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Haddens, LA

Hippie Point DGC

3.55(based on 1 reviews)
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Hippie Point DGC reviews

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3.50 star(s)


Reviewed: Played on:Jul 4, 2024 Played the course:once


2 Cement tee pads for each hole
Camping on site
Surrounded by the lake


It is pretty long for a 9 hole course from the Blue's.

Other Thoughts:

Ok, this course was nothing like I was expecting. You have to walk into this area as no vehicles are allowed. There are tents on platforms that you can stay at, but at the moment I do not believe they are renting them.

That is the other thing, a Tornado came though this area with high wings this spring. LOTS of tree's down. Because of this, they have not even started clearing this area so no maintenance of the course.

The grass was long, you have to clime over downed tree's and you had to throw over those trees in several spots.

but other than that. I came here expecting a pitch and putt 9 hole course and had what was really the back back 9 to the other course. There are a few good holes. but you do have to navigate the tents. But it would be SO cool to stay here, step outside our camp site and play a quick round.

There really isn't any rough other than the current brush and high weeds/grass. I am sure the park staff will get to it, they almost have the other course 100% cleared at the moment.

Would I play here again. Yes, after it gets cleaned up I would love another round. I did get lucky and had a little summer shower that cooled it off till the sun came back out. It was a fun round in the rain, even with the deep grass looking for my discs.

Why only a 3 1/2 stars. A couple of reasons, none of which was the current course condition. First off, if any campers are in the tents, someone is going to hit a tent, even with the Mando's. 2nd, I am not a fan of long holes on a 9 hole course. it's not what I would design, I really don't like long 9 hole courses even when they are good. I feel a 9 hole course is more for families. I think this course would have gotten a lot of play if it was made as an 18 hole pitch and putt with just one tee per hole. But that is just me.
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