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2-4    5/25/2013   6/19/2013
Review By: ChrisWoj
Played: 108  Reviewed: 27  Exp: 9.6 Years
27 Helpful / 6 Not
Pros: This is a beautiful piece of land. Flip City is without a doubt one of the more pleasant surprises I've encountered in disc golf. When you hear that a course is on one man's piece of private property you don't think of monster crushes or manicured fairways. Flip City has both. It has widely diverse holes, elevation changes, and a broad set of challenges overall that keep you using most of the shots in your bag.

You start out with something easy to get your feet wet, and to be honest: hole number one is just that. You don't have any concept of what the course is going to be like from that first wide open little hyzer. But by the time you hit the fourth hole you're starting to get a feel for what is ahead: lots of difficult birdie opportunities, with holes that will challenge your ability to scramble for par scattered throughout.

Walking up and down the well defined fairways you're never lost, the hole you're playing is always very clear to you. You have to really mess things up to wind up with a lost disc at Flip. Sure there is some tall grass, but as long as you're watching your plastic to the ground you won't lose it.

The course also presents plenty of opportunities for risk-reward shots. It gives you a nice mix of holes that allow for a crusher up the middle, or a safe route over the top (or, on occasion, a risky shot over the top and a safe shot up the middle, the variety really is strong).

The pros for Flip City are just as varied and diverse as the course itself. Wonderful piece of property, very nicely designed course that has had a lot of love put into it.
Cons: Flip City DOES have its cons. They aren't as strong as 99.9% of the courses out there, but they do exist. The first being the teepads. Each teepad is overlong with a line spray painted on it to indicate the end of the throwing surface, the extra concrete beyond is for a safe follow-through step. Normally this is a benefit - except for the fact that the concrete behind the line is starting to wear away. It is chipping into gravel and dust. Shooting from behind the intended line is a slip hazard. It can be done fine with some careful footwork, but it shouldn't be necessary. I like the overlong teepads, but dealing with the chippiness of them is not fun. They definitely need some touching up.

The course itself was said to be disc golf's "mecca" or "field of dreams." Many people I spoke with before arriving at Flip City spoke glowingly of its "atmosphere." On the weekend I played the course I was not impressed. The course was jam packed, with more massive mobs and cards of casual golfers than most city courses I play. There were backups on most holes on both of our play throughs on the weekend. Thanks to the wide open feel of the course, with areas that had fairways running up-down-up next to each other with only the tall grass in between you never felt like you were out on a mystical disc golf "experience."

The course has only one par-4. Hole 2A was a great par-4. Not everything needs to be a par-4 or a par-5, but having some scattered through a championship caliber course seems integral to me. On my second play through, my first playing singles, I carded no scores worse than a 3 in a cash round with friends. It took some long saves on a few holes, but it really is a course chock-full of tough birdies.

My final nitpick - the course plays all the way out, and then all the way back. We had a player dealing with some headache issues out on the course, and his only option was to traverse the property back to the car. With 24 holes on a huge amazing piece of property, obviously you don't want to in any way violate the sanctity of the design - and I wouldn't want any of the amazing holes changed or removed: but there are times when it is convenient, in the case of illness or injury, to have a stopping off point before you circle around to your 20th hole (hole 14), where you're finally in decent walking distance of the parking lot.
Other Thoughts: I understand that my cons list is longer than most - but keep in mind that the pros on this course are very very strong. I don't see it as one of the top-5 courses I've ever played, and I haven't played them all. I do see it as an excellent course though. Keep in mind that all of the "pros" are strong enough to far outweigh those cons. As of this point I have never rated a course a 5.0 - so a 4.0 is the second best rating I will give a course. It simply isn't on par with the 4.5s I have played.

It is too filled with deuce holes, the teepads are a definite issue, and it just didn't inspire that sense of awe that some people seem to experience. Maybe I hit it on a bad weekend - the weather was too nice and everyone else wanted to hit the place at the same time. But if you can't get that sense of awe when the weather is perfect, when can you?

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 Best course I've played...

1    6/18/2013   6/18/2013
Review By: Chris Jane
Played: 6  Reviewed: 1
2 Helpful / 13 Not
Pros: This course is great. Very diverse hole layouts. From clear open tees that you can really drive from, to blind tees that need a little finesse.
The owner has been working on this course the entire time I've been alive and it shows. I only wish it was a little closer to home.
Cons: It's very hilly so be prepared to hike. Also, the tall grass is really thick and would be easy to lose discs in. Bring a friend to spot for you.

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Worth the trip!

1    6/11/2013   6/15/2013
Review By: zreiter
Played: 196  Reviewed: 5  Exp: 13.2 Years
7 Helpful / 5 Not
Pros: Aside from the many pros that others have mentioned (great variety, both left/right holes, changes in elevation, great setup, easy to follow for a newb), this is the most beautiful course that I have ever played. While most courses are somewhat maintained by a crew of people, Bill does an INCREDIBLE job on his own. Lots of features don't add much to the actual gameplay, but just are a wonder to behold. If you are heading this way, you need to stop by.
Cons: You have to drive off the beaten path to get to this course. I personally found this to enhance the experience, but some may be weary of the gravel.
Other Thoughts: I was a little skeptical about playing a course on someone's property, and not sure if the layout would be interesting enough. Gladly, my worries were completely blown away. We played this course on a short Michigan Disc Golf Tour, and not only was it the best course that we played (out of 11), it might be the best course that I have ever played (out of 122). Bill, you are my hero!

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 Flip Trip 2013

5+    6/2/2013   6/2/2013
Review By: Bottlefed70
Played: 107  Reviewed: 1  Exp: 3.1 Years
7 Helpful / 3 Not
Pros: An amazing park located on what could possibly be the best land a course could be built on. Lots of elevation which puts this course on a whole different level than any other. Favors both right and left handed shots about equally. Also has a good mix of distances ranging from 500'+ hole all the way to 187'. Nice long concrete tee pads to throw from to top off this great course. Newer baskets and properly mowed and manicured fairways is the ice cream to this masterpiece. Has a few benches and picnic tables around the course which is much needed for the adventure you will have and the rest that will be needed after walking on what could be the motherland of disc golf. Camping at the course is a total bonus and makes it perfect for out of towners wanting to come and play this beauty over the weekend and not have to drive all over. The owner Bill is a really cool, laid back guy willing to play a round with you or just sit by the fire and chat for hours. Has port-o-potties on site that are always cleaned and stocked. An all around amazing course and in my top 3 and def a top 10 course in the world.
Cons: Very few cons but with small improvements could send this course to the #1 spot. Some of the tees pads are showing their age and the sand has not been nice to them. They have started to grind holes and divots right where your feet spin and you power up and release your disc. Could be fixed easily with some mortar mix. Not all the holes have a bench to sit on. And with a course that is long and elevated you really start to feel that round when you've been standing all day. Mosquitos can be a pain here, so I highly recommend bringing lots of spray.

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1    8/17/2012   4/22/2013
Review By: bygwyllay
Played: 85  Reviewed: 78  Exp: 7.4 Years
10 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: This is the best course I have ever played, hands down. I enjoyed it so much that a normal review wouldn't do. I have written about 5500 words on my experience at Flip, and that's way to many to post here! I have posted the first part of my story in "Other Thoughts." If you would like to read the rest, feel free to PM me and I will hook you up. Viva Flip!!!
Other Thoughts: Excerpt from "Peering Through the Grove":

The anticipation became palpable as we drew closer. Tall pines lined either side of the dirt road; totems to guide us. The car bounced along in erratic rhythm. An eternity seemed to pass before the tree line broke on the right, and our first look at olive-tinged fields quickly supplanted three years' worth of imaginations. A basket sat longingly in the shade, calling out like to us like a Siren; wanting us to fill her with our plastic. A hush came over the cabin as we turned onto a grassy, rutted trail. There, spelled out in the lawn with big boulders, was the reason for our journey: FLIP CITY.
No one dared speak as the car came to a stop next to an old, beat-up Toyota slathered in bumper stickers. I peered through the rear-view mirror and was met by three sets of inquisitive eyes; heads attached to bodies that sat in lawn chairs under a home-made pavilion. I turned off the car. As the minutes passed, we sat unmoving, for fear of violating some unspoken sanctity.
When we finally opened the doors, the air that hit us felt like molasses--sticky and sweet. The warm, slow burn of the mid-August sun basked everything in ruddy, glowing tones. The day was golden. I think it's safe to say that we all had rose-tinted glasses on; sublimely stuck in a state that held us so tightly we would never want to leave. And we weren't even high yet.
A light breeze swept through the leaves above, and my attention was drawn towards the house. A bird sang from its perch atop an old pickup in the driveway. I could see that the truck bed was filled with scrap and wondered if that was how he made his living. A tire swing hung low from an oak tree next to a corrugated shed. In the distance, I spotted a few campsites and heard some music playing softly, coming out from one of the tents. Smoke rose from a dwindled campfire and danced through the air on its way upwards. Flip's land seemed to stretch on forever.
As we teed off, everything appeared too good to be true. We had been discussing this trip for over a year, building up the course in our minds. In the weeks leading up to it, the mythology had become almost absurd. After all, nothing is ever as good as advertised; not in this world. Something had to be wrong with it--had to be. The web reviews must have been embellished, at least a little; the photos airbrushed to hide the imperfections. Yet there we were, fully immersed in its splendor, and it was all we could do to line up our shot and let it rip; to pay our respects.

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Best in the world

2-4    8/10/2012   4/6/2013
Review By: JC AceHole
Played: 276  Reviewed: 5  Exp: 13.4 Years
2 Helpful / 10 Not
Pros: As stated, this is disc golfs field of dreams. Extreme elevation, beautiful scenery and rock formations. All types of different shots. Nice concrete tees and seclusion. 1 dollar to play which helps bill maintain this beautiful land.
Cons: Nothing
Other Thoughts: This is a course you have to check out at least in once. It should be on every ones disc golf bucket list

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Flip City

2-4    3/7/2010   3/7/2013
Review By: Bushman71
Played: 149  Reviewed: 6
2 Helpful / 11 Not
Pros: Great course, well maintained, elevation, woods, open shots. Will test most aspects of your game and your luck. The course,T pads and baskets are the best I've seen on a private course. Don't forget to leave donations in honor box
Cons: Too far from home
Other Thoughts: Had a great weekend camping out, too bad there are no more glow rounds

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By far the best in the US

1    7/25/2012   2/25/2013
Review By: sebtacular
Played: 38  Reviewed: 3  Exp: 5.7 Years
This review was updated on 3/4/2013
4 Helpful / 11 Not
Pros: Played nearly 25-30 courses in a few states, and flip is THE best. Description is accurate. One guy runs this entire course!!! Covers a lot of acres. Nice elevation changes and some real tough shots. Well balanced all around. Beautiful signs. Easy to follow course. Brooms at every hole is amazing. I would recommend you donate a few dollar more than the 1$/round he asks for. We spent probably 4-5 hours playing the full course (somewhat leisurely). Bring lots of water. There ARE even a few porta johns
Cons: Nothing at all. Honest

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 #1 Disc Golf Experience

5+    1/26/2013   2/22/2013
Review By: billow890
Played: 1  Reviewed: 1
4 Helpful / 11 Not
Pros: Layout
Overall, the layout wins the day, great elevation, mix of holes(wooded,open, ect...) and excellent maintenance.
Cons: Signage-scorecards are more than adequate though
Teepads- a few need some repair, winter salting has corroded some
Other Thoughts: Best time you'll have on a disc golf course! The hospitality you'll receive, the round you'll play, and the experience make this the best course around.

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 Unique and Well Kept

5+    9/3/2012   1/25/2013
Review By: smorg15
Played: 1  Reviewed: 1
2 Helpful / 12 Not
Pros: Very well kept. Unique with the majority of pin placements on steep slopes. Great mix of long and short holes as well as tight to somewhat open holes. Bill runs and keeps up the hole course by himself. Please be respectful to the course.
Cons: The only thing this course is missing is water.

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