium on accuracy due to the tightness of the first 9 and the extreme rough on the back. I would recommend not wearing sandals as I spent quite a while picking off hitchhikers. The park itself has more than enough for the family to do with hiking, fishing, canoeing, a pool, playgrounds, horseshoe pits, etc. The course has very good bones and will only improve with time. The park website says there is also a 6 hole beginner / kiddy course (though I didn't find it), that maps will be available soon, and mentions plans to install a championship course., Northeast Park has the potential to be a wonderful place for a day of disc golf.

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