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Frederick, MD

Riverwalk Discgolf Course

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Riverwalk Discgolf Course reviews

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3.00 star(s)

Friendly city park course

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jun 30, 2024 Played the course:5+ times


With rec-friendly distances, abundant ace runs, and a convenient city location, Riverwalk has quickly become very popular. The course plays along both sides of the greenway bordering a small stream, passing through two pleasant and well-used community parks.

Mown grass fairways are mostly flat and open, but a fair number of holes require hitting gaps or shaping lines between mature trees. Hole #8 even throws off a decent-sized hill, with the OB stream long and left of the basket.

Two decent turf tees on every hole. Most of the long tees just add distance, but a few offer a dramatically different angle to the hole.

Post-mounted tee signs at each teepad. Tee post tops are painted green for long or red for short. I wish more courses did this. Tee signs include a hole map, tee locations, OB areas, distances, direction to the next tee, and a QR code for a hole fly-over. Nicely done.

Yellow-banded DisCatcher Pro 28 baskets are easy to spot, mounted level, catch great, and include the hole # and spoke-mounted next-tee arrows. One pin position per hole.

Ample parking and a practice basket near hole 1. Indoor bathrooms and drinking water available between holes 10 and 11, and (I think) at the pavilion near hole #3.


The course is mostly flat, and more than half of the holes are wide open. Big bombers may find the course length a little too rec-friendly, with the long tees playing a little over 5,200' and the longest hole merely 345' (short tee) or 408' (long tee).

Moderately long walks between a few of the holes, necessitated by the land available for the course. Sometimes I skip hole #2 to avoid backtracking the length of the fairway, followed by walking past a baseball field and skate park to reach the next tee. Despite the between-hole walks, this is still a pretty quick spin.

You will cross moderately busy roads several times between holes. Bring everything you need because the course does not loop back to the parking lot until the end.

Active walking path in play on several holes, and the park can get busy on nice evenings and weekends. That said, designers did what they could to separate fairways and walking paths.

Some of the rough bordering the stream is pretty thick, but with lots of play it is already starting to beat in. Watch out for poison ivy in this rough. Sneaky disc loss opportunity on hole #10, where an OB fenced area lurks in the bushes right of the fairway (ask me how I know).

The course is located within the 100-year floodplain, so heavy rains could render the course sloppy or unplayable.

Minor quibble: The sign for #8 lists the short tee as 252'. Pretty sure this is actually about 350' because the short tee is roughly 60' short of the 408' long tee.

Other Thoughts:

Despite higher rated courses nearby, I often find myself playing Riverwalk when I want to enjoy a relaxing evening round with lots of birdie opportunities and a few ace runs.

Designers made good use of the limited site features available, but I would love to see trees planted on the more open holes to improve the level of challenge over time.

Some may prefer to park at Monocacy Village Park and start playing on hole #10. I often do this because I like to finish on #9, which is the longest and one of the more wooded holes on the course. If you are pressed for time there are also shorter loops that you can play.

Close to downtown Frederick so lots of breweries and restaurants nearby if you get hungry or thirsty after your round.
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3.00 star(s)

Good park course

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 25, 2024 Played the course:2-4 times


Bright new yellow baskets that catch very well.
All baskets numbered with numbers facing tees.
Next tee arrows on all baskets to direct to next tee (but see below).
Two tees on all holes (but see below).
No map currently available.
Bathrooms available between holes 2&3 and holes 9&10.
No risk of disc loss.
You are in the city of Frederick so there are myriad places to eat and other things to do. There is another course nearby but on a military base (Fort Detrick) and I have not tried to play it yet.


No tee signs. No benches. Most fairways are also walking paths so need to wait on pedestrians and dog walkers (lots of dog walkers). Tees are astroturf - usually green and black but inconsistent on which color is used for short vs long. Also can be hard to find some of the tees (see below). Long walk to #6 tee which without a map was not intuitive. No 9-hole loop i.e. basically an out-and-back course. Have to cross roads several times which can be busy dependent on time of day.

Other Thoughts:

Several of the problems will be resolved with a course map and better instructions. Unfortunately the current address on here (407 Delaware Road) is the parking lot between hole #9 and tee #10. Thus before the baskets got their numbers, I played the back 9 before the front 9 which led to a lot of confusion (e.g. the hole distance numbers seemed way off). Now that I know the course starts on Schifferstadt Boulevard, the basket numbers and distances make sense.

At the Riverwalk Park parking lot off Schifferstadt Boulevard, you will see a practice basket labeled 'P'. The first 3 holes play to the right of Schifferstadt Boulevard. To get to the first tee, walk down the left field line of the baseball field. The first hole throws across a dry creek bed through some trees to a basket on the far side. The second hole is to the right in the big open field. Then walk behind the other baseball field and pavilion (bit of a walk) to find the third set of tees. It is a bit unclear which path to throw down (it is the gravel path) to a basket in the trees. The rest of the course plays along the two sides of the dry creek bed (with trees growing on both sides). It's basically 6 holes down the right side (#4 through #9), then cross a bridge and play #10 - #18 to get back to the original parking lot.

After #3, cross Schifferstadt and walk past the playground and picnic tables. The long tee for #4 is on the far left (with a small hill to throw over); the short tee (not much shorter) is to the far right. This is followed by the easiest hole on the course (#5) - a definite ace run. Then you cross another road (Dogwood Drive) and have a looooong walk to the #6 tee (I kept thinking I must have missed it). Then comes a very short walk to the #7 tee. The walk to #8 is again not short and the view from the short tee has the basket hidden behind a utility pole. Hole #9 is the longest hole on the course. Then you cross a bridge and are at the restrooms and playground at the Delaware street parking lot. Walk past the playground and there is a super long cement tee to the left for hole #10. For the rest of the course, it is basically straight fairways of moderate length with just a few features. After #11 be sure to follow the next tee arrow (the path is through the woods). Basket #12 is on a slope which adds a small challenge. The next tee sign on basket #14 is wrong: it points you to the left but both of #15's tees are best found by going around the trees on the right. After #15 you have to cross Dogwood Drive and then go to the right. On #18, the short tee is off to the very far right (nowhere near the long tee).

Overall a pleasant enough place to play. The locals seem indulgent but you do need to wait on dogs (which must be leashed). There were three other groups out there when I was playing. As you can see from my description, the back 9 plays along the same distance as holes #4-#9 on the front 9 so they are shorter in general and have shorter walks between them. If you can only play 9, I would play those. You can also make a shorter loop (10 holes) by starting at the Delaware parking lot and either cutting across on Dogwood (meaning playing #10-#15 and then #6-#9). A 15-hole loop can be played by skipping #1-#3 on the other side of Schifferstadt which is what I did the first time I played because I didn't realize there were any holes over there (far away from the other grouping).

Adding a map doesn't change my rating - once I figured it out, the course was easy to follow.
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