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Edgewater Park

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Edgewater Park reviews

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The Edge of the Water

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 2, 2023 Played the course:once


A small piece of land surrounded by nothing, Edgewater, crams nine holes into a fairly small space, making use of every feature of the park. There are a couple of tight lines, a few longer shots, and the ever-present water hazards.

There's at least some sort of interesting feature on every hole. Even the ones more out in the open have trees near the tee (4, 9) or weird elevation change (1, 5). You're always kept on your toes. I have mixed feelings about a lot of the features on this course, but you could argue that hole 8 is an excellent hole, with a slightly elevated tee, playing along the treeline to a precarious basket, and options to lay up to the right, or a conservative run to give yourself a long but scary putt.


No navigation whatsoever, and the tees pretty much don't exist (except hole 9 has a small concrete pad). Roads and backyards are near the fairways of half the holes, and you're doing a fair amount of walking to get everywhere, if you find the tees at all. Because there's no bridge, you're crossing the creek both directions on the road, which is especially annoying getting to 7, as you're walking around hole 2.

It's not a Topeka course without a spur of the Shunganunga creek threatening to end the career of your discs on holes 2, 5, or 8. But here, there isn't proper risk/reward where you can choose an aggressive line. It seems like on these holes, any good shot could end up in the drink, so you're either scared for your life or laying up. Even hole 5 has a drain in the road you could go in.

The holes themselves aren't even all that hard. 2 is super short (but plays across the river), and 3, 4, and 7 are fairly short. Hole 6 is long, but basically plays like a par 4 (I think). If you're an experienced player, there will still be some challenge on holes like 8 and maybe getting a deuce on 6, but other than that, the course is fairly straightforward and uninteresting.

Other Thoughts:

It is one of my pet peeves when reviews compare the course to other courses, or just say that some other course is better. But I'm gonna do that exact thing here: Just go to Crestview. You can literally see it across the street from hole 9, and the East course is better than this course in every way. Plow though this course if you're a bagger, but otherwise, I do not recommend. I don't want to be critical of someone who is promoting the sport by putting in the time and money to install a course... but it just doesn't work here.

Seriously, someone thought it was a good idea to put this course here as opposed to doing anything else with the land. I would like to know why.

But it stands to reason that there is some excitement to be had here, and there might be a narrow skillset for whom this course can make sense, especially if you like running aggressive lines and don't care how much plastic you lose.
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Swing and a Miss... and Maybe a Car gets Hit.

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 27, 2023 Played the course:once


Edgewater has nine holes contained within a small city park.  The trees are a main draw to keep your round interesting.  A small tunnel to get over the water on 2, a gap to hit, but stop short of going left into the creek on 7, and obstructing the straight path to the basket on 3 and 4.

The creek that runs the length of the course is used well in certain spots.  It sits to the left of the basket of 7 as previously mentioned, but also is very close behind the baskets of 5 and 8 (12ft max).

The black Veteran baskets are definitely older, but still have a lot of life left in them.

9 has a concrete tee.  It’s the only hole to have a concrete tee, but it’s an improvement over the others.


Roads.  Way too many roads.  1, 3, and 5 all play far too close to roads.  In fact, they’re so close that the left line on all three goes over the road, and the trees pinch off the right line on 1 and 5 so you’re kind of strapped for options.  Could this have been avoided?  Not really unless you wanted to have a very short course.  There were ways to have made it work, but this may have been better as a 6 or 7 hole course.  Along with this, they all tee within 5 feet of the road, as does hole 2.

The walk from 4 to 5 goes through the fairway of 6.  Another spot where more concise design could have avoided this.

The tees (except 9) are four bricks sunk into the earth with a dirt patch worn behind them.  Almost impossible to find without a map, and in fact I never found the tee of 8.

I’m not usually critical of this, but the elevation is used poorly.  The basket of 1 is on a sharp incline, so any drive that doesn’t ace is likely to roll to the bottom of the hill, then the basket is so close to the road that the comebacker will likely end up in the road.  The pin of 5 is down a small hill backed by the creek.  While this isn’t awful, there were far better places to put the pin than across a cul-de-sac and down a hill, but there I go complaining about the roads again.

Parking is... nonexistent.  I ended up parking in the cul-de-sac at the end of James Ct, and inadvertently parked my car in the "fairway" of hole 5.  I assume the parking is supposed to be behind hole 9's pin on James St, but the road felt a little too thin to park on.

Other Thoughts:

This one is a fat no-go.  The good holes are fine, but the lengths are a bit too much for this land.  To fit nine, the holes needed to be a lot shorter.  Beyond holes 7 and 8 there isn’t a whole lot going for this course, and there’s a lot going against it.  If you have to choose a course to skip in Topeka, this is the one.
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Enjoyable, Ace-able, OB, Risky, Dynamic Baskets 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Nov 10, 2019 Played the course:5+ times


-Very well maintained and grass is always cut
-Newer black Dynamic discs baskets that are easily visible from every tee
-Trash cans on some holes
-Great for rollers and skipping
-Perfect for beginner players
-Multiple ace-able holes
-Within walking distance to two permanent 18 hole courses
-Technical with the use of OB on many holes


-No restrooms directly on site
-No tee signs
-Natural tees
-Some tees can get muddy
-Navigation could be an issue if you are new to the course
-There is a need for a bridge on the transition from hole 6 to 7 crossing the creek

Other Thoughts:

For a nine hole course, the layout at Edgewater DGC is rather enjoyable. There are many holes that have OB and can be risky. The use of land, slight elevation, some trees, and OB was creative. It would be nice to see concrete tees and signs installed here in the future. But the baskets are pretty good quality and catch your disc well. Edgewater Park is just within walking distance to two awesome permanent 18-hole courses. This makes it perfect for those who would like to play multiple rounds in one day. Thanks to the designer and volunteers with Dawn to Dusk Disc Club of Topeka for making this great course possible.
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More Edgeroad than Edgewater 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 28, 2018 Played the course:once


The 9 hole layout in Edgewater Park is kind of a fun add on to the 18 of Crestview across the street. It has a lot of OB that makes it tough. The creek divides the park down the center, and hole 3 crosses over it. A few short holes that you can shoot for birdies, and there is a couple of long par 3 holes, as well as one that is par 4.

The tees are natural, and marked with wooden headers in the ground at the front of the box. The baskets are Dynamic Veteran, and are in nice shape. Layout is not too hard to get around. Can be played quickly unless you lose a disc.

Hole 1 is mid range, about 200' and has a couple of big trees in front of the pin. A big hyzer throwing RHBH will get around them. The road is to the left side of the hole, but there is a decent cushion between the basket and the curb.

Hole 2 tees next to the street, plays at 360'. There is a bend to the left in the road with a telephone pole at the apex. You can play left of the pole and have a direct line over the pavement, or to the right over the grass. The pin is near the road and has a medium sized tree about 20' away to the right.

Number 3 is short, only 141", but the tee shot is over the creek, through a tunnel of tree branches. Knock downs can land at the bottom under the bridge, and you may have to jump down to retrieve that disc. If you make it through, there is a decent shot to make a birdie.

4 is not too long, barely over 200', but there is a big old tree with branches that hang pretty low. The straight line shot has to be on a rope, or you can play over the road to the left. If you try the left side, watch for the storm grate that is about pin high. It is perfectly located to catch a disc.

Hole 5 is 235, and there is one tree that stands slightly off center to the right. The only thing in the way of making a birdie. This is one of the easier holes on the course.

6 is a tougher one, measuring 300'. There is a road to the left of the tee, and a slight downhill slant on to the pin. The road dead ends right in front of the basket and has a lot of OB if you miss to the left.

Hole 7 is the par 4 hole, over 475'. It tees under the trees that line the creek side. The trees line the left side of the fairway, and it is mostly open to the right. There are a couple of scattered trees to keep you running up the center.

Hole 8 is another midrange, at 215'. There are trees to the left again, as you run along the other side of the creek in the opposite direction. Another pretty simple hole.

9 was my favorite hole. It is a good distance, 420", and plays over a dip in the grass between a couple of big mature trees. You can really let it rip, and there's a lot of room to fly with limited interference. The only holes that don't feel restricted by the boundaries of the park are 7, 8, and 9. The creek is to the left again, but there is more room for error as long as you don't totally shank it.


The tee boxes not marked really well, and I guessed on hole 6 because I didn't see the toe board. The grass in the boxes was bare and tees could be muddy after rain. I would prefer to see concrete tees and posts or signs of some sort.

Other Thoughts:

It is a fun little course in Edgewater Park. A quick 9 if you don't have the time to play 18 at Crestview, or if you do have time and need some more. There are a few tricky shots. All of the OB will cost you strokes if you play the risky shots and do not execute.

I shot a 32, and my only birdie was on hole 5. Bogies on 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7. Took 3 penalties for going OB. Not a great showing, but I will get out there and try it again one day soon.
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2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 3, 2017 Played the course:2-4 times


Course flows well with maximum use of land available. Technical course with ob on all but one hole in play some holes with ob left and right.


New course with nothing really bad to say other than if it is crowded you have to park across the street at the BMX course.

Other Thoughts:

Great course across the street from Crestview course actually plays into a 27 hole course with Crestview gold.
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