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Zionsville, IN

Overly Worman

2.675(based on 3 reviews)
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Overly Worman reviews

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Silver level trusted reviewer
Experience: 35 played 35 reviews
2.00 star(s)

A Very Unique and Memorable Course... that you may only need to play once

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 23, 2024 Played the course:once


- Some great gap hitting and tight lines to challenge you
- A variety of shot shapes, some straight tunnel, lots of dogleg holes, some good flex lines
- A couple of really fun elevation changes, Hole 4 is an ace run that is straight downhill and hole 5 is the opposite throwing a blind shot straight uphill. Hole 5 from the back tee even has you throwing a tight downhill shot that finishes off a cliff right into that same uphill approach.
- Lots of greens with intrigue. You'll see vegetation, trees and elevation changes near the baskets to keep you honest and have you second guessing running some putts.
- A TON of signage. Lots of "next tee this way" signs, in fact multiples on the same hole to guide you. And multiple tee signs on each hole located by each tee pad.
- Brand new baskets and paved tee pads.
- You're likely to be the only one on the course so don't worry about backups.
- The short tees/front 9 are short enough holes that even brand new players can steal a few birdies and reach the baskets.
- You can dial in your putters and mids. You don't need more than 3-5 discs to play the course. Sure you could throw a driver on a few holes... but you're really bringing disaster into play.


- This course plays like it's brand new. The lines haven't been worn in. There is a VERY thick layer of underbrush on most holes lurking just a few feet off of the fairway. You'll find poison ivy, thorns and stinging nettles when you venture into the rough.
- With lots of blind shots and very thick rough this course would be a nightmare playing by yourself. Luckily I had a few people with me and we could spot for each other. But the disc losing potential is high.
- Even with the "next tee" signage and a UDisc map, I still had trouble finding some of the holes. It would be really helpful if the "next tee" signs indicated where the short and long tees are. There were a few holes where I followed a maze through the woods to get to the long tee only to have to retrace all of my steps back to the short tee.
- The layout of the holes isn't ideal. The walks in between some holes are quite long but then you have the hole 5 tee dangerously close to the hole 4 basket. The last hole finishes on the opposite side of the course from the first hole so if you're playing 18 it's a little inconvenient.
- The pars are not really appropriate for the distance of the holes. A lot of them seem like a band aid slapped on to try and fix a hole that is both too wooded and too short. For example you've got a ton of par 4's that are 250'-300' and two sub 400' par 5's. You even have hole 6... which is a 181' par 4 from both tees.

Other Thoughts:

While I applaud the community for putting in the course and doing their very best with this tricky plot of land, I do not recommend this course.

Fundamentally the course has an audience problem. It's both frustrating for brand new players but also kind of bewildering and too easy for experienced players.

The short tees are SO short (mostly sub 200') that it's likely to only be fun for new players. But those players will struggle to hit these gaps and lose discs in the thick rough (and likely not have UDisc so probably struggle with navigation). Then the long tees would be a nightmare for new players but the pars are so easy that experienced players can likely snag a bunch of birdies (even a few eagles).

I'm a 960ish rated advanced player without much distance (350' max) and I was able to shoot -13 on my first play through. With the number of eagles in play an amateur could definitely shoot -18 or better. I don't think a well designed course could ever yield that result.

If the pars for the holes get adjusted, holes 1, 2 and 9 get cleared out a bit (in addition to the fairways on holes 13 and 14), and the signs get fixed to say which color tee they are pointing to the course would greatly improve. But 2.5-3 stars is really the ceiling for this course.
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Premium Member
Experience: 10.5 years 674 played 650 reviews
2.50 star(s)

Overly Exotic Terrain

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 26, 2022 Played the course:once


(2.623 Rating) A heavily wooded shot shaping course with two tee options.
- TOPOGRAHPY - The fluctuation of the terrain here at Overly Worman is flipp'n awesome. The course almost constantly plays through and along a mini 20 to 25-foot deep winding valley with plus 30 degree slopes. The layout plays up, down, over and through these features and produces play that many in the area have likely never seen before. To me, the exotic terrain adds a full half point to the review score. There's a lot of flavor here.
- NATURAL BEAUTY - I went with 80 percentile. Heavy woods, moving lines, sloping terrain, amen.
- HOLE VARIETY - I scored the variety aspect at around the middle among all the courses I've played. When I rate variety, I'm looking for differential gameplay elements. The course has elevation change factor and twisting lines into pockets. There's even a multi-play element on tee (14). On the flip side, zero chance to put full power on any throw for those at or above the MA2 level. This is a massive omission. Also no water elements to gameplay around and a lack of lightly wooded gameplay. This is purely a "thread the needle" type of course.
- BASIC AMENITIES - One DISCatcher basket and two nice sized concrete tees per hole. The park also has a shelter with picnic tables and a portapotty. Large playground too for the baggers traveling with the kids.
- SIGNAGE AND NAVIGATION - This aspect was near flawless on my play. Descriptive and attractive tee signs posted at every tee. Directional signs between almost every hole. I looked at my map one time as I didn't see the directional aid once. Perhaps the sign had fallen down. Not cart friendly as there are high quality stairs to traverse a couple times.
- QUICK PLAY - Playing both loops solo is likely going to take less than 45 minutes during the winter. I finished the back tee loop in 25 minutes. This likely jumps up a bit during peak overgrowth.


Short and weird lines
- GAMEPLAY FROM THE BACK TEES - The game play from the front tees seemed like legit MA4 level play and I could see MA2s and MA3s enjoying the ace run potential and birdie bash factor. The back tees are generally kooky. I didn't get any enjoyment out of being forced to do a lay-up 150-foot putter throw, and then pivot and run a 100-foot eagle attempt. The lines here just don't fit well for those at a higher skill level, regardless of the tee options.
- OVERGROWTH - I'm sort-of glad I played it in late November. I looked at the posted pictures from this past summer and wow do the fairway edges look wild. Stay on the fairway here or expect some not-so-fun retrieval efforts.
- PAR STRUCTURE - I don't take off points for this, but the listed par figures on several holes don't make any sense, namely on the back tees. If they are going to have holes between 175 and 200 feet listed as par 3s, then holes between 350 and 400 feet and one bend should not be listed as par 5s. Holes (6), (9), (15), (17) and (18) are laughably listed as par 4s on the tee signs and they range from 140 feet to 210 feet. I only threw the back tees and finished 11 down with 3 eagles. I plan to go Pro tomorrow.
- NOT A TRUE 18 HOLE COURSE - Sorry, I simply don't give credit to this one as an 18 holer. Yes, most of the lines from the back tees are different, but they all finish the same as there is only one basket per two tees. This excludes hole (6/15) which has one tee and one basket. I did give the course credit for having multiple tees though.

Other Thoughts:

Overly Worman is truly blessed to have such interesting highly undulating terrain, which is also why I think this course is going to have a wide range of opinions. Some are going to absolutely cherish this course. Those that like beautiful courses within the woods and have a sub 225-foot arm are likely going to fall in love. Bombers that prefer open courses might only play the first two holes and then head for the exit. Overall, I'm going to split the difference and land at a solid 2.5. Minus the highly unusual topography and better amenities here, it reminds me of niners like Creek Ridge in North Indiana, NAS Whiting Field in the panhandle of Florida, Steele Creek in Mobile and Mountain View in South Carolina. Although I've played only 4 courses in the Indianapolis metro as of this review, I'm certain that this is not worth a look see to those seeking the best courses in the area. However, for those that stray within a 15-minute drive or are passing along on I65, it's an interesting play that will help stretch the legs and add to the bagging totals.
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Matthew boals
Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 30.2 years 283 played 65 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Very Good for a 9 Holer

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jul 24, 2022 Played the course:2-4 times


The Topography! Nice to have terrain challenges in a heavily wooded area. Two Wide & Long concrete tees and signs per hole. Concrete slabs found in this converted clean dump to a public park are used for stairs, with handrails, throughout the couse..
Front 9 avg. 164' and mostly straight shots. But not all.
Big difference between short and long tees. Not only in distance but in angles too. With a avg. 255'.
Permanent tee & directional signs.


As with all new course a work in progress. So as of this review there are no signs leading to #1. Take the paved trail North of the playground to the "Y" and go left to #1 long tee. Will be muddy after a rain. Public Mulched path is an issue between long & short tees on #3, also the paved trail on #18. From the long a mound blocks view for possible users.

Other Thoughts:

From the 96th St. & Michigan Rd. Intersection it takes about 10 minutes to get to the park.
Driving through the Housing Addition please drive safely!
Took 45 minutes for two players to play 9 holes from the short pads. About an hour to hour and a half to play 9 from the longs.
Paved parking, shelter, playground, seasonal? water fountain.
Bring water, bug spray and wear long pants, in case you get into the rough. And you probably will until the course gets "Broken in" in a few years. Port-O-Let at the end of the parking lot.
Ongoing work with chipping? Of underbrush/trees and more defined fairways will be happening.
Not as Muddy after rain as I thought it would be. But still wear boots.
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