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Uploaded By: mikethrice Hole #5 (Taken 1/2012)
3 / -- Par / Distance:
Hole #5 Approach

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Hole #
1 264 ft (3)
2 280 ft (3)
3 236 ft (3)
4 220 ft (3)
5 -- (3)
6 -- (3)
7 -- (3)
8 -- (3)
9 311 ft (3)
Totals (Dist./Par): 1311 ft / 27
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Hole Info. Details
Measurements acquired by: Tee Sign
Hole Info. Notes: holes 1,2,7,8 and 9 play through grass field and or walking path.

hole 5 and 6 share a tee

1 starting tee pad is next to the small wooden billboard and basket 1 is dead straight.
2 starting tee pad is marked on the walking path with two brackets and the basket is straight ahead again.
3 starting tee pad is directly behind basket 2; the hole has been placed in a island of dirt in the middle of the brush straight ahead.
4 starting tee pad is concrete(two way tee pad, used for 7); stick to the trail on the left side of the basket and you should see basket 4 on the hill. Ignore the basket that is closest to the right of you.
5 starting tee pad is concrete and is ahead of the downed log, (THIS TEE PAD IS USED FOR 6 AND THAT IS THE BASKET YOU IGNORED ON 4) the basket is towards the road, tucked away at the very end of the dirt. If you walk to the right of the tee pad and look towards the free way, you should see the basket.
6 explained above. you are facing tee pad 4 and you throw to the basket that is to the left.
7 tee pad two way tee pad; you are throwing to the basket that is on the hill to the right. It might be hard to see because it is tucked into the pepper trees and etc. but if you walk to 3 tee pad you should see it.
8 tee pad is marked with brackets and starts along the walking trail; it should be marked so a large tree is to the right of you. the basket is tucked in the very back, straight ahead and to the right. If you walk down the hill you will be able to see it. It is similar to hole 8 but is a mirror.
9 starting tee pad is to the left of the water fountain(I think the brackets wore off); the basket you aim for is the same basket used for the first hole.

holes 1 and 9 share a basket
* Hole Info. Notes last updated on 10/12/2017 by timmagnone
* Hole Info. last updated on 10/12/2017 by timmagnone