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Emporia, KS

Hornet Hills DGC

2.675(based on 3 reviews)
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Hornet Hills DGC reviews

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3.00 star(s)

Hornet Hills, hold the hornets please

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 8, 2024 Played the course:once


WHAT TO EXPECT: Very old park right on Emporia State University Campus. Multiple old stone benches, picnic tables, and structure bases throughout give it a sort of "old ruins" type aesthetic with modern upgrades. Beginner to low recreational difficulty in a mildly wooded track.

AMENITIES: Ample parking as you are on the University Campus, several pavilions, benches, bathrooms and water all available.

TEES/SIGNAGE/BASKETS: Large concrete tees where needed, some utilize existing concrete sidewalks or the basketball court to tee from instead of a stand alone tee pad area. As with practically all courses in Emporia, great tee signs with full color hole maps. Great shape white Patriot baskets.

DESIGN: Straightforward low skill level targeted track with multiple old growth trees to navigate without punishing distance or OB. No water features, slight changes in elevation used well, couple blind tee shots to tucked in baskets.

EXTRAS: Quick play with the ability to hit several lines and shape a disc. Well shaded course which was a bonus for how hot it was the day I played this course. Stones throw from both Hammond Park and Champions Landing and right on the campus for easy access for students. Be an exceptional glow round course.


DISTANCE: No place to air it out, probably just a putter, possibly the occasional mid for the more advanced player.

OVERGROWN: Hole #5 is down in a lower wooded area of the park and the pathway leading down, most of the fairway, and the green were pretty overgrown. It had been very wet recently and that probably contributed to the lack of maintenance as the rest of the course was in great shape.

PARKING: While I played on the weekend outside of college in session, I can imagine parking being a nightmare when classes are being held.

Other Thoughts:

Very pretty old style park, on the small side, but a fun and quick play through. By no means a destination course but a pleasant break from the long slog open style golf in most of Emporia. I would probably pair this with Hammond since it is so close by if my destination was to play Champions Landing as a warm up or cool down course. I really enjoyed the shaded, laid back nature of this course. Was it difficult, no, was it jaw dropping, also no, but did I enjoy it, absolutely.
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Pizza God
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3.00 star(s)

Sweet pitch and putt

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 27, 2023 Played the course:once


Great tee pads
Great signage
Great Baskets
decent design for a small park


More advance players will find this course pretty short.

Other Thoughts:

Just to be clear, this is Hornet Hills DGC in Wilson Memorial Playground. The Park was originally built in 1937. Because of this, several holes do throw near old stone picnic tables and benches.

But it's right on the Emporia State Campus. It's perfect for students.

Parking can be an issue during the day, however the parking lot does open up in the evening. During the day, you pretty much have to pay to park.

This is a nice little pitch and putt course, I believe I threw my upshot classic Roc's on almost every hole.

It starts off with a long hole, 204ft shot with a couple of tree's to navigate.

Hole 2 is slightly downhill with a large OB area behind the basket and could be played as an island hole.

Hole 3 starts to get interesting with a drop off to the right and behind the basket.

Hole 4 is really tricky, Best bet is to hit the wall in front of the basket, get over the wall and you may be far down the drop off behind the basket.

Hole 5 gets into the wooded area on the side of the hill. Tight shot.

Hole 6 is a tight turnover along the edge of the woods.

Hole 7 is another hole you do not want to throw past. Ace runs could be 100ft past the basket down the hill

Hole 8 and 9 are basic park setting holes that are not too difficust.

In all, I really enjoyed my round here. Lots of shade and very pretty park. I also happen to LOVE old parks and love it when courses are put in them.

Would I play here again? Yea I would. But it's by no means a destination course. It's a course I would play for the fun of it if I was in the area. In other words, it worth a stop in my opinion.
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Experience: 10 years 171 played 171 reviews
2.00 star(s)


Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Sep 2, 2022 Played the course:2-4 times


The course at Emporia State University (is it Wilson Park? Is it Hornet Hills? I don't know) makes a fine course out of a small area. Tricky lines and great use of mature trees brings the level of difficulty up even with the short distances.

As with most of the Emporia courses, concrete tees, tee signs, and DD Veterans are all present and correct. Hole 1 actually tees from the asphalt and it's unclear which side to go from, but it just opens up more options, I say.

Tricky tree placements are the preeminent challenge. Hole 1 has a clump of three to beat that are just wide enough to make you second guess your shot, 3 has a backhand and forehand line, 6 is a blind right-finisher, 8 also makes you pick left or right, and 9 has a wall of thin trunks that you either have to pierce or throw a pretty sharp hyzer around.

The fully wooded holes - 5 and 7 - are probably the best holes. Both are very thin off the tee and require a precise throw to have an effective putt. 7 has the cleaner green, while 5 has trees the complete way down the hole making even 20-footers a bit more hairy than normal.


The potential of a shot leaking onto the road exists on 3, 4, 5, and 7. Not the worst thing in the world but it's definitely possible. An overcooked shot could also fly into the basketball courts behind hole 2.

Hole 4 is supremely meh. A wall of trees on the right, some boulders in the way of the pin, but close enough that a 5-year-old could make the putt if they hit them. If they were a little farther back it would make sense, but now the play is to hit the rock then make the putt. Just don't go long or you'll be wading in chest-high grass.

Other Thoughts:

This course is on a college campus so parking may be tough to find at times.

This is a solid 9-hole that's absolutely worth a stop. No real failures by the design team, only stuff caused by the land itself. Well made and well maintained, it's a "short game" course that really causes you to stop and think before making a move. If you're looking to cap off a day in Emporia with a short course, this is the spot for you.
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