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Windsor, NC

Windsor Disc Golf

Permanent course
1.55(based on 6 reviews)
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Windsor Disc Golf reviews

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1.50 star(s)

House of Windsor

Reviewed: Played on:Jun 18, 2022 Played the course:once


Windsor is a fun, simple, small-town course. When you're playing 11 different courses in a day, this is a great place to warm up.
- It's short. It's simple. It's very open. And yet, it's generally enjoyable.
- Great course for casuals and beginners. All nine holes are between 138 and 260 feet. Obstacles are enough to present challenges to the newbies while not overwhelming them.
- #2 – 4 all hug the edges of wooded areas. #2 is the best hole on the course, and longest, at 260 feet. Trees line the left side of this fairway with a basket tucked away in a corner.
- #3 has thick coverage along the left side plus a couple of trees/branches that may knock down shots that are too high. #4 is a sharp dogleg right playing around a wooded area. This borders precipitously close to a 'not-good' layout, one of those forced layouts installed by non-disc golfers. I give it a pass as it's the only questionable layout.
- The other six holes are all essentially straight, mainly open. There are slight variances depending on where the occasional tree is situated in relationship to each basket. Think of six birdie chances or ace runs.
- Good for a quick round. I played my round in 20ish minutes.


To fit in 9 holes in this space, concessions are made. The weirdest one is that from #8 to #9, then back towards #1, you're walking down a residential street, passing houses. Playing at 7:30 on a Saturday morning, I half gave a look over my shoulder, expecting someone to yell at me for trespassing or loitering.
- From the basket on #8 back towards #1 tee, assuming this is where you parked, the walk is almost as long as the course itself – approx.. 1200 foot walk compared to 1600 foot layout.
- The area around #9, at least when I played, was home to a lot of construction material, from safety cones to a large dirt/sand pile to pieces of pavement. Not sure if this is a regular storage area or a temporary thing.
- Very little shade cover. Will be noticeable on a warm, sunny Summer day.
- Below the skill level of advanced players.
- No amenities here – benches, trash cans, bathrooms, water fountains, etc.

Other Thoughts:

I typically hope for these small town nine-holers to offer a degree of fun. I've played my share of bad ones where the baskets were seemingly installed in the ground at random. Windsor was in the positive category.
- Windsor seems like a total commuter town. You're an hour and change to the Outer Banks. You're 45 minutes to Greenville (ECU territory). You're an hour and a half to Norfolk / Virginia Beach. You're 90 minutes to Raleigh. Point being, expect a lot one-time players to play here.
- I love early morning rounds. I love being on a course when it's deserted. Even on a hot Summer day, I love the hint of the cool in the air while on the course. That helps my thoughts on this course. I think about courses 8, 9, and 10 of the day and how I wasn't as cheerful at the end of the day.
- Holes average 187 feet in length. This is the standard comment that a short like this is good for an ace race event.
- I'd be a little cautious stepping into the woods or reaching into any tall grass to retrieve a disc. You're only a couple hundred feet from the Cashie River. So keep an eye out for snakes.
- Other than the transition from #8 to 9, this course is easy to navigate. Even driving in, the first tee and basket are right along the road.
- This is about as middle of the road as a nine holer will be. Most players will be perfectly content playing a round here. As such, the course is getting my standard 1.5 rating for a nine hole layout.
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Ace's for the Offering 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Jul 23, 2021 Played the course:once


-A short open course with a few holes having heavy trees and brush bordering fairways. Several Ace Run holes.

-Tee signs are in good shape with hole number, distance, and map.

-Concrete tee pads are small, but in good condition.

-The course runs clockwise; no navigation map should be needed. You should be able to see the next tee from basket just played.

-From the tee I thru putter, mid's, and driver.

-There's a wide-open field from 8 basket to 9 tee, at least 400 feet. If you desire, can throw some practice.

-The course was being mowed by the city as I was playing.

-The course is just 1.5 miles from Hwy. 17 offering a chance to stretch your legs if passing thru.

-Beginners and Recreational will enjoy the chance to shoot for a good round. Intermediate and Advanced will have several chances to bag an ace.


-Looks like someone took a sludge hammer and left a gaping dent in no. 7 basket.

-No. 4 is gimmicky at 200 feet with a dogleg right at the halfway mark. Heavy trees on right and at the end of dogleg. Basket is blocked, and no chance for a full throw with putter, a dump shot from tee.

-The hole sponsor signs are an eye sore; some are either laying on the ground next to tee sign or dangling off the tee sign or rotting away under the tee sign.

-Off the 4th fairway to the right is a private yard, one of two occupied homes. Would be easy to have a disc land in their yard.

-The grass was being mowed as I was playing, but grass was knee high in some places not cut yet. Looks like the course gets mowed about every six weeks. Lots of trash here and there including broken bottles, looks like a popular late-night hangout on the course.

-Loss disc potential high off 2- 4 fairways, heavy trees, and brush. All other fairways shouldn't be a problem.

-Most of the open holes uninteresting without some sort of an obstacle.

Other Thoughts:

Windsor DGC offers a chance for all to bag an ace. I threw across the basket on no.1 in the front, above basket on no. 3, and hit the barrel on 6 for some brief excitement. The course also serves a great purpose for a leg stretch off hwy. 17 if you're passing thru. Only hole 2 offered a sort of a challenge. Worth a quick course bag on my way home from an earlier round close by.

With the excitement of ace run's, concrete pads, easy navigation, open field practice, and a few interesting holes my overall rating is anchored on a 3.0. My round snapping pictures, and a handful of throws on the open field took 25 minutes.

Notable Fun Throw:

No. 9 Par 3 at 236 feet is chance to throw off the tee and navigate your way thru a few pine trees with over hanging branches blocking a clear path to the basket. Two pines to the left at 50 and 100 feet. To the right at 45-degree angle from second left pine, is a pine with heavier branches and 20 feet to its right is another pine. Both pines block access to the basket. A ditch with heavy brush on the left, and a tree line behind the basket tuck into the corner. As a lefty and the right blocked, I threw a shorten S curve, need to be creative from the tee.

Signature/Trouble Hole:

No. 2 Par 3 at 260 feet is a straight cleared out fairway with heavy trees and brush on the left and same straight down fairway at 230 feet with lost disc potential. The basket sits just off to the left at 210 feet down fairway at a 35-degree angle with a large canopy protecting the basket in a corner, canopy drops as low as 5 feet from ground. At the dogleg left is a 50 foot reach to the basket. Very hard to reach and scenic. My low turnover didn't turnover.

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Hwy 17 Stretch your legs course 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 3, 2020 Played the course:once


Good baskets, DGA Mach 2s in good shape, no rust on them.
Decent tee signs showing hole layout and necessary info.
Concrete tee pads, small, but a long runup is not needed here.
Appears to be an old flooded out neighborhood, now reclaimed as a park. Good use of the area in this small NE NC town.


Most of the holes were short, pitch and putt length.
Some pretty thick rough on the early holes, but opens up after that.
Completely flat, no elevation change. They did make a hanging basket on #8 for some variety.

Other Thoughts:

All things considered, not a bad beginner level course in this small town. Not too far off Hwy 17 if you are headed to (or from) Va Beach, Northern OBX or just the 20 miles to Ahoskie. A quick little warmup Niner.
#2 is a blind tee shot, so you may want to walk that one first, then #3 comes right back at you. So if you are not the only one there, watch for that.
#4 is an awkward 90 degree turn, then you are throwing along a city street.
#5- #8 play mostly in the open, so good holes to take a run at it.
Then, after walking back towards #1, #9 is the longest hole on the course. Mostly open but with some rough down the left, its good to finish with a little distance.
As mentioned above, the equipment is in surprisingly good shape, the grass was mowed when I was there, so you won't feel like you are wasting your time if you stop by. Definitely not a destination course, but a fun, quick round.
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One of a slim few tracks in NE NC 2+ years

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 13, 2020 Played the course:once


The main pro of this course is that it's one of a very few tracks anywhere -- for miles -- in Northeastern NC and it's close to the main highway to this region. If you are driving from the Triangle to Elizabeth City, this is one of your only options east of Rocky Mount. And while it ain't much to look at and just a beginner-friendly track, if you're a relentless course bagger, you'll appreciate it.

+ It's designed for beginners and for that goal, it delivers.

+ Ace runs on most every hole.

+ Good place to work on upshot and putting game. There are a few uniquely designed holes, using a few scattered trees as obstacles.

+ While the rough bordering the fairway is straight-up Eastern NC jungle (thick woods, briers, and underbrush), the fairways themselves are mowed and decently well-maintained.

+ The short concrete tee pads are adequate for a small course. There are tee signs at each hole and navigation is easy.

+ Love the basket hanging from a clothes line on hole 8. That's some Bertie County ingenuity right there!


For what this course is designed to be, it's fine. That said, this isn't a destination course (just one you can add to your collection if you happen to be passing through).

- All but a couple holes are < 200 feet. Very short. Not much too it. Not a serious challenge for most players.

- While the fairways are great, you're not going to want to search for your disc if you make an errant shot into the rough. Too thick and too many briers and who knows what else. A couple of the better holes (I'm thinking #2 and #4) have a decent challenge to them and tempt you to make an aggressive shot at the green. However, the disc-loss concern was too great for me to even try to throw something aggressive. Just not worth it on a course like this.

- There's a little "parking space" on the left-hand side of the little road to the course, in between the hole 9 basket and hole 1 tee. Park there. It's a short walk from there to hole 1. There's a decently long walk from hole 8 to hole 9. Then another short walk back to your car.

Other Thoughts:

Nothing to write home about, but worth a stop if you get the chance.
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Cashie River Disc Golf 2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Aug 30, 2016 Played the course:5+ times


Course is great for beginners but offers experienced players opportunities to hone their approach shots and accuracy. Holes 2 and 3 have trees you have to throw around, hole 3 requires a mondo to the right. Holes 5 through 8 require accurate throws. Hole number 9 will allow you to throw a mid range 230 feet but accurately as there are two huge pine trees you have to throw between and under their large overhanging limbs.


The course is set in a neighborhood which is different.

Other Thoughts:

There is a campground nearby where you can hook up an RV or stay in a cabin on the river.
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2+ years drive by

Reviewed: Played on:Nov 11, 2015 Played the course:once


-Disc golf in a disc golf starved region.
-Concrete pads, nice baskets (couldn't identify manufacturer)
-Suited for kids or people just starting
-Suitable for putter only round


-Extremely short (all but 2 holes under 200')
-Not much originality with the hole design, alot of straight holes with few obstacles.
-Course flows well until the last two holes. The walk from 8 to 9 is very disjointed with them being separated by about a block and half of houses.

Other Thoughts:

If I were rating this course in any other area, it would be between a 1/2 and 1 star. I gave it a 1 1/2 because knowing the area, there are not many options within about a 20-25 mile radius, with Farm Life and Ahoskie being the other closest. That and the fact it was put in about 2 blocks from where I grew up. It's nice to see an area like this acknowledge disc golf's existence, but this is far from a good course. I would not recommend it unless you like to pad the number of courses you've played. Hopefully interest in the area will increase and allow for a better design in the future. But currently, I would not play it again, unless I'm home for the holidays and am extremely bored.
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