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Uploaded By: mstephens627 Hole #4 (Taken 9/2012)
3 / 260ft.   3 / 302ft.   3 / 281ft. Par / Distance:
Hole #4 Basket to Tee

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1    6/26/2011   6/26/2011
Review By: harr0140
Played: 682  Reviewed: 478  Exp: 5.3 Years
4 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: 1) Rules Sign at the first hole is always a good thing to see hopefully people take the time to read it first.

2) DGA teesigns in ok condition but many of them are missing completely and some grafitti on others.

3) DGA Mach Baskets in decent condition although they are pretty old.

4) Elevation is used effectively on the first 4 holes.

5) Nice blend of fairly open, to some tucked baskets near wooded areas and also a few holes through the tighter woods. Nice balance!!!

6) The wooded holes force a few different throws. You need to be able to work the disc a couple directions and sometimes dead straight to hit the right gaps.

7) Constant challenge is ever present on this course.

8) Water in play on a couple holes . . . one pond and a few shots near the stream.

9) A lot of risk reward goes into some of these shots. If you run at the ace you might struggle to save par because of the surroundings.

10) Easy flow from hole to hole and a great design optimizing the properties best features.

11) Nice balance of hole distances ranging from 150' to 364' with 4 in the 100's and 4 in the 200's plus one 300' hole. I always like to see this variety and balance to really make the shots and the holes different.
Cons: 1) Horrible compaction around tees and greens has lead to almost no turf inside the circle. Mulch would be nice for visual but also to prevent the hardpan skips you get close to the basket. It would also be nice to not have to walk through mud and risk slipping when it is wet out.

2) The worn areas are visually detracting to the players but also the park users and people who have the potential to complain about the compaction and erosion and the impact it has on the environment. It would be nice if they tried to fix it or at the very least cover it up with mulch.

3) Garbage laying all over the place. Some garbage cans but noone uses them apparently.

4) A few times the walk paths through the course come into play. This is dangerous and also disrupting to the disc golfer.

5) Sidewalk is definitely play on Hole #5 and #6. Another safety issue.

6) Dirt tees always leave a lot to be desired, especially when worn down to dirt and wet.
Other Thoughts: All in all this is not a terrible course. it is well designed and has some challenging holes. I really enjoyed the course and was able to look past the issues it has. I still noticed them and they are mentioned above.

I did think the layout and design of this course is top notch, but the maintenance is lacking and the vandalism is everpresent.

Throw some concrete tees and replace the signs and such and this course could be an easy 3.5!!

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 Fun & Quick

5+    6/16/2011   6/17/2011
Review By: Aim For The Chains
Played: 101  Reviewed: 15  Exp: 5.9 Years
This review was updated on 7/20/2011
3 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: -Every hole is a different shot
-Good use of land/park
-Holes flow well and are close together making rounds short and easy to play more than once
Cons: -Many local kids with little respect for DG or the course thus trash and vandalism can be issues
-Room for expansion within woods left unused for years
-Bad signs (thanks to the idiots who ruin them)
-Dirt Tees
Other Thoughts: Always a fun round which will require a mix of shots and discs in your bag. You would think you will come out -4 or lower but don't feel bad about a +1 it can happen easy here if accuracy is off! City does not maintain or seem to care the course exists but going to try and work with them to improve..Specially tee's and signage.


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 A beginner's course that is very beat up

5+    8/6/2010   3/27/2011
Review By: coolbrees15
Played: 457  Reviewed: 12  Exp: 9 Years
6 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: The course holds a soft spot in my heart because it is the course I learned to play on. The course is very short and every hole is birdieable. The first four holes are more open than the last five. The course does use elevation fairly well on holes two and three. There really are some good design elements in the course. The course requires one of most extreme left break throws I have seen anywhere on seven. The course seems to be balanced for both right and left break on the throws or neutral allowing the player choose either break. The wooded final five has a bit of technical element to them but the players on the course have ripped out so many of the bushes and shrubs on the sides of the fairways landing in the rough is not too big of an issue. It is one of the few course where I expect to be under par every time I play there. The course is a good beginner course because of the lack of distance and the different types of shots needed.
Cons: The course is very beat up. The tee areas are basically just ruts in the ground. Last summer a local pro filled back in the ruts but within three weeks the ruts were back. The course would be much better served with real tee pads. At least the city seems to have decided that putting wood chips down on the tee areas was a bad idea because they did not put any down last summer and that is really good thing because the woodchips made the tee areas even more dangerous. The wait at Silverview seems to get worse every year. It is fairly normal to seek a long line on hole one. The people who play Silverview are generally very rude and inconsiderate to both other players and the course. Hole two use to be much tougher but the players have ripped out so much of the shrubs and bush to the left of the hole that is no longer a tough out. Last summer alone someone knock down part of a tree on hole five and on hole four someone lit a fire under the tee basket and then kicked the pin after the metal heated up and the pin is now bent at a slight angle. Some players have also decided that it is a good idea to have add a tee for the fourth hole at the top of the hill right next to the basket on three. I guess they do not think most people can get there disc to the pin on three in one but there were multiple instances when I had to ask them to move when I threw or when my disc almost hit them because they did not move. There is signage on the first four holes with distances and pars but there are no signs on the final five holes.
Other Thoughts: I wish Silverview was better maintained but I do not see the course be improved anytime soon. I will still have fond memories of the course but it gets harder and harder to play because the lines are so long and the course is in such a state of disrepair.

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 Pitch & putt course that shows its age...

1    10/5/2010   10/5/2010
Review By: dispatch1313
Played: 9  Reviewed: 8  Exp: 3.8 Years
3 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: The first few holes are ok because they use elevation changes. These ones are in the park area. The other half of the holes are in the woods area surrounding the park.
Cons: Typical pitch & putt park course. You could use your putter on the entire course. The dirt "tee pads" are worn way down and really rutted up. The baskets are as old as my grandma.
Other Thoughts: If you live nearby play this course because its close, otherwise don't waste your time. Go to Lochness Park in Blaine, its only 5 mins away.

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Great variety, but needs better care

5+    6/7/2012   9/5/2010
Review By: mstephens627
Played: 18  Reviewed: 8  Exp: 4.8 Years
This review was updated on 6/13/2012
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Pros: Great variety of holes:
1- low ceiling shot through trees
2- blind shot down hill to basket under large oak tree (now out in open in front of tree)
3- uphill shot
4- shooting over a tree-covered ridge
5- pitch past a small pond to basket behind tree
6- narrow straight shot through woods
7- a short, but hard dogleg left into the woods (now longer, straight shot to basket guarded by thick pines)
8- long narrow alley with a few scattered trees in the middle
9- dogleg to the right

Course navigation is fairly straight forward and the fairways are well mowed.

Mach 3 baskets in good shape except for number 9 with missing section of bottom basket piece.

Cons: There is a lot of trash scattered throughout the course, especially in wooded areas. More trash cans on the course would help.

Dirt tee boxes have become, broad, well worn craters that leave players guessing sometimes from where they should be teeing off exactly.

Signs on each tee have a map of the hole and distance, but some are inaccurate or missing from their post altogether. These signs have been slowly disappearing.
Other Thoughts: Silverview is a decent course, but I would think more highly of it if locals and the city took more pride in taking care of it. The excessive trash, vandalized signage, and dirt craters were the main reason why I had to give this course a 2. If these issues were resolved I would give Silverview a 3. Nonetheless, I do enjoy playing the course for its diversity of hole types.

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 It's fun

5+    5/15/2010   5/16/2010
Review By: Spiky
Played: 20  Reviewed: 5  Exp: 25.9 Years
5 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: I just like this course. The holes are short, but quite varied. They give a bunch of different looks and moderate challenges. (ok, more like puzzles to figure out, not so much "challenge") It feels like 7-9 very different holes. The variety is interesting, if not particularly challenging, although aces are hard due to the weirdness of almost all the holes.
Cons: Short. And the dumbest, shortest tee pad I've ever seen for 5. We mostly tee off next to or behind every tee location due to:

Absolutely no upkeep on the tees. There was never more than a block of wood sunk in the ground for a tee (except for 5's dumb little pad thing), and now those are gone and they are mostly just craters, and almost no signage. Many people don't know where they are, and just play randomly. The ground is very sandy, so it is easily damaged into these craters. This course just screams, "give me concrete!"

Ex: people seem to have made a new tee for 4 right on the green for 3, directly in the line from 3's tee to its pin. 4's tee is actually down the hill away from the 3 fairway in a perfectly logical location, but the sign has been gone for years and apparently it's too hard to figure out. I had to wait yesterday for the slow beginner group in front of me to tee off for 4 before I could tee off 3. I don't think they expected us to throw that far, and I'm hardly a pro, but I shot it right through their makeshift "tee".

Many people at the park whenever I am there. The golf holes are mostly not impacting the other areas, but it does feel crowded on a couple holes like you could hit someone.

#2 used to be down a hill, then dogleg behind bushes into a tree-covered pin. The bushes in front have been gone for awhile, now it is a rather drab straight shot down a hill.
Other Thoughts: This course was really only 4 playable holes for many years. So glad they brought it back. I'd actually go play the 4 holes several times through back then, they are that much fun.

As I said, I just plain enjoy most of the holes here. But it doesn't deserve a high rating due to the problems and non-challenge.

As someone who has played this for over a decade, I thought I'd add this if it helps since other reviews seem to ask about hole 4:
There are 2 "real" tees. The long tee is straight down the hill from the #3 pin, heading back towards the #1 tee. It is pretty recognizable as a large crater. The short tee is kinda gone, now, I'm not even sure there is a dirt patch/crater to mark it. It was farther away from the 3 pin, up the walking path a bit from the long tee, towards the picnic area. (but not near the picnickers) It isn't a whole lot shorter, but it has a more direct line to the 4 pin. The patch up on the #3 green is NOT the 4 tee.

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5+    5/10/2010   5/10/2010
Review By: airick150
Played: 2  Reviewed: 2
0 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: the first hole is really easy to get a birdie and even a hole in one really good hill tees
Cons: no signs and really bad dirt tees super easy to lose a brightly colored disc near a road and close to a playground
Other Thoughts: this course is kinda fun for the first tees then it just gets annoying with not knowing where the tees are

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1    4/2/2010   4/4/2010
Review By: CReb
Played: 6  Reviewed: 5  Exp: 4.8 Years
1 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: I like the hill, the woods add a little extra challenge, very narrow for the most part. Kinda fun. Very courteous locals/players.
Cons: TOO much forest, I know I said they add a challenge but on a 197' hole I shouldn't try for a good fifteen minutes to find a bright orange disc! There are no real tees. Just patches of dirt that look like they have been used for tees. Poorly marked. Holes and tees too close together in some spots. I almost got hit on hole 3.
Other Thoughts: On hole 4 there are two dirt patches in which people tee off from. Which one do you use? This course needs some marking.

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 Lame course

5+    5/25/2009   7/26/2009
Review By: Moffwicket
Played: 55  Reviewed: 11  Exp: 11.9 Years
3 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: -Uses elevation to make something out of nothing.
-Not a busy course.
Cons: -Very short holes.
-One hole plays directly adjacent to a playground with small children.
-Dirt tee boxes. On some holes (I'm looking at you, 4) there seems to be several places to tee from, and nothing to tell you which is the "long." Not even sure why there is more than one spot to throw from here, as the course too simple to warrant a "short" tee.
-Every wooded hole is merely a throw down the existing walking trail. It's as if the course was put in just because it could fit, not because it would be an interesting place to play.
-I wouldn't even say this is a good beginner course. There are no real open holes for them to practice a solid regular throw on. The only open holes are either uphill or downhill. The other two "open" holes are heavily guarded by trees with low-hanging branches. I could see a beginner getting very frustrated with that. The wooded holes are a combination of throwing down a path too narrow for beginners to throw and tight turns.
Other Thoughts: Hole 8 is the only somewhat difficult hole. After a straight drive down the walking trail, it requires you to land in a failry small window where you can throw down the path after it takes a sharp left.

The basket on hole 9 was stolen a few years ago, but I believe the culprit was caught entirely due to the efforts of a person or two on the MFA Yahoo group.

The only purpose I can see for this course is to try and squeeze in a quick round on your lunch break if you work nearby. It literally takes about 20 minutes to play.

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5+    5/23/2009   7/23/2009
Review By: deadbody
Played: 90  Reviewed: 59  Exp: 10.1 Years
2 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Short, easy warm-up, good introduction for beginers as there is some variety of holes, without the distances being overwhelming
Cons: did I mention short? Only hole 8 is not dueceable by any reasonable player (I am unhappy if I don't shoot under par at this course). Lots of interaction with other park users, need to watch for walkers and kids
Other Thoughts: Be prepared to play this course a couple times, it plays really quick, tee boxes could be better, but it is short so a big run-up is not needed.

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