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Ching - Discraft - GDS - Gorilla Boy - Innova - Lightning - PDGA - Revolution Disc Golf - SkySouth - Tommovations - Wall City - Non-Factory Addons

Read reviews of various disc golf bags or submit your review. If you do submit a review, please include as much information as possible.
Things to consider...
There are a few important things to consider when choosing a disc bag. With many different manufacturers and models on the market, I have listed some things to consider here that a first-time buyer may find important. Some of these are common sense but in an effort to be thorough, I'm including them all.
Most Important
  • Durability - After going through a few bags that have ripped after very little use, I definitely rank durability #1 on the list. If a bag costs 3 times as much but lasts 5 times as long, consider it worthwhile.
  • Disc Capacity - Since carrying discs is what these are designed for, how many discs they can carry will probably be the main thing you will consider when purchasing a bag. Although bigger is not necessarily better, you can always carry less discs than the bag's capacity more easily than trying to cram too many discs into a smaller bag.
  • Price - Although I rank durability very highly, not everyone is ready to shell out $75 for a bag. For beginning players and those that aren't sure how serious they plan on taking the sport, economy bags might be in their best interest since bags tend to get very expensive and often it is unnecessary for your needs to go beyond the bags in the low-end price range.
    Medium Importance
  • Extra Storage - Additional pockets/comparments to carry things other than discs will often come in handy for storing extras such as towels, clothing, bugspray, etc. that might come in handy during or after a round. Extra storage space is always nice and sometimes neglected on some of the more compact bags, so this should be considered when making a purchase.
  • Extra Features - Frames, dividers, reinforcment, umbrella holders, drink holders, fancy straps, towel rings, mini-marker pocket, etc. all add appeal to any bag. The more things a bag will do, the less you have to worry about. Although these features may be frivolous, some players couldn't live without them. Keep in mind that some bags do not have removable straps. Although it is nice to have the extras, I feel they should be of lesser importance than durability, capacity, and price.
    Least Important
  • Weight - Some bags are notoriously heavy, especially when you have 18+ discs, water, an umbrella, etc. loaded into them. Heavy bags may increase fatigue in the summer heat but the effect will vary person to person.
  • Cosmetics - I didn't realize that this would be of any importance until I wondered if I would be willing to carry a bag I thought looked dumb...

  • 12 Pack Sport Bag (2 Reviews)
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  • Elite Pro Bag (1 Review)
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    Gateway Disc Sports

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  • GDS Weekend (0 Reviews)
  • GDS Deluxe Weekend (2 Reviews)
  • GDS Player (1 Review)
  • GDS Tour (2 Reviews)
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    Gorilla Boy

  • Gorilla Boy Chimp (1 Review)
  • Gorilla Boy Gorilla (1 Review)
  • Gorilla Boy Silverback (1 Review)
  • Gorilla Boy Spider Monkey (1 Review)
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    Innova Champion

  • Deluxe Bag (0 Reviews)
  • Diamond Deluxe Bag (0 Reviews)
  • Diamond Standard Bag (0 Reviews)
  • Standard Bag (4 Reviews)
  • Starter Bag (0 Reviews)
  • Tour Bag (3 Reviews)
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  • Cube Bag (0 Reviews)
  • Deluxe Tour Bag (5 Reviews)
  • Large Lite Bag (1 Reviews)
  • Original Bag (0 Reviews)
  • Prostyle Bag (3 Reviews)
  • Starter Bag (0 Reviews)
  • Tour Special Bag (4 Reviews)
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  • PDGA Tour/Original Bag (3 Reviews)
  • PDGA Standard Bag (0 Reviews)
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    Revolution Disc Golf

  • Casual Bag (0 Reviews)
  • Club Bag (1 Review)
  • Mini Bag (4 Reviews)
  • Pro/Pro II Bag (1 Review)
  • Dual Pack (2 Reviews)
  • Team Bag - Standard/Texas/Carolina (12 Reviews)
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  • Large Bag (1 Review)
  • Medium Bag (0 Reviews)
  • Small Bag (0 Reviews)
  • Folding Chair Bag (0 Reviews)
  • Wallabe (0 Reviews)
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  • Thro and Go Bag (1 Review)
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    Wall City

  • Disc Pal (1 Review)
  • Round Deluxe (1 Review)
  • Cube (0 Reviews)
  • Mega Cube (0 Reviews)
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    Non-Factory Bag Addons

  • Golf Pak Dual Strap System (0 Reviews)
  • Phenix Quad Shock Strap System (1 Review)
  • Gateway Disc Sports Dual Strap (1 Review)
  • Gateway Disc Sports Clip Pouch (0 Reviews)
  • Gateway Disc Sports Umbrella Holder (0 Reviews)
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