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Throw Round the Campground

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 29, 2023 Played the course:2-4 times


Discamp DGC is expertly laid out around the campgrounds of Cloverdale RV Park. The owner/designer Anthony single handedly runs said Campground and takes a lot of pride in the property here.

Only a couple holes actually play near the campers. There's good use of mandos and hole design to minimize the risk of an errant throw ending up in a firepit or charcoal grill.

There's just enough elevation to keep things interesting. Hole 1 has you throwing uphill with a right finish and hole 16 is a fairly steep downhill dog-leg left. Hole 18 is pretty neat as well. It plays as a 200 foot island hole with plenty of trees to dodge. It would be really nerve wracking if you're trying to card the birdie to cement a good round or a win vs your card mate(s).

Almost every hole has some trees to miss or a gap to hit somewhere down the fairway, and the few that don't have some Hazard or OB to make you think twice before just chucking one out there. There's a real throw-back vibe to a simpler time when the Stingray was a long-range driver. Navigation is pretty straightforward so it's easy to get lost in the flow and rhythm of smacking every first available.

There were some warm-up baskets near hole 1 if you want to get all your misses out of the way. There are some bathrooms on site as well.


Being a passion project, this course is understandably pretty rustic so-to-speak. You won't find many bells and whistles here. The baskets are pretty simple though they work well enough. Same can be said of the mulch tee pads.

Being a private course, it can be kind of tricky to arrange to play. The owner is kept pretty busy and doesn't always respond right away to inquiries.

Other Thoughts:

It does cost 7 dollars to play-all-day here. I'm not sure if you're a camper here if that fee is waived.

If you're a fan of woodsy, shorter, technical courses you'll find a lot to like here. There are a few holes north of 300 and one over 450 but they don't really afford you the opportunity to go for the real max-distance flex shot you'll find on a more open track. Most holes are in the 150-220 range.

Really all-in-all it's pretty remarkable what the owner threw together here. I had the privilege of playing a round with him and you could tell he's put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this course.
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