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Blodgett, OR

Blodgett Woods

Permanent course
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Blodgett Woods reviews

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Reviewed: Played on:Jun 19, 2024 Played the course:once


Blodgett Woods is a private 18 hole course located about 30 minutes west of Corvallis OR. You need to book a tee time by emailing the owner before playing. He got back to me right away when I contacted him and was very friendly and accomodating. The course is technically free to play but you ought to drop a donation into the box by the garage beforehand.

The course is pretty hilly and heavily wooded. Lots of tight, technical shots off the tees here where accuracy is at a premium. You're going to want land in good spots more than bite off a lot of distance to score well out here. There's a good mix of up and downhill shots as well as plenty of flat shots with danger off of one side of the fairway in the way of the hillside. Very tough course. Not beginner friendly, but that's not who it's geared towards.

The baskets are a mixed bag here. They're all temp baskets of different models. The majority, and best of the bunch, are orange Mach's. Not only do these catch pretty well but they're by far the easiest ones to see in the woods. I don't quite remember what other types were all out there but they were all in good shape and catch well enough. One basket and tee pad per hole.

The's tee signs at each hole that are small 4x4's with the hole # spelled out from beer bottle caps. Pretty cool looking actually. There's also a little laminated sheet below that with the nickname of the hole and the distance. Very basic.

The flow of the course is pretty easy to follow. I'd still recommend having a map available but you'll be able to figure it out most likely without one.

Really good design for what's not actually that big of an area. At no point does the course start to feel repetitive or ease up even. You're going to be tested from the first tee shot all the way until holing out on 18. The course favors a RHBH it seemed but there's still some FH hands out there too.

The property is gorgeous. Beautiful woods behind the house is where 16 out of the 18 holes reside. Hole 18 plays from the backyard but is a tree lined tunnel for the second shot, or first depending on how far you throw. Hole 9 tees off from the back porch and is open at the beginning but also heads back into the woods.


The biggest con is the thick, thick rough off AND on the fairways. Mostly in the form of the huge ferns but there's plenty of other disc eating plants as well. Very good chance you'll lose a disc or two out here. It was actually shocking that we came out unscathed today. Definitely use a spotter if at all possible.

The lack of hole maps is definitely a con. Very hard to spot some of the baskets. even the orange ones. Even a simple hand drawn map would make a huge difference out there.

Some of the holes are extremely tight tunnels. Quite a few of them actually. That's the hardest shot to throw in the game and there's a lot of them out here. Just being a few feet to one side of the fairway or the other can be the difference between par and bogey.

Treacherous walking out there. Be sure to take it slow, especially when wading through the ferns. Lots of limbs and stumps that are invisible due to the foliage on the ground.

Other Thoughts:

This course was really fun. Frustrating at times but fun. This one is well worth a visit for more experienced players. Very fun track that's only going to improve with more traffic and just time honestly. Great backyard course.
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