Disc Golf Course Review APIs
API Overview
DGCourseReview's API program enables you to access course information in real time, such as basic course details, course hole information, and overall course rating into your consumer web site or mobile application provided that you follow our Display Requirements and API Terms of Use including appropriate branding and linking to DGCourseReview. Any uses of DGCourseReview content must also be approved by DGCourseReview.

If you are using the standard DGCR API there is no fee. It will allow you to look up basic course information, hole information as well as being able to submit rounds to the site for your users as an online backup. The DGCR Pro API does have a nominal subscription to cover our costs, meaning there is an annual fee associated with the API's use. The DGCR Pro API lets you much more information from the site. If you decided on the Pro API, we will waive the fee during the integration and beta testing period for your app or site but once it is live, you will need to subscribe to continue using it. During the beta/integration period, you will be limited to working with a subset of course data (New York State and the province of Ontario, Canada). Once your app is ready, you can subscribe to one of our plans depending on the amount of requests you believe your app/site will make on any given day and your key will be moved to the "live" API.

We have two versions of the API, the standard API which enables you to search for courses by city, US zip code or geographical boundary as well as for specific courses by name. Then we have our Pro API which is the same version the official DGCR App uses which allows you to access far more course information including photos, videos, links/files and news. Access a user's round history allwoing you to use DGCR as a "cloud" for your app, tournaments lists, shop listings and more.

To request an API Key and pricing information, please contact us. Once your app is ready, please send us your beta site URL, and/or screenshots of your proposed use well before launching any public sites or mobile applications.