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Cortland, OH

Mosquito Lake SP - Old Layout

2.755(based on 8 reviews)
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Mosquito Lake SP - Old Layout reviews

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Experience: 9.1 years 23 played 6 reviews
2.50 star(s)

Mosquito 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:May 15, 2016 Played the course:5+ times


-Easy navigation and good flow
-Good baskets
-Hole 1 is a fun throw over water (and uses the concrete from the parking lot)
-Every par is easily reachable (could be argued that they are too easy)


-Natural Tees that get a bit muddy after rain
-Lost discs are probably gone forever
-Discs can land in a dog park if outdrove the pin on hole 1
-Some tee signs in the woods are missing
-Holes 1 & 7 are sometimes unplayable when there are fishermen

Other Thoughts:

Nothing special, but still a solid course. Fits in well with the 3 others nearby.
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 11.9 years 179 played 144 reviews
2.50 star(s)

Solid State Park Course 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 26, 2015 Played the course:once


The course at Mosquito Lake is typical of other NE Ohio state park courses with a good mix of open and wooded holes as well as a few water shots sprinkled in. This is a huge, scenic park with a big parking area that starts and ends near the course. There is a course map/kiosk near the tee for hole 1. The design makes good use of different sections of the park, playing near the water, through tight paths in the woods, and amidst patches of trees in different fields.

Your distance and accuracy will be challenged, sometimes with holes combining a use of both skills. You get a few long bomber holes like 3 and 7, plus ace runs like 6, 8, and 10. 5 is probably the most challenging hole on the course, a 490' par 4 that plays through a tight, unforgiving line in the thick woods to a pin well-protected by trees. The water holes do a nice job of mixing it up, starting with the water carry for hole 1 that is a fun way to kick things off. 7 forces you to make a careful approach, with its basket being five or so feet away from the lake.

There is a good variety of shots and a few that require hitting an extreme line like 12's sharp RHBH hyzer. Holes 2, 8-11 offer you different lines from the tee.

Two sets of tees are offered, giving you a quality mix of hole lengths and looks from the tee.


The course flow is awkward in a few parts, particularly from 2-4. There are fairly long walks from 1-2 and 2-3.

Most tees are natural and it's not always clear where to throw from. There are some erosion problems as a result and the course seems to hold onto rain as it was muddy in a few fairways on a sunny day.

There are a couple of tee signs missing.

As typical in the area, the course is dead flat.

Other Thoughts:

This is a solid course with a good variety of woodenness and hole length. Nothing will wow you here, but it's set up for players of many different skill levels to enjoy. Its close proximity to other courses make it worth stopping at if you're in the area.
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Experience: 9 years 67 played 9 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Nice little course! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Oct 12, 2015 Played the course:5+ times


* Located in a nice state park
* Restrooms and drinks available
* Some unique holes
* Usually empty so you can play quickly
* Not a whole lot of pedestrian traffic during fall/winter.


* Wooden tees for most holes, wish they would put them for all of them.
* Signage needs fixed, most signs are just blank.
* Just tee boards, wish there was concrete ones
* Fisherman could be in the way of the holes near water

Other Thoughts:

Overall this is always a fun course for me to play and if combined with the nearby outflow course you get a good mixture of technical and distance holes. Check this one out.
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 16 years 763 played 416 reviews
2.50 star(s)

Canine Path Peninsula 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 12, 2013 Played the course:once


Pretty setting, primarily playing under large hardwoods near a pretty lake.

Two tee locations on 2/3rds of the holes.

½ mile from additional 10-basket course.


Other park users may come into play - a family of fisher folk set up along the water (fairway) of number-1, fortunately for me as I was finishing my round.

Dead flat.

Other Thoughts:

There is a map at the kiosk, if you have a photographic device. Regardless, navigation is fairly simple - first basket across water from kiosk, then re-trace a bit for the next two holes, keeping dog park on the right. Across entry road for three holes using a wide walking path as a fairway, then the last half of the course plays down, up, and across a small peninsula, having a smattering of hardwoods scattered about it.

Despite the flatness, the course does offer a decent amount of variety. Distances range from upper 100's to lower 600's, and everything in-between. Number-1 requires a water-cross, and holes 4-6, following a broadish-but-twisting walking path, require good control. The bulk of the course has you dodging scattered hardwoods, arranged such that are typically multiple lines to the basket, so pick the one that best fits your throwing style. A few treelines to avoid, and a basket nearly touching the water, are additional challenges.

An enjoyable course, made better by having the option of other tees, and another nearby course.
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Premium Member
Experience: 17.1 years 275 played 236 reviews
2.50 star(s)

I'll take a dozen of risk vs. rewards 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 25, 2013 Played the course:once


Maps at Kiosk
Dual tees for every hole
Course starts off with a 230+ water carry (alternate tee offered for new players)
Dog friendly (dog park off hole 1, also several places to get water throughout course)
Bathroom, soda vending machine, and water fountain just off fairway 9.
The only Discatchers of the 4 closest courses (for those of you that like the yellow ring of death )
Good mix of wooded and open shots.
Par was very appropriate: 3 was a tough 3 (marked par 4) and 5 is a legit par 4. 7 is a par 4 due to over 600ft shot with water 3 feet behind basket.
After the initial flow issues, the rest of the course is very easy to follow. Hole 12 ends right back by hole 1 long.
Discs are available for rent or purchase at Mosquito Lake State Park's Camp Office and for sale at near by Overholt's Pharmacy

Like it's brother, Mosquito Lake Outflow, do not expect to be in and out in 20 minutes. These courses combined took over 2 hours to play.


Natural tee pads, except hole one appeared to use the parking lot as it's tee pad.

Flow a bit off in the beginning. You walk back the entire fairway of 1 to get to tee 2. from basket 2 you walk back ¾ of the length of the hole to get to basket 3 long. I shot my approach on basket 2, did my drive for 3, then putted out hole 2 on my way to my drive.

2 was parallel with road, I did not think the risk was too bad, yet some how I kicked out on the road.

This park is called Mosquito Lake for a reason. I hit patches of hundreds in the woods.

Other Thoughts:

These are on the border of pros and cons:

Risk vs. reward opportunities are great, but 7's basket is literally less than 5 feet from the water.

12 holes is an odd number to end at, but it was the right number for this park.
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Experience: 17.4 years 271 played 4 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Best 12 holer I've ever played! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 26, 2011 Played the course:once


~Risk vs Reward: A quarter of the holes have water that can be in play which adds a slight pucker factor to a few of the holes. Should you go for it or lay up? In addition, quite a few holes have tight gaps up the middle for sure deuces if you hit the gap or sure threes if you miss with open hyzers for a safer shot, but not a guaranteed two.

~Good Mix: Half of the course plays through a tight wooded area while the other half is more open, but still has plenty of trees to knock you down. For the most part, the holes are either left turning or dead straight on, but the course does have two holes which bend right to mix in different shots.

~Tee Signs: When I played, the posts for the signs were in, but the actual sign was not. The posts included spots to hang your bag which was awesome. I envision that the signs will be nice even though they really aren't needed as you can see most holes from the tee box.


~Muddy: Oh man was it muddy when I played. I believe I did play a day or two after a rainstorm but there was standing water in a lot of places on the course. Wood chips were down in some places but it really just helped hide the water until my foot went an inch into a puddle. This course held water like none other.

~Tee Pads: As this course went in earlier this year, I envision the tee pads will be upgraded in the future. With the aforementioned muddy conditions, the natural tee pads were quite difficult to get solid footing on and could result in slips and falls.

~Busy Area: Although I played when the park was empty, judging by the amount of parking, this area could get very busy. I noticed some picnic tables near baskets as well as some hole fairways occupying a walking path, so I envision that there could possibly be some problems running into the public in the future. In addition, hole 3 plays along the dog park. There was only one dog there when I was playing, but he took off after my disc after I threw and I felt that if it had landed in the park, he would have had a nice little chew toy.

Other Thoughts:

Being a brand new course, I could see many improvements coming in the following years that would greatly help out this course. I am not sure if there is anymore area to make more holes, but 12 holes in the current configuration is a perfect amount as it loops back to the parking lot.

Near the first tee is a kiosk that was stocked full of maps/scorecards that were perfect for the course. I had no problem navigating the course with the map and the scorecard was useful due to no tee signs being installed at the time I played. There was a donation container at the kiosk as well which could always use a few bucks dropped in to help build this into a great course.
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Experience: 13.1 years 2 played 1 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Welcome Addition 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 9, 2011 Played the course:2-4 times


A nice new course in the Area. Not as good as Youngs run but It is a welcome addition. Baskets are brand new and top of the line.


A few of the holes are boring and there are plenty of tree's to cause you headaches. Hole 7 is a disc eater if your disc decides to catch an edge when it lands. I've had 2 roll into the lake in the 3 times i've been there.

Other Thoughts:

The park office sells quality disc but don't go back there if you don't have a park camping pass. The park office is closed to the public and you can get a $150 dollar ticket for being back there.

Almost ace'd hole 1 on my very first throw at the course. I hit the basket.
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Experience: 16.8 years 58 played 7 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Fresh, Fresh, Fresh... 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jan 27, 2012 Played the course:5+ times


A new course in the area...
Seriously though...

A serious challenge on some holes.
Hole 1 drives over 200 feet of water.
Hole 7 is a true par 5 at 620 with water on 2 sides and woods for the first 300'.

This course has a solid flow and players around a busy area of the park. This is exactly the type of course this area needs to help spread the word of the sport to the masses.

There are two sets of restrooms throughout the course and a water fountain after hole 9.

The park office sells discs. Don't worry about the tresspassing signs, Disc Golfers HAVE BEEN GIVEN PERMISSION to drive back to the gift shop to check out their selection of discs and gear.


The course plays a little close to the publlic on some of the later holes, and holes 4-6 play on a used walking path.

This course gets wet, and boy does it stay wet. Even with the mulch down, there was no stopping getting soaked out there. The natural tee pads make it hard to get the right stance, even for stand stills, without falling over or feeling like it. Hopefully this year we will see that added.

Tee pads aren't complete yet, but it is a con to only have spray paint on the ground with no signage.

Some things still need trimmed, but the course was just installed today...

Other Thoughts:

Hole 1. 230 ft (3) -- 280 ft (3)
The first hole from the long throws over 200ft of water with another 75 to the basket guarded by a huge (oak or willow) tree with plenty of shule to the right. From the short, you tee off 20 ft from a 15ft window with the water playing to your right and the tree/shule don't really come in to play unless you have a longer or harder left shot.

Hole 2. 265 ft (3) -- 265 ft (3)
The second hole is a forehand friendly or turnover friendly hole with a solid line about 30ft wide for aboutu 270 until you get to the green/upshot area which looks pretty much like the basket is in a jail of these giant mature oak trees.

From the basket, walk toward the dog park and follow the fence to your right. You will see the tee pad marked next to a smaller white tree.

Hole 3. 315 ft (4) -- 470 ft (4)
The third hole plays along the dog park from the long and from near the road from the short. From the long, the dog park is out of bounds, but there are routes through it, if you have the arm for it. You can also take a safer turnover or forehand shot from here and end up with a birdie run or a confident par. From the short you are battling a strategic placement of teepad to tree layout for a birdie shot.

From the basket at hole 3, you will walk the gravel path across the street to the wooded trail.

Hole 4. 245 ft (3) -- 300 ft (3)
The blue tee is about 20 feet from the road and the white is 50ft past it. Both shots require you to shoot down the path (200ft from blue, 150 from white), dog leg to the left and 50ft from the bend you will find the basket tucked into a nice grove of trees 20ft off the path.

From here keep walking down the path.

Hole 5. 335 ft (4) -- 490 ft (4)
HELL HOLE. I warn you now. If you aren't concentrating and having complete focus on each shot, you can end up with 7,8,9+ strokes on this beast from the long tee pad. From the long you are shooting 460 straight down a path wide enough to fit a midsize car through. There aren't many windows on either side and if you don't hit them perfect, you will pay for it. I recommend throwing a midrange twice, laying up when it gets somewhat more open near the basket and taking a par if you can manage. I rarely par this hole, but that's how I do it when I can.

The tee pad for hole 6 is on the "hill" in the path, you pretty much run into it.

Hole 6. 225 ft (3) -- 225 ft (3)
This hole plays following the path on a nice forehand or LHBH line. The basket is set about 30 ft from the path on the tightest green of the course, accuracy and finesse are key to a birdie on this hole.

Hole 7. 425 ft (5) -- 620 ft (5)
This hole is the first hole back out of the woods. The blue pin is on the right side of the bathrooms as you exit the woods. From here you want a turnover shot with a stable disc to make sure it fades back left. From the long, you have woods on your left for the first 300ft and for the last 320, you have the lake. Once you get to about the 325 mark, you encounter great big oak trees and a very fast green with a drop off into the lake less than 5 feet behind the basket.

Looking at the Tower on the lake from Basket 7, Turn exactly to your left and walk into the tree area, the tee pad for hole 8 will be about 100 ft from you.

Hole 8. 190 ft (3) -- 190 ft (3)
This is the shortest hole on the course, but you still need to be careful to procure your birdie. You can take a tight hyzer route, less than 20 feet high to the right, but make sure it sticks (this green is fast). Or you can take a straight shot at it with whatever you can do it with. Just make sure it sticks.

From the basket 8, look for the nearest picnic table, the long pad is less than 20ft away from it between you and the table.

Hole 9. 225 ft (3) -- 315 ft (3)
From here you can take a hyzer route to the right around and then through the trees or a solid forehand or turnover or straightest shot you can through the large oak trees everywhere. From the short pad you get to start at the end of the hyzer route from the blue pad and just shoot through the trees.

From the basket for 9, walk with the gravel path about 50ft up, the tee pad is marked under some low-hanging branches.

Hole 10. 200 ft (3) -- 200 ft (3)
This shot plays into a low canopy with forehand and backhand shots alike making for good birdie attempts, while bad shots off the tee can result in a 4 at the end.

From the basket, walk toward the parking lot, you will see the white pad marked on your right about 75ft away, while the long pad is marked down near the ditch and another small white tree.

Hole 11. 255 ft (3) -- 325 ft (3)
From the long pad, both RHBH and RHFH have worked out well for me. This hole plays up a hill into a low canopy which then opens back up at the top of the hill. The basket is then slightly back downhill, so be careful when laying up and putting, as they can definitely get away from you on this one.

From the basket, follow the path back toward the woods, but not all the way. The Long tee pad will be marked directly in front of you next to several trees. The short tee pad is about 120ft up along the woodline.

Hole 12. 240 ft (3) -- 360 ft (3)
From both tee pads, this is the perfect hole to unleash a nice flat, low-flying drive with moderate of fade on it. While the fairway does open up after about 250, the green is another one of the tightest on the course and can eat your discs turning easy pars into nightmarish 4's and 5's.

There is a dog park right next to the course.
There is a nice beach with boat and ski doo rentals.
Plenty of picnic areas.
Park Office sells discs (just tell em you're there for discs)
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