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Grand Lake, CO

Grand Lake DGC

2.755(based on 2 reviews)
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Grand Lake DGC reviews

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Experience: 3 years 54 played 7 reviews
2.00 star(s)

From the ashes…will hope arise?

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 7, 2024 Played the course:once


* Hole length variation: the holes range from 140 to 680 feet. Most of the holes are on the shorter side.
* Ace-ability: from the short tees, 11 holes are under 215'
* Elevation: most holes have decent elevation in play.
* Tee signs with hole # and distance (no hole map).
* Two tees per hole
* Baskets have flags with hole number
* Course kiosk at the parking lot with a course map.


* Tees: dirt with logs on the front and sides. Some of them are quite rutted and uneven, so watch your step.
* No next tee markers: make sure to take a picture of the course map.
* Mach II Baskets: our group of three had three bounce-outs during the round we played. Good baskets don't do that.
* It's not wooded anymore: there are still a few trees standing but not many, so on most of the holes you can just choose your own line.
* It's not a very good-looking course. Skeletons of burnt trees along with sparse unkept greenery growing among the rocks make for a bleak picture.

Other Thoughts:

In 2020, the East Troublesome Fire, the second largest fire in the history of Colorado, made its destructive mark. The fire burned 193,812 acres in the month and a half between its ignition and containment. Included in that 193,812 acres was the property of this course.

This course is mostly ashes left over from what it used to be. Most of the trees that formed the fairways are now charred stumps. Essentially no mature living trees remain. There are, however, many small pines coming up, and eventually the course will be back to its former self.

My brothers and I had a blast playing here despite the gusty wind howling continually. Due to the lack of trees, the par 4's and 5's played extremely soft and many eagles were sighted. All of the par 4's were reachable and the par 5's played as par 4's.

There is quite a bit of vegetation growing on the course. It doesn't look as if it gets mowed very often. It's not thick enough to have much disc loss risk though.

Keep in mind that this course has tons of exposed granite that would be happy to hasten the beating in of your precious discs.
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Experience: 13.2 years 344 played 195 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 25, 2023 Played the course:once


- great new baskets with flags and numbers
- navigation is very simple
- great variety of distances ranging from 180 to 600 feet
- quite a few par 4s and par 5s which is unique for Colorado
- two sets of tees for every hole
- beautiful views


- tee pads are rutted dirt tees
- with so many blind holes, it would be nice if the tee signs had diagrams
- terrain is very rough and rutted
- no wow shots
- long walk between holes 12 and 13

Other Thoughts:

Bring your hiking boots and water. Lots of exposure.
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