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Aiken, SC

USC Aiken DiscGolfPark

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USC Aiken DiscGolfPark reviews

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What’s Shakin’ Aiken, Part Deux

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 12, 2023 Played the course:once


After closing down its old, more naturistic layout, USC Aiken installed a new, more campus-centric layout. This one is almost as much fun.
- In case you can't get onto campus off SC-1, through the gate, there's an easy solution for that. Park across the street, in front of the athletic center, and take the walking bridge across. From there, you can easily start on #3 or 6.
- #3 is the obvious answer for most fun / best hole. Downhill, 340-foot, open shot. Throw and let your disc sail on down. Very basic layout, but I know what sells when it comes to layouts.
- For me, #4 is the signature hole, simply for scenery. Dorm building and tall pines serve as the backdrop for a simple, 230-foot hole. Now, as for how available this hole is when school is back in session, that remains to be seen.
- Outside of #4 & 5, the other 7 holes play in a small section of land, moving back and forth from wooded and open spaces.
- There's a little bit of elevation to play. In addition to #3, #9 also use the hill as an obstacle. A couple other holes have lesser aspects of elevation come into play.
- Excellent tee signs. Better than most courses. In fact, this is probably the aspect of the disc golf course that rates the highest.


It seems they wanted to build a course in the smallest amount of possible space. Past holes #1 & 9, you have more woods. Beyond #2 is more unused open space.
- Along those lines, there's not a lot of space between holes. Very easy for stray shots to be ending up on other holes. Be aware if the course was ever busy.
- As mentioned above, #4 & 5 may be unplayable at times if there's a lot of foot traffic outside the dorm.
- Some of the underbrush was getting overgrown on the wooded holes. Time for another round of spraying and heavy trimming.
- The gate was shut when I tried to get into campus. I think if you come from the other direction (off Campus Pkwy), you should be able to get to the main parking lot closest to the course.

Other Thoughts:

It's nice to see USC Aiken come back with a new, completely different course. With this location, it probably gets more play than the old layout.
- This was a very clean course. Better vibe than a lot of city park courses. Little things like that make a round that much more enjoyable.
- Too many very basic layouts. I played a rushed round, and as such, didn't throw a lot of good, patient shots. I didn't see nearly as many birdie putts as I should have, but I also saw an abundance of tap-in pars.
- Your only risk of bogey, or at least a 4 depending on how you're playing par, is #9. It's uphill and 360 feet. With the elevation factor, you're looking at a layout closer to the 425-foot range. Add in to that you're going from an open field to a wooded fairway and this is a hole where 3 is a good score.
- This is a fun, yet simple, 9-hole layout. Great for being on the campus. I wish I could have stepped out of my dorm back in the day, played a quick round, and been back before anyone noticed I was gone.
- Worth checking out, especially if you get the added bonus of taking the walking bridge to get here.
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