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Hanna Hills DGC reviews

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Ozark Dream

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Oct 16, 2023 Played the course:once


Hanna Hills DGC is an 18-hole gem on private land in south-central Missouri. The course is located in the Ozark Mountains, and presents some very unique and memorable challenges for disc golfers who take the time to visit.

Hanna Hills has only a single layout, but the variety is amazing. Hole 1 has players teeing off from the top of a literal cliff, over a pond (dried up when I played) and down to a basket 410' away. Hole 3 is only 234', but has a water carry over a small creek then another cliff to throw UP to reach the basket. #4 is a tough 420' dogleg right with the fairway sloping to the left the entire way. #10 has a legit water carry of maybe 225'-250', then a slight uphill moderately wooded area covering another 100' to the basket. #15 was my favorite on the course. It is signed as a 440' par 4. That's assuming you navigate along the moderately wooded but only slightly slanted "C" shaped fairway on top of the ridge. The alternative is to throw straight at the basket which probably saves you 100' or so - BUT you have to hit a much tighter gap and navigate down and back up a steep, steep valley. The bottom of the valley keeps sloping downward to the left so RHBH throws in particular have a real chance of going far, far off course here (I was also running short on daylight by this point, so I played it safe on the upper fairway). #18 is a great ending hole, playing 713' gently downhill along a wooded but moderately wide fairway.

Overall, there is a great range of distances here from a handful of holes in the 200'-250' range up to the aforementioned 713'. It's signed as par 65, including two par 5's and seven par 4's. The elevation changes throughout the course range from mild to extreme. It's not just the elevation change on the fairways, but also what lurks on either side and behind some of the baskets. Normally when I say there are "precarious" basket placements I mean something like "there is enough of a slope behind/next to the basket that there is a good chance of a rollaway on a missed putt." Here, when I say "precarious" I mean more like "there are cliff warning signs posted 15' behind the basket". Walking up to #7's tee, you'll see an opening off to your left where all of a sudden there is an amazing view of the farmland spread out below and the hilly countryside beyond. You won't be throwing off this cliff intentionally, but if you have an early unfortunate tree kick on #9 your disc could probably fly over the edge. It's gone if that happens.

Rarely in my 225 courses played have I seen such uneven and varied terrain in one layout. "Beautiful and craggy" is the way I described it in my notes. For what it's worth - I was reminded of a mix of the well-known Flip City, and the off-the-radar Tailings in Michgan's Upper Peninsula. Overall, this course plays on the technical side other than the first couple of holes. Many fairways basically consist of lightly covered exposed rock in the woods.

The baskets are Monkey Trap models. I was unfamiliar with these, and initially thought they were Chainstars. They are great. They have little red and green pennant flags on top for visibility. One is raised on a stump and another is hanging.

The tee signs are great, including the total elevation change and a hole nickname in addition to all the usual info. Navigational signs are conspicuously nailed to trees wherever needed.

Some might call the turf tee pads a Con, but I didn't mind them at all here because I doubt the course gets much traffic. Also, it was clear that the owner(s) carefully mounted each one to be perfectly level. Sure I'd still prefer concrete, but I can't really complain much. Benches complete many of the tee areas.

Similarly, there is no practice basket but if the parking lot is empty (i.e. you can infer that no one else is there) you could use hole 9's basket to warm up. The parking lot is also accessible between holes 5 and 6. There is a kiosk next to the first tee, complete with a large course map. Scorecards are available in a little bin at the kiosk. A porta potty is nearby as well.


Only some very small gripes here.

I think one could argue that much of the back nine is only "good" and not as unique as the front nine. Much of it plays up along a ridge, then after #15 the layout turns around to work back to the lot. A gravel trail comes into play on several of these holes, which didn't seem like it would ever be a safety hazard but definitely has the potential to scuff up your discs.

Holes 1 and 9 both play over the driveway, presenting an unlikely but possible safety hazard. In general, don't play here if you aren't sure-footed and wearing hiking boots - as the uneven terrain has plenty of trip hazards. The owners also have a couple of dogs that barked aggressively at me while I was playing hole 10. They did not approach nearer than 20'-30' or so, but they were not on leashes and I did not see the owners around so I did get a little bit unnerved by this (I like dogs but have never owned one myself).

The walk back to your car after #18 is a bit long. Probably 1000' or so. It also isn't as well signed as some of the other transitions. You exit the woods near a barn and then follow the drive back around to the lot.

There is only one trash can on the course, and it's at the parking lot. This sort of comes with the territory for private courses, IMO.

Other Thoughts:

This course is free to play, but if you stop here you should plan on leaving a small donation in the box at the first tee. You can just show up and play, but you do have to fill out a waiver form to do so - including name/email and where you are from. The latter piece of information is translated into a fun pin map on the kiosk showing the origin of players across the USA.

There is spotty to no cell service here. Plan accordingly.

Besides the dogs, you might encounter wild (? - or at least free to roam) goats. I was startled by several small ones grazing in the first fairway, as I did not see them until I was about 20'-30' away.

Despite feeling very remote, this course is actually very easy to get to IF you're travelling along the I-44 corridor. If you're anywhere else (i.e. visiting Missouri to play better-known courses like Harmony Bends or Eagle's Crossing), it will take you some extra time to reach Hanna Hills - but you should make the time to come play here. I had the course to myself late in the day on a Monday, and would have played a second round if I wasn't out of daylight. This one doesn't seem to get nearly as much attention as those others I named - but it is not to be missed!
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Hardy, hilly Hanna deserves the hype

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 15, 2023 Played the course:once


With cumbersome climbs, craggy challenges and creative course concepts, Hanna Hills delivers an incredible combination of Ozark-style disc golf with picturesque scenery and robust elevation in a private setting that seems miles from nowhere.

The variety and views at Hanna Hills are top-notch. The opening hole sets the stage by offering a fantastic look-around from above before throwing down into the valley. Holes #4 through #8 slowly ascend the hillside, providing higher-up views on each hole and highlighted by a tremendous overlook spot between Holes #6 and #7. The current DGCR photos were taken during the early spring. I was fortunate to play the course in June as the greenery and views were postcard-worthy on several holes.

Regarding the variety, there’s all type of holes at Hanna Hills, including ace runs, severe elevation changes, tight but fair par 4s, and complicated throws in the most wooded part of the course. There’s always a new test to consider. For example: Hole #2 is one of the flattest holes on the course, but the basket is perched on a mound with a chasm just past the basket. Hole #3 is one of the shortest holes, but it requires accurately sticking your drive on a highly-elevated plateau. Hole #7 is a gorgeous downhill toss to an elevated basket atop a stump. Hole #9 is a tricky dogleg right with a mando, a descent to the basket amid trees and the risk of going too long. Hole #10 requires a pond carry and then a short ascent to the basket. Hole #14 prompts a sharp fade to a suspended basket with a significant drop-off after the basket. Hole #15 offers two options: an attempt to fly the straight but narrow route over a substantial chasm or taking the safer but longer and more tree-laden path around. And the course ends with a doozy in Hole #18 as the par-5 features a downhill bomb to start but the route gets narrowed with so many trees and the left side of the fairway falls off steeply. Each hole has its own special design and a challenge that isn’t duplicated elsewhere on the course.

There are four par 4s on the front nine and while none of them surpass 450 feet, there are no easy birdies. Hitting the landing zones is paramount to avoiding a bogey or worse. The back nine features three par 4s and two par 5s, but the rough isn’t as brutal and recovery shots seem more possible. The overall par of 65 feels very fair with plenty of opportunities for score separation and high score variance over multiple rounds.

The tee signs are excellent with colorful depictions and the turf teepads are very nice, especially considering how much work was required to install them on several holes. In addition, several holes have a little sign honoring the first individual to ace that hole. Each tee sign map included an arrow toward the next hole, though navigation seemed intuitive and we only had to glance at the map a couple times.

At the beginning of the course, there’s a large board with the course map, the required waiver and a donation box.


The rough is rough, especially on the front nine. The off-the-fairway areas are jail-like with tons of sticky cedars, high rollaway potential, and treacherous footing. I had a lucky tree hit on Hole #5 or my upshot would have soared past the basket, and I might still be looking for my disc on an incredibly steep hill. This is not a course for carts, and individuals with bad knees or limited stamina might be overwhelmed by this rocky and hilly course.

The bugs can be bad. Fortunately, the owners kindly put cans of bug spray at the beginning of the course. My disc golf partner and I played two holes, then quickly retreated to the start to coat ourselves with a generous amount of bug spray, which made the round much better.

There are a few holes where the removal of a couple trees might make the fairway a little fairer. Hole #8 is a bit poke-and-hope. And a couple holes on the back nine have that “one tree” that definitely boosts the odds of finding trouble.

Other Thoughts:

Hanna Hills has been on my wish list for several years. For a rugged private course, Hanna Hills has so much good stuff and is definitely worth the visit. The owners should be proud of the disc golf destination they have crafted from this amazing property.

This review and rating will put Hanna Hills on the list as the No. 3 course in Missouri, only behind Eagles Crossing and Harmony Bends, which is impressive and deserved company.
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One of the Best Courses in Missouri! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 6, 2020 Played the course:2-4 times


- Carefully crafted fairways create a variety of shots that will test your ability
- The general upkeep and maintenance is impeccable, particularly considering they just installed the full 18 in March...
- The scenery is next to none, with true ozark highlights like a partial glade, rock bluffs and crags and a breathtaking overlook on hole 7
- Every hole was carefully planned and it shows, each hole utilizes the natural environment to create some seriously awesome lines
- This course has a lot of "personality" and flair when it comes to pin placement and nothing feels better when you crush that line
- Pars can seem generous at times but the dense rough can make staying on your line imperative for many drives


- Really don't have any complaints

Other Thoughts:

All-around one of my personal favorite disc golf courses. I have seen other reviews talk about this course as in the Top 5 for Missouri.. I would say at least... it may just in fact be the best course in MO. Seriously though, this is not one to miss, the location is a little bit off the beaten path but the freedom and idyllic atmosphere is worth every cent of gas to get there. After my round, I met Vic who is responsible for maintaining and creating the course along with his son Michael, and he was very hospitable- they have taken steps to make sure everything is perfect from benches and tables to rest while you play to free bug spray available at hole 1. They gladly accept donations and I would encourage everyone to at least give something if they could.
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Scratching the Surface 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:May 5, 2020 Played the course:5+ times


This course has it all. If you like water shots, tight wooded shots, bomber shots, or anything in between, you will find it here at Hanna Hills. This scenic course sits on a large property in the outskirts of Mark Twain Forest. The course owners are extremely friendly and have a joy for watching discs graciously fly through the air. What more could you want out of a course owner?

The first hole is arguably the signature hole of the course. It is a hole that screams, welcome to Hanna Hills, enjoy your round! It is a massive downhill shot with lakes on both sides and the basket sits behind the both lakes. I would say it probably plays about 350' or so with the elevation and maybe 250'-300' or so to carry the lake (I could be wrong, don't sue me bro).

The course itself does require a deep bag of tricks, as we say in the hockey world. There are shots out here that will test the depth of your game and your mental strength. There's plenty of elevation out here along with pinchey greens and some very well placed trees. There are some tight wooded holes and there are some bomber holes; each coming with risk and reward. That is another excellent thing about this course, is the risk vs reward that comes into play on many holes.

The owner of the course walked several holes with me along with his 3 awesome dogs. I played by myself so it was nice to have some good company, and who better else to have than the course owner? He genuinely seems to love this game. He said him and his wife traveled to St. Louis, among other areas to check out there courses. They came up with a unique vision of what a course should look like, and boy did they nail it and this was on their FIRST try.

The tee signs and signage in general is very helpful. I also thought the course flow was ingeniously thought out. I had no problems getting from one hole to the next, and the walks were generally short.

Why I call this review 'Scratching the Surface' is because of the potential this place has. This was the course owner's first attempt at building a course and he says there is room for plenty more. I would love to see what else he can come up with. This piece of property is extremely unique and offers massive potential. He also said he had purchased some machinery from the Ozark Mountain courses. In fact, he had some large machinery on the course and he was doing more work on the course. So I wouldn't even consider this course finished.

Edit: 09/07/2020 I might have missed these the first time, although they do seem new. There are trash cans on I would estimate, half of the holes, or more. Also, there are plenty of benches throughout the course to rest. Be sure to bring plenty of liquids for summer play. The positive it that players have a chance to snag cold drinks from their vehicles at two different points in their rounds.

I also liked the large map of the USA that shows where players reside that play the course. It can be found near hole 1 under the kiosk. I thought that was something unique. Being the first to play from a particular state could be considered a 'badge of honor'. If you happen to forget bug spray, this can also be found under the same kiosk as well and there is a basket for lost and found discs.


There really is not many cons I can think of. I will say one thing, if you are a beginning player, or struggle to walk in up and down hills, this may not be your course. If you are uncomfortable throwing over lakes, this may also not be your course. I personally, love throwing over lakes. You may want to bring a disc with you that you may not mind losing, especially for that first hole.

Honestly though, there is not many cons I can think of. However; I am a little bias here. I really enjoy these style of courses. I like the tight wooded holes with some bomber holes thrown in the mix, even if they are also wooded. Throw in some elevation and a lake or two, and you will have me hooked.

Other Thoughts:

When you do come to this property remember that it is on a private property. Please do not litter. And also be kind and donate to the course. I'm not saying to empty your bank account, but it did feel good throwing money into a box knowing that it will most likely go back into the course. Also, be sure to fill out the envelope form and use the envelope. This also gives the course owners a good idea of how many people have been playing. I personally, would love to see another course or 2 on this property. Having more players making the trip is the best way to do this. The owners are also wanting to host a large PDGA event out here sometime in the near future. A good showing could help pull together another great course!

Edit: I have replayed this course several times since initially playing the course. After several rounds, I think as if my rating might have been slightly on the harsh side.

The fact is that, Hanna Hills sits on a VERY unique property. The scenery of the properly is uniquely portrayed throughout the course. There are some absolutely stunning Ozark views on this property that should not be taken for granted.

I also want to take this time to point out how friendly the owners are. Vic seems to be all in when it comes to Hanna Hills. This is something I can get behind. This property is large enough to hold more than one course and I would think that the course owner would be more than willing to expand his land to disc golf assuming people are playing (and paying) to play his courses.

I always enjoy my rounds at Hanna Hills and the conversations I have with Vic are also worth noting. The gentleman is one of the most down to earth people I have met and I certainly look forward to playing Hanna on the regular as well as playing in any events that may be held at this course.
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Every shot Imaginable can Be Utilized Here. Many Different Lines. Many Beautiful Views. Owners are Amazing People! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 5, 2020 Played the course:once


Elevation, Every Shot in the Bag, Water, Island, Suspended in Space, The Meadow, the alternate Fairway thru the Gorge, tight fairways, Big Alternates Routes. OWNERS!
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Grateful For This Course. 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 30, 2020 Played the course:once


Scenery galore! Well crafted holes. Every shot is different than the last. Vic Bentele (land/course owner) came and said hello and was super friendly and truly has his heart into this course. There are also disc retriever poles for every hole that has a water hazard! AMAZING COURSE! Will share with more players.


None really. Fairways are super tight but in time they will open a little. But overall it's a great challenge. Sidenote: I would recommend to change the flag color on the baskets. Green flags are hard to spot in the woods.

Other Thoughts:

They have a bunch of fluffy dogs running around that will greet you. Also, the wild sounds of a peacock.
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Hanna's Bananas 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 15, 2020 Played the course:once


The 18 hole course at Hanna Hills is one of the best in the state in my book. Heavily wooded with significant elevation change on most holes, it has championship level challenges. There is a little water in play with a couple of small ponds, but it is not too hard to avoid.

The tee pads are turf, and make a nice surface to get out of the box. Tee signs have illustration, distance and elevation change for every hole. The baskets are also great. It may be the first course I have played with Russ's Monkey Trap targets, and my putts were falling so I liked them just fine.

I loved the mix of shots required from hole to hole. It will have you using every shot you have by the final hole. 7 par four holes and 2 par fives give good reason to play strategically and choose your spots. The first 3 holes are fairly open, and 10 tees across the pond so it is fairly open. All of the other holes have fairways cut through thick woods that demand precision over power.

The first tee is atop a ridge that drops quickly about 40 feet, and the basket it in front of the tree line below. It is pretty open, but there are a couple of tall trees along the way that can hang up a drive that is too low. It is a great starter, and way friendlier than the closer.

2 is a fairly flat hole, except for the small mound where the basket is planted. A mid range can do the job. 3 is a really cool hole, mostly open and not too long. The basket is on top of a cut in the rocks, and has good access from the front but is rather crowded by trees from the sides.

Hole 4 is where the teeth of the course begin to show. 4, 5, and 6 are all par 4. The fairways get narrow and the rough gets heavy. 4 is uphill out of the box, then finishes on the side of the slope with the left side low and right side high. The basket is nestled at the end of the fairway with a few trees to dodge on the way in. 5 pivots and turns downhill. It isn't steep at first but the last portion has a very tough curl that really drops off fast, and has a thick trees and rocks. 6 tees up a hill and starts open but funnels into another slender entry to the back half of the hole.

7 is a dogleg left, with a high window to go with a spike hyzer if you throw RHBH. If you go low, turn left at the stump, and try to be centered enough to set up your approach through the gap in the trees. The basket is set on another stump, so the putt is a bit unusual. If you go long it is a tough recovery getting back on the hill through the trees. 8 is uphill, but not too long. Pin position is tricky, with the basket in a slight depression that is tucked behind scattered trees.

Hole 9 is pretty epic. It is a par four, dogleg right with a mando at the corner, and then a run down the hill to the basket. Once you get around the mando, there is still work to do. There are a few more trees cutting different lines to the pin, which is protected on either side by a pair of evergreens.

The back 9 starts with a tee shot over a pond, and a couple of mature trees stand in the way as you start up the hill toward the pin on the far side. 11 is uphill, and reachable but not easy. I did manage my only 2 of the day here, converting on a 20 foot putt after a nice drive.

12 is a par 4 where the tee shot looks into a pinched down, narrow gap in the fairway. Once you get through that you can have a look at the pin, but there are still many trees to avoid. I got in them on the left side, but pulled off a miraculous recovery with my third throw, and saved par somehow. 13 is another par 4, fairly flat, with multiple lines available. There is a small pond on the left side of the fairway near the landing zone for the drive, so try to stay middle or right.

14 is a steady curve to the left to a hanging basket. A low kneecap hyzer with a nice flare skip can get you righties close. 15 is a monster par 4, and you can choose from the shortest line that crosses over the end of the holler, or take the right side end around and stay on a more level path. Either route has a lot of trees to be avoided. I went to the right side and made par.

I was one under par when I got to the 16th tee, and that is when things fell apart. 16 is a par 5, that is pretty straight, but long. I got hung up in the trees and stuck there for a couple of throws. Made a double bogey on the 2 putt. 17 is short but very woodsy, I bonked on the drive and 2 putted for another bogey. 18 is a wild one, par 5 to finish. The drive is downhill, with a big slope to the left. I was ok on the first shot, but my second was not great, and the third wan't much better. I made a decent approach and had a 30 foot par putt that hit chains and bounced out.


Aside from the long drive out of KC, I have no problems with Hanna Hills. New players will probably have some trouble here.

Other Thoughts:

Hanna Hills is truly great, and will continue to get better. Vic is out there every day refining the details on each hole. He joined me on the 5th hole, and walked the rest of the course with me. Even though he didn't play, he is clearly loves crafting great holes, and is very good at it. In the future there will be some alternate tee pads. Maybe even another course eventually. I was amazed at what he has in place after less than a year working on it.

Many of my favorite courses are on private land, laid out and built by the residents. I think they often have a little extra love and consideration. Hanna Hills stacks up well with any of them, from Troll Valley in Maine to Gargoyle Garden in Hawaii.

It hasn't got all of the polish and versatility of Harmony Bend, but it is every bit as challenging. The terrain is beautiful. Be sure and take a moment to enjoy the view overlooking the field and creek from the tee at 7.

Vic is a great guy that gave me a lot of insight on his course construction. He was measuring the width of the paths between holes to make sure an off-road cart was able to drive the entire course, in an effort to help any players that want to play but have trouble with the hike. One military veteran with a prosthetic leg is a guest there already, and Vic is working hard to welcome as many as he can. That is really cool.

Donations are accepted, but not demanded. I only had my bag of quarters that I use for toll roads, no cash. Vic was very gracious and said profit was not the goal, and wasn't worried about it. He does collect visitor info to track where people are coming from, and to try and return a lost disc if necessary. I wish I could get him via PayPal or something, but for now I will plan on dropping extra on my next visit. I will be back to see how this already great course evolves.
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True Ozarks Course 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 20, 2020 Played the course:once


Very fun course to play, one of the best in Missouri. Great variety of holes with fairways that require creativity and reward good shots, with challenging rough for shanks.


Still a newer course that is being blazed through thick Ozark forest, so some areas are not quite clear.

Other Thoughts:

Using a spotter is a good idea on a few holes that are blind off the tee.
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Worth the trip, no matter where you're from 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 11, 2020 Played the course:once


Ozark disc golf at it's finest. The Bentele's have carved out a beautiful track set amongst the Missouri wilderness. Everything about this course shows attention to detail and pride in their work. They are working out every last detail to put this in the conversation for best course in Missouri, and judging by how new it is and the passion the owner shows, it might be there soon.

Signs to guide you into the property. Kiosk with pencils, scorecards, course map right by parking and hole 1. Outhouse located by parking lot. Course loops back to the parking lot several times. Very workable Turf teepads. Awesome Monkey Trap baskets with flags and hole numbers. Well designed tee signs including hole distance and elevation change. Course design that will get you excited every time you get to the next hole. Clean fairways and rough that has been cleaned out as well. Benches on almost every hole. Trash cans provided throughout the course. Chill spots next to overlooks with picnic tables and breathtaking views of the Missouri countryside.

This is the closest thing to the Ozark Mountain experience in Vichy that I have played yet.

This is a Must Play Missouri course!


Rocky fairways will chunk up your discs.
I wouldn't use a cart here.
Teepads are good, but could be leveled out a bit more.
Road coming in is good but is kind of loose gravel so dont drive your low rider out there.

it's too far away to play every day!

Other Thoughts:

So happy to have made the trip to play at this property. The owner Vic is very friendly and although he doesn't play he enjoys working on the course and watching people throw! Make sure to thank him if you see him. He talked with us quite a bit and mentioned the possibility of another course there in the future. Please respect his property while you are there!
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A new Missouri Gem. This course is just amazing 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Apr 5, 2020 Played the course:once


**** Hole 7 Updated with a new pad, giving 2 options. A shot straight up the gut or the huge hyzer! Excellent addition.

**** Hole 18 Updated with an even more ridiculous longer pad. Good Luck *****
This is a top 5 course in the state. It doesn't have the multiple tees and multiple pins (or huge city parks budget) that a place like Harmony has but it does have a dedicated owner which is why the only course in the state you can compare this to is Branson Trails and it's a good comparison. I would go as far to say it's up there with Branson Trails folks. It's that good and let me tell you why.

Firstly, its incredible that this course was not designed by a professional course designer. The flow, the hole design, the variety, course par.. All are nearly perfected. It's a stunning effort.

When you think about your ideal course what would you want to see...

How about an amazing Hole 1? Check! Hole 1 here is a top of the world shot. Pick your favorite disc and you can get there. I got to circle 1 with a Streamline Pilot, Prodiscus Midari and a Prodigy D1 Max all on different lines. Good stuff
Then you get to Hole 2. A touch putter or mid or spike hyzer. Go long and it's disaster however the course designers knew this a put a giant retrieval extension pole to grab any disc that's an ace run that overshoots the basket. A previous review called this a filler hole. Maybe it was slightly different when they played it. It's a basket perched on a nice natural mound and it has a huge disaster ditch right behind it. Requires an accurate touch shot. Definitely not filler.
This is followed by Hole 3. A pure straight shot that plays to a basket perched atop a sizeable cliff face. Very scenic and again requires accuracy to get the 2.

Right away you've got a nice warm up on 3 beautiful holes to get you up and running for the challenge ahead.
And speaking of challenge. What else would you want your ideal course to have? A variety of shot shapes, punishment for poor shots, elevation changes, multiple lines, scenic views? This course has it all.

Some more course highlights (basically the entire course!)

Hole 4: Welcome to Hanna Hills. Don't go off the fairway. The left side of this fairway is DENSE. You absolutely cannot miss left. There is one tree the owners left about 1/3 of the way down the fairway that is evil. I clipped it and my disc shot left over the evergreens nearly down to the road. Sadly the only play was a re-tee. But there are lines to the left and right of the tree (that's why the tree was left) I like this decision in design. This hole has something that many holes on this course have; a guarded/sheltered green that really tests your speed control.
Hole 6. My favorite hole. You really need a solid drive that crests the hill onto the fairway. Being short of the fairway, especially if you RHBH hyzer before getting to the gap, is a recipe for disaster. Such is life on this course! This is also another hole that is an open fairway to to closed in guarded green.

Hole 7. Huge hyzer out over the trees. However much hyzer you think you need...add a bit more hyzer!

Hole 9, nice downhill anny shot. I got to circle 2 from the drive and still took a par (4). OB can come in to play you you carry too far straight off the pad or hit a tree and go left off the cliff. The fairway is just the right length and slopes perfect. Could not have designed this hole better.

Hole 10, smells like a signature hole. It's basically Hole 3 with a water carry, a bit more distance with a more approachable green.

It just goes on and on.

How about Hole 12. A nice flex line that punishes right kicks. Hyzering left into the woods isn't as bad as you'd think as long as you get a little distance up the fairway.

Hole 13. Lollipop forest. I found 2 lines that can get to the basket. There may be more.

HOLE 15! All caps for a reason. What other gifts can this course give you. How about a hole that looks like John Houck designed it. You step up to this 3x square teepad and you've got Dual Fairways. The right fairway is the "safe" line (nothing is safe on this beast of a course) This line is for 80% of players. As a par 4 the right fairway is a pretty easy Par and manageable birdie. But maybe you like to roll the dice. That left fairway is dead straight, no problem you say. It just a shot over the holler with 30-40ft gaps on either side and a nightmare if you hit any tree before getting across.. I ripped a flippy mid and got all the way across and missed the eagle putt. I've also hit a tree early and taken an 8.
If you cannot throw a disc dead straight 300ft or are very confident in tight flex lines then take the right fairway. If you hyzer out and fall down into the holler it can leave you with a snowman depending on what tree you hit and how far left you went. Choose wisely and Good luck. That's why it's awesome!

Hole 16 is a 600+ ft tunnel shot. Yes please! Another hole where you must keep the disc on the fairway at this point. Once more players/travelers find out about this course I think some of the rough will break in and popular landing spots will have outs.

All these holes are so well designed. Even the holes I left out are excellent in the overall course design.

Again, it's incredible that this was not a professional design as it certainly feels that way.


Not much. The course is new and will take some time to beat in. It really needs more players to throw off the fairway to beat back the danse rough on most of the holes.

Thorns in the underbrush off some fairways that will tear you up if you aren't paying attention, especially on the soon to be discussed Hole 18 if you hyzer left

Hole 18. It's a par 5 for difficulty but the distance says this is a Par 4. The only way it scores close to the true par (4) would be to remove 10-15 trees to open the gaps long enough to get to a landing zone. The problem is, there is no real landing zone that has a fairway that follows right to the basket. It's a poke and hope 2nd shot. The fairway has a large ditch that runs parallel to it where you'll be kicked for sure once or twice if you're RHBH. Walking down the left side of the fairway is off camber and makes most shots after your tee shot stand still. It's also difficult to walk straight down that ditch once you're down there so if you do throw down there (likely) and then try to throw out and kick back down there again on your next throw you'll have to walk out of the ditch then down the fairway and climb back down into the ditch. The best route off the tee I've found is either a forehand that gets right after the first gap or a huge RHBH turnover that doesn't stall out.
Even if you cleared all the trees and just had to throw straight 600+ feet downhill in the woods it would be difficult.

This course is a hike. There are loose rocks, sloppy chat, tree stumps, slick steep hills..etc on several sections of the course. This is not a place to bring small children (under 6)

Other cons..... You'll probably want bug spray in the summer as there is a lot of water throughout the course.

I could nit pick at aesthetics. Mud, bare patches. little things. I'll reserve judgement until after the summer when the trees are green.

Other Thoughts:

A Dollar General has been opened that is right off the Highway about 3 miles from the property!

The course is green and beautiful (April 2021) Pictures are from a year ago and it's even more lush and great now. This is private property but it is easily accessible from the directions listed on this page. I cannot believe this course is free to play. The have a donation box and I would encourage anyone that plays to donate.

I drove 2 hours to play and honestly it felt like a vacation. The road to the course feels remote, like a disc golf sanctuary.

The owners of the property seem intent on making this a disc golf destination There is work constantly being done and the owners are very keen for feedback. This is great news. Things like looking where people walk to determine clearing some rough near landing zones and places where paths need to be built are being looked at. It's this level of attention to detail that I believe puts this course right up there with Branson Trails and just behind Harmony (mainly due to the sheer monetary support the designers at Harmony had). Check out the pictures I took and realize it'll only get more amazing once the summer gets here.

Constructive Feedback:

What would make this a 5 Star course.

1. Additional teepads. I'd imagine this is unlikely anytime soon but hey, shoot for the moon. If anything you'd add a set of short pads or alternate pads. Idk if they need to be more difficult and it may be difficult on some holes, in that case more pin placements may be possible. I cannot think of any 5 star could that is 1 pin location and 1 set of pads. It just limits the play-ability for players who are not at least intermediate level.

1. An additional pin placement on hole 1. It's the first hole you see and you literally drive through is when entering the property. I'd make it as beautiful and scenic as I could. People will take pictures when they arrive and it'll really set the stage. This can be done pretty easily too with some volunteer hours from a local club or a volunteer day once the Covid-19 Virus is in recession. Donation dollars will help too. I'd add a pin on Hole 1 that was back and to the left of the current pin when looking from the tee. One that forced a larger hyzer or more risky pure straight shot. This would bring the dense evergreens into play and the water on the left. Not sure if possible, but 5 stars course are super rare.

The baskets.

These are the best Monkey Traps I've played. Russ nailed these. I do wish they had some sort of bright flag on top to help see some of them

Bottom Line:

If you live within a couple hours of this course you've got to play it! If you want to play a destination course while passing through the state on HWY this course. If you typically play Lion's Club in Rolla and want something objectively better; play this course.

This course has a pay to play feel. It should be treated that way, hopefuly with donation dollars from traveling players. The owners were super friendly and they just seem like folks who want to make a place for the people to enjoy! They're basically living my dream. Build an epic disc golf course and live there.
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2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Mar 26, 2020 Played the course:once


First, lest ye wonder about my credentials as a reviewer of Missouri courses , as of October 2017,I played every course in the state, over 165, so you can trust me when I say this lovely course is in the TOP 5 .
Branson Trails, Harmony Bend, New Melle, and Water Works are the others. Three Putts' review below was 6 months before I played, now all 18 are done, and it is epic! Beautiful hole 1 over the lake, hole 3 uphill on the cliff,hole 9 a big Ani downhill, 10 over the lake and uphill are all fun and well thought out. The view over the Roubidoux river valley on 7 was gorgeous. Signs were great, zero navigation problems, as they point to the next tee.Tons of elevation change on most holes. The effort and love Michael and his dad Vic put into this course is readily evident with picnic tables, trash cans, and benches at most holes, and every hole is unique . Hole 7 is a downhill hyzer that needs to be thrown over the treetops to reach the pin, so you can see that a tree was sawn about 20' up so as to create the path; attention to detail is everywhere. Hole 15 gives you an option: take the narrow, 10 ft wide shortcut 330 ft to the pin over a ravine, and try for a 3, or go around the giant dogleg left and settle for par 4 (or worse). 16 is a 621 ft beast that has a slight ani line downhill and is easy to get your par 5 , IF you hit your line. 17- a 225 ani that my friend and I both got a 2, only to get brought back to reality by 18s' 633' narrow, downhill to the right fairway. It was 79 degrees today (3/26/20) and the foliage was just starting to sprout..a great day on a SUPER course. DO NOT miss this course! Well worth the 2 hr 20 minute drive from my home in STL.


With a 4.5 rating, there is little to nothing I can say negatively about Hanna Hills. Just be aware that this a long, hilly , difficult course not for beginners. Beginners will probably get frustrated by the long, narrow fairways if they're concerned about their score, but it's still a beautiful hike through the forest with several lakes, so come out anyway. Currently there is one Tpad and 1 pin position per hole, but more are on the way!

Other Thoughts:

I was really glad a new course was put in the Ozarks after the ones in Vichy went belly up.Its hard to believe this course was NOT designed by a professional course designer, it's that wonderful! Bring plenty of liquids during the heat, you'll do a lot of uphill hiking. Hole 9 is right near the parking lot, so you can take a break and stock up. Please remember to show your gratitude with a donation in the box at the sign kiosk. And leave your cart at home.
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New course you should have on your radar 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Sep 21, 2019 Played the course:2-4 times


Hanna Hills is a very new private course that is rapidly improving. The course is currently 12 holes but the owner has plans on expanding to 18. (NOTE: The course is now 18, making this the least helpful review you can read.) It is heavily wooded with some extreme elevation so the land is perfect for disc golf. Currently the holes are five par 3's, five par 4's and two par 5's and the holes legitimately play that hard. The challenge is real with long distances, tight lines and punishing shule.

The course starts with a very fun open elevated tee shot, hole three is a really cool shot to a basket set high up on a short cliff, holes nine and 12 are really nice downhill wooded shots, holes 6, 8, 10 and 11 are tough uphill wooded shots and holes 4 and 5 shooting somewhat across a hill with drop-offs. The elevation makes rollaways a constant threat. Other than hole 2 (which feels like a filler hole) the shots have good designs. The hillside is very rocky, which makes footing somewhat treacherous in places and the course not a great place to throw DX plastic.

The course has turf tees, most were in good shape but two were a bit uneven and caused me some problems on my run up. There are good tees signs and directional signs to help get you to the next hole. The flow was generally good.

With private courses, a lot of the experience comes from your interaction with the owner, and the owner here is a super nice guy. He was such a nice guy that I hate to say anything bad about the place, but here I go...


There are some really long holes with a lot of trees in the fairway, and it can be argued that holes of this length need a lot more clearing of small trees that has been done. The rando tree in the middle of 5's fairway made me cuss, and I didn't even hit it.

Like with a lot of private courses, the shule is thick and doesn't give you much of a chance to scramble if you get off the fairway. Hole four for example has essentially a wall of shule on the left with the hole sloping in that direction, so it's very easy to end up left with no shot out.

Hole 10 played like two holes, and I thought it would play better as two par 3's than one par 5. (NOTE: They did change this hole into two par 3's.)

Hole nine has an early and late mando, but the late mando is down the hill. I threw one shot that came to rest on the wrong side of the second mando, but it was pretty far past the mando and we were blind to it when my shot passed it. I couldn't see a safety reason for that second mando and I would remove it since it will just cause arguments if you don't have a spotter down the hill.

For me this course has fun elements and right now they balance pretty well with the fact that it's a grueling, difficult course. As it expands it would be very easy to create a lot more par 4/par 5 holes and tip that balance toward the grueling and difficult side. That would make this a course that would be simply too hard for me to want to play. (NOTE: At 9 par 3's, 7 par 4's and 2 par 5's they seem to have kept a good balance in the design. Despite the high difficultly level, the place is beautiful and the shots are really fun.)

Other Thoughts:

Hanna Hills is in the general spot of an old small community called Hanna, Mo. that seems to have disappeared around the time of WWII. The remains of the old post office are by where you pull into the property.

There is a lot of water marked on the tee signs, but the day I was out there all but one water hazard was dry.

This review is not going to age well as the owner is still working on the course. A lot of progress is happening as he seems very interested in expanding/improving the course. He said something along the lines of "we could keep this property to ourselves or share it, and we want to share it." This is a course to keep an eye on, because it has the potential for being a very special disc golf course.

As it is, the challenge level is there and I'd recommend this course to any serious disc golfer.
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