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The Hideaway DGC

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The Hideaway DGC reviews

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Wooded Getaway Outside Circle's Edge of DFW

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Apr 21, 2023 Played the course:2-4 times


Appealing amenities enhance woods dominant course.
+ stimulating mix of majority wooded and open holes (plus combinations of both)
+ scenic water carries over ponds
+ very well-maintained
+ sizable difference between long and short hole layouts
+ good signage and cement pads for yellow (short) and black (long) tees
+ golf cart and bag cart rentals available
+ practice area for driving into net and putting at multiple baskets
+ restaurant (open weekends) and pro shop onsite
+ expansion plans underway


Only real gripe is plinko holes.
- narrow preferred routes through woods

Other Thoughts:

The Hideaway transforms quiet ranch land less than an hour's drive east of Dallas into 18 holes of mostly wooded golf paired with such amenities as a restaurant, pro shop and cart rentals to entice players to visit this destination course in the Texas countryside. Private course open to play Wednesday through Sunday for $8 daily fee.

This disc golf property aims to please. The owners have carved a great course from its pastoral setting that flows really well and creates a welcoming atmosphere for players that is equal parts exciting and relaxing. The course tests players on short and long layouts through thick woods, across lengthy ponds and over hilly fields. The greater distance and different looks from the long tees are sure to add additional strokes for attempting to sneak past so many extra trees - good luck with that! The design uses the property well to create challenging hole configurations. Actually, perhaps a bit too challenging on some holes (particularly hole #9) where missing narrowly defined lines results in plinko style golf down alternate routes. My favorite hole is #15 which s-curves along a fairly generous path through the trees, punishing those who miss the mark to find creative routes through wooded rough to continue and yet rewarding accurate drives with still tough approaches to the green.

The clubhouse which offers retail and eating options with friendly service is as popular as the course. Its central location acts as a hub for players to gather between rounds with generous space to rest and practice. This is also where the fee to play the course is collected and where carts can be rented. The clubhouse's prominent yellow and black color scheme carries over to the short and long hole colors for a nice thematic touch. Beside the clubhouse is plenty of parking for guests.

The Hideaway combines charming country ambience with good course design on slightly hilly and wooded terrain for a very appetizing outing of disc golf that's worth a short road trip from the big city to throw through the woods and chow down on good grub.

The Hideaway DGC started as Circle's Edge DGC before changing its name a few months after opening to match with the name of its onsite eatery, The Hideaway Grille. Traces of the original name remain in the "CE" stamped on tee pads. The layout is still improving with two new holes being added between #8 -9 designed to throw over a small pond and then swing back towards the woods. Some basket positions have improved such as #13 which was relocated down by the creek. Also, plans are currently in the works to add a shorter 18 hole course farther back in the woods.

The course plays in two clockwise loops that both start and end near the club house, aka The Hideaway Grille. Hole #1 crosses a field, introducing players to the woods gradually with several young trees guarding the green. Hole #2 follows a long, dirt trail between more mature trees. Then hole #3 truly enters the woods and introduces the potential for up and down play on various mounds and small gullies. Hole #4 exemplifies the abundance of tight lies, low ceiling shots and curved paths to follow for the remainder of the front nine. Hole #5 especially offers a sharp turn off the tee to a green with plenty of potential for rollaways. Hole #6 throws out from the woods momentarily into a clearing with a wide fairway defined by tall grasses. Hole #7 returns into the woods where it and hole #8 follow curved fairways past lots of trees. Hole #9 turns around and heads back along a narrow fairway that doglegs sharply, eventually ending near the grille.

Hole #10 kicks off the back nine with a heroic shot over the pond to a green just atop the ridge, or less capable arms can skirt along the side of the pond to the left. Hole #11 encourages big bomber drives down a long lawn beside the pond. Hole #12 throws down and then back up to a basket just yards from the edge of the pond. Hole #13 crosses open field to a sunken green beside the creek. Hole #14 leaves the open field and finally enters the woods again where holes #15-17 curve through tricky paths past tree trunks and branches waiting to knock down shots that stray off desired routes. Final hole #18 leaves the woods behind to finish back in the field and near a few small trees.
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This course shines even when it"s cloudy.

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 3, 2022 Played the course:once


After seeing the reviews, I decided to stop by on my way back home from Ft. Worth. I pulled up and went into the pro shop. There may be nicer pro shops in disc golf, but I haven't seen one. There is a good selection of discs, including many that are custom stamped with the course logo, a full grill with drinks (even beer if you want) and burgers. There are multiple practice baskets around the pro shop, including the smaller marksman type.

The course. This review is based on one round from the short tees (as recommended by the course owner). I'll update after playing again which I definitely will.

This is a tight, technical course where you will have to hit some very precise lines on all but a handful of holes. The gaps range from generous to incredibly tight. From the short tees, this was one of the most fun, tight courses that I have ever played.

The distances are very well thought out. A few holes give you the option to go over the mostly short(ish) trees, but the distance also make it a close call as to whether to go low and try to hit a tight line. Most of the holes have a fairly low ceiling although several, including 1, 10, 11, 13 and 18 are more open and do not.

Disc selection is very important as is both the shot from the tee and the approach. This is really a course that requires you to make good decisions in both disc and shot selection. I found myself, not a big arm by any means, using understable mids on 400 ft holes in the woods on a par 4 (and being rewarded for my conservativer approach). You will be tempted to try to get 350' off the tee on such a hole but will be rewarded for only taking what the hole gives you and leaving a 120' upshot instead of scrambling the whole way after bouncing a distance driver off a tree into some thick rough.

And, though some holes are very tight, almost all give you multiple lines to the landing area and basket.

Navigation is straightfoward and assisted by next tee signs. My first time, I had zero issues with navigation. The tee signs are good. The tee pads are textured although that didn't help me all that much (I'll discuss below).


There are two things that might disappoint you. First, the tee pads are not all the same length. Some tee pads are as short as 9-10 feet and, a couple that are on longer holes felt a little short to me. However, the course had seen lots (and I me LOTS) of rain in the days before I played and was muddy. This definitely contributed to my minor issues with the tees.

Secondly, and this is going to be rare in this part of the world, the course was exceptionally muddy after a lot of rain. Ordinarily I wouldn't mention this, and I'm obviously not counting this against the course, but there were holes where my shoes picked up the clay soil so quickly that my already heavy shoes tripled in weight. Even the excellent texture on the tee pads could prevent slipperiness under these conditions. Just know that if there has been a lot of recent rain, you will need to expect this. This definitely affected my score. But any course can become muddy, I just can't ding the course for this sort of stuff.

Other Thoughts:

I played on the course's first birthday and the fee was reduced from $8 to $5. This was an absolute steal. I felt bad so I contributed to the beer fund, a worthy cause if ever there was one. People who think they deserve to play a course like this for free shouldn't be allowed to play disc golf.

IMHO, there is a place in disc golf for tight, technical courses; courses where distance doesn't guarantee a good score - where a distance advantage doesn't really give you an advantage over other players. This is, mostly, that kind of course and if you are in the DFW area, you should definitely make it out to Terrell to play here.
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Great course so fun

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 21, 2022 Played the course:once


This course has so many pros where do you start. Two different concrete pads per hole the pro pads are really for pros. You need every shot in your bag. It's difficult but fair really bad throws your punished but really good throws you can get pars. This has some of the best signage I've ever seen it is very easy to navigate from hold a hole every basket has tape and there are signs in between every hole telling you where to go a lot of money went in to this. His design is awesome he used all of the land to its greatest ability. The design alone is worth coming and checking out. The trees the water even the wildlife is awesome out here.


I would say the only con is it can get crowded on the weekend.

Other Thoughts:

This is a destination course it is well worth the drive from anywhere especially in north Texas. It's the best $8 you will ever spend as a disc golf fan but if you're making the drive try to stay around and play more than one round. It is definitely worth going back around again.
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Is this the best course in Texas?

Reviewed: Played on:Feb 20, 2022 Played the course:5+ times


Pros: The epitome of beautiful Texas Golf on a farm ranch, mesquite, sun, sandy soil, tight lines, rough rough, a few bombers.

It's a pleasure to have a real Championship level course so close to DFW, a little drive outside of the city and on the course you feel like you're worlds away. Such a beautiful place of property and is a total treat at which to hang, play, and eat.

Front 9 plays mostly in the woods with some tight woods but clearly defined fairways. Rough can easily conquer your scorecard as you may need more than a few attempts to get back on the fairway depending on location. Holes 10 - 14 are out in the open, featuring 1 big boy water carry and two other holes where water comes in play long of the basket. These holes also have a bit of elevation which is a treat. Hole 14 asks you to drive into (or over!) the woods and then you're back in the trees for a few more holes before trying to punch out to the open on 18.

Short Yellows play 6500 feet and feature a decent amount of scoreable holes for your average AM. Nothing easy, but hit your lines and make your putts and you'll be having a good time. No impossible holes or poke and hope "gaps". 8 par 4s, 10 par 3s.

Long Blacks play 9000 and are challenging but again, not impossible if you stay clean. Longs bring in an additional water carry on Hole 8 if basket is in the long position. 9 par 4s, 9 par 3s.

Clear signage, hole maps, and pars throughout. I think the long tee box on Hole 8 is the only place where folks may have some confusion. The support amenities are coming along, as they're almost finished putting in beautiful solid woods benches made straight from some of the trees they've cut down on 7.

Discatcher Baskets in great shape, tee boxes are cement, plenty long, and grippy.

There's a restaurant here! The Hideaway grill! The food is delicious! Legit good! There's also a Pro Shop with a moderate selection. Next to the restaurant shop is about 10 practice baskets for warm up and putting competitions. You can practice your drives in the field next to the parking lot. Tables inside and picnic benches outside if you want to eat outside and a shaded pavilion if you bring a big group.


Basically no cons at all IMO, though perhaps a few things to comment on in terms of what could bring it to 5*:

Holes 11 and 13 are good holes but maybe not quite great? Pretty wide open straight shots will get you birdie looks, but there's not too much stress for either.

I wonder if there's a way to do some chainsaw work on Hole 8 for the longs where you tee off from the shorts but then cut out of the woods on the back of the short green and then have to throw across the lake for the long basket...just stray thoughts but could be a very special hole.

With all the wonderful wooded holes but the limited amount of elevation there maybe isn't any one hole that is that picturesque stunner of a shot from the tee box, though there are many signature holes to tease your strategic brain.

With it being a newer course it's not quite "beaten in" yet. The rough is very rough, and the mulch and tree refuse on some of the fairways is still a little raw. In six months or so it will be even a better course.

Other Thoughts:

I have a total blast playing here and look forward to my next time out in Terrell. It's $8 for a day pass which feels quite reasonable having played a good share of pay to play courses.

Signature holes:

Hole 2 is a par 4 straight ahead of you with a good sized fairway but big trees on either side that will eat your disc and add strokes in a hurry. If you can resist the urge to go long and play for par you can stay clean and pick up strokes.

Hole 8 is a birdie or bogie hole slightly uphill where a BH turnover through the tight gap can get you a look at a birdie but a kick is instant bogie for sure.

Hole 9 is maybe my favorite hole, a par 4 where you first must through straight down a wooded alley with OB fence lurking right. You'll try to land or fade left into one of two landing zones which provide long narrow downhill alleys to the green. If you don't hit that first landing zone you're in trouble as it's hard to pick a way downhill to the green. On your second shot the basket feels ages away but it's downhill so just try to float something through the many, many trees, that sticks somewhere near the basket as going long is probably a two-putt with all the branches around.

Hole 10 is a ferocious water carry where 300' of distance can get you right into a gap in the far tree line where you can hopefully skip up to birdie, but the water does bulge out soon the left side so early fading BHs may find trouble.

Hole 17 is a slow turning par 4 to the right across multiple ravines through some precise gaps. If you make it through the trees hopefully you land on top of the crests not between them, which makes your second shot much easier to get to the basket.

Is this the best course in Texas? It's certainly my favorite. It's clearly better than the Beast and it's much cheaper than Selah Ranch, and a bit more fun to play on the regular.

I do think Selah Ranch is objectively a more stunning design with more unique holes, and is more challenging for me. I'm grateful every time I get to make it out to either location.
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The Hideaway DGC

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 30, 2021 Played the course:2-4 times


-- Cement Tee pads (36 in total with two per hole).
-- Practice basket near No. 1.
-- Excellent use of land. Elevation (both uphill and downhill), at least one water carry (two from the long tees) and two other holes where water is in play.
-- Par 4s and a par 5 from the long tees. The short tees feature six holes less than 300 feet and three longer than 500 feet. Hole distances range from 188 to 563. The long tees offer two holes less than 300 feet and seven longer than 500 (five longer than 600 feet). Hole distances range from 262 to 972. You've got long, open downhill bomber shots and tight fairways in the woods that require accuracy.
-- Disc golf only property.
-- Signature holes abound: 8 (long) is 972 feet and has a water carry; 11 (long) is 781 feet, open downhill with water to your right; 13 (long) is 396 feet open downhill with a drop-off left and behind the basket.
-- Pro shop with a limited selection of new discs.
-- Restroom in pro shop, along with a bar/grill that is open Friday-Sunday. A basic selection of snacks and beverages (adult and otherwise) is available all of the time.
-- For a course that has been open 4 1/2 months, this place is in great shape. Mulch was recently added around most of the tee pads. Fairways are clear, and there are paths between holes in the woods. The rough will punish you, but not unnecessarily so; disc loss is unlikely (unless you throw into the water).
-- Sandy soil makes the course excellent in rainy/wet conditions. I played 24 hours after a rain and could not tell.
-- The course was designed with two loops, bringing you through the parking lot and to the pro shop (restroom) mid round: The first nine holes are mostly in the woods behind the grill. Holes 10-18 are on the other side and have most of the more open holes (including the water carry on 10), finishing in the woods.
-- In addition to seating inside the clubhouse, there are picnic tables outside and a covered pavilion near No. 1.


-- Tee signs are cardboard and only have the hole number. For a course that has been open 4 1/2 months, that is not OK.
-- A few long walks between holes.
-- No seating at the tee pads.
-- Hole 8 has two baskets (different for each tee pad); the map does not indicate this, creating some confusion.

Other Thoughts:

-- Horses (and at least one mule) are on the property. You likely will see them and might even get to pet one. You might have to change how you throw on a hole because of them.
-- A putt course (a combination of regular and precision baskets) is set up around the pro shop/clubhouse. A weekly putt night contest every Thursday night is scheduled to resume after a January tournament, and food will be available.
-- $8 per day or $150 for a yearly pass.
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Destination course 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 22, 2021 Played the course:once


Cement Tee pads (all 36 are in now)
Several legit par 4 holes, even a par 5


Still very rough around the edges, you don't want to be off the fairway

Other Thoughts:

yea, I said it, this is a destination course. Not only is it probably the hardest course you will find in Texas, but it is a dedicated disc golf property with a grill on site.

As of the writing of this review, I got word that all 36 cement tee pads are done. Longs and shorts.

You got a little of everything in this course except for major elevation, although a few holes have that as far as Texas courses go.

Course was designed with 2 loops, 1 to 9 are mostly in the woods behind the grill. Holes 10 to 18 are on the other side and have most of the more open holes finishing off in the woods with a few very tricky holes.

not sure what the signature hole would be, you have hole 8 that is close to 1000ft. It's pretty open, but you do have the road on one side and if you put your drive too close to the left, y our in trouble.

Could be hole 15, this S shaped hole is a monster at nearly 600ft. Right to left, then left to right with a tight but fair fairway.

That is one of the kickers on this course, it's not a throw and pray course, if you play smart, you can shoot good if you stay on the fairways.

But man, you get kicked off into the rough and you are in a world of hurt.

The longs clock in at almost 9000ft with a par 64. It's tough, trust me on that one.

The Grill is open now Thursdays to Sundays and I hear it has some great burgers. I got to play a preview round before the course got opened. The pictures posted here are from that day. The tee pads in place were very new and recently put in. A lot more work has been done since I took the pictures.

Would I play here again? Oh yea, this one is about an hour from my house and worth the drive. I am working on finding a day I can get over there and play a round and eat lunch.
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Toughest in Texas 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 4, 2021 Played the course:once


Solid mix of open distance with guarded greens and very challenging wooded lines.
True bomber holes on #8 and #11.
Fun water carry on #10 & tunnel shot on #12.
Second shot on #9 is a true delight.

Practice baskets and nice clubhouse setup. Course also winds back to the parking area on several occasions for breaks in the heat. More than half the course shaded.


Freshly designed so the rough is rough and only 1 cement tee pad each hole for now.

Other Thoughts:

The short tees are quite fair and even beginner friendly, but the longs tees have legitimate distance, moderately tight fairway landing zones & punishing lines through the woods. Loved it. Continually forced to sacrifice distance to remain in the fairways. Sold to me as the toughest in Texas - rivaling Trey Duece/Texas Twist & Selah Ranch Lakeside/Creekside.
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