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 Great course!!!

1    10/10/2013   10/10/2013
Review By: YoMambaSoFly
Played: 22  Reviewed: 3  Exp: 4.3 Years
2 Helpful / 20 Not
Pros: Soooo....I don't understand why this course has such a low rating. It seems like most of the people locally I've talked to said how crappy the course layout is, It makes no sense and so on. This is definitely a course you have to take time to plan your shots. If you want happy fun time feel good score go play Johnson Street from the white pads with the rest of the weekend chuckers. If you want a course that's gonna kick your butt and test your skills fully, this is the course, and personally I'm glad to see a course of this caliber in the area!! I thought the course was fairly easy to navigate, nice pads and quite challenging. Kudos to the designers and those who put this course in!!!
Cons: I only have two complaints, some of those soccer moms haul tail through there. So if you do wind up in the road, especially from 16-18, watch out. Apparently its 15 mph over the speed bumps and 60mph down to the soccer fields. And whoever Shaggy is who carved their name into the middle of one of the pads around 3 or 4, your a moron!!! I can't stand when idiots infiltrate a new disc golf course and start putting their stupid nicknames on everything. Shaggy? Really? Someone worked real hard to put that pad in and now it has your stupid nickname on it.
Other Thoughts: Get out and play this course!!!

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1    10/6/2013   10/6/2013
Review By: paulymonnc
Played: 1  Reviewed: 1
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Pros: Pro level course. This course defines the sport for the future. Precision and location and length. This has it all for taking your game to the next level. Par 62 is no joke.
Cons: I don't believe in Par 2's but it does help the Par schematic.

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 Player's Play

1    9/5/2013   9/7/2013
Review By: New013
Played: 150  Reviewed: 101  Exp: 5.9 Years
26 Helpful / 3 Not
Pros: Layout - Overall the course is what I call park style where the course flows a mainly public park setting with few trees and more open fairways.

The best thing about this course is a mixture of distances multiple par holes. You have everything from some shorter par 3's to some monster 1000'+ holes.

It's a predominant placement type course where the emphasis is on where you land not so much gaps you have to hit.

A solid amount of OB helps reinforce the placement shot challenge. There's quite a bit of it and you deal with it beginning to end.

The part of the course I most enjoyed was the 6-11 stretch. Some fun shots where some factors I'll mention in cons are less of a concern. It not only plays the best but is the most beautiful part of the course with some interesting features in play like willow trees.

There's a tad bit of elevation changes in the course with some shots off small hills and a few holes that play along slopes.

Course flows well and it's obvious where to go next most of the time. No long walks to the next pad.

Equipment - Brand new Discatchers and concrete pads that were generally sized appropriately for each hole.

Atmosphere - Really nice new looking park with some great facilities. Wasn't anybody else there really when I was there but with multiple baseball/multipurpose fields on the complex I'm sure that won't be the standard.
Cons: Layout - It's a predominant open and flattish course with only two real wooded holes. If you like technical gap hitting disc golf this isn't it. For me there isn't enough balance.

Now to the nitty gritty; in my honest opinion this course was an overreach by the designers. They wanted to make this a championship caliber course with multi-shot holes and an emphasis on placement while throwing at distance and in a way they suceeded. However, the course seems forced on to parts of the park disc golf just shouldn't be which causes not only non-interesting holes but safety issues.

For starters some holes play way to close to the road and parking lots while others play way to close to the fields in the complex. Not to mention you wrap around the fields going counter clockwise so RHBH & LHFH players have a high risk of fading towards the fields and roads. I don't think I'd be comfortable even playing the course if there were kids on the fields.

Secondly the spaces these holes near the fields and roads are crammed in to just seems inefficient and overly punitive considering the OB. I get this course was designed for top level players in mind but we all know the majority of the players will be recreational and unable to control their discs at a level necessary for this to be safe, especially since the shots call for long bombs.

They did put up some Mandos around the baseball field to try and force the issue but to me this is just a sign that the hole shouldn't be there.

I think the course could have been designed as a 9 holer and put in the area where 4-10 and 18-2 currently exists. You could of still had some multi shot holes within this without adding in the more dangerous shots on the course.

There's also a block of woods to the right of 18 that may have been used to give more balance however I don't know if this was usable so I'll excuse that.

To me instead of putting in the 1200' #8 this area should have been broken up in to multiple holes so you could keep more risky shots out as well.

In the end you have some good holes but some really bad and dangerous holes forced in to get from A to B.

Another issue I have is that even some of the better holes equate to throwing a big hyzer or anny over and over. That's most of the front 9 then the back 9 is throw super straight and don't fade left or right and go OB.

The first wooded hole (#2) on the course gives you a tight tunnel shot but it's possible to throw a big hyzer over the trees and championship level players can definitely simplify this hole extremely.

The second wooded hole (#15) has you throwing out of the woods but the fairway isn't discernible at present. I would of moved the pad farther up so you still have a gap you're throwing out of on this par 4 but not a pinball lane. If that was done you could of moved the basket for #14 in to the woods a bit and had a more interesting shot instead of another wide open boring shot.

There's other things that weren't great about this course like the overgrowth and briar coming way to close to a few fairways and greens and I honestly believe this stuff will be taken care of so I'm not going to put a lot of emphasis on it.

Judging from the overall design of the course I would consider a redesign that puts safety and balance at the forefront where as now it just seems like they ignored everything but trying to create challenge through hefty OB.

Equipment - No tee signs as of yet although this could be soon remedied. They used tape to put up the M's for Mando and it's already coming off although that may have been temporary and might end up getting something more permanent.

Where they poured the pads they left overflow concrete in the front and back of the pads which is not only an eyesore but a safety issue although again this is maybe something they end up taking care of they had just poured these pads.

Atmosphere - As I said I played this course when the park was mostly empty though I can see if some baseball games were going on you'd have a ton of people throughout the park and getting in your way. That would make what to me was a not fun round even less enjoyable.
Other Thoughts: I think it's great these guys had a vision to try and make something grand for the area but to me this was just a poor choice of venue. I sincerely hope what I perceived as huge safety risks turn out to not be so.

Overall I enjoyed a part of the course but the rest to me was not only boring but frustrating considering the issues that popped out to me. I don't recommend playing this course.

I also hope the people who put the work in to make this course happen don't take this as a personal judgement against them and the work they've done but instead as constructive feedback.

As another helpful guide and something I normally don't do I'll post the holes I think need to be reconsidered.

2 - move tee closer to the wood and prevent an over the top shot

3 - perhaps break it up in to smaller holes that lessen the chance of safety issues or remove this part of the course altogether

4 - the short pad to me is not a big safety issue however the long pad seems dangerous

8 - break this hole up in to smaller holes and perhaps use the woods on the left more after clearing out the overgrowth

12 & 13 - both seemed forced just to get you to the other side of the park. due to this i'd think about scrapping 12 - 17 altogether and not using any of that area of the park.

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Currently Undergoing Redesign

5+    9/3/2013   9/3/2013
Review By: BrotherDave
Played: 124  Reviewed: 121  Exp: 8.9 Years
This review was updated on 8/22/2014
24 Helpful / 3 Not
Pros: Since the course is getting redesigned I'll just paint a broad picture.

Predominately open, city park style course with a lot of length but also some technical aspects to juggle (like OB avoidance for example). A lot of love and work is put into this course as evidenced by the nice amenities like well-placed benches, a gazebo, quality tee signage and mostly well poured concrete tees.

Makes good use of available elevation and space. Mostly open but the holes are different enough to avoid monotony.

Nice DisCatcher baskets, including practice basket.
Cons: Only about 2 holes are wooded much at all so not much variety in that regard.

Obviously some safety issues can arise with close proximity to roads and ball fields (redesign should reduce this).

Can be a real devil if it's windy (and there is usually a breeze in my experience). Some opportunities to reach a fence or briers if the disc gets away from you so bag a "lose worthy" disc or two.

Some good walking between some holes so allot yourself plenty of time for a round.
Other Thoughts: Don't go out of your way to play this course but it's getting better and it's worthwhile if you enjoy more ball-golf style courses with length and openness. A good course to learn how to play the wind and air it out.

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 Needs Work

1    9/1/2013   9/3/2013
Review By: AceWraith
Played: 98  Reviewed: 9  Exp: 11 Years
9 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: -Two Concrete tees each Hole
-Nice brand new INNOVA Baskets
- plenty of ace runs
- good mix of distances
- Challenging long holes
- Easy walk, could easily use your cart here
- Practice Basket
- Restrooms, water fountains
-Fantastic field in the back nine for field testing
- FANTASTIC MAP/SCORE CARD with plenty on info on it including 'effective length'
Cons: - Needs cleaned up (hole 8 needs it bad)
- some of the tees make no sense (18?)
- Layout of back needs redone before the concrete gets poured
-spider webs on 2
-mow line OB makes sense but is excessive on some holes
- Park goers will come into play
Other Thoughts: Im going to give a hole by hole since this is the first and to explain the rating

#1- Great starter hole, up hill, very good birdie from both tees, with OB on the left, 205'-260'
#2- Nice straight shot into a pine tree cluster, another good birdie that even if you get of the fairway you should be able to save par. both tees are nice
#3-tee pads weren't poured when i played but still playable, I like the length but playing around the baseball field is worry some considering there was a huge tournament finishing up when i played and with so much 'mow line' OB its kinda silly but a good challenge. Feel lucky to make par
#4- A nice ace run hole from both tees, pretty open with good basket placement
#5- 152' foot ace run with OB behind it, I liked it from both tees.
#6- Another nice birdie hole, throws downhill, again a nice hole
#7- Nice uphill and a good hole to stretch your arm out with no worries, solid 3
#8- 1002' with WAY TO MUCH WORK LEFT TO MAKE IT GREAT, I could see where they wanted you to go with it but dear lord it needs bush hogged sooo bad. I actually played over the road which was a terribly unsafe and make the other park goers come into play and OB. The Distance wasn't the problem, a 15' wide fairway is. The tree line on the right isnt even a problem but all the extra long grass on both sides is terrible and not worth spending all that time looking for a disc. I played the high route which you wouldnt want to do cuz it will be OB eventually. The basket is in a great spot.
#9- Short hole with a great basket spot that makes for a good uphill birdie
#10- another downhill ace run thats shorter but you dont wanna blow way pass and end up in the tree line
#11- A great 400+ turn over shot with some thick rough to the right. with the field as OB on the left
#12- A Nice hole with a good basket placement, but still needs cleaned out a good bit, I feel like this is a hole that will gobble your disc if you out drive the hole. Tee pad was yet to be poured but good spot
#13- Another hole where the 'mow line' OB is ridiculous, your throwing between a massive field of OB on the left and long strip of houses on the right thats OB. Again a silly fairway and where two tee pads a redundant as your already throw over 700' not a fan of this hole but the basket is in a good spot with a wire fence behind it.
#14- a hole with no obstacles but a wire fence to the right, both tee pads are an ace run. I would rather see the basket tucked in the woods where the next tee pad is.
#15- the long tee here is at a odd angle which doesnt really spice it up but I guess it nice. I feel like where these tees are the basket for 14 should be and bump these tees to the edge of the trees because there really isnt a great line to the basket. With Parking lot OB on the left and the fence on the right. I feel like this would play better with playing from the edge of the woods.
#16- a little dinker ace run with OB left and tree line right.
#17- so walk 30' past 16s pin and pour some dang pads, with the roads as OB it would be awesome, I see how the parking lot deters you from it but I honestly dont see how its any less risk than hole 3 and 13, I honestly feel l like the ball was dropped here and the current hole is just a filler and only challenge is the OB and weird stick in front of the short tee.
#18 first off, the longest tee pad in pointing straight at the trees and for a 800+ that is silly, the other tee pad is reasonable for a challenging finish. and then there is a third tee pad that across the road which makes so much better of a short. and the basket is extra tall which makes a nice touch.

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