Iowa Park, TX 
WF George Middle School Share

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Hole #
1 390 ft (3)
2 210 ft (3)
3 386 ft (3)
Totals (Dist./Par): 986 ft / 9
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Hole Info. Details
Measurements acquired by: Paced Out
Hole Info. Notes: *Hole 5, Mando Down tunnel, if it goes above the fence, add a stroke and play it where it lies.
*Hole 6 Mando Around first 2 telephone poles
*Hole 7, Mando between Cross walk sign, and telephone pole.
*Hole 11, Mando left side of cage
*Hole 13, Anything inside Fence OB, plays like a water Hazard, but its not, DZ is same as teepad for 10.
*Hole 15, Mando between 2 silver poles, and around left side of cage.
* Hole Info. Notes last updated on 7/14/2015 by Jtwillett96
* Hole Info. last updated on 7/14/2015 by Jtwillett96