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Lake Hamilton Schools DGC

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Walking path course

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 16, 2023 Played the course:once


Nice clean baskets
Most tee's have a small bench near them.
Turf tee's under the leaves
Really short ace run course


Throws along a nature trail for most of the holes.
Some of the tee areas can be hard to find without a map.
Throw off the path and you could be in some deep rough full of briars.
School property so not open when school is in session

Other Thoughts:

As far as length of holes, this is a good course for an elementary school, HOWEVER I guarantee no kids would enjoy this course.

This is a little 9 hole course thrown into a "nature area" where the course follows the nature trail. The longest hole is the only hole over 200ft. It's hole number #5 and also plays uphill.

Speaking of which, the first 4 holes pretty much are easy to find and throw, they are all jump putts along the trail.

Then you have a walk longer than most of the holes to hole 5 that throws up a small clearing.

Then good luck finding hole 6, the other app's map was wrong, I figured it out by finding the basket and walking back on the path.

Then an even longer walk to hole 7. Of course another hole throwing down the path. Hole 8 has an outdoor classroom behind the basket. Walk over the bridge and down the path past another bridge to find hole 9. I nice jump putt up a small hill.

It was getting dark, I used one disc, a hard yellow Aviar to play this course and finished it in about 10/15 min. The pictures of hole 9 I posted here I had to hold my camera very still to capture the pictures.

Would I play here again? Nope, only if I wanted to hit an ace. If I had my bag with my regular putter, I guarantee I would have hit at least one of those holes for the ace. It's another one and done course to pad the numbers.
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