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Hamilton Middle School

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Short and sweet school course!

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Sep 16, 2023 Played the course:2-4 times


Hamilton is a small town located southeast of Holland, MI. There is a new 6-hole disc golf course right in town on the middle school's property, which fills an underutilized wooded area between the school building and the athletic fields.

For only having 6 holes, this course is quite well done and will be fun for students and recreational players. Holes 1-3 each require shot shaping around numerous small tree trunks, while still playing over relatively manicured ground. Holes 4-5 are a little more open to change things up. There is a creek that could come into play on any of holes 3-5 if your disc goes off the right side of the fairway and gets through a few feet of thicker foliage. Hole 5 also has a low-lying marshy area in the middle of the fairway, which is best avoided at any time of year. The highlight here though is the finishing hole 6, which requires a sharp little anhyzer over the creek for RHBH throwers. The creek is shallow enough that it wouldn't be a huge deal to step in and retrieve discs that land in it.

The course also features two marked tee areas per hole. I played one round from the "Main" tees and a second round from the "Alt" tees. The "Alt" tees play slightly longer than the "Main" tees, but overall provide a similar level of challenge. The designers did a good job of locating the tees to provide two different looks at each basket. The distances from either tee are short , but I think slightly longer than the 150'ish to 275'ish range listed. There are some mild elevation changes on several of the holes as well.

The baskets are Chainstar Pros in like-new condition. The basket for hole 2 is elevated on a stump for extra challenge.

The course does a good job of avoiding any major safety concerns. School drives are arguably kind of in play off of the "Alt" tees for holes 4 and 5, but it's a wide open field of view so I wasn't too concerned.

There are two porta potties at the parking lot.


The tee areas are just natural - only marked by kick plates and tiny orange flags (or the tees for #1 are marked on the pavement instead). There aren't any tee signs to speak of. Some basic tee signs would be a nice upgrade.

The course is also missing extras like practice basket, kiosk/map, trash cans, and benches.

The navigational signage consists of orange arrows spray painted on the ground under baskets, and additional ones at the main tees pointing to the alt tees. They tried, but I still found myself pulling up UDisc for navigation. A couple of more permanent signs would be especially nice to point out the start of the course, and to direct between holes 3 and 4.

There are no longer holes to challenge any disc golfers beyond recreational level.

Other Thoughts:

Like all school courses, you should not play this one while school is in session.

There is some road construction going on near the school/course, and it looks like 48th St. will no longer connect to M-40 once the construction is complete. As of now, Google Maps still has them connected and I had to re-route to 136th Ave instead.

I was between a 2.0 and 2.5 rating here, and decided to round up. This is honestly a good course design for the space available, as well as the target audience. I appreciated the decision to only have 6 holes instead of trying to jam 9 in. With the alt tees providing mostly different looks at each basket, it's almost like having 12 holes. This one is nothing to go out of your way for, but a fun little course if in the area.
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