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Lexington, NC

Boone's Cave

Permanent course
1.635(based on 4 reviews)
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Boone's Cave reviews

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2.00 star(s)

Boone's Cave

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 4, 2024 Played the course:once


Boone's Cave is an 18 hole course with gravel tee pads and DISCatcher baskets. The course is located at Boone's Cave Park, which is a 110 acre park that has some interesting history. There are campsites, a playground, river access, nice restrooms, a vending machine, and plenty of hiking trails.

The course itself is mostly a pitch-&-putt course, but with insane elevation at play considering the length of the course. For a course whose average hole length is less than 200 feet, the course will wear you out if you are not ready for it. There are plenty of uphill, downhill, and valley shots, but there were also a surprising amount of holes where the land seemed to just fall out just to the side of the fairways.

That being said, the course is designed so that beginners can score well here, and Rec players will be able to score well. Intermediate and above players will likely be chasing birdies or better on every single hole. There are plenty of ace runs on this track.

That being said, it is far more important to be accurate than to throw far here. One unfortunate tree kick could result in a long walk down a massive hill. The park itself was very pretty, and the cave that gives the park its namesake was pretty cool.

Hole 15 plays alongside a very small creek, but it gives that hole a fairly scenic look/feel.


The layout will require at least one longer walk, either before Hole 1 or after Hole 18 depending on which parking lot you park at. I am glad I chose to park near the restrooms, for the shorter walk after the course. Spoiler Alert: The last three holes all play uphill.

The crushed gravel tees are boxed in on three sides, but on the side facing the basket, the tees are starting to wear away. Some of the tees need noticeable maintenance. The tee signs are fairly bare bones, but that is fine with the nature of the course.

Some of the holes are a big awkward. Hole 6 has been mentioned. As a beginner friendly par 4, it makes sense, but for players with any experience, it may feel awkward.

A course with this many steep hills would benefit from some benches scattered around the course.

It is hard to know what space/requirements was given to the course designer when playing a course, but it was super disheartening to play Boone's Cave while imagining what could have been if a larger course had been designed for this same piece of property. It was like going to an amusement park, but only riding the carousel repeatedly while staring at the cool roller coasters and water slides.

Other Thoughts:

For a beginner friendly course, Boone's Cave manages to push the envelope by introducing players to the fun of throwing with significant elevation in play. For more experienced players it will likely be hard to play and not lament what could have been/what could still be - but it wasn't a bad course.

I am giving Boone's Cave a 2.0 rating. I think small improvements here (like the tee pads or added benches) could bump the rating up slightly, but with the land inside the park a course could be built here that warranted a 4.0 to 5.0 rating. Now if the park has said land available for a disc golf course is another question entirely.

Favorite Holes: 8, 12, & 15
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Please Try Again

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 13, 2023 Played the course:once


-This property reminds me a lot of a private course called Bobcat in Blacksburg. It's hidden behind a neighborhood in the woods with some serious grade change. The parks title "Boone's Cave" lives up to it. It's more notorious for its campsite and nature trails. Beautiful hiking trail, excellent terrain. Most of the property is below the gravel road in those woods. Over 100 acres of land. This being said, I really think they should try again.

-The elevation is used pretty well. Several steep uphills and steep downhills. Most holes are very short. Many are 200' or less and some have steep elevation changes over 25', which is a lot for a short hole. The elevation makes for an enhanced upshot challenge. The short downhill holes (#13 and #14) are both under 160' but with the woods and the tendency for a putter to fade left on a downhill approach makes angle control crucial. I jump putted on #13 with a beat putter and putted downhill on the anhyzer line. The putter hit the line perfectly by fading right and back left at the end. I barely missed a tree on the right side on #14 and still faded off left on the tee shot.

-Practice basket by the first gravel lot. There's a bathroom and vending machine at the second gravel lot further down the road.

-Nice place for an ace race event since it's very short.

-Few neat greens. #18's green is the best. This hole plays over a bowl out in the open edged by the gravel path with a small building in play. The basket is perched on the other side of the bowl. Definitely the prettiest green and the most well thought out.


-I absolutely hate #6. It's a 319' steep downhill dogleg left down what I consider a "wire trail". It breaks sharply left after about 75' ahead of the pad and continues to go down. Hole has an elevation loss of over 35' feet and you don't get to watch your disc fly down the fairway. It's pretty much jump putt then jump putt, or try to throw a tomahawk through one of the tiny gaps on the left side. This hole is pachinko and no disc flies the way that the fairway is designed, sooooo they made it a dumb par four. Think hole #13 at Ellis Park is ridiculous? The crazy less than math symbol fairway hole shaped like this ("<"? Just you wait! That hole is top tier disc golf compared to #6 at Boone's Cave. #6 here at Boone's Cave is potentially the worst hole in NC. Easily one of the worst holes I ever played in my life.

-I wish it was longer! Like much longer! 110 acres and this is all you do for a course with this kind of terrain? I've played courses much longer and better with less than half of the space here. The park atmosphere is fantastic and the design doesn't measure up at all. Could've made a swimming hole with a special diving area and instead we got a kiddie pool rom Wal-Mart or something. So many jump putt holes.

Other Thoughts:

-The back nine is very hilly. Not as much as the reviews say in U disc but in a town like Lexington, you wouldn't expect a whole lot of elevation. Boone's Cave has a lot of elevation. I wish more of the land was used because it could be an exclusive wooded course with some epic elevation changes maybe close to eighty feet. #12's teepad is probably close to 80' above #14's green and #15's fairway. Instead, you are playing three short steep downhill holes without much distinctiveness, aside from the fact that they are serious angle control shots.

-Somebody please redesign it. If given the option to, I'd do it. With this kind of elevation in a town like Lexington, you've got to REALLY capitalize on what's available. At best, this is just extreme upshot practice.
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Gravity is not your friend 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 6, 2022 Played the course:once


Pros, huh? The baskets are very new and nice, the park is secluded and full of nature's whimsy, the signage is solid, etc. The terrain here has serious potential for an awesome course if you like elevation change. Very hilly, lots of trees.

The front 9 is extremely pitch and putt. Actually, a lot of the holes are putt and putt again. We're talking like 300' par 4's here. Holes that barely crack 100' sometimes. The first 9 are blatantly aimed at beginners with only the last 2-3 of those holes starting to feel like a conventional disc golf course. But hey, people got to start somewhere.

The back 9, uh, hits different to borrow some parlance of the times. The holes don't get substantially longer for the most part but the terrain gets cranked to 11 immediately on every hole. You also transition from having nearly no trees in the fairway to not really having much of a fairway at all. The combo of extremely steep slopes and thickly wooded fairways is...exciting? If you like the slightest redirect off of a tree sending you several feet into a valley then the back 9 is sure to please.

That being said, finishing this course is kind of like climbing Mt. Everest. You're not really why you thought it would be a good idea but you still feel a sense of accomplishment. And if your knees didn't blow-out after 18 holes, congratulations, you just passed an unofficial physical. I enjoy adventure/hiking golf more than most probably and this course definitely ticks off that box.


You could have a bussing course here, no cap, fr, fr. That's zoomer-speak for "the park property was under-utilized for this course." I suspect that the designer of the course overestimates the average disc golfer's desire to play straight up and down sheer hillsides of loose soil. Believe it or not, it's perfectly okay to have holes play across valleys or along hillsides rather than fight gravity every single hole.

The front 9 is mostly too easy to be fun for >90% of disc golfers. The back 9 is mostly too hilly to be fun for disc golfers with any pre-existing health conditions (by my count, nearly all of them).

Other Thoughts:

Nevertheless, this is a nice park and this is a disc golf course (kind of). If you're local, this is a good place to enjoy the solitude of nature and practice throwing putters. It's also a good place to train for a career as an NFL running back because after a few rounds of looking for your discs in the valleys, you should have the leg strength of a mastodon.

If you're not local, I'd just go to Martin Family Disc Golf Course and play disc golf all day.
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Hole in the Ground Course 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jul 29, 2020 Played the course:once


Boone's Cave is a great wooded park. What starts as a mundane course suddenly offers several biting holes, changing the entire feel of the round.
- Great park first and foremost. If you're a hiker and enjoy seclusion, this is an excellent spot. I've been in North Carolina for more than three decades, living a little more than an hour away, and had never heard of this place until they had a disc golf course. No clue what the cave is like. It didn't come into play during my round.
- Holes #1 and 2 make this seem like it will be a short, uninspiring course. Neither hole is longer than 110 feet. My thought at this point is that this is going to be one of THOSE type of courses.
- #3 is longer, still only 168 feet, but at least you get a taste of fun. Tee shot over a slight valley on a semi-tight fairway with decent tree coverage on both sides. Basically, this is your first non-guaranteed deuce if you throw a lesser tee shot.
- #4 & 5 are perfectly decent, short nine-hole layout courses. Then you get to #6. You ever see photos of NBA players when they played in youth leagues and they're already a foot taller than everyone else? Or Bradley Cooper's character playing touch football in Wedding Crashers? That's what #6 is like. It's a TIGHT fairwayed, s-curved, downhill 319 foot layout. This is a tougher tee shot even on a advanced course such as Nevin, Renny, or Keely Park. Think of an overgrown #3 at Nevin for a comparison. It's not even in the same stratosphere of skill level as the other 8 holes here. I tried to play conservative as I was solo and didn't have a spotter. And I still hit a tree and landed 50 feet deep into the woods.
- #7 & 8 are the two best designed, most enjoyable holes on the course. And #9 gets you back to the parking lot. Nothing special there.
- Course plays entirely in the woods. Nice benefit when playing in the summer. That probably also means the course plays easier in Winter once the leaves have fallen.


Navigation can be a tad tricky, especially for non-regulars. The course and transitions cross over and/or border walking trails throughout. It would be easy to make a wrong turn. A few signs on these transitions would be helpful.
- Tee signs are simple hole numbers and distances. Maps would be helpful on the blind tee shots. On a heavily wooded course, even sub-200 foot holes can have hidden/blind tee shots.
- Natural tee pads. Dirt/ground is uneven on several holes making run ups a bit trickier.
- And the obvious question, what is #6 doing on this course? Design is a challenge. There's a walking trail running along the left side of the fairway. I had to wait several minutes for a slow walker clearing the path. Also, the underbrush needs to be cleared and fairway probably made wider.
- Add to that, is the person playing the skill level of holes #1 & 2 suited for a hole like this? I didn't feel comfortable unleashing a drive on this hole without a spotter so I played it safe. I still hit a tree and landed deep in the woods. What happens for the beginner/family who each have 1-2 discs when they get here?

Other Thoughts:

Boone's Cave has tons of untapped potential. There's a lot of land that makes you start playing the what-if game.
- If you take #6 away, this is a good beginner/casual-friendly layout. If you take #1 & 2 away, and lengthen some other holes by 50 - 100 feet, this becomes one of the better 9-hole layouts I've played. Instead it seems you're making everyone confused.
- It's fun playing with your kids and having them jump on you. When they jump on you when you're not expecting it, that sucks. That's #6. You go from 5 holes that are all birdie-able and ace-runs. Holes you can throw flat-footed from the tee to this. Don't get me wrong. It's not a bad hole. I'd enjoy it if I could really play it aggressively. It just comes out of nowhere and then the it's over.
- #7 felt like the toughest tee shot. It's 219 feet, but it's all uphill. Again, I'm throwing soft, ¾ shots on holes #1 -5, #6 is downhill, and now on #7, I need to unleash a full throw. There aren't a lot of courses that you wait until #7 before finally needing your power.
- #8 is another over-the-valley hole. I like it better than #3, simply because it's a tougher layout.
- Full disclaimer. I assume there is an actual cave here, but
I don't know. For all I know it's an idiom and it's a colossal waste of time. I do know the kiosk highlighted all the hiking trails rather than the cave. This is probably a great place to go trail running.
- Overall, this is a perfectly suitable 9-hole course. I would like if the course picked its lane and stayed in it. As is, it offers a little bit of everything, having a more varied layout than most nine-hole courses.
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