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What Bravethrower said

1    6/20/2013   6/22/2013
Review By: BrotherDave
Played: 94  Reviewed: 92  Exp: 6.7 Years
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Pros: Really, just read Bravethrower's review, he nailed it. But I got to write something so...

Great effing terrain for a course. Elevation, ravine style creek, trees galore, and some nice open field holes to warm up on.

Nice park. Nice, big concrete tees. Tee signs.

I wasn't brutally murdered by a marauding horde of Visigoths on their way to sack Rome.
Cons: Ugh. I feel like this course was put in during the winter and everybody was like "Good enough!" and then it leafed out with spring (way to screw things up as usual, mother nature) and revealed that the course is actually a whirlwind mess of fairways and OB.

Practically every hole in the main woods is just a mystery of what you're supposed to do. The tee signs would have been more accurate if instead of the dotted lines that denote the fairway were simply replaced by a big question mark. Eventually I concluded that those lines couldn't possibly be the fairway but a line of giant ants that happened to be there the day they made the tee signs.

I literally quit trying to finish hole 15 because I couldn't even pitch out safely onto the fairway BECAUSE I HAD NO IDEA WHERE THE FAIRWAY EVER WAS. You could play some holes well and feel like you made nothing but "get out of trouble" shots the entire hole. Plus, if that's not enough for you, how about the appeal of spending almost as much time looking for your thrown discs as you do actually disc golfing?

Also, a navigational nightmare at times. And to further insult you after you unravel the mystery of "how the holy f*#k do I play hole 18?" you are rewarded with a long trail of tears back to the parking lot.
Other Thoughts: This course can be saved. If some actual fairways are created and certain holes don't force people to use an OB creek as the fairway then this course can jump into the 4's easily. The terrain has that much potential. But yeah, Stan or Pat or any # of guys that worked on the World's courses need to work their magic tout de suite.

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1    6/15/2013   6/15/2013
Review By: Bennybennybenny
Played: 40  Reviewed: 39  Exp: 3.1 Years
This review was updated on 8/1/2013
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Pros: -Cornelius Road is maybe the most scenic park that I have been to that has a disc golf course. It has a running track and some tennis courts. My dad and I both jog and my brother is starting to get into tennis so he missed out. It has a great course which is a work in progress.
-Teepads are at an appropriate length, they were maybe 10' long and the teesigns were very accurate. On the teesign, it tells you where the next tee after you finish a hole. So navigation wasn't difficult, only on one transition (see cons below.)
-This course is a bit like angry beaver, it starts off open and easy but once you get to #4, it warns you that it's going to get harder.
-#4 is an epic hole! It has a tree in the fairway but other than that, it's an open, downhill par 4 with a bit of OB outside of the green. It's a pretty easy birdie but it takes a good teeshot and a precise approach shot.
-There are benches on every or most holes and some trash cans beside the tees. This course is NOT pathetic, it's a real work in progress and has gotten much better.
-Elevation is used well throughout the course, a third of the holes have elevation changes of over twenty feet.
-I just mentioned that this course is a real work in progress. Many trees have been removed. Selective logging has really made this course better because it has made more legitimate lanes and it has potential to be an easy 4.5. It's still kind of new and most courses that have been around for only about six months don't have teepads or teesigns. That was a problem at Eastway in Charlotte.
-There are a few aceable holes to help out your score if you are not playing well, #17 comes to mind here. It's a slightly downhill putter shot I almost aced. I made six birdies on this course. One of them was a pretty lucky 40' putt. That hole was #9.
-#10 was actually another fun hole for me. It's a steep uphill 234' footer but it's a narrow shot where you wont want to throw a driver, even though it plays close to 300'.
-Stumpy creek is a few miles from this course, you can get a 2 course day in Mooresville.
-Another great hole was #9. It's a staight, 300+ shot with the ravine to the left. It's got a pretty wide fairway as well so you likely won't have to go down in the ravine.
Cons: -A couple transitions are ridiculous. I said navigation is easy but on a couple like #8 to #9, #12 to #13, you walk down the fairway you just played to get to the next hole. From #10 to #11 was very confusing, that transition REALLY needs a "next tee" sign.
-I got to go with BraveThrower43 on this, #11 is a poor hole, the tee is on a small hill over the ravine, it's a 400+ downhill blind, gimmicky shot with no legitimate lane to the basket. I LOST MY BELOVED CHAMP MAMBA FROM MY COUSIN WIL. If you find it, PLEASE give it love because it's from a great person. BraveThrower43 is also right on #14, the teeshot is, well, sorry to say but dumb. About fifteen trees are in front of the tee, there are small gaps between them but the tee really needs to be pushed 60' forward and it would no longer be such a silly design but it is, it's complete plinko for 60' feet and that killed the hole.
-The ravine wasn't too much of a problem except on #13. I had a good throw with a starfire and it went on the side, it had some thorns on the side of it.
-#18 isn't as bad as the previous reviewers have said but it needs a little work. I don't think the mando was trouble as much as the lay up shot past the mando. It's out of the woods and there are many small gaps to throw through but the lay up shot is over the ravine so if you hit a tree on your way out, your disc will roll back in. The approach shot was into a small wooded green over a creek. It was unusual but pretty fun but the lay up shot out of the woods needs a wider gap.
-The ravine isn't too deep but it's very steep. It needs stairs.
-#5's tee is on the running track which may annoy some runners. It's not major though. #18's basket is around it as well.
Other Thoughts: -This course is not done. It still needs a lot of work to get the rating it deserves. I'd give the layout a 4.5 but it's still not finished and the ravine is irritating. I was teetering between a 3.5 and a 4, it gets a 3.5, for now because the ravine can be dangerous, a couple confusing transition and it has a couple of poor holes. Most holes I really liked and if you would like to know about them, send me a message!
-This course is usually not crowded, for now but the park can be. Be sure to watch out for people, there was a woman walking her dog on #13 and then piled on throughout the course. It wasn't any trouble for us but sometimes, park users will be around the course.
-This course will be a test on your attitude, I passed it :)! But it irritated some people, like the narrow fairways, the ravine and a couple of the designs themselves. The ravine itself can make you stay on this course for over two hours if you play only one round and you may want to spend time trying to ace #17, haha. I spent a few minutes with that.
-I gave this course a high rating, like I usually do because it takes a LOT for me to dislike a course. The ravine, small number of bridges, and fairways isn't enough to annoy me. I REALLY love the game. If you plan to play here, you will be frustrated with those three things and there are still some drag piles near #11 and #12. I pay more attention on how I am going to play the hole. Some of the major things that are a problem on this course can be fixed. I loved the layout of this course, but beginners will not, Bailey Rd. is the appropriate course for beginners. I didn't complain about this because I'm not a beginner. I think you should give this course time to get better if you don't like it the first time you come here. Don't say "F it, I'm not playing this again." It's just not finished. I'd be glad to come back anytime! Give it a shot! But if you throw drivers often. You wont want to stay on your trajectory of throwing drivers. You'll be in the woods.

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Hopefully a work in progress

1    5/12/2013   5/12/2013
Review By: terptwerp
Played: 7  Reviewed: 7
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Pros: Beautiful park with hilly terrain, mature trees and a stream. There are also good baskets, tee pads and good tee signs.
Cons: As others said below:
1. Numerous drag piles right next to fairways
2. A number of holes with no fairways
3. The ravine that about 1/3 of the holes across or play next to, has no safe way in or out of it
4. Next tee signs needed (we never found hole 13s tee pad)
5. 18 may be the worst hole that I have ever seen
Other Thoughts: I am hoping that this is an unfinished course, sinse it has potential to be a 4-4.5 rated course. Creating fairways and landing zones on some of the holes would greatly improve the course. I assume that the drag piles will be removed. I will not play this course again until I hear that improvements have been made. Once again this course has potential. Lets hope that improvements are made, which could make this another great course in the Charlotte area.

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 Fun New Challenge in Mooresville

1    5/4/2013   5/4/2013
Review By: Alexmadsen
Played: 9  Reviewed: 1  Exp: 3.2 Years
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Pros: Interesting & challenging terrain, clean new park, scenic woods/creek, big cement tee pads, very nice new disc catchers
Cons: Tight fairways, heavily wooded, still some clean-up needed, poison ivy, shortage of river crossings, hard to find tee for 13 and basket for 18, buggy
Other Thoughts: Fairways could use some thinning, but overall we enjoyed the challenge, and scenic meandering creek w/pretty ferns. Could use map & scorecards. Needs better signs for mandos.

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What fairway?

1    3/31/2013   5/4/2013
Review By: pmaxhen
Played: 55  Reviewed: 4
This review was updated on 6/18/2013
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Pros: Great land, lots of potential, Very scenic. lots great of challenge on the holes that are finished.
Cons: Whoever is in charge of building the course did a bad job with about half the holes, massive piles of wood left all over the course to rot (snake hazards) including one that was in the middle of one of the few fairways. Another big problem is all the barbwire on the course, it's a a hazard if you don't watch where you're walking every minute of the round.

Holes 6, 7, 8, 11, 12 and 14 have no reasonable rout to make par on the hole with the exception that hole 8 is one of the shortest holes on the course. Hole 11 is one of the worst I've ever seen, no fairway no approach just a tee box and a basket separated by hundreds of trees and a ravine.

And no benches after hole 3? Why would you put benches on the easy part of the course then leave the other holes like that?
Other Thoughts: The course is getting better but it's obvious somebody dropped the ball from the start. There's no reason for half the holes on the course to have no fairway, sure one or two for a challenge but half the holes are destroying what would otherwise be a nice challenging course to complement stumpy creek down the road.

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The shortened version.

1    4/27/2013   4/29/2013
Review By: Urban Bobcat
Played: 48  Reviewed: 7  Exp: 3.3 Years
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Pros: - Nice oversized tee pads

- Nice new signage, although it needs to mark OB boundaries

- Unique land and elevation throughout the course

- Course potential for a 4 out of 5 rating
Cons: - Too many trees left in "Fairways" results in the course becoming frustrating since it relies more on luck than skill.

- OB needs to be clearly marked throughout the course.

- The land that the course is on is under-utilized for its unique features. It seems like they just filled in the back nine with a bunch of uphill/downhill holes.

- Course needs "Next Tee" arrows at the baskets since some of the basket-to-tee transitions are counter-intuitive and often times require backtracking along the previous hole. (Flaws in course design on these, specifically between 12 and 13 if I remember correctly.)

- Style of the course becomes repetitive once you enter the woods. Creek always plays on the left side, fairways are too littered with trees, lanes require luck,even when you hit the right line. "Look, another "Split" fairway!"

- Get the barbed wire off of the course ASAP! As if the ravines weren't sketchy enough without proper steps and ladders in yet, the barbed wire is just asking for an injury.

- Beginner course tease! If I saw the first three holes of this course from the park, I'd want to try out a round of disc. I'd then find out that every hole after #3 is a bit more brutal, unforgiving, and completely frustrating to beginners. I play 2-5 rounds a week and was upset for most of my round. Although the course is supposed to be "Challenging", that doesn't mean that it needs to be a bad experience for beginners.

Other Thoughts: This is the second time that I have written this review, so, believe it or not, it's a much shorter version this time since all of my last review was lost upon submittal.

Overall, this course has the potential to be both fun and challenging. Unfortunately, they both get lost in the designer's decision to leave so many trees in the fairways. There is a difference between a challenging line and one that is required to be perfect with a side of lucky. I, personally, get really upset with courses that don't follow that idea. So clearly, I was frustrated for most of my round here. Even when I could get a good line off of the tee, I was often times "Punished" by some tree that was still sitting in the middle of the correct throwing route. What's the point? It becomes a toss and pray. This is true for nearly every hole on the course. Instead of having a few stylized holes that require avoiding a center group of tress by choosing the left or right route, it seems like you're always just trying to find a small window off of each tee.

This course doesn't do the best job of utilizing the amazing land features that it plays around, but I still believe that it will become a more enjoyable round with some work. I appreciate the hard work that has gone into the course thus far, and I would likely be really excited about this one if I lived in a city with only a few courses. Unfortunately, this course is located just outside of Charlotte, which means that it doesn't live up to its neighbors, while the potential was certainly there. When courses like "RL Smith" and "Bradford" make such great use of land features and layout, it's hard to see "Cornelius" fall a bit short in comparison.

Removing 50% of the fairway trees would give the course plenty of wood to use for more needed bridges, steps, and ladders around the ravines, which would help.

I intend to play this course again within the year in order to update my review. I don't like my low scores to have a long term bearing on courses that are still being worked in, and I can only hope that the right work will get done here in order to ensure a more enjoyable round the next time I visit. (Fingers crossed)

Take It or Leave It Suggestion:

Since the course begins to suffer from repetition and some minor layout design flaws between holes on the back nine, I would really suggest thinking about making two holes a hybrid, or simply a more effective single hole that adds something different to the course. By doing so, you'll free up #18 to become #17 instead. From there, make #17 stay down by the creek and not work up the hill blindly towards a park patron walking path. It would make for a nice RHBH anheizer hole that follows the line of the creek and fades back left, with the basket and green near the bridge. The bridge would then already be in place for the transitional walk up to #18s Tee pad, which should be out in the open field next to the path. Doing so would result in a safer walkway for other park-goers since you'll be able to spot people from the tee. It would also add variety to the course as a whole by offering a nice long open drive that can fade nicely into where the green is now, or penalize someone that goes too far left by having to approach through the treeline.

Thanks for the hard work and good luck out there! I really hope to see some much needed adjustments the next time that I'm out.

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Pretty good raw course

1    4/21/2013   4/21/2013
Review By: g8orade
Played: 4  Reviewed: 3  Exp: 2.7 Years
This review was updated on 4/27/2013
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Pros: Really nice tee pads. Big. Nice baskets.
Good signs.
Variety of shorter and longer holes.
No? water hazards where you'll need a floater... :-)
Beautiful day today, beautiful foliage in the woods, wildflowers, azaleas, violets.

Cons: 4/27
See Other thoughts also. Gulches are very steep and deep. You need to be able to throw FH and BH whether L or R. After the leaves really come out, someone's going to need to do some trimming or a few holes especially 18 won't be much playable.
Other esteemed local courses do give you more fairway with the 300-400 foot distances, woods, and curves.
A bit rough still, fairways not always defined.
All in the woods after the first four holes vs. Bradford or Nevin or Hornets Nest or Stumpy where you get some breaks in and out of woods. Hole 5 will be a shock to players not used to woods after the first 4.
Crazy steep and deep ravines/ gulches. I agree with the other posters some rope or steps or something will be needed.
Erosion shaped the original terrain here and it's going to need careful managing as increased foot traffic wears on the course and people go scrambling up and down off the path, retrieving discs.
18 seems unfinished, sign doesn't account for three bridges, not two. Really no fairway, you end up shooting against players on 7? coming the other way.
Other Thoughts: 4/27--I still like this course but some additional comments
Played here again today.
First 6 holes comparable to other local wooded courses mentioned in this review, with clear fairways.
1. Starting on 7 where the creek is on your left, If you are RHBH only, and you don't have a disc that will break l-r you are in trouble. You will have the creek on your left several more times. Bracketts has one hole where the deep gulch the creek/river is in can swallow you, but no other of the courses mentioned has gulches like Cornelius Rd.
2. 11 really does have no clear fairways and there is a huge gulch in the middle. I was lucky the first time through. Else, this should be not a par 3 but a 4. At least cut a fairway across the s shaped gulch.
3. 16 also--either give throwers a chance to hang the dogleg left with fairway or add a stroke for par from 3 to 4. Like 11, if you don't have the legs to get in and out of gulch, you have trouble, because you will end up deep in. It's already being eroded by so many people clambering in and out to get their discs.
4. On 18 the foliage hanging down from a big tree (silver birch?) pretty close on right all but obscuring the drive even to the mando. After that, no clear fairway and again a gulch, not a hillside. Nevin, Stumpy, Honets Nest all have hills, but not gulches like Cornelius Road. Placed a long shot on the edge on 18 today and very difficult to retrieve my disc safely without hanging on to flora that are going to get torn up..

For context, Played here for the first time today. 22 months player.
RHFH driver. 220' my typical longest drive. I normally play Bradford and Stumpy for longer courses, sometimes Hornets Nest or Nevin. Bailey Road when I'm in a hurry.
Have played Bracketts 3 times. I'm a -2 to -5 player on Bailey, +5-10 short tees at Bradford. I was 7 over here today. They signs are pretty good but you have to pay attention *one tee ahead* to remember where to go next, there aren't pointers at the basket.
Not a fan of 18, too low, too tight, weird uphill with no line and like others have noted, across a path.
Some holes seem too close to others.
I played Grand Central Station near Clemson last fall, and it was brand new too, chips still on the paths, not as well defined yet.
I disagree that there are no lines here. I should have finished about 3 over today, and that was my first time through. (maybe the pars are generous or I was lucky).
Will go back with some regular playing friends and try to take some notes hole by hole. I do miss the rhythm of in and out of the woods that the other local courses mentioned offer.

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Not enough Bridges

1    4/20/2013   4/20/2013
Review By: BraveThrower43
Played: 174  Reviewed: 57  Exp: 3.1 Years
This review was updated on 4/28/2013
16 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: This Park is beautiful and the property is exactly the type of property that you would want to put a disc golf course on. You get the feeling when looking at the property that there is almost no way to screw it up.

Nice Teepads and Teesigns.
Cons: Disclaimer: Rant Below was not caused by poor shooting. I played quite well on this course.

They screwed it up.............

I mean seriously in it's current condition this course is one of the most poke and pray gimmicky courses that I have ever seen. I believe the designer has decided that lucky/impossible= championship level course. Well that's not the case. Rewarding luck is not something that you want to incorporate in course design and that is what this course does. I know I may sound like Avery to many of you but I have learned to play and love to play wooded courses. I prefer them to any wide open course. This course is on a different level of plinko gimmickiness. This is sometimes caused by a lack of lines and sometimes caused by the shape of the fairway that does not allow a legitimate shot shape to reach the basket.

The design did not take into account newer players AT ALL. There are places where if you do not throw 200'-250' you will have NO options. Even courses like Nevin and Renny have ways that new players can layup and play the holes. But in this case the designer has said that "He didn't design this for new players to play". Well guess what new players are going to be here whether you want them to or not. Making them hate the game because of this course is not the way to go.

All of the holes with the Creek in play have it on the left side. There is no variety to this and it gets very repetitive

Here are issues that can be easily fixed and are new course problems.

Drag piles on fairways and near fairways along with lots of barbed wire just in the fairways piled up in tangled knots.

Lots of low limbs(especially on the back)

No directional signage, trashcans, or benches.

Very few ways to cross the ravine and the course probably needs a few ladders or steps so people can get down into them without getting hurt.
Other Thoughts: I was incredibly disappointed in this course not only because the design is currently poor but also because I feel that even with many things fixed this property has so much potential to be more than it will ever be in this layout. I can Only hope that they can improve what is currently there and make this property shine as it should.

If the rules of this course changed to where the ravines were not OB in at least some places then it would improve slightly. But knowing that was not the initial in tent of the design it's still a con.

I do not recommend this course. Go to Stumpy if you are in the area and you will have a better time. May be just as wooded but at least there are fairways.

For those of you who need examples of poor design and stupidity here you go.

6 is a weird shot with trees galore with OB practically in the fairway. It also starts the RHFH/LHBH friendly holes.

7- This hole is gimmicky and poorly designed. There is Little to no fairway with an OB creek beside it. Even a very good shot the initial landing zone leaves you standing staring a a wall of trees with poke and pray routes. There is NO legitimate line to the basket

10- no legit lane to the basket. If you pure the initial fairway the basket ends up being guarded by a wall of trees that requires nothing but luck to get through since they are blind to the tee-pad and there is very little space between them.

11- THE FAIRWAY IS OB FOR 200 FT! add this to the fact that you must hit a 15 ft gape to clear the fairway that turns into Plinko 250 ft down the fairway and you have yourself a poor hole

14- WTF? Did someone screw up the Teepad? The Tee is angled towards a large clump of trees. I can see where a fairway was meant to be but unfortunately there is a large tree very close to the pad that eliminates this as a viable option.

16- Ok so the angle of the hole makes it impossible to reach the basket but just in case you do pure the fairway to make your upshot easier there is a line of trees that run down the center of the fairway that will knock down any disc that is flying on the right path.

18- Well the mandatory causes there to Almost no landing zone off of the Teepad. and then you throw blindly up a large hill into a grassy area next to a walking path. Brilliant! Oh and don't hit a tree on the way out because you WILL go OB without question

I would not ask me about this course because I will Rant worse than above.

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A Raw Gem

1    3/15/2013   3/20/2013
Review By: Shuie
Played: 611  Reviewed: 37  Exp: 12 Years
5 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: - nice concreate tee pads
- Half the course plays along and around a ravine with a nice creek at the bottom.(unsure if it will be OB or not but reguardless if your down by the creek your taking a stroke)
- most holes throw high three hundreds with lots of trees in play.
- i liked that the front four were more open and then you got back into the woods.
Cons: - Course is very raw and will get better as they clear more holes, add benches and tee signs.
- The Ravine can be quite Dangerous as it slants steeply towards the creek(some steps will be needed)
- Hole 18 can be dangerous as you throw up blindly at a running path as well as just the climb up to the top.
- 18 finishes quite a long ways away from the parking lot and hole 1.
Other Thoughts: The course is very raw and i am not factoring it into my rating that much but as it stand Cornelous has potential but there is lots of work to be done in reguards to safety around around the steeper sections of the ravine. Also, as state before Cornelous is a HIKE(I Enjoy that) but i went out with a group of 5 and was up and down retrieving their disc from the ravine. Felt it was safer for the young buck to do it. With all that being said i had a blast and enjoyed myself.

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potential to be one of the better in the queen city?

1    3/14/2013   3/19/2013
Review By: tallpaul
Played: 685  Reviewed: 133  Exp: 25.9 Years
11 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: Nice, concrete tees.
Nice Chain Star baskets.
Longish tight holes with a huge ravine/creek in play on more than 1/2 the holes. How the ravine/creek shakes out will be an important part of this layout. Is creek only o.b.? Will the creek dry up in the summer? Will there be rope (or some sort of designation) rendering the entire ravine o.b.? Is it going to be in AND ACROSS the ravine that is o.b. (this is a different side of the ravine on different holes and is a bit confusing at the present)? Will be crucial that this info is on the tee signs (which are currently not installed; wooden posts only, at present.) If so, this going to be very much a placement course. Even if creek only is o.b., placement is going to be important regarding stances.
Challenging shot on every hole.
I enjoy seeing courses when they're still raw. If you like that style, go now. If not, I'm betting things will be complete by the end of the summer.
Cons: This course is still pretty raw. There are a lot of debris/cut piles that still need chipping. It's simply new course issues; and not that big of a deal; but you will more than likely have a stance issue or two during your round, at present.
At least one hole left that seems quite "pin bally." I would think there are still some final tree falls needed; but they seem to be operating under a leave them up until final decisions are made mode; which is the way to go...
Front clearer than back, with back growing progressively more rough, as you work your way through. Quite playable all the way through though.
Hole #18 is going to need to have a mando put in place. It's a long hole and the ravine is in play the entire way. Especially for those ready to conclude their round; there is going to be the option of throwing through a schule line (to your left; off the tee); to an open field up top and playing to the basket that way. IMHO; only a mando is going to keep many from doing this. The last hole can take a half hour all by itself if you're climbing in and out of the ravine two or three times. The o.b. will again be a big issue on this one; and there could be huge scoring swings on the last hole if the o.b. area is made large...there's not much room to not be in the ravine; for the entire hole.
Other Thoughts: I gave Nevin a great rating; when it was still in a raw state. Have not had the chance to get back there, since. I am feeling much the same way about Cornelius Road. How they finish o.b. issues on the course will make a big difference here. The course is quite challenging, regardless. I had the pleasure of two local guides, which helped the experience feel quite good; and a younger player who committed to doing some of the ravine retrieval for a couple of us old guys. I left with a fine first impression; but the young man who did most of the climbing said, "To me, it felt more like I was hiking with some disc golf thrown in, than disc golfing." I did not feel that way, but, there could be some frustration climbing in and out of the steep ravine. This course could also end up with erosion issues; without a lot of step work.
The idea for this style course, in general, is a grand one and I wish Cornelius Road good luck in their adventure. They appear to be off to a very interesting start; and I've given a high rating score; based on the skill needed and the fun factor I enjoyed.

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