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Huntersville, NC

Hopewell Presbyterian Church DGC

Practice Area
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Hopewell Presbyterian Church DGC reviews

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Hopewell Presbyterian Church DGC

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 19, 2024 Played the course:once


Hopewell Presbyterian Church DGC is a 9 hole course that has basic tee signs, natural tees, and DISCatcher baskets.. The course starts by BSA Troop 42's Scout Hut and follows a trail that meanders around the edge of the property.

The course is completely wooded and features a lot of interesting elevation changes. Hole 1 is a great showcase for this as it is a noticeable downhill shot that was a lot of fun to throw.

Hole 6 appeared to tee off just to the side of the road and play through a gap, out over the road and then to the basket. Seemed to have the most thought put into the design of this hole.

There is a decent amount of variety in terms of which holes should use a backhand or forehand off the tee. The ability to throw dead straight or hold your hand for a set distance here will be a big benefit. Accuracy is far more important than distance.

The trail was used for more than just disc golf, and it appears to have a meditative hike that can be followed using the QR codes on various signs. Could make for an interesting round.

It is less than a 5 minute drive to Hopewell High School, which can be combined with this to create a full 18 hole course in the Huntersville area.


Missed opportunity - The course was built in a similar style to The Doghouse at Wingate University. There was clearly already a preexisting trail/road through these woods. Tee signs were put up near the road, and baskets were placed just off to the side of the road. For a piece of property that could have made for a great disc golf course, this just wound up being baskets on a walking trail. This made for some holes being awkward shapes, but some thought clearly went into where the best place to make a hole would be.

All of that would be fine, if the course were maintained better. The grass around most of the baskets was shin-tall, and had the possibility for losing discs within C1. The rough also seems fairly punishing when taking an unfortunate kick off of the fairway.

The tee signs only list which Hole you are on. There is no information for distance, par, or where the basket would be. For some holes, like Hole 5, which is an uphill hole that follows the road around an S shape, this makes for a less than ideal experience.

Hole 4's Tee Sign seems to have fallen over and is now leaning against a tree, instead of in the ground.

The course plays out and away from the starting tee, and then just abruptly ends somewhere behind the cemetery. The options are to turn around and walk the entire course in reverse, continue on the road/trail until it eventually ends on the other side of the church's property, or continue a short way until the cemetery is close to road/trail to where you can cut over to the cemetery and walk an awkward way back to the starting hole.

Other Thoughts:

Hopewell Presbyterian Church DGC felt more like a course than a practice area to me, but I can understand why it has been labeled as such, but I still think it should score higher than most practice areas. I am giving it a 1.0 largely in part due to the lack of maintenance, the fact that it ends abruptly far away from the starting point, and that there is no information regarding distance or par. It was a fun trail to throw a putter down while I took an afternoon walk, but disc golf felt a bit more like an afterthought. If the course were tweaked a little: better defined tees, more information on the tee signs, and a bit better maintenance, this course would score higher.

With the land available, this could be one of the better 9 hole courses in the Charlotte area. There might be enough room for an 18 hole course, but I doubt that is really something the church is overly invested in.

Favorite Holes: 1 & 6
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