Disc Golf Course Review APIs
API Display Requirements

DGCourseReview has the following requirements in addition to those explained in the API Terms of Use:

These are required:
  • Wherever you display information from the API, you'll also need to display our logo (see below) in a manner that's obvious to the casual user that the information originates from DGCourseReview.

  • You always need to display our disc rating graphic and review counts.

  • You will need to include a "read reviews" or similar link to the corresponding course profile page on DGCourseReview, as returned by the API.

  • Depending on our evaluation of your mock-ups, we may also require you to include "powered by DGCourseReview" text.

  • Contact us before you launch anything. We're happy to look at live beta sites, screenshots or ad-hoc apps to make sure they meet all of our terms and requirements.

These are prohibited:
  • Don't just recreate the functionality of DGCourseReview. If you're thinking about using our API to build a site where people review courses, we've got that covered already!

  • Don't "nofollow" your links to DGCourseReview. Any link back to DGCourseReview or DGCourseReview mobile should be follow-able.

  • Don't cache or otherwise store information from the API. The API is for real time user-driven requests with a few exceptions (see below)

  • Don't aggregate our disc ratings and review counts with other providers.

  • Don't alter our logo, graphics, or any of the other information from the API.

  • Don't use information from the API for non-consumer purposes.

  • Don't violate the other restrictions described in the API Terms of Use.

Exceptions to prohibitions:
  • You may store hole information and certain course information (dgcr id, name, city, state and country) on a user's mobile device. It may not be stored in a central database.

  • If you choose to store information on a user's device, you must offer the user an option to "refresh" the data from the site to make sure the information on the device is still current.

Additional Requirements for Mobile Uses:
  • Don't enable/allow users to generate rating content for courses similar to DGCourseReview content.

  • You'll need to include a "read reviews" or similar link to the corresponding course page on DGCourseReview's mobile site, as returned by the API.

  • Have clear DGCourseReview branding at the top of app/mobile pages where you're using and/or incorporating content from the API.

DGCourseReview Logos: One of the following buttons must be used when fulfilling the DGCR Display Requirements detailed above. Link the image (and make sure it's a follow-able link) to https://www.dgcoursereview.com.