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Uploaded By: timg Hole #6 (Taken 8/2009)
3 / 226ft.   3 / 286ft. Par / Distance:
Hole #6 Tee

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oh Flippy oh Flippy

2-4    4/5/2014   4/7/2014
Review By: DiscBallGolfer
Played: 15  Reviewed: 2  Exp: 6 Years
3 Helpful / 3 Not
Pros: -Great Elevation
-Awesome course routing
-The risk/reward of each of the holes makes nailing that shot feel so good
-The course owner, Bill, is the sh!t! Thanks for putting this masterpiece out there
-I love how the first couple holes are simple and fairly easy, then #5 comes around and BOOM, you enter into another realm of disc golf. Absolutely amazing.
-Hole #11 is everything you want in disc golf, an elevated downhill tee shot over a valley with the basket on a side of the hill. You will air out several discs on this hole.
-Great places to rest under unique structures around the course
-Trash cans plentiful, use them and keep the course beautiful
-only $1 to play, which is insane! I put in more out of respect to Bill
Cons: None, the 3+ hour drive is the only negative, i would give my left nut to have this within an hour.
Other Thoughts: We played as the course was thawing out from the harsh weather and had 6-12" of snow cover in a couple places and we still couldn't get enough of this place. Absolutely loved it.

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My Favorite Family Disc Golf Course

5+    4/5/2014   4/5/2014
Review By: Slammy
Played: 76  Reviewed: 1  Exp: 4.9 Years
4 Helpful / 9 Not
Pros: - Elevation Is Awesome
- Rock Formations
- The Beautiful Course Layout
- The Great Bill McKenzie
- The Manicured Fairways
- The Difficult, Yet, Makeable Lines
- The Field Of Dreams
- Great Times With Family And Friends
- It's Challenging And Makes You Want To Play It Over And Over And Over Again
- Hole 11 Will Rock Your World Every Time You Play
- Blind Holes, Long Holes, Beautiful Holes
- Simply, The Best Disc Golf Course Ever Invented!
Cons: The only con that I think of is the 5 hour drive between where I live and where Flip City is. Scotty beam me over there!
Other Thoughts: If this is not on your bucket list. Put it on your bucket list NOW.

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The ONE and only

5+    6/8/2013   3/8/2014
Review By: skizzle34
Played: 30  Reviewed: 1
2 Helpful / 18 Not
Pros: This place has it all elevation, risk reward, flow, beauty, challenge, and most importantly fun.

If I was told I could only play one course for the rest of my life I would choose Flip.
Cons: Bugs but thats why they make bug spray.

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Best of the Best for me!

5+    8/29/2013   12/22/2013
Review By: kw83028
Played: 30  Reviewed: 14  Exp: 3.8 Years
8 Helpful / 6 Not
Pros: What can I say that all the reviews haven't already said?. Great elevation changes, challenging pins, the fact that Bill is an amazing person and takes care of this by himself. The way that Bill mows the rough is cool, gives you a point of reference when your throw goes into the deeper stuff. Good teepads and baskets. Benches, trashcans, bathrooms. I could easily spend a month here and not get bored.
Cons: None really. I guess some of the teepads are slightly rough, but that's just nitpicky.
Other Thoughts: I love this course so much that I took the loooooong way to Traverse City from Flint just to play Flip. I could easily play this course every day for a month and not get bored. Bill is a great guy, the people that we ran in to were great people. In between rounds we made some sandwiches and hung out under the barn overhang in the shade. It's only $1 to play a round??????? I would have no problem putting a $20 in the drop box for all day play. I've played 30 courses and this is by far the #1 for me. Amazing place.

8 of 14 people found this review helpful.

If this were standard...

5+    3/8/2013   11/20/2013
Review By: B3NDER
Played: 84  Reviewed: 12  Exp: 8.9 Years
27 Helpful / 3 Not
Pros: Oh man, where to begin. First off ,this is the first course to receive a "5 disc rating" from me, because it just plain earned it. This course is both privately owned and immaculately maintained by Bill McKenzie. Bill has been running, maintaining and playing Flip City for over 30 years, and the sheer amount of work he puts into this place really shows! Disc Golf courses nationwide could stand to learn a lesson from the work and course design that has gone into this "Disc Golf Paradise." Bill is an extremely friendly and easy going guy, provided you respect his property (which should be a no-brainer)

There are no pets allowed at Flip City, and for good reason as this place is very clean and Bill aims to keep it that way. I fully support his "no dogs" policy as no one wants to step in that mess.

Every year, a group of us DGCR members get together and camp for a weekend on Bill's property, which is located within a 2 minute walk to the first pad. The feeling of waking up AT flip city and getting ready to disc is like nothing else. Plus sitting around the fire at night and sharing stories about your rounds of the day and other activities cannot be beat. It is an absolute blast every year and I cannot thank Bill enough for allowing us the opportunity to use his land. The last time that we stayed there, the cost was 10 dollars a night, per person to camp which is more than reasonable I believe. (You are encouraged/required to contact Bill about camping ahead of time)

The scenery alone here is absolutely fantastic. With awesome touches such as rock gardens and other neat rock structures, as well as hundreds of gigantic old trees that will not only add a nice natural touch to the course as well as challenging obstacles.

The cost to play this course is ONLY A DOLLAR! One hundred pennies my friend (though I don't recommend trying to drop 100 pennies into the donation box)for the mere cost of a dollar menu sandwich at a local chain restaurant you can instead play one of the most well designed courses in the nation. I honestly think that even if the cost was 3-4 dollars a round it would still be absolutely more than fair, as the amount of work that has gone into ,and DOES go into this place is amazing, simply amazing.

- Also, scorecards are located right by the donation box for keeping track of your rounds.

-There are multiple outhouses, plenty of trash cans, seating galore for both you and your bag. Brooms on pads, and many other features as well.

Baskets used are Mach 5's and are all in amazing shape, still very grippy with plenty of life left in them.

- Concrete pads at every hole, with almost all holes having a broom to sweep away dirt and debris (a very awesome touch) A few pads are starting to show signs of age, and will need to be addressed. PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE FOOT FAULT LINE, as it will help extend the life of the pads. Wooden posts next to tees are marked with the hole number.
- Also, AM tee's are available at every hole

Routing and navigation are pretty easy here, and should be fairly easy for you to find your way around. There are plenty of worn in trails to help guide you along. There are a few centralized areas in the course where you'll find your way back to, one being the "Signature Shack" that is between Hole's 1A (my only ace hole, had to add that in :) ) and Hole 2A, which also 5A is basically attached to. Also, at the top of the hill after Hole 11, which by the way is one of the best holes at Flip, where you bomb your drive off an elevated pad, in hopes to reach across a valley that has a few "Rock Garden" obstacles, and hope to stick the pin 344' away, there is another intersection, and a table that leads to the next alternate hole (If you decide to play them) 1A on the right, and also hole 12 is to the left, should you decide to only play 18.

- Another awesome feature at flip, are the "mowed pathways" that bill has cut into the sides of the holes, to help locate discs easier, as well as help with navigation. Very, very nice addition.

Elevation change at Flip City is HUUUGE, and very much the backbone of the variety here. Pin placement is impeccable, and the risk/reward for rollaway putts as well as overshots are very present. Almost every hole has a different sort of setup for the basket, from sitting on the very opposite side of an insane gauntlet of trees (Hole 3A) to blind shots uphill to hope you stick the landing by the basket (Hole 5) Flip City offers it all.
- The longest hole of the course is 2A, at 670' which really makes you earn the nearly impossible "3" required for par. You shoot off an elevated pad to dodge clusters of trees in the middle of the fairway, that extend all the way to the back where the basket rests in a cul de sac area. The best I've ever scored on this hole is a "4" and that was with a VERY lucky bogey shot with a GL Fuse from around 100' out.

(Just imagine all the work that Bill puts into the mowing on hole 2A alone, we're talking HOURS)

This course will test every shot in your repertoire, from tight tunnel shots that transition to uphill shots (Hole 6A and 3A in terms of tunnels and trees) to long bombers over obstacle strewn valley's below (Hole 11) not to mention a good mix of blind shots (Hole 5,17) flip will test it all.

Bill runs a summer league every year, that is both a great learning experience for your game, as well as a chance to meet some cool people. I am bummed I wasn't able to make it to as many meet ups in 2013 as I was in 2012.

Cons: This is the hard part, as I think Flip City really is top notch material, so I had to really stretch to find "cons"

In the spring to summer months (ESPECIALLY SUMMER) the horseflies and mosquitoes can become downright RIDICULOUS. BRING BUG SPRAY!

- Last summer we found a gigantic bees next on hole 16 on the left in the rough about 100' or so off the pad, so again be careful.

- Also, there is a decent amount of Poison Ivy around here, so please use caution when searching for an errant throw, as you don't want to go home with anything other than a smile on your face.

Other than those pesky NATURAL cons, I find it nearly impossible to fault this course for anything else.
Other Thoughts: MAKE IT A POINT TO PLAY FLIP CITY AT LEAST ONCE! You will not be disappointed! I believe everyone should have the chance to at least throw one round at flip city. Also, you have to play a winter round there too, as the difference is surreal. This place is what disc golf SHOULD be, and other courses would do well to take notes.

There you have it, that's my review of Flip City, easily the best course in Michigan, and one of the top in the nation. Let's face it folks, there is a reason that Flip City has been in the top tier of disc golf courses for over 3 decades, and we have nobody else but Bill to thank for his desire to own and operate on of the top courses around. Bill, seriously thank you for your hard work, dedication and determination to share one of the top courses around with the rest of the disc golfing world. You are a top notch guy! The scenery and overall feel of this place is just fantastic. With the course being as large as it is, most of the time you are out, you won't need to worry about running into groups of people and slowing you down.

Please, come out to Flip City, show your support and put those dollars in the donation can, this place more than deserves it. Also, do your part to keep this Heavenly piece of disc golf goodness as clean and respectable as possible. Please put the trash in the bins, as well as bottles and cigarette butts. Nothing helps make a course look like trash than dropping it all over the place, and this course doesn't deserve to be abused.

Make sure to say hi to Bill if you see him out there, and thank him for this wonderful experience, because without everything he does, we wouldn't have this wonderful place to spend our time at.

One last thing to note, glow golf is no longer allowed at flip city thanks to a crew of geniuses who decided to ruin it for everyone else. If by some slim chance those individuals responsible are reading this, then F@#K you very much.

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 Worth the wait!!!

2-4    9/1/2013   10/7/2013
Review By: hoc124
Played: 1  Reviewed: 1  Exp: 4.3 Years
2 Helpful / 17 Not
Pros: Everything is great! took me 3 years as a michigan golfer to play. I don;t know why it took me so long.
Cons: Bring you hiking shoes! Tons of walking up and down hills!
Other Thoughts: Classic. You can see the tradition everywhere you look!

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Do Not Miss!

1    8/9/2013   8/16/2013
Review By: PsyStal
Played: 15  Reviewed: 13  Exp: 7.9 Years
4 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: In regular golf, the courses are designed with a layout and aesthetic that promotes both challenging play and a relaxing atmosphere. I've played some incredible disc golf courses, but no matter how great the play, none of them have really picked up on the aspects of design that improve the atmosphere. Flip City nailed it all around.

Consider how often in these reviews you'll see people raving about "signature holes" on a course - the ones with breathtaking views and exciting shots. The top ranked courses typically have one, or maybe two, such holes. Flip City has at least 12.

Hole design is varied and unique. There are rolling mounds, steep hills, deep valleys, straight fields, and wooded alleys. The greens can be punishing, but they're great fun to approach. (Who doesn't love watching a friend's birdie shot go skittering and roll 50 feet?) Holes trend towards the shorter side, but there's still plenty of 450+ footers.

Cons: More experience disc golfers may find the length of some of the shorter holes (170-200ft) a bit dull. If you're playing all 24 holes, however, you may find by the end that you're happy to have had a few breaks from massive drives.
Other Thoughts: I live very close to Moraine State Park, Knob Hill, and Deer Lakes Park in PA, and we're fortunate to have some of the most incredible volunteer designed courses in the country. Still, Flip City - coupled with its proximity to a lot of other fun courses - makes me consider moving to Michigan.

4 of 4 people found this review helpful.

Best maintained course I have ever been on

1    6/30/2013   7/7/2013
Review By: telusive
Played: 10  Reviewed: 10
4 Helpful / 5 Not
Pros: I really love how he has mowed paths all along the course. It eliminates the awfulness of the rough, while still giving those who stay on the green better shots. The course was also super well laid out, it was neat how after you finish the lettered holes, you ended up back at where you started them!

The rocks were really cool! They show you the path of where you should be throwing in most situations. The guy also has mowed his grass into a disc golf basket at an overlook with a bench. Just a fun fun fun course! Cant' say enough about it!

We had a blast playing, there was a lot of interesting variations in elevation especially. I think this is now my absolute favorite course!

Side note! If you use GPS like we did, be prepared to travel on a dirt road for about 3 miles. We had no idea if we would end up at a golf course at all, but we did!
Cons: I thought I was going to where they filmed the movie Wrong Turn until we arrived at the course.

4 of 9 people found this review helpful.


1    6/15/2013   6/20/2013
Review By: DoobieDiscer
Played: 10  Reviewed: 6  Exp: 2 Years
1 Helpful / 10 Not
Pros: lots of long fairways and wide open shots, with some difficult doglegs. $1 per round per player is the cost.
Cons: a ton of walking up and down hills, used to be an old rock quarry a long time ago. getting to the course there were an abundant amount of state police on the main road pulling people over.
Other Thoughts: it has 6 additional holes that start at the beginning tee of #12,it splits off to another way and circles back..i WOULD recommend the extra 6, a few of them are monster long and well worth it.

1 of 11 people found this review helpful.

Worth the trip!

1    6/11/2013   6/15/2013
Review By: zreiter
Played: 170  Reviewed: 5  Exp: 12.8 Years
7 Helpful / 5 Not
Pros: Aside from the many pros that others have mentioned (great variety, both left/right holes, changes in elevation, great setup, easy to follow for a newb), this is the most beautiful course that I have ever played. While most courses are somewhat maintained by a crew of people, Bill does an INCREDIBLE job on his own. Lots of features don't add much to the actual gameplay, but just are a wonder to behold. If you are heading this way, you need to stop by.
Cons: You have to drive off the beaten path to get to this course. I personally found this to enhance the experience, but some may be weary of the gravel.
Other Thoughts: I was a little skeptical about playing a course on someone's property, and not sure if the layout would be interesting enough. Gladly, my worries were completely blown away. We played this course on a short Michigan Disc Golf Tour, and not only was it the best course that we played (out of 11), it might be the best course that I have ever played (out of 122). Bill, you are my hero!

7 of 12 people found this review helpful.

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