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one of the holes on the front 9

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 oldest Green Bay course

5+    5/3/2009   5/3/2010
Review By: tallpaul
Played: 741  Reviewed: 133  Exp: 26.8 Years
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Pros: Two sets of tees.
Elevation in play on many holes....#1 probably the toughest hole on the course; (play the extra long tee which is up by the shack).#2 uphill fairly tight line. #3slightly uphill with severe fall off to the right. #4 blind down hill. You get the idea....lots of uphill and down hill shots.
One very short down hill hole that requires keeping the disc from going 100 foot PAST the pin. This was an early version of this type of hole and others have placed similar shots with water deep....this style of hole is a good use of short pin placement.
There is also some decent roll away green pin placements; which, again, were nice, early versions of this style of green.
Fun little course... deuce or die.
Home course of past Pro Masters, state champ...he has thrown -17 here, and when he played regularly, shot double digits down often. At the same time; there are past tourney scores, when pro winners were not double digits under. Thus, does the tourney atmosphere change things (and points out that you can feel pretty good with any score approaching -10).
Nice practice bucket area; opposite side of parking lot from hole one tee and hole 18 finish.
As you get to the area around the middle of the course (hole #9 or so) there is a beautiful natural prairie flower area that is just off the course. Make sure to enjoy this; as it is very scenic.
Cons: Tees are natural/unenclosed gravel. These tees have spread as much as any I've ever seen; to the point where today, they are 20 foot long and 10 foot wide; and kind of leave you guessing where to actually throw from. Used to be round, colored cement blocks in the ground to mark end of tees; many of these are gone now.
Course can be very crowded; and general ambiance of players here, leaves something to be desired.
Other Thoughts: There are a handful of nice holes at Triangle. When this course was installed in 1997 (I really think it may have been earlier than this), it was a welcome addition to the area. Few played here in those days, and you could sit at picnic tables near the practice basket area, and have the place to yourself.
None of the Green Bay courses are "all that." IMHO; the nine at UWGB is far and away the best course here. Triangle is probably second; due to having 18 holes and decent elevation enjoyment. I perhaps like Pinecrest's 18 a little more; due to more available space and thus, longer holes. Pulaski would be my suggestion in the area for more serious discers. Water in play on half the course at Pulaski, and quite tough to score on. Triangle is the most played course in the area. You will enjoy a round of "old school" disc here...but, must play it with a deuce or die mentality.

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2-4    5/1/2010   5/3/2010
Review By: AdamE
Played: 229  Reviewed: 144  Exp: 11.5 Years
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Pros: This course is located on a small ski hill so there are some big elevation changes on this short, scenic course. There's a large course map and small printed maps to take with you by hole one. Navigating the course isn't difficult, but having a map does help a little your first time. The tee signs lists the distance for the short and long tee.

This is a great beginner course and seems to be fairly popular with the locals. The elevation definitely adds some challenge to it and having short and long pads help some also. The shot variety is ok, but hole 1 and 12 are the only holes the require a turnover for RHBH.
Cons: The course is very short. The long pads do help with that, but even from the longs there are only a few holes over 300ft.

The tee pads are dirt. They are rutted out and the erosion is so bad they are sometime 15ft or so long. The long pads are nice, but rarely change the shot and are only 20-30 ft away from the short pad on some holes.
Other Thoughts: I last played here it the day after a HUGE rainstorm. Other than water in some of the rutted tee pads, I was surprised to see that the course was dry, and that's a big plus in my book.

Overall this is a fun course (regardless of your skill) that is great for rec players and the big elevation changes will present a good challenge for them. For more advance players, this is a deuce or die course.

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5+    8/11/2009   12/15/2009
Review By: rscd20
Played: 61  Reviewed: 13  Exp: 11.8 Years
8 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Elevation changes, uphill and downhill shots
Practice basket across parking lot by picnic tables
Not very busy, but enough people to find a new friend to play a round with
Signs showing Pro and Am pads
Well maintained with grass cutting
Flows well, no problem finding the next pad
Cons: Dirt pads that have been very stretched out
Sometimes hard to tell which pad faces which hole
Where is the long pad on #9, way back on the walking path?
Other Thoughts: The course flows well with downhill, uphill, flat land and across hill shots.
There aren't any real long holes to push your arm out on so you can comfortably play 2 or 3 rounds one after the other.
I really enjoyed the final hole cutting across the sled hill. It'll make or break you: plant it for simple 2, or roll down the hill for a likely 4.

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 first ive played

5+    11/3/2009   11/3/2009
Review By: tomdizzlefizzle
Played: 113  Reviewed: 9  Exp: 11.8 Years
This review was updated on 3/31/2010
4 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: Ace runs, and more ace runs on every hole. Elevation makes it a work out and a little tricky. A feel good course where its not out of reach to shoot well under par consistently.
Cons: Any where you are on the course you will see trash, it has gotten a little bit better then in years past but still the trashiest course I play on.
Other Thoughts: First course I've ever played on and I enjoy it every time.

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 Home turf

5+    8/30/2009   8/30/2009
Review By: GB Phil G
Played: 102  Reviewed: 13  Exp: 14.8 Years
This review was updated on 10/9/2012
8 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: Tricky elevation. Best elevation in town. Almost every hole is an ace run. Beginner friendly. Parkway has nice scenery. This course gets played over and over. Pads are dirt and very worn in and they are undefined. Its just crusher gravel spread out in an oval far bigger than the typical 5 x 10 ft area.
Cons: Pads are natural, crusher gravel does pack down to provide some flat surface and grip is loose but it works. Adolescents trash the place like its a competition. Pavilion renters have no idea what a fairway is and won't understand english when you tell them. Trash cans are rare. Many signs are broken and footage inaccurate. Course barely gets enough maintenance. You won't get a peaceful round if high schoolers are being rowdy.
Other Thoughts: Every beginner in Green Bay loves this course. Hopefully city of GB will give the course some more TLC. Disc dude hasn't given up on it. GB park dept recognizes the popularity so I expect the course to get the attention its been lacking. I've played this course more than any other course in my career (for now). I'll also get the best score here. Two rounds back to back takes less than two hours (if you're in shape) and you're bound to rock the house once. Play this course and enjoy!

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  Best in GB, but that isn't saying much

5+    6/2/2009   7/20/2009
Review By: superberry
Played: 171  Reviewed: 93  Exp: 16.9 Years
This review was updated on 9/16/2009
9 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: This course is decent because overall it is pretty sound. What brings the rating down is mainly based on the experience as a whole, what could have been with the surrounding land, and other intangibles. The uphill and downhill runs are not long bombers but pretty strategically placed so that you need some control over distance. The course makes good use of trees in the area, but could be much better by simply diving 200' or so into the immediate woods. The balance (left, right, straight) is great. Uphill, downhill, acrosshill is a good balance.
Cons: The park itself is run down and full of slobs and worthless useless idiots who vandalize and generally do nothing useful for the course or society. The tee areas SUCK. They are huge eroded dirt areas with no clear edge or sides. They are also rutted and muddy after any kind of rain. There are also quite a few soft wet low spots you almost have to walk through to get from hole to hole. The tee signs are in poor shape. There is garbage and broken glass everywhere. Baskets are generally poor and bent up due again to those idiots I mentioned.

Course design is adequate at best though, mainly based on the features. Yes, triangle is more fun to play than the other courses in my opinion, but without tight holes and obstacles, it is a deuce or die course. What I mean is that if you are off on your drive, your recovery/layup will be easy as cake because there are almost no obstacles mid fairway or off the fairway - just wide open hills. I dislike any course that plays this way.

The number of non-players, punks, garbage, vandalism, etc just completely takes away any chance at an enjoyable round here.

The Baird Creek parkway is a ginormous park system with some unbelievable monster terrain and features! This course could have tapped into a bit of that if the planning parks people had the nerve way back when. Not a con to the course, but Traingle could remain the beginner/idiot friendly course, and if the city of GB built an entire new 18 hole course elsewhere in the park people would be RAVING!
Other Thoughts: The overall experience is definitely lacking and generall sucks due to the human factors. The course itself is sound, but not challenging in the least. The park system could yield a MONSTER course in anyone's book.
Go to Kewaunee and play Winter Park if you're travelling to the area!

I play Baird more than any other GB course because I think they all suck, but at least you get a workout at Baird, may as well have some benefit to the round. If you run the hills while speed golfing, you can get in a round in just over 30 minutes and have one heck of a workout.

The mountain bike trails in the parkway are pretty extensive and fairly challenging, but highly eroded and rooted.

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 The Course Where I First Fell in Love with Disc Golf

5+    9/20/2008   6/3/2009
Review By: jhgonzo
Played: 92  Reviewed: 46  Exp: 16.8 Years
This review was updated on 6/4/2009
11 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: 1. Makes good (but not ideal) use of the land's features. There's lot of woods and Baird Creek by the end of the Front 9 that I would LOVE to see utilized out here. Plenty of elevation comes into play, and the baskets are strategically placed near what few trees you'll encounter.
2. Great beginner course. True, it's a workout going up and down all those hills, and small children, the elderly, and plain ol' lazy folks will NOT appreciate this at all. This is where I threw my first round ever and subsequently started learning how to play (when I lived in GB, this was the only course there at the time). You can play this entire course with a single stable midrange disc, but I'd recommend bringing a few more than that; I'm just saying it IS possible to do so.
3. The downhill shots on #4 and #14 are really fun, and I frequently throw a few discs on these holes just for the hell of it. Hole #13 is probably the best risk/reward hole out here, as overshooting or throwing too high or flipping your disc could very likely wind up in you rolling all the way down by #14, leaving a not-too-enjoyable couple shots back up the hill. The finishing hole also carries a similar risk, as you play across the top of a hill (dropping sharply downhill to your left). As a beginner, I'd usually skip this hole since I didn't know how to throw straight.
Cons: 1. Worn out tees. I don't know if the Parks/Rec Department just doesn't want to commit to better tees, but you'd think with how popular this course is, how long it's been there, and with nearby courses with MUCH better teeing areas that they'd at least add something. Some tees are so rutted out and eroded that instead of risking rolling an ankle or worse, I'll just tee off to the side on the grass.
2. Litter. Beer bottles/cans, broken glass, hardly a trash can in sight. They do have clean-up days out here occasionally, but there needs to be a more concerted effort to keep this park beautiful, as I'm sure it once was.
3. Crowds. While you usually won't have to wait excessive amounts of time to tee off (people seem to be good about breaking into smaller groups), this course does get heavy use. The "crowds" that particularly concern me are those that rent out the pavilion on the top of the hill near Tee #1 and Basket #18. While this is a public park with several attractions, there's been WAY too many instances where a bunch of kids from a party or barbecue at the pavilion are just hanging out in the fairways, rolling down the hills, and occasionally even trying to snag your disc from the ground. The barrier here is that the folks renting the pavilion are frequently (not always) large Hispanic families, so either they don't speak English and can't understand, "Hey, could you move your kids so I don't hit them?" or even, "Fore!" or they just don't care because they rented the place and feel they can just sit wherever. Please don't take this as a racist comment; that couldn't be further from the truth. Perhaps the City should put up multi-language signs in English, Spanish, and Hmong that there is a real risk of being injured if you're just hanging out in the fairways and near baskets. Kids climbing all over a basket while their parents just watch, laugh, and drink beer is such an annoyance that it's almost enought to turn me away if I see a pavilion party occurring when I pull in.
4. As I stated above, there's not enough of the land used out here. Some holes near the creek, to add a real hazard factor to the course, as well as in the woods, would be most appreciated. There are bike trails back in these areas, but then again there's bike trails on a lot of wooded disc courses, and these two activities CAN co-exist together with proper signage and warnings.
5. Not year-round. As far as Green Bay Area courses, I like this one more than UWGB (unless they expand to 18 and make it worth the drive), and far more than Pamperin. Of course, it's understandable that it can't be year-round what with the ski/tubing areas, but Green Bay needs a better year-round course.
Other Thoughts: Check it out if you're in Green Bay. It's a relatively short, not wooded course, and can be played fairly quickly on a moderately busy day.

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 Home sweet Home Wisconsin

5+    11/5/2008   5/27/2009
Review By: Snowdog
Played: 25  Reviewed: 6  Exp: 21.9 Years
5 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: Beautifull scenic park built naturally in Baird creek , power drives and straight line throws with some spectacular uphill and downhill runs, beautiful oak ,and birch trees ,great exercise, amazing view
Cons: some spectacular uphill and downhill runs, yes you will have a bit of a up hill climb,might be a challange for some, at one time was the only disc golf course in the green bay area
Other Thoughts: Yes this is an all around fun park, disc golf in the spring ,summer, fall, skiing ,cross country skiing, sledding,hiking,snowshoeing

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 More elevation than you require

5+    8/27/2006   11/27/2008
Review By: cydisc
Played: 170  Reviewed: 61  Exp: 18.9 Years
8 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: Elevation, trees, variety
Cons: dirt tees (marked with concrete discs), some erosion, not in year-round
Other Thoughts: You're getting a workout playing this course. It's on the side of a huge ski-sledding complex, so that give you an idea of the elevation and slope you are dealing with and the course makes use of every bit of it. There are a couple of fun downhill bombers but the uphill throws are reasonable and you're not required to throw straight uphill. There are plenty of trees along the edge of the sled runs, so there is no wanting for obstacles to throw around or through.

Overall, it's a well balanced course with some really fun and challenging shots available. It does get some knocks for non-permanent tees and the fact that since it is a winter sports park, the course is removed in the winter months. Who says you can't play golf in the winter?

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4/12/2008   4/12/2008
Review By: FoleyT
Played: 86  Reviewed: 85  Exp: 9.8 Years
3 Helpful / 7 Not
Pros: Beautifully scenic, lots of elevation, some spectacular downhill runs, dual tees for more challenge
Cons: can be a bit strenuous for the unprepared, a few of the holes were confusing to navigate due to misplaced signage when we were there.

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