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Tipp City, OH

Tipp City DGC

Permanent course
3.055(based on 10 reviews)
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Tipp City DGC reviews

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Silver level trusted reviewer
Experience: 24.5 years 78 played 58 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Tipp City's contribution to Dayton disc golf

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 23, 2024 Played the course:once


-Concrete tee pads
-Useful and accurate tee signs
-Discatcher baskets in good repair with hole numbers on them
-Course is a mix of wide open park golf with long holes and very tight and short wooded holes
-Lots of parking
-Small amounts of water in play, but would require some creativity to get your disc wet
-Good use of available obstacles for open holes.


-Wayfinding was challenging, even with GPS. There are a few holes that are far from the previous, and are easy to miss the first time around. "Next hole" markers on the baskets would go a long way
-Did not see any water or bathrooms near the course, but there are other parts of the park that may have them
-The long, wide open holes weren't very engaging, and the technical wooded holes were almost too short. I would appreciate these wooded holes being extended to allow for full power shot shaping

Other Thoughts:

This is an overall good course that loses marks because of it's confusing layout. The long walks between some of the holes aren't very clearly marked and make it challenging for visitors. That being said, there is a variety of shots in play and you can air out your discs on some long bombers as well as playing the finesse line through the trees. Truly a good overall course, but can be brutal in the 90°+ weather I played it in.
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Bronze level trusted reviewer
Experience: 15 played 14 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Good mix of open-bombers and technicality 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 22, 2021 Played the course:once


+ Well upkept fairways.
+ The tall grass 'rough' in the field holes isn't actually that tall. A plus in itself - a good search should find most errant throws.
+ Concrete tee pads.
+ Some technical shots required.
+ Good navigation (for the most part).
+ Friendly locals.
+ Unlikely to lose a disc here except possibly in the case of Holes 14, 15, 17, and 18.
+ Course is essentially two 9-hole loops that end near the parking lot.
+ Baskets (Innova Discatchers) are in great condition.


- Hole 1 plays next to the parking lot. Try not to park near the basket location.
- Walks between Holes 3 and 4, as well as 13 and 14 are on the longer side.
- Hole 4's tee sign is misleading. While it tells you it's a straight shot through the baseball fields, the entire hole was moved and is now a technical straight shot to the right of the bike path. An updated tee sign would help in this regard.
- Some of the holes play along the bike path, which can get used frequently. Watch for bikers and other people before teeing off.
- Hole 8 tees off (essentially) in the middle of a road where cars may pull in to park (there is another parking lot next to it). While it wasn't busy when I went, on busier days I could see there being issues between disc golfers and cars trying to pull through there into the parking lot.
- Navigation to Holes 12-14 from the previous basket can be tricky without a map.
- Near Hole 18's tee pad is an errant young sapling/tree stump. Watch your footing so as not to accidentally trip on it, as I almost did.

Other Thoughts:

- Parking: Plenty.
- Restrooms: There is one on the walk from Hole 3 to 4. Unsure if it's usually open though - on both sides there's a code lock on the door (both just happened to be hanging open though), and it's in a building for the baseball stadiums.
- Running water: There is a drinking fountain at the restroom. Unsure if it runs.
- Benches: At least one in the park in general, but none on the course itself.
- Trash cans: None that I saw.
- Bag holders: None.
- Tee signs: Newer tee signs showing a map of the hole, par, distance, and directions to the next tee.
- Next tee/direction signs: None - only on the tee signs. Have a map ready.
- Wheelchair/cart friendly: Mostly - not sure about the more technical holes.
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Gold level trusted reviewer
Experience: 6.3 years 153 played 36 reviews
3.00 star(s)

The long and short of it... 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 6, 2021 Played the course:once



An interesting combination of long and short holes in a very well maintained city park setting with ample parking. About half open field shots, half wooded shots, but with clear fairways.

Both long and short holes, to challenge both driver distance and accuracy in the woods.
The woods are not too thick. The fairways are fair with easy to see lines. Rough is not too rough (in April anyway).
Nice teepads and baskets. Signs are adequate too.
Ample parking, disc loss risk is low overall.


A dearth of holes (only 4) between 200' and 350'. Strange.
No benches and few trashcans.
Bike path gets a LOT of use, and some riders are > 20MPH.
No standout holes, most are straight in front of you. Course the PRO to that is nearly all baskets can be seen from the teepad, except for two tucked behind a spruce tree.

Other Thoughts:

Teepads--Concrete, brand new, great shape.
Baskets--Innova Discathers, good shape.
# holes--18.
Setting--Large multi-use park. Several holes adjoin a bike path, so use caution there. Aquatic park, ballfields, and large city park are next to course as well.
Distance of holes--This was strange. There are only 4 holes between about 200' and 350' on this course. One of those is a 240' throwaway wide open field shot. 6 holes are 350'+ field shots with few trees, though O/B and/or treelines are present which do prevent a bunch of wide hyzers. The rest are 200' or less woods shots, mostly straight with small fades needed right or left at the end.
Free/pay to play, type of course--Free, public park.
Ease of getting to--Very easy.

Parking--Abundant, but don't park too close to basket one--I might be playing that day…
Bathrooms--None at the course itself, but some nearby.
Water/food nearby--Anything you want in town, minutes away.
Clubhouse/disc shop--No.
Trash cans--couple here and there thru the park.
Bag holders--No.
Tee signs--Adequate, though some of the distances seemed a bit off.
Next tee direction/signs--On the tee signs, not the baskets, course map recommended.
Wheelchair/cart friendly--No (except the field holes), Yes.


Shot variety--Several long bomber shots, some lined with trees or O/B (parking areas) on the right or left, which do force some shot shaping. The others are just straight field shots, few trees. The woods holes are mostly short and fairly straight shots. One could play the all the woods holes with a Roc. Couple turnover or forehand shots, but even just plain straight shots gets you to within 20' on most every green.
Layout, long walks (inc back to car), loops--One large loop that crosses itself like a figure 8. A couple 200' or so walks, nothing major. Hole 4 tee sign still shows old layout. It's a very short tunnel shot now.
Ease of finding next tee--Directions are on tee sign, not basket, so don't forget to look. An online map is suggested.
General difficulty--Woods holes are quite straightforward, especially if you can throw straight 175' or so. The field holes will be tough birdies for those with less than 325' arms. But easy pars anyway. No real hard pars unless you go O/B.
Mud/water issues--Not this day, but I can see where it could be in the woods some if it has rained a lot.
Water or O/B to contend with--Several holes have parking area/road O/B. Three of the woods have water so be careful there, especially hole 14--a short straight shot, but 30' past the basket is a 8' high cliff and pond beyond. Without swimming, that would be a tough retrieval.
Difficult rough/lost disc risk--Very low except for the 3 water holes just mentioned.
Scrape/scratch risk--Pretty low, but the woods holes probably get some brambles in the summer.
How busy was course/park--The park had folks, including the infamous ball golfer who pitches around the first few holes, but he quietly moved aside whenever he was in the way. No issues with him. The course had a couple others playing on a beautiful weekday afternoon--so not crowded given the weather.


Fun/enjoyment factor, would I play again? Yes, though the dichotomy of long/short holes is a little strange. The course is very well maintained and pleasant overall.
Who will this course challenge? Long holes--most of us non-Simon arms. Woods holes--fun to try to hit a couple of the smaller gaps.
Is it worth a drive? Yes, 60-90 minutes perhaps.
Anything unique? Not really, though the stream on 18 is very scenic.
Would be a half star higher with--a few benches, trashcans, signage at baskets, a few more holes in the 200'--350' range.

I am in my 50s, 70 or so courses played, 875ish.
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Experience: 28.1 years 105 played 3 reviews
3.50 star(s)

Underrated for sure! 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Apr 20, 2018 Played the course:5+ times


Super fun course
Good mix of types of holes. long ones and technical ones too.
Plenty of opportunity to air it out
Bombers are not just RHBH hyzers. Gotta anny and hyzerflip
Nice flow, except to hole 4
Great signage.
Several ace runs
Not busy and lots of parking
Well kept grassy fairways with mature trees
Pretty with nice scenery, a winding river, and a classic red barn.


Very little to no elevation
Natural teepads. If concrete It would be 3.75 if possible
Hole 11 is a boring throw-away 240' open hole.
Walk after hole 3 and 12 throws you off.
They close the gate in winter so gotta start on hole 7
The rough on hole 7 is surprisingly nasty.
Hole 17 gets very muddy after rain. Yuk!
Some idiots park near hole 1's basket sometime. GRRR!!

Other Thoughts:

Overall its a great course that is fun and VERY underrated. Hole 17 along the water does get muddy after rain, so just go when its dry. Just because it's flat, north of town, and lacks cement teepads it gets overlooked. Big mistake. Let me elaborate (RHBH)

Hole 1 is kinda unique. Go between the trees with a low ceiling laser and skip up the parking lot or bust out a huuuge hyzer forehand to reach the green. My forehand sucks so I only have a real option here. 313'

Hole 2 is a crush. Not only is it 446', but its slightly uphill so it plays more like 465' and the right side of the fairway is lined with thick trees so you cant just hyzerbomb like you would normally want to. You gotta annie on a hyzer-flip to even get a put for birdie.

Hole 3 is 397' wide open till you get to a protected green guarded by 3 big pines on all sides. There always seems to be a headwind on this hole. Almost 400' is no small feat and you must get it to wiggle thru the trees to the pin.

Hole 4 is redesigned. (I liked the old one BTW). Its a shorter tight line in the woods now. Either hit a small gap or you are scrambling for par.

Hole 5 is a short and tight ace run. Very fun.

Hole 6 is a 206' annie ace run. Trees along the right side so no hyzer available.

Hole 7's basket is hidden up on a ridge in between monster pines. Overshoot this one an you're in jail. Dont believe me? Try it. Nasty and surprisingly deep little ditch with thick thick rough.

Hole 8 is another CRUSH. 530'! Another one with a big tree on the right so you gotta annie-flex or hyzer flip to have a decent approach on a guarded basket. Nobody birdies this one. Par feels good, like a birdie.

Hole 9 is just plain fun if you like to air it out. 350' with an unusual set of foul-poles to avoid. Dont turn it over into jail across the street. Pin protected by small trees.

Hole 10 feels much longer than it actually is bc you need a lot of fade to get to the pin after a long row of trees on the left. Cant see the pin from the tee.

Yes yes Hole 11 is boring. Wide open 240'. If you dont park your Buzzz or Roc3, you feel dumb. That in itself adds a little pressure and therefore fun to an otherwise stupid and forgettable hole. .

Hole 12 is one of the more challenging 150' holes you will come across. Either hit a very tiny gap down the fairway or skip it off the bikepath with an aggressive overstable hyzer. (think Nuke OS or Firebird) Very protected pin. Birdie still feels good on this one.

Hole 13 is sweet. 300' tunnel shot. Tight hyzer route is available for the forehand. (not my forehand tho)

Hole 14 is a short ace run. The classic red barn and river right behind the basket makes this one ok. Still fun. Best chance for an ace on this one.

Hole 15 is a fun tunnel shot with a Buzzz. Death to the right in a murky pond. Dont go in there. Bye bye disc.

Hole 16 is shorter but you have to hit a low ceiling gap to make to green. Ace run if you throw it fast enough. Try a Buzzz SS if you have one. If you dont, go buy one!

Yes yes Hole 17 and the walk up to it can get very muddy after rain. Yeah if its muddy, it sucks. On dry days its a fun hole. Aim for the dirt 2/3 the way down the fairway. Tunnel shot the entire way. Just avoid the roots if you can. Dont hit an early tree and dont overshoot this one into the river.

Hole 18 is a very short but heavily wooded tester. Used to be able to hit the basket on a perfect shot but that original teepad eroded into the nearby river. Now its a tougher look.

UPDATE: 2020- This course now has CONCRETE teepads,
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Silver level trusted reviewer
Experience: 11.1 years 250 played 42 reviews
4.00 star(s)

Fun course! 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 21, 2016 Played the course:once


Good mix of tight and open holes. Most shots are friendly to both forearmers and backhanders. Great tee signs and easy to navigate for the most part if you have a map. I played this course for the first time during a lunch break and with some jogging in between played all 18 in 35 minutes.


Hole 4 has been moved from the location on the map. This was probably REALLY smart because there is no lane at all to play it on in what was likely it's old position between the baseball fields.

NOW- hole 4 plays in front of hole 5. When you finish hole 3, walk west towards the cement walking path. The tee pad for hole 4 is on the far side of the walking path.

Also, the path to hole 13 needs to be marked better. Without a map I would not have found it.

Other Thoughts:

Overall a really fun course!
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Experience: 10.2 years 121 played 10 reviews
2.00 star(s)

Needs work 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Sep 24, 2015 Played the course:once


- A few good ace runs
-Nice Tee Signs
-Since its a city park, grass is frequently mowed
-Not much chance of losing discs


-Grass/dirt tees are a major drawback
-Some of the holes need tree branches trimmed (especially #16).
-Agree with the other reviews that hole #4 needs moved. Unless you have a really strong arm, it's impossible to play the hole as a par 3. With the ball fields OB, and the trees blocking the inbounds, it plays like a par 5. If any ball games are being played, you would have no choice but to skip the hole.

Other Thoughts:

Many holes play through open fields. Could use some direction signs to the next tee in many places...or simply put some arrow stickers on the poles like other courses have pointing to the next tee. I had to keep the map open on my phone to find several of the tees. Overall, a decent course geared toward a recreational to mid-level player.
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Experience: 14.5 years 54 played 10 reviews
2.50 star(s)

Different 2+ years

Reviewed: Updated: Played on:Jul 16, 2014 Played the course:5+ times


-Tee signs installed
-A few beautiful looking ace runs


That is really about it for the nice things. This course has a lot of flaws, so I will go over the few main sticking points in my head.

-No concrete tee pads. This is a major detractor. Even the slightest bit of rain would make it unplayable do to the grass/dirt tee boxes.

-Course layout (especially #4). Even if concrete was poured for tee pads, the fact that #4 plays through a spectating space for the baseball fields is absolutely absurd. How would someone seasoned in playing disc golf designing this course do that? Secondly the "technical-ness" of the back 9 was refreshing but a lot of the holes where under 200 feet. Yes you had to hit a line but with the holes being so short there was no fight between arm strength and control to make it challenging for me being a beginner/intermediate player.

Other Thoughts:

All in all there needs to be a multiplicity of changes to this course and would behoove the "powers to be" to look into redesigning. Making the back 9 longer, fixing #4 (however that may be), and getting away of a few throw away holes on the front 9 would do a lot of good. The space is beautiful and has more potential than most realize, but it was probably the worse execution I have seen...
Edit 11/13/2017: Upgraded rating from 1.5 to 2.5 for moving hole 4 out from the ball fileds!
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Experience: 1 played 1 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Overall not bad 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Apr 27, 2014 Played the course:once


A nice course map and scorecard are provided at Hole #1. Tees are well marked with detailed signs. Liked the more technical wooded holes on the back 9.


Not a fan of grass tees but wasn't a huge issue on the day I played because it was dry. Front 9 is shared with the majority of the park with some tees on the parking lot. Wasn't an issue on the day I played but if the park is busy you would more than likely have to skip a couple holes.

Other Thoughts:

Overall I though this was a good course. It's always fun to play a new course that is local. The park was not busy the day I played so a lot of the cons were minimal. Really liked the short holes on the back 9 that played along the water. Will play again, thanks...
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Diamond level trusted reviewer
Experience: 12.9 years 400 played 385 reviews
3.00 star(s)

Unexpected Variety 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jan 19, 2014 Played the course:once


Actually located in the (easy access from I-75) Tipp City park with a sign saying "Tippecanoe Family Aquatic Center", this brand new disc golf course has 18 of the top of the line, brand new, three tier, Innova DisCatcher baskets, and a variety of hole lengths and challenges. Presently, there are simple, numbered tee posts for each hole, but the course Facebook page indicates signage has been ordered for installation in the spring, and tee pads are planned as well.

The course itself has eight wide open holes, six or seven that must be considered extremely tightly wooded, a couple in between, and one hole that probably will need to be redesigned (see cons). There is plenty of opportunity for bigger arms to gain strokes on the technical guys (four holes 397' to 530'), but there are an equal number of chances for the precision guys to get strokes back from them, as well (six wooded shorties ranging from 141' to 206'). There is a good variety of challenges here for the Recreational to Intermediate disc golfer. And one can easily imagine one of the great levelers for tourney scores might come if/when you have to play here on a windy day!

There are next tee notes on the baskets right now wherever needed, so you will not get lost (especially if you've brought the map). You're not really likely to lose a disc on this course, as the pond adjacent to holes 14 and 15 really doesn't come into play, and the wooded lanes are relatively well defined.

The park has tons of amenities, from the aquatic park, the sports fields, the great bike trail, hiking paths, restrooms, ample parking, etc. Being a new course, there aren't yet benches or trash cans, but the park is well-kept nonetheless. They've actually done a really decent job of putting in a scenic and decently fun course with the lack of elevation available in this park (I'm sure they would give anything to have a hill or two to work with).


The biggest challenge on the course is clearly hole 4. It plays over 400 feet right down the gap between the baseball fields, with a couple of shade trees between all the chain link fencing. There is no chance this will be safe if other park users are here. You even cross the 10th fairway to get there. I hope they look at other options before pouring a tee pad (see other thoughts). Hole 10 has the possibility of throwing around the bend blind to where non-players might be walking to the restroom. Not necessarily a con, but the short fairway on hole 12 ends with trees before you actually reach the 'green', keeping a birdie possible, but the ace run really, really, really unlikely.

Other Thoughts:

Hole by hole, #1 is a medium length shot that fades right at the end of the drive around a drainage ditch and a line of trees. #2 plays long at the back of the park to an open basket, and #3 angles to the middle of the space in a cluster of three mature trees. #4 is long and troublesome, while #5 and 6 play fairly straight and short down a couple of treed lines, with a drainage run if you go long on 6. #7 fades to the left in the pines, with the same ditch if you fade too far and #8 plays very long to just behind the pine tree on the right. # 9 tucks into a trio of younger trees with OB driveway to the right, and #10 fades hard left, round the last pine, and 40-50 left, between the parking area and the restrooms. #11 is a relatively short and completely open hole, followed by the very short, but dastardly treed #12. You walk up the path and to the left for #13, which has a couple of clearly defined anny (rhbh) lanes to the basket, and then back across the dip, and up the path to the red barn for the ace run hole #14. #15 plays fairly up a wooded lane, then the best line on #16 is the hyzer (rhbh) around that pine. #17 is tight with a slight fade left ending, but has the stream if you hook (or kick) too far. Finally, hole #18 is an extreme shortie where, if you hit the line within a handful of feet, you can run it...OR if you hit a tree, you'll really have to scramble for par. Fun stuff, and I'm sure unexpected, if you came thinking "Aha! All open bombs!).

In terms of 'fixing' #4 (and this is just a notion, of course), I'd look at the possibility of pulling the throwaway hole 11, renumbering 12 & 13, adding another wooded shot to transition from those to the beautiful hole 14 by the red barn, then simply adding a wooded hole 4 west of the bike path to replace the one between the ball fields.
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Experience: 15.9 years 133 played 8 reviews
2.50 star(s)

Squeezed it in 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Oct 20, 2013 Played the course:once


Has both open and technical holes; reasonable mix of distances - you do get a chance to air out a driver on some of the holes; brand new baskets.


No tee pads yet - just a post in the ground to mark the teeing area; no distances marked either.
course is packed into an area that really is too small for a good 18 hole course;
virtually no shot shaping required - all but one of the wooded holes is dead straight;
when the park is crowded some of the course would be unplayable as baskets and flight paths are in the midst of walking paths and baseball fields.

Other Thoughts:

While it is always nice to see another course in the ground, this one is not worth the trip unless you are local or a course bagger. The first several holes are in the middle of a big open field, playing close to parking areas and a walking path. No pads are in yet, and navigation can be tricky without a map.
Due to space limitation, they have had to put some of the holes in really awkward spots that would have to be skipped if that area of the park had ball games going on - one in particular tees off from the parking lot and the fairway is defined as the area between chain link fences protecting three baseball fields. The wooded holes on the front nine are squeezed in between a walking path and heavy woods - these holes are extremely short, tight, and straight, which can be a fun shot to execute but feels repetitive and forced when you do it over and over. Once finished with the open holes the last 8 holes are in a more interesting area with woods and some water, but again there is not a lot of room to work with and the holes are far too short and not nearly as cool as they could have been.
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