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Matthews, NC

The Scrapyard

3.715(based on 46 reviews)
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The Scrapyard reviews

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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 12.5 years 224 played 221 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Playing an Instagram favorite

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 3, 2024 Played the course:once


After missing it many times while in the Queen City I had to try Another Round's favorite course to post on Instagram.

It's an inconspicuous course playing around several baseball fields and a decent sized but mainly shallow lake on holes 8/9.

While it's a mainly wooded course winding throwing rolling hills and bending lines around a good mix of mid to longer holes for a wooded course.

Two sets of concrete pads on almost every hole and the shorts make this course much more attainable for beginners while the longs will be more palatable for experienced players.

It's not as pro level as many in Charlotte but for many cities this might be the premier course in the area.

The famous water carries from the long position add a tenser element to an otherwise straightforward woods course.


Nothing too egregious, a couple of the navigation points are a little thickly and I almost went straight from 4 to 11.

It can also get a little one note on the back side, where you throw hyzer flips on about 5 holes straight.

Other Thoughts:

Really fun course and I hope to try it again one day, I want to ace run hole 8 again!
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Premium Member
Experience: 20.2 years 1092 played 667 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 29, 2023 Played the course:once


The Scrapyard was probably pound for pound my favorite Charlotte course. As other reviews have noted it's overlooked or mostly known for it's two water carry holes. I found this course to be the most well rounded in the city. At least of the ones I played inside 485.

The Scrapyard features your typical tightly wooded lines through a beautiful park. Good mix of left, right and dead straight shots. Undulating terrain with up and downhill throws. Yes, there are 2 water carries too. Both with short tees so as they can be played be mostly everyone not wanting to throw $20 in a pond.

The baskets are Innova Discatchers. One per hole, I believe 1 pin position per hole as well. These were all mounted level, highly visable and caught great. Finding anything other than Discatchers in Charlotte is more impressive than hitting any of the Queen City's gaps. That's a pro though.

Tee signs are typical, meaning above average. Hole map, hole #, distance, par, next tee arrow, applicable OB. All the bells and whistles that aren't standard in the vast majority of the country. Top notch.

Concrete tees on all holes. Dual tees on some holes, not all of them. These are all in great shape and of appropriate size needed. Level, grippy excellence.

It's Charlotte. The golf is wooded. It's hilly. It's tight. This course checks all the boxes. The mix of different shot shapes off the tee is fair. The elevation here isn't as extreme as some other local courses but it's no slouch either. I felt this course was the perfect mix of what Charlotte has to offer. That's just my opinion though. Sample size of one time played. But that's the same sample size as all the other courses too.

The flow and just overall design of this course really stuck with me. It's not the most challenging. Not the most scenic. There's just something about this course that is undeniable. The fun factor is real. *Fun* being hitting tight gaps of course.


The course isn't really cart friendly, but it is doable, just not recommended.

The course doesn't loop around to the parking lot after hole 9, or at any point. Be sure to pack all the fluids and snacks in at the start. You won't be looping back until you're finished.

The chance of losing a disc is possible here with the water carries of just in leaves in the fall. The water carries can be mitigated by playing short tess or skipping to the drop zones or skipping the hole entirely.

No restrooms on the course. I'm reaching now. That's all I got.

Other Thoughts:

This was my favorite Charlotte area course. And I played all of the ones inside 485 (I believe). Just a well rounded course and tbh I can't stand water holes normally. Throwing one of my discs into an abyss is one of my least favorite things in disc golf. It's just dumb. That said, when it's done tastefully, I can dig it. The Scrapyard does it right.

I'd personally recommend this course above the rest. It's that good. Pairs well with Squirrel Lake which isn't too far away and of a similar design. You can't go wrong with anything in CLT, but don't sleep on the Scrapyard. Sneaky good course.
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Bronze level trusted reviewer
Experience: 3.1 years 24 played 23 reviews
4.00 star(s)

The Scrapyard

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 23, 2022 Played the course:5+ times


The Scrapyard is a very unique and challenging course that I feel is overlooked in the Charlotte area. A very heavily wooded course with 2 of the best water carries in Charlotte sounds like a very good course, right?
-This course is definitely a course for the more experienced players, and intermediate players, like me, will struggle at times.
-The course is do-or-die. Most of the holes will leave you with some good birdie opportunities if you throw a good shot, but a miss-throw into the rough is very damaging, as you will likely be fighting for bogey.
-Most of the holes have a short and long tee, and the designers did a very excellent job of putting the long tees in positions that changes the dynamic of the hole from the short tee. Additionally, most of the longer tees are put into positions that make the fairway a lot more tight
-Because the course is in the woods, accuracy is more important than distance. Other than your second shot on #7, there is no real time to air out a long throw.
-The most memorable holes of this course are obviously the water carries (#8 and #9). #8 isn't actually all that hard, and is one of the few realistic ace opportunities throughout the course. #9, though, is a different story. The carry distance over the water is much longer than #8, and the basket sits right up next to the water. To make this hole harder, if you sail past the basket, your disc will go all the way down this steep hill, and you will have a tough birdie putt.
-Another interesting thing that I observed is that I felt the course continued to get more fun as you played. The last 5 holes were probably my favorite stretch of holes on the course.
-The way the course was designed could have caused some navigation issues, but with the excessive signage and arrows, there is no possible way a first-timer will get lost. The course is one big loop and doesn't have the option to bail out after 9, however, there are walking paths all around the park and I bet one of them will lead back to the parking lot.
-Hole maps are very good and show an accurate picture of the hole. There are lots of benches by the tees, and every tee also has a broom to sweep of any leaves or branches.


-The repetitiveness here at The Scrapyard is what concludes to the fact the course is very overlooked. People will come here to experience the water carries, and that's really it. As much as I love the water holes, this is very unfortunate because the course has some really nice dogleg holes. I think the excessive designs of doglegs is what turns people away from this course.
-There are no real signature hole(s) besides the water carries. I have played the course enough to know which of the wooded holes are the best (#6, #13, #17), but if someone were asked about this course a year after playing it, they would probably only mention the water holes.
-The course is probable for disc lost. The fairways are heavy with leaves during the fall, and with a lot of the holes being doglegs, you will have a lot of blind shots.
-Because #9 is very hard, the short tee was placed to where you can play along side of the water. I am not the biggest fan of it, and I think it is very unfair.
-Course tends to be played at a slower rate, as more caution is used at this course. Additionally, the course is fairly busy, which slows the pace of play down even more.

Other Thoughts:

I really like The Scrapyard and I hope more people in the future realize how amazing this course is. Along with the course, there are 2 baseball fields and a playground. Restrooms are right next to the first tee and 18th basket, and there are 2 practice baskets visible. I will continue to play The Scrapyard, and it is one of my favorite courses in the Charlotte area.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 5.8 years 323 played 315 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Pine and Pond 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 25, 2022 Played the course:once


A course that is rightfully most famous for its water carries.

-Amenities: Surprisingly enough for a Charlotte course, excellent. Midsize concrete tees, great signs with most, DISCathcers. Next tee cues. Some distance to the pin markers.

-Maintenance: Really good. The fairways are wide and defined through the pine forest, and though the rough is punishing, it is easily navigable. The pond is dredged regularly for discs.

-Environment: Decently secluded forest. The pond in the middle is iconic and pleasant.

-Water Carries: Two nice water carries. The first brings in a low ceiling and lots of trees behind the green, while the second has water on the right and a steep slope away from the basket on the left.

-Shot Shaping/Gameplay: A nice curation, but not particularly remarkable. Holes are all in the woods, and the most common shape is a simple dogleg par-3. Two par-4s and a par-5 are on the short end but add a nice bit of variety. Missing the fairway may well leave you at the mercy of tree kicks, which can easily force bogeys. Scrapyard has a pleasant collection of woods shots, but to my eye it's not the place with a lot of charm or uniqueness.

-Multi-Tees: Some holes have multiple tees, including the water carries.


-Blind Holes: Quite a lot of holes are blind. This is a bit of a nuisance for players who haven't memorized the course.

-Questionable Shapes: Here and there, the fairway shapes are questionable, with curves to tight or wiggles too frequent. That said, I think all the fairways are possible to throw, just potentially very awkward.

-Fun Factor: Scrapyard lacks the kind of creative terrain or unique scenery to set it apart from a good many other solid woods courses. Don't get me wrong, it's fun to play here, but it's not the kind of course that will leave a strong impression on a bagger like me.

Other Thoughts:

I've had the Scrapyard in my mind for quite a while due to hole (8)'s strong presence on disc golf social media. Upon playing, I consider it a Good course that appears to provide a nice home for a good many local golfers. Its plethora of woods doglegs is unobjectionable. It's well suited for a particular vibe, so decide for yourself if it's worth a trip!
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Premium Member
Experience: 20.1 years 610 played 554 reviews
3.50 star(s)

The Scrapyard 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Aug 21, 2019 Played the course:5+ times


Of the courses run by the Charlotte DGC, seemingly everyone has its own personality from being a beast (Renny Gold) to the short layout (Elon Eager Beaver) to the packed, casual layout (Reedy). The own that seemingly gets left out without much flavor? Fitting that it's called the Scrapyard.
- This is a very good course. It's well designed and offers plenty of fun and/or challenging holes. I have never been a fan of it for whatever reason. And you know what? That's ok. Plenty of disc golfers do.
- Course is tough, but fair. The entire course plays in the woods. The course also features two of the only water holes in Meck. County - #8 & 9. #9 might be the most nerve-wracking shot in the CDGC. Unlike throwing over the ravine at Renny, a bad shot hear is either a lost disc or a challenge retrieving it.
- #1 is a fun, slight dogleg. A pretty easy par if you choose to play it straight down the middle. Or, a birdie/bogey option if you play the curve and either hit or miss your line.
- There is a big risk/reward factor here. You can play it safe by throwing straight down fairways and sacrificing distance. Or, if you're throwing faster discs and get off fairways, you will be scrambling all round to salvage pars or bogeys. This is the type of course you could shoot par with either 18 straight pars or 9 birdies and 9 bogeys. There's also a chance that every hole you birdie in one round could potentially be bogeyed the next time out.
- There are pockets of fun throughout the course, in terms of several excellent back-to-back holes. #6 & 7 is the first with the former being a shorter (250 feet) dogleg right layout. The latter is a multi-shot par 4 at 500 feet, with an s-curved fairway. You need your tee shot in the correct location to make a run for the basket in two.
- The second back-to-back is #8 & 9 due to the water element. (Aside: yes, that's four straight good holes. And yes, I broke it into two duos.). The final one is #16 & 17. Two straight doglegs in the 400-foot range. Both require excellent tee shots to have a chance at 3s. This duo reminds me so much of the duo of #16 & 17 at Kilborne in terms of its no-nonsense, no gimmicks, straight ahead challenge. Getting through these two holes in a combined six shots is a good achievement.
- Solid overall design, maintenance, and upkeep. Nice big tee pads. Solid tee signs. Excellent online map. Easy navigation throughout. Isolation from the rest of the park (except for occasional fishermen on #9). I can't remember a major issue effecting a round in all the times I've played here.
- #15 is a love/hate type of hole. A gauntlet, 215-foot layout. Sure, you can throw wide left of right and probably get up and down for par. Or, if you throw straight and hit a tree, you could easily be 100 feet or more off-line. With the two challenging holes right after this, it's a real gut-punch to get a 4 or worse on a short layout.
- Fantastic park. Plenty of amenities for the entire family. Plenty of picnic tables and trails, and one of the better playgrounds at a Meck. County park. For years, this park always seemed like the ideal location for a course.


There is nothing wrong whatsoever with the course or its design. It's just never piqued my interest. If there is an overlying negative it would be the repetitiveness.
- 13 of 18 holes range between 250 - 399 feet. The shortest hole is #15 (215 feet) and the other 4 holes range from 405 to 500 feet. I felt like I was constantly throwing the same disc hole after hole. Oh wait, I WAS throwing the same tee shot hole after hole.
- The entire course is one big loop so you're essentially playing the entire 18 rather than a quick 9. There are a couple places you could bail out and have not-so-long walks back to the beginning.
- Did I mention an overwhelming majority of holes are in the same length range and play the same? Personal observation: the past several times I've played here with a group, at some we're trying to think back several holes, usually to remember someone's score, and there's a confusion over what hole is what. The reason being is that the conversations would go something like this, "what was hole #2? It's a dogleg. What was hole #3? It's a dogleg. What about 4? It's another dogleg." And so on and so forth. When there's not much variance from hole-to-hole, they do all run together, which may be the course's biggest detriment for me.
- #9 is another love/hate hole. The wimp bailout almost guarantees you're getting a 4 unless you throw a perfect, long second shot. There's not much room between the basket and the water, especially considering the hill slopes down to the water. I've hit the hill before where my disc has rolled back down and into the water. Another two feet further and it's sliding the other way right to the basket. Hit your gap and you'll be fine. If not, one of the only true 'lost disc' water holes in Charlotte.
- Course forces you to play slower and more cautious. No chances to air out any big throws. Echoing earlier comments, throughout the entire round I'll find myself on the tee pad thinking, 'I want to throw this disc, but this other disc is probably the better, safer shot'. If you do get a couple bogeys early in your round, you may find it hard to make up those strokes.

Other Thoughts:

Scrapyard is an interesting play. It mostly resembles Kilborne without having any open holes. Also, Kilborne does have more variety, more birdie chances.
- Scrapyard is tougher than first appears. Most of the time, I'll look at the scorecard at the end of the round and wonder how I shot so poorly. There aren't any blow up holes, just a lot of bogeys that add up over the 18.
- If you could wish something for a course, I'd bestow more elevation into this layout. You put this same course on rolling hills and it's a much better, more varied feel.
- Hole #13 is a nice touch with the split fairway. One of the only holes on the course you can play with different throws/shots. It's also one of the few holes that allows you to play aggressively. And, if you're an average player like me, it might be the last realistic chance at a 2 on your card baring some great shot making.
- In this part of town (east Charlotte/Union County), Scrapyard and Dry Creek in Monroe are your two best courses. There are a lot of beginner friendly courses in the area, so come here for the challenge.
- I've always known and referred to this park as Idlewild. It was hard to adjust to the course being called Scrapyard and not Idlewild. After playing THE Idlewild, I realized why the choice was made to give it a different name.
- Course is a solid 3.5 rating. If I weighed personal preference, I'd probably bump it down to a 3.0. I've never cared for lobster or most craft beers, but plenty of people do. The beauty of the Charlotte DGC is that there are so many fantastic courses in the area we can play those we like and still have plenty of variety.
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Chained Evil
Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 14.1 years 1131 played 232 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Scrapyard 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 27, 2018 Played the course:2-4 times


This course is a technical throwers dream and there are a lot of good lines that need to be hit here. It will challenge your shot shaping abilities as well as your mental game.
This course has a nice mix of short, moderate, and longer holes as well as both dog leg L and R playing holes.
The present elevation helps aid to the challenge but its not super steep.
The course flows logically and there are restrooms located by hole 1. There are trashcans and benches throughout the course as well.
The signage is good and the tees are ample.
Foot bridges here and there makes this course pretty cart friendly.
There are 2 water shots on hole 8 and 9 which add to the challenge. Some holes have 2 sets of pads to keep things interesting.
Hole 9's basket sits next to the water's edge so if you are playing from the left hand side of the hole and you run your putt you will want to sink it or just be a tick short. Going long could land you in the pond, good risk reward on this hole.
Hole 15 is super tight even though it is short and the basket sits on the slope of a hill. Staying on the high side will make your putt easier.
There is a nice wooden backstop behind 16's tee to protect that pad from errant throws on hole 15. I've not seen this at many courses and thought that was an excellent safety feature.


Not many but here are a few:
-Hard pack gets slick after a hard rain especially in the low lying areas
-a few of the transitions between holes are long like hole 9 to 10, not ridiculous but does slow the flow down a tad
-there are a few roots here or there that you might stub your to on. Pay attention.

Other Thoughts:

I was lucky enough to get to play this course twice at 2018 AM Worlds and I really enjoyed this course. It has a good variety of features that make for a solid course. I love the technical challenge and sprinkle in the elevation and the 2 water shots and this course is a fun play.
I would definitely play this course again if I were back in the area. I would also recommend it to others disc golfers as well as I'm sure they would find something here to challenge and please them at the same time.
I thought it was rather interesting that the funds raised to build this course was done by selling scrap metal. Whoever came up with this idea was onto something there and kudos to them.
Overall its a fun challenging course that will keep you on your mental and physical game and Scrapyard offers a nice variety of lines which makes for some solid golf.
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Experience: 45 played 8 reviews
4.50 star(s)

Home Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 24, 2018 Played the course:5+ times


So much Variety and shot shapes this course will test all the shot shapes in your game. Every hole has fair lines and have a unique flair to them that make them memorable.

The water carries are unique and fun

The course is really easy to navigate.


No real open holes on the course where you get to bomb.

Other Thoughts:

This course is overlooked in Charlotte for some reason.

It's not used for as many events and you rarely hear anyone talking about it or suggesting it as a place to go visit for out of towners but it's just as good as any other course in the area.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 13.8 years 91 played 91 reviews
3.50 star(s)

A Good, Solid Play 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 24, 2018 Played the course:once


Solid 18 hole technical wooded course located in an essentially disc golf exclusive area of a nice town park. Has good working baskets, quality signs and is easy to navigate. Adequate cement tee pads, with many holes containing an outer stone border around the front perimeter in case of overruns on the follow-through. Many holes have multiple tee pads. Good use of elevation with many holes offering a couple of different shot selections off the tee. Two water holes- always a great feature on any course- with long hole 8 a legitimate risk/reward hole in trying to clear the pond.


Tee pads, though perfectly good for most, might be considered a tad short to those preferring big run-ups. No real open holes appealing to the big arms. Erosion an issue, with many roots in fairways and around landing zones. Hole 9, though a good concept hole, provides no real landing area unless you park the shot; instead good drives roll down the slanted fairway. Hole 15 is ridiculously tight (albeit short) off the tee.

Other Thoughts:

Though it probably isn't in many people's top 3 favorite area courses, I liked The Scrapyard, a fun, relatively short technical course that nonetheless has some challenge to it without ever being overbearing. It shares similarities to Reedy Creek and a couple of other area wooded courses. Some have lamented the repetitive feel of Scrapyard, but I appreciate the no frills approach and fairness of the vast majority of the course. Another enjoyable playing experience in the Charlotte area.
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Bronze level trusted reviewer
Experience: 14.1 years 38 played 25 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Welcome Shade on a Hot Day 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 10, 2018 Played the course:once


GREAT tree canopy, for summer days in the 90s.
Makes you hit those lines - great practice if you're inconsistent like I am.
Really pretty multi-use park where other activities don't interfere with the disc golf course at all.
Challenging layout that still gives you the opportunity to score well.


No grip and rip holes (NOT a con for me, but I put it here for information purposes. I LIKE being able to reach par 3s from the tee)
Need some bigger trash cans (many holes only had a trash bag hanging on a tree or post).

Other Thoughts:

I finally played the Scrapyard this year, and I'm glad I did. I had a blast playing, and this may make my annual day of disc golf in Charlotte. I played the short tees, because I need to, and had a great time. The park is quiet, not crowded the day I was there. Still ran into a few groups playing - both let me play through, even though I was just as happy simply following them so I knew what line to hit. Proud of my birdie on 8.

Next time, I may try the long tee on 9 - that hole is TOUGH from the short pads, with the potential for rollaways. GREAT course, and I will definitely be playing here again.
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Mike C
Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 15.3 years 168 played 74 reviews
4.00 star(s)

One of Charlottes Better Courses 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 27, 2017 Played the course:once


- Very scenic. Most holes play through rolling hills full of tall, mature trees. Two water carry holes add to the scenery.

- Great variety between holes. The course does a good job of mixing left and right turning holes, using different types of elevation, varying hole lengths and pars, etc. You have long bombers, tight technical shots, and straight ace runs here. Everything from S curve Par 4's (#7), water carry shots (#8 & #9) to classic tunnel shots (#11 & 15).

- Great use of elevation. Very few holes are completely flat. There are many spots throughout the course where a minor slope really adds a lot to the hole. The bank on #9 makes the margin for error much smaller, and the downhill slope of #13's green makes an otherwise easy 250' shot require a little more strategy. Hole lengths are deceptive because many play longer or shorter than they suggest.

- Four par 4's. This puts it on the upper end of Par for courses in the area not named Nevin/Renny/Angry/Nest. Eastway longs feature 5, but IMO #3 is a par 3, so they're tied in my eyes. Both Eastway and Scrapyard feature more par 4's than RL, Winget, Reedy Creek, Kilborne etc., which is something I look for in a course. #7 and #17 are both really fun lines.

- Two water carry holes. Neither are long, both are under 300', so skilled players shouldn't have much of a risk of throwing in. #9 can be a little unforgiving in the summer though. There are few water carry holes in the Charlotte area, so it's a pretty distinctive feature. The views on 8 & 9 add some nice variety to what would otherwise be 18 holes through the woods.

- Minimal undergrowth on the sides of the fairway. This is one reason I score it higher than RL and Eastway. Both those courses have some incredibly bad spots when it comes to rough. #1-3 & #18 at RL, and #2, #3 & #13 at Eastway immediately come to mind. Every group round I've played at those two has us hunting for discs at some point, and that usually isn't the case at Scrapyard.


- Could stand to have a few more open holes for variety. Aside from the water holes, most of them are fairly tight & technical. They're good save for a couple filler holes, but there is a sense of repetitiveness to the terrain despite the holes varying length, elevation, direction etc. so well.

- No Par 5's or particularly strong signature holes are two of the reasons that keep it from being on the level of Angry Beaver / Renny Gold / Hornets Nest. It could also stand to have a bit more length if it were going to earn a higher rating from me.

Other Thoughts:

If I could rate this 3.75, I'd probably go with that.

For me Scrapyard is a bit more fun and interesting than most Charlotte 18 hole courses. The only ones I rate higher are Renny Gold, Hornets Nest, Nevin and Angry Beaver. I enjoy Scrapyard more than Eastway, Kilborne, Renske, Sugaw, RL, Winget etc., but a little less than the top four.

This is definitely a destination course. There are courses I'd go to first if you were playing in the Charlotte area for the first time, but not many. This would probably be rated in the 4-4.25 range in most areas of the country.

I enjoy pairing it with the short & open Mint Hill to unwind after a pretty technical 18. Nice to rip a few ace runs after likely contending with a few trees.
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3 6
Experience: 8 years 23 played 18 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Hiking/Disc Golf 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 24, 2017 Played the course:once


Concrete tee pads, decent baskets, slight elevation changes, clear fairways, not much chance of losing a disc except the water holes.


Signage to next tee is there but could use an upgrade, long walks between some tee pads, water collects after heavy rain, quite a few roots.

Other Thoughts:

This course was wet after the recent rain, but playable. The course seems to play longer on some holes than expected,neither good or bad. I didn't throw from the long tees on the water holes. I could probably make the distance, but wasn't willing to take the chance of an errant throw or wind. Losing $15.00+ isn't worth it to me. An interesting course with good basket placement requiring all your throws. It does feel like a hike through the woods with disc golf included.
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Experience: 11.3 years 40 played 14 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Great CLT course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Mar 19, 2017 Played the course:once


Not too long, not too short. Requires all the shots.

Rewards accuracy more than distance. Remember that.

Water holes are not difficult, but they're water, which is a fun challenge.

Very wooded but well-defined fairways.


Tee pads are short, which in most cases isn't a problem but you definitely notice.

Other Thoughts:

Can't wait to get back after the trees leaf out. *Almost* worth the long drive down 485 from the north side. :)
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Premium Member
Experience: 17 years 153 played 149 reviews
4.00 star(s)

The Scrapyard 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jan 5, 2016 Played the course:5+ times


The Scrapyard features wooded fairways with some tight gaps that require more finesse off the tee than your typical "Grip-and-Rip" courses. If you are an accurate thrower, you should be able to birdie any hole on this course. The course uses different angles to force you to pull out different shots off the tee if you want to finish under par. Especially if you decide to kick things up a notch and play from the longer tee pads. The red tees feel like an appropriate challenge for beginners & intermediate players and the long tees will present a fun/appropriate round for anyone looking for more of a challenge.

The fairways for this course are carved out of a nice, peaceful forest - with three Par 4s, one Par 5, and two water carries (which were pretty unique for Charlotte when this course was built), The Scrapyard manages to remain interesting during your playthrough. There is some new signage (for the 2018 Am Worlds) to help with navigation, that is really helpful, but navigation was never really a problem here to begin with.

The course is also being kept in great condition: the fairways are clear of roots and stumps, the underbrush off the fairways seems to have been beaten back, and there are plenty of benches and trash bags throughout the course. The concrete tees, tee signs, and baskets all seem to be in good condition as well. A few trash cans have been installed and signs posted to not tie trash bags to trees, which has made the course look a lot better!

It is nice to see the popularity of this course rise over the years, but it has never seemed very crowded to me. Fortunately, Idlewild Park, where it is located, has plenty of parking available. The Park also has a restroom facility and water fountains by Hole 1. If you only want to play 9 holes, or need to make a pitstop to the aforementioned restrooms/water fountains - there is a short trail that splits off from the transition from Hole 9 and 10, this traill will take you to the parking lot (it comes out behind Home Plate to the softball field).

There is a distinct lack of open holes on this course, and you will never really be required to tap down into your power for a big drive. Fortunately, you do get out from under the tree canopy in the middle of your round (thanks to Holes 8 & 9) to catch some sunlight.

EDIT: Many of my Cons have actually been addressed. Many holes have had new tees poured, or extended, others have had Long Tees put in, and Holes 7, 15, 16, & 17 have been made a touch tougher. TAlso, the random trash bags hanging from trees have all been removed. Overall the tweaks to the course have been incredible and make the course much more enjoyable!


The water carries on Holes 8 & 9 can be intimidating (especially Hole 8) to play as the margin for error becomes smaller. This has been especially true lately as the water seems to have been at the high water line for the past couple of years. When the water is low there is a little disc catching fence that was built for Hole 9's green. Last time I remember seeing it it looked functional, but had unfortunately been vandalized.

I am still not the biggest fan of the Short layout for Hole 9. I also wish the Long layout had it's basket all the way across the pond with the current Basket location available as a "safe" play.

As much as I love this course, due to the repetitive nature of the environment that it is located in, there aren't many "memorable holes". I don't feel like there are any inherently bad or filler holes on this course, but if I invited someone from out of town to play this course once - a year later they would probably only really remember Holes 8 & 9, the water carries.

The protective barrier by Hole 15's tee isn't attractive, but an understandable necessity. The one down by the now moved tee for Hole 16 can be removed though. And at least the Chicken Wire fence is less noticeable than wooden pallets.

Other Thoughts:

When I had heard that this course was being planned, I heard that it was going to be a partial course. So I was ecstatic when the course opened up as a Full 18. Which made it the closest course to my house that was a Full 18.

This course has had a lot of work done on it recently. That work has mostly addressed a lot of the issues that I had had with the course overall. The new long holes are a great way of making the two layouts actually feel like two different layouts. The redesigns around Holes 7, 15, 16, & 17 not only make the course feel like it has more bite to it, but also get rid of the tweener holes the course used to have in 16 & 17.

With this I am updating my score to a 4.0! If it had one more memorable hole, or if all the of the "signature" holes weren't all on top of each other, I think the course could be deserving of a 4.5 even.

Favorite Short Holes: 2, 7, & 14
Favorite Long Holes: 8, 9, & 17
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A walk through the woods 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 19, 2015 Played the course:once


Beautiful woods envelope this course and make for a great golfing experience. You really feel "out in the woods" when you're playing.

Well worn in and clear fairways make the golf lines apparent and easy to read the first time playing.

The 'rough' is well beaten down and now overbearing when the inevitable happens. However, when you get off line here, it can be very punishing and add strokes to your score.

Mild elevation change keeps this course from feeling monotonous. No crazy uphill or downhill shots, but some light rolling hills help mix things up a bit

The lake shots (8&9) are fantastic! Both have easy alternate shots for those afraid of losing a disc, or those players with limited distance. A very nice option to have as some players cannot throw the required distance to make the necessary shots.

Adequate signage. The new tee signs are beautiful and add to the play-ability and appeal of this course. From time to time finding the next tee can be vague, but there are some older signs still hanging around that help direct, and the beaten path combined with some common sense kept me from getting lost.

The layout of this course is well though out, covering a great deal of the park, utilizing the pond, and keeping the walk from tee to tee short enough. Also important, hole 18 ends you right where the course begins! Great work

The park itself is in what seems to be a nice area of town. A nice change from the "sketchier" areas of town where some courses are located. I never thought or worried about my car being broken into, or random strangers/homeless walking about. Also, maybe related maybe not, there was very little trash on the course, and hardly any graffitti or the like. A nice change


Few cons here, but they did keep my rating from being higher.

The course isn't one of those "uses every shot in your bag" layouts. Although there was a great deal of accuracy required, there wasn't a whole ton of variation from hole to hole.
Not a major con when it comes to the fun factor as I still thoroughly enjoyed playing here, but in my mind keeps this from being a 4+ rated course

Although I listed it in the Pros section, I can also list it here. The signage, specifically leading from one basket to the next tee, could use some improvement. I never got lost, but there are several tees that are close to eachother, and a few that are a longer walk. At times it could be clearer where to go. But, like I mentioned in the Pros, some common sense and patience will keep you from getting lost here

Short (sometimes) tee pads. I'm not sure if all the tee pads are the same length and I only noticed it on some holes, but either way I found myself starting behind the pad to allow my run up enough room.

Other Thoughts:

This course is a blast to play. With accuracy being the more important aspect here (instead of distance) this course really suits my playing style. Well placed shots will be rewarded, and pars should be easily attainable.

There are a handful of par 4's which break up the par 3 par 3 par 3 theme, and hole 8 and 9 are "memorable" holes.

If you're visiting the Charlotte area, I would add this to the list of courses to play. And if you're a local, don't hesitate to play a few rounds here!
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Somebody Wrecked It. Literally. (Not Me) 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 30, 2015 Played the course:once


The Scrapyard has a lot of good aspects, with a good layout, a little elevation, a little water, and concrete tees and nice baskets throughout. There were a four par 4 holes, two on the front nine and two on the back (4, 7, 16, and17). The whole course is wooded, but many of the fairways are sufficiently cleared to see the basket, and have a good chance for a good drive. However, there are a couple of them that have narrow gaps and are tightly wooded, and a couple that have doglegs or sharp bends. Some but not all will dual tees, and some also have random chairs and benches. I liked the first hole, it was a kind of hard turn over shot for a RHBH, a little downhill and basket on the right with a 320 par 3. I played the long tees, and put my first shot about 40 feet from the basket. A good start that came to a screeching halt on hole 2, with me taking a double bogey after shanking my drive, and leaving a fairly easy approach shot short. I also made a bogey on hole 3. I was afraid this was going to turn into a long day, but the balance started to return, and I got one back with a birdie on hole 7. A group of four was ahead of me, and offered to let me play through, on a tough 500' par 4 with a dogleg right. One of the pleasant occasions I have executed a perfect drive, followed by a laser straight approach and banged out the 16 foot put, while people observe from the fairway. Sometimes that goes the other way, nice to be on the upside. Holes 8 and 9 are the water holes, and both were pretty fun. 8 is a bit downhill from the long tee, and coming out of several trees. I looked like the water was fairly low and only a short stretch of the fairway was across the water, still leaving plenty of landing room in front of the pin. My drive was turned over a bit to the right, but still was dry and close enough for a par. 9 was over water all the way from the long tee, and a way tougher margin for error. The basket is on a dam that creates the pond, with a steep drop behind the pin, and a slim berm in front. There is a small backstop fence along the edge of the water to catch a drive that lands in front of the pin and rolls back. I got the landing spot I was aiming for and had a 20' birdie putt, but it was about an inch short and hopped out off the front rim of the basket. 11 hit me for another double bogey, and an embarrassing display of incompetence. I also ended with a bogey on 18, and wound up with a 63 (5 over par). What I enjoyed about this course was the fairly obvious fairways, where if you can't see the basket on a long hole you still have a good idea where the fairway leads and the pin is going to be in the blind. There are also some nice, but very simple, straight forward and more accessible holes. The layout was pretty good with converging (nearly) 9's, and about having signs and markers between holes. The map link was good if you want to print a course map. There are trash bags,but some of them getting pretty full and one was dumped out on the first fairway. Other than that mostly pretty clean.


There were tees that were usually shorter than I would have liked. My run up was affected by this a couple of times. Sunshine (my girl/scorekeeper/spotter) and I were having a cigarette in the parking lot before driving home, and we heard loud squealing tires followed by a bang! A car had skidded off the road right in front of the park entrance. I looked like everyone was OK, but the car didn't fare well. It was going from one scrapyard to another I'm pretty sure. A fire truck was arriving just as we left, and police cars were not far behind that.

Other Thoughts:

This isn't the toughest course, but isn't a boring one either. Besides the car wreck, and my typical day after concert weariness costing me strokes on a couple of holes, I really enjoyed my round at the Scrapyard. I played nearby Dry Creek the day before, and would recommend Scrapyard if you are choosing between the two, but the course ratings would slightly disagree. Both are very good but different, the shaded woodsy surroundings, water and elevation aspects make Idlewild park favorable to me. A sign posted at the park entrance claims that uniformed police and undercover officers patrol the park. Didn't spot any, but who knows?
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The Scrap (Where I played like crap) 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 22, 2014 Played the course:once


-I never made time to play this course and in the CAC, let's just say I paid for it. The course actually gave me a wedgie and I wore my underwear over my head at Dry Creek after my round here. This is a good course in a good park. If the baseball fields are empty, you can warm up in the fields. This course is all wooded so you must hit your line or you will shoot a +12 like I did.
-Well defined fairways on this course. Hole 15 is super narrow but the short distance makes up for it. Some can be hard to hit because the fairways are very diverse. You don't know what you will get but they are all fair.
-There is a practice basket on your way to hole 1 beside the parking lot in the woods. Walk up a little further and you will find hole 1. There are also amenities. Trash bags on almost every hole if not all, there are bathrooms beside hole 1 and benches on almost every hole.
-This isn't hard to navigate. Sure, there are a few fairly long transitions but there are next tee signs. Just follow the wider paths. For instance, the transition from 6 to 7 could be considered "difficult." So go down the WIDER path after hole 6.
-I love both of the water holes. My favorite hole was #8 but I think #9 is easily the signature hole. #8 from the short is a fun ace run with a nice water carry and from the long tee, it has that Buckhorn feeling to it. It's 300 feet from the long so you will need a good 280+ shot over the pond. #9 is a harder hole. You only play over the water from the long tee. It's a fun hyzer shot over the pond. It definitely requires a long driver throw from the long tee and there is a steep drop off near 20' down left of the basket. The short tee is just a righty flick in the woods.
-Good length variety on this course. There are a few holes <200' and there is one right at 500'. #7 is the longest hole at 500', it's the hole that requires the most accuracy. It's long and very tough.
-There is some elevation out here. Not very much but some. #4 is the hardest hole in my book. The drive is quite a bit uphill so the hole plays longer than 432' and the fairway does turn left but you still don't want to throw a driver. The woods are more difficult on this hole.


-Most of the holes are just good at the best. Only #8 and #9 were the really fun holes out here. I'm not saying those were the only two I liked but in 20 years from now, if someone were to ask me "Remember Idlewild Park?" I'd probably just say "Oh yeah, the Scrapyard."
-The water can get up pretty high. If you throw a disc in the water, you will really want to pay attention to wear it landed because if it landed more than 10 feet from the fairway, you won't see it. You will have to FEEL it. Don't get confused with a rock.
-Fairways are fair but that doesn't mean it would hurt to chop a few down. #12 needs a couple chopped down because the fairway is very odd. It would be good if a couple were chopped down too on #18.
-It's just too hard on rollers. Even some of the trees will cause rollers. The drop offs can be very unforgiving.
-Few filler holes here. #9 short is definitely disappointing. It's just a short ace run in the woods. If you play the shorts. I recommend you just play the long tee on this hole.
-The tee pads could be longer and a few are raised. I really don't like raised tee pads. Especially #10's. If you have a huge run up like I do, you will not be satisfied.

Other Thoughts:

-This is a good course in South Charlotte. Worth the play if you live around Charlotte. If you are just visiting, I recommend you play something else because there are so many more courses in Charlotte that have lots of variety. You do get to play holes 8 and 9 though but they are the only stand outs here and they are both of the water holes. I think you will leave happy here if you play Idlewild but you may be disappointed if you really want variety. If that is what you want, play Dry Creek, or Angry Beaver. They got so much more variety than Idlewild. However, I do not recall any holes here that I disliked. None of them are actually bad like there are at most courses.
-I do wish I played this course sooner than I did, I just never made the time to play it. Definitely find time to play here if you live around Charlotte, you might really love it. I liked it but wanted a little more.
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It's my home and I love it... 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Feb 8, 2014 Played the course:5+ times


In a nice park in a nice area of town

Water fountains and a place to put the water when you're done with it ( bathrooms ) right at the start and end of the course.

Nice hole shape variety and mild elevation.

It requires good shot placement and line shaping off the tee to score well.

Softball fields for warming up

Nice practice basket right by hole 1

Navigation is easy for the most part with only a few long transitions. 4->5, 16->17 standing out as 'long'.

Hole 18 finishes right near where hole 1 starts.

Multiple tees on holes 1, 8, 9, 10, 17 ( additional pads are being put in slowly but surely )

Pretty clean despite having no trashcans

Benches on holes 1, 2, 3, 5( sort of), 8, 9, 10, 13, 14 and 18

2 water holes! ( with caveats see cons )

Lots of exceptional holes 4, 7, 14, 16, 17, 18

Few, if any throwaway holes. ( I'm looking at you 15 )


Still some new course blues in the form of lots of little stumps in fairways and occasional punishing rough.

Some of the debris piles leftover from the build are rather close to fairways, leading to occasional 'dangerous' lies.

Can get muddy, but Charlotte is something like 10 inches above average for rain fall right now, so most courses around here are muddy in spots.

May eventually have erosion issues on holes notably 9 and 12, possibly 3 as well

Terrain is not roller friendly

For those that prefer open holes, you will be miserable. The only really open shot on the course is hole 9 and that doesn't count!( see below ).

Occasional locals walking their dogs the wrong way up the fairway. This has gotten better as time as passed. I've even convinced a few of them to try disc golf.

There's no real 9 hole loop. you can get to the parking lot for the course right after 9, but it's a bit of a walk back to the car if you park close to hole 1 ( waah ).

Shortish, raised teepads:
I know that this is a frequent complaint about this course, so I don't want to beat that particular horse much more but...
I have fallen off the end of them more times than I can count. It has had the effect of forcing me to think about footwork more and this is a good thing. I've learned to start my x-step from behind the pad, but this makes it really difficult to be consistent with it.
I think that this is almost an "artificial" difficulty that penalizes certain types of player. I can see the validity of arguments that claim that a really good player should be able to adjust, and those arguments are right.
My counter argument is that in my opinion, teepads are supposed to provide a consistent 'safe' surface from which to start the hole. They shouldn't be an obstacle to be overcome like a high basket or fast green. I don't think that this was the designers intention either.
That being said, there have been some efforts made to at least get most of them level with the surrounding ground.

Hole 9 long.
I've lost more discs trying to birdie this hole than I have birdied this hole. This is a 289 foot open shot across water. The water carry is about 90% of the distance to the fairway with the basket placed on the upper slope of a steep 20 foot hill that drops of behind the pond. The landing zone is about 5 feet wide, set on the top of a 5 foot embankment that rises sharply out of the water.
If you hit the landing zone, you will probably skip down into the ravine. If you overshoot, you are in the ravine. If you come up short, you will roll into the water.
A short fence was added to keep discs that hit the front of the embankment from rolling into the water.
This has the effect of making sure that if you are a little bit short, the fence will slap you down and you will be in the water.
There is also a good bit of erosion happening there.
That being said, I have witnessed Sara Hokom park it, so maybe it's me.
I don't skip it, I just overshoot it and putt pack up for a three. The only reason I feel so strongly about it is that it sticks out as weird on this course since the rest of it is so solid.
I've talked with the designer about it and he says that he has considered building the green up similar to Renny #3. I would love to help and I hope that it happens.

Other Thoughts:

I see a LOT of new players here. And I see them keep coming back. This course is not Nevin hard, but it's not Reedy easy either.
I would put it somewhere behind Hornets Nest and above Shugaw in difficulty.
I think it says something about a course that this type of player keeps coming back for more, especially when there are other, easier options available to them in the immediate area.

Despite there not being a 9 hole loop, you can skip from 4 to 11 and then go from 12-3 and repeat. I do this when I'm short on time. I can repeat it and play til the last vestiges of sunshine are dying and hump it back to the parking lot in time to hopefully not annoy the park staff too much.

Despite my rants about teepads and Hole 9, I love this course. It's perfect for a semi-serious fat dude like me.
It's not so long that it becomes a death march by hole 10, and it's terrain is mild enough to be interesting without requiring that I have a sherpa guide.

It's challenging enough that I don't get bored playing it several times a week.
It's a great course to work on if you want to move past being an average skilled casual player:

Hole 4 has taught me more about control and placement than the entirety of Reedy Creek, Shugaw and Killborne put together.

Hole 7 has taught me what fairway drivers are for. It's the only hole I've ever played where I throw a Comet off the tee and a Valk on my second shot.

Hole 15 is just evil. I haven't learned it's lesson yet, but I have high hopes.

It's overall design language makes for a mean yet loving instructor whose primary lesson is that you don't need to rip every drive at %100.

It's difficulty is right in line with my abilities and athletic conditioning in that I can shoot really well here on a good day, and have the worst round of my life on a bad one. I love it and am grateful for all of the work that it took and takes for me to have it.
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Good Track 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 19, 2014 Played the course:once


Tee pads, well signed, great wooded technical holes. Plenty of benches.


Both water holes looked contrived (man made lake?). There was also one par 3 on the back which was extremely narrow, so both my father and I threw left and down into a prickly wooded area, and then back up the bank--we both easily made par (doubtful that would have been the case with the "head on" route), but it felt like a lot of trouble to go through just to get a 3! Trash bags tied to the benches, which is better than nothing, but one could envision some animal tearing into them at night and making a mess.
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Hector Chain
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2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Dec 19, 2013 Played the course:once


Scrapyard is a succession of wooded holes of varying lengths and tightness. The longer par 4s are challenging and remind you to stick carefully to the fairway, much like Nevin or the wooded holes at Hornet's Nest. The shorter holes are tough birdies and force you to hit a particular line, but pars are not hard to come by if your placement is good.
There are two water carries, which is pretty rare in these parts. Hole 8 is not a difficult throw across, and even a solid Rec player with decent accuracy should be able to make it across. Hole 9 is a longer carry to the basket perched on a sort of earthen dam about 10 feet from the shore. It is a fun, longer ace run for RHBH players, although a birdie is pretty tough (and maybe unlikely) due to the steep slope to the left of the basket. Both water holes have shorter tee pads that avoid the water carries, if you are nervous.
I liked some of the longer holes that opened up into lightly wooded fairways, the kind that offer you multiple lines of varying difficulty. These are the ones that are fun to replay.
Tee pads are concrete. I think I looked at the map once or twice, but navigation was generally fine.


The rough here was pretty bad. On one hole my turnover shot didn't turn over and just went straight into the rough, maybe 20 feet. I took a 6 on that hole because it took three shots to get out of the rough. It was a drive that deserved to be punished, but not with three strokes. It's inevitable that you'll end up in the rough at some point, and this kind of punishment (not to mention the thorny, physical punishment) takes some of the fun out of a round.
Other than the two water holes, there weren't a lot of memorable holes. Lots of good, solid holes, but nothing that really sticks out. There is very little elevation, open space, or anything else that makes the holes look or feel different.

Other Thoughts:

This is a solid course and will work your technical game. I thought the fun factor here was a bit less than most of the other Charlotte courses I played, but that is only because the bar is set so high in the area. This would be the best local course in many parts of the country. There are a lot of similarly rated courses on this side of town, so it's easy enough to pair with several other places for a good day of disc golf.
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Solid Everyday Course 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 16, 2013 Played the course:once


The Scrapyard may be the best everyday course in Charlotte. By that I don't mean it's the best course, or that I would play it everyday. I mean if I was local to the area, it is the one I could play several times a week. Courses like Renaissance may be better but they are more like a treat. A once-in-a-while reward. (And part of that reward is complete exhaustion.) The Scrapyard is the course I want to play regularly.

This is just a solid, solid course. Tight lines down wooded fairways. Narrow but fair lines. The trees line the fairways here and they tend not to pop up in the middle. It's technical golf in the Carolina woods, as it should be. Hit the line: score well. Miss, even slightly and you'll feel it on your scorecard.

It's long for a course that is almost entirely woods, but it's not too long. There are for par-fours, ranging from 400-500 feet, but nothing longer than that. Half the holes are under 300 feet, though only one is less than 250. It's a good length to emphasize the technical nature of the setting and while it skips too-short, wasted holes, it doesn't have the drag-you-down-and-spit-you-out holes either. (Not that I don't like that type of hole, but sometimes I'd like a quicker round.)

Tee Scrapyard also has great flow, with intuitive transitions and short walks between holes. That last part is key if this is going to be an every day course. I don't mind walking a ways tofind great holes, but a course that sports solid hole after solid hole, with minimal walk in-between(and thus shorter play times) is just a treasure.

It's even got water. There is a small pond that is carried twice. 8 is the short, easy carry, which is a lot of fun. It's an easy shot on its face, but water always complicates things. The second, tougher and more interesting throw is 9. It's 289 feet to the basket but with the shape of the water, you can throw less and make it across. The best part is the knee-high fence that lines the edge, eliminating the frustrating experience of making the carry, only to watch the disc roll into the water.

Really, it's just a solid, playable design featuring hole after hole of places where "I want to throw a disc down that fairway." I'd more than recommend it to fellow visitors to Charlotte and if I was local, I think this would be the course I played the most.


While it's a solid course, it's not a spectacular one. There aren't any signature holes really. I liked all 18 but I didn't love any. There are no holes that I'm going to remember, whereas most of the big Charlotte courses have at least one. Even the water holes aren't particularly notable water holed. It's a solid day of disc golf at the Scrapyard but it's not really an experience, if you will.

What else might I have wanted? A little more elevation maybe. It's relatively flat. It's technical enough without it, but it would be nice. Perhaps slightly bigger tee pads for some of the throws required.

I could also see the conditions being not great in the summer. It's pretty out there in the woods and that pond has to breed some insects. And judging by the insane amount of fallen leaves, I'm guessing the foliage gets pretty dense. I saw perfect conditions in the autumn.

Other Thoughts:

If you're local and not playing this course already, you are already doing something wrong. If you're a visitor, I can't promise a life-changing experience here. But if you want a solid course that plays a little quicker in between rounds at some of the destination courses in the area, you won't do better than the Scrapyard.
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