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Harvest Fields

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Harvest Fields reviews

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All The Best To Harvest

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 21, 2023 Played the course:once


+ Reliable color-coordinated baskets with arrows attached to guide the way to the next tee.
+ Tee signs are large, colorful and accurate plates of metal sturdily anchored to wooden 4x4.
+ A mostly wooded course provides lots of tree puzzles.
+ Plenty of satisfying elevation changes and a few water features to boot.
+ A practice basket near link1, but...


- ...No lost disc box that I saw. Was I just blind?
- A little repetitive among the wooded holes.
-/+ Turf tees were the right size, but they're pretty lumpy.

Other Thoughts:

Playing at Harvest Fields was such a pleasant surprise. The first link toyed with my impressions a bit by being a simple open field with an OB path. That one was definitely one of the least stimulating fairways to play and look at. But then I approached the tee for link2 and couldn't help but react aloud, "Oho! You have my attention!" Link2 contains an imposing valley and shifts so dramatically from open field to woods that I couldn't help but feel struck.
Pleasant optics are a common thing here. Links10 and 11 were nicely forested fairways. In my review notes I classified those as a "haunted passageway." Also, keep an eye out for that small locked-away building, which I can only assume is either an equipment storage shed or a secret meeting place for some kind of underground covert disc golfing society. Link17 treats the player to a nice pond to both look at and throw beside. Even link4, arguably the most boring of the course because of how flat it plays, gives the player an impressive view of the region at large from the tee.

"...Scenery is nice, but how does the course play?"

Pretty good as far as I'm concered. I can overlook the lumpy turf tee pads that take the shape of the earth beneath it when I've got a nice and hilly fairway in front of me-- especially when there is a healthy tree cover to outsmart. After link4, the player starts gradually climbing the larger hill that makes up this whole course. And the trees get denser the higher you go. At link7, that piney tunnel gives the player a real sense that the open holes won't be back for a while. Higher and higher the fairways slope until the gradual descent begins at link12. In fact, link13 might be my favorite to play here because of the balanced combination of trees and downslope. And then the woods finally say goodbye after link16.

But, as usual in courses like this one, I have to point out that wooded holes can tend to feel somewhat melded. I enjoyed my time here quite a lot, but if you're the kind of disc golfer who prefers to air out your drives, this course probably won't appeal to you. For those of us who enjoy tree puzzles, they are undeniably here in rich supply. That said, you may not feel there is enough variation among them to make the challenges distinct and individual.

Lastly, as a minor note, I've got to bring up the cycling paths. There is an adventurous and hilly mountain biking track that snakes its way through parts of the course. I remember seeing them on links10, 11 and 15. It probably won't be an issue during your round, but it was during mine. Those sport bicycles are whisper quiet, too. I didn't notice them until they were already passing me! So just keep that in mind. If you choose to play here, make the mental note to look around in all directions before you throw in those wooded links.

In closing, the somewhat misnamed Harvest Fields will put your accurate throws to the test and appease that inner desire for natural beauty. It isn't the best course in terms of looks or challenge, but you've definitely played worse. Strongly recommended.
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Lovely course! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 14, 2021 Played the course:once


Variety of shots, terrains, angles
2 sets of baskets
Gorgeous views
Hospitable church building and portapotty


Still needs some improvements in pin to tee signage but most of the issues previous reviewers have pointed out are now addressed!

Other Thoughts:

This is a gem of a course! It was a stormy day when I played with my 4 youngest children (aged 14-12-10-8) and we had a blast tromping through the woods and across the hills.
I played the short baskets as we had only 1.5 hours to spare. It was still quite challenging and I loved the layout!
The church building was open so we were able to refill water inside and use the nice clean restrooms. The course is in great shape and it looks like improvements are being made all the time.
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Stunning 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 19, 2020 Played the course:once

Other Thoughts:

Such a great course. Play starts on a beautiful hillside before proceeding into the forest. The forest has lots of really unique shots and some difficult ones that demand long, straight throws. After that you proceed back to the hillside for some downhill bombs. The course is still a work in progress and as a result navigation, and proper tee pads can be a problem. If you can get over that though, you are in for a great time. The creativity of the designer really comes through in this course. Very unique. One of my personal favorites.
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Beautiful Setting, Gorgeous Views 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 14, 2020 Played the course:once


Very Very Scenic and beautiful views.
Well maintained and easy to follow trails
Very low risk for losing discs
Pars are spot on and challenging
Great mixture of open and wooded holes


Could use some better baskets but seen worse.
Signage is homemade and not always clear.
Long confusing walks between several holes (particularly from 12 to 13 and 15 to 16)
No concrete tee's

Other Thoughts:

This is the first course I've been on without concrete tee's that I still throughly enjoyed. This course has tons of potential and improvements are happening all the time. I cannot over emphasize the natural beauty of this course!! I can't wait to come back and reccomend this course to anyone whether pro or beginner.
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Course Improvements looking great! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Oct 11, 2021 Played the course:5+ times


Pros: -great shot variety
-mix of open and wooded holes
-great views of Mount Nittany and State College
-quiet natural forest setting
-nice large mowed grass fields with ponds
-not too much rough
-Turf Tee pads
-Nice tee signs
-Veteran baskets on longs


:-short baskets are not the best (like to spit out)
-a few slightly long and uphill walks

Other Thoughts:

I would encourage anyone in the area to go out and check out this course. It is definitely the most challenging course in the area, both physically and play, but the natural beauty and challenge makes it one of the best in Central PA.

The CCDGA is keeping the UDisc course map up to date with changes, so please download the app (it's free!) and utilize the map to make navigation your first play through easier.
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Lots of Potential 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 6, 2018 Played the course:once


Nice course layout features a variety of open and wooded holes.
Great variety of hole layouts with multiple dogleg left and rights.
Good use of elevation.


Minimal signage.
Out of sight baskets can be hard to find from the tee areas.
There are only a few holes that have actual tee pads.

Other Thoughts:

As others have mentioned, as of now there is no map aside from on the "udisc" app which I downloaded specifically for this round. I would definitely suggest those playing this course for the first time do the same. Overall this course has great potential. All my qualms about this course are related to the small nuances of a course like signage and tee areas. The length of the course is on the short side but basket placements make it a nice challenge. With a few upgrades this will easily be the best course in the area.
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Bring your whole bag! drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jun 4, 2018 Played the course:5+ times


Easily the best thing about this course is the variety of shots it takes to keep the score down. You'll need every disc on every line to take this course head on. Tough woods drives, low ceiling putts, uphill and downhill bombs, and all your magic tricks to get outta trouble. Nothing routine about this course.

Update: Signage has been updated!
Excellent Turf Teepads!
There is now a Port-a-Potty on the course!
Two Pin positions per hole


No water refill. :/

Other Thoughts:

The layout takes a couple rounds of play to become familiar. Leave yourself plenty of time to experience the whole course. Use the udisc app or bring a friend to navigate the course!
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This course is developing quickly 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 6, 2018 Played the course:5+ times


9 tightly wooded and technical holes, requiring a mix of FH/BH drives, and at varying distances.

2 hanging baskets (always a bonus imo) in the wooded holes.

9 open field holes that include several water hazards and great uses of elevation changes.

2 monster downhills that let you air out your best drives.


No teepads yet, BUT the natural tees arent muddy or low-lyeing.

Occasional dog walker on the fairways.

No restrooms or obvious running water on site.
No trash bins on site (Pack in, Pack out).

Other Thoughts:

The BASKETS ARE UP!!! The CCDGA has recently taken on the majority of course planning and maintenance (besides mowing), and this course has quickly become the local favorite.

The wooded holes will challenge you technically, the open field holes will challenge you physically.
If you're in the area, this is a must-play course.

Remember this course is on church property, so please be respectful of any church events or activity near the course.

Bring lots of water, I cannot overstate how tiring the field/hills portion of this course can be on a sunny day.

This course is still being developed, so watch UDISC for changes to the course map.
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Lots of potential. Tight wooded course. 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 20, 2016 Played the course:5+ times


Amazing views. Tight wooded holes that require you to have accurate shots. Definitely recommend at least checking it out once.


No baskets or throwing platforms. If you don't know the course, it can be difficult to know which direction to go for the next hole. Not overly maintained.

Other Thoughts:

If you can check your expectations at the door and come not expecting a proper course, this is a ton of fun to play. But without baskets or tees, you have to be willing to be flexible. It would be great to see some energy put into maintaining the holes a bit more.

Compared to Circleville or Bernell, it's a very different course and a refreshing change. Holes are long and wooded which the other two local courses don't really provide. Of all 3 courses, I tend to go here most often because it's not as well known and allows me to bring a dog who runs around in the woods simultaneously.
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So much few f###s given 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 9, 2016 Played the course:once


It's a beautiful, wooded setting. The woodpeckers were singing joyously, the sun was shining and it made for a lovely walk.


This is not a disc golf course so much as it is an access road with 4x4 posts stuck in the ground. It has so much potential to be a spectacular course. (This close to a major university, it would draw student golfers by the hundreds.) But whoever owns this just hasn't put in any effort at all.

Other Thoughts:

Birdied hole 9 with a picture perfect Annie. Hole 11 is a short, open, downhill ace run. Otherwise, an entirely forgettable course.
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Fun course with great potential 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Nov 25, 2015 Played the course:once


Tests multiple shots. Forehand, backhand, gentle turnovers, and straight shots all needed. Some tight fairways some wide open.
Good distance variation. Some elevation


No actual baskets, just posts to throw too with numbers on them.
Only some teepads are marked with little cubes the rest you have to pick your own tee area.
A few fairways are very close just opposite directions.

Other Thoughts:

Don't let the fact that there aren't baskets here deter you. This course is much more of a tester than bernel or circleville. It's very similar in style to prince Gallitzen just shorter and no baskets or teepads. Great place to work on tight fairway drives and it has a gorgeous view.
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