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Type: Driver
Available Weights:

Flight Rating Category Value What Aerobie says: The patented asymmetrical design of the Aerobie Epic driver gives the disc the largest average rim width available, reducing drag and maximizing distance. We do, however, have a word of advice. Driving with the Epic takes skill, concentration, and practice. If you test throw and follow the instructions for tuning your Epic to your throwing speed and style, you will capitalize on its aerodynamic advantages and make the Epic your farthest flying disc. If you throw it a few times and quit, you will never experience the Epic's extraordinary performance.
Maximum Flight Speed NA
Resistance To High Speed Turn NA
Amount Of Low Speed Fade NA
Propensity To Fade NA
Glide NA
Relative Distance NA
Qualitative Analysis Value
Recommended Skill Level NA
Predictability NA
Uniformity Of Break In Period NA
Overall Durability NA Description of the Ratings System.

Player Reviews

Posted 05-05-08
Submitted by chuck
Level: Beginner
Avg Drive: 325
Disc Weights: 167-169
the aerobie epic is a hard disc to learn. You WIll want to throw it
away. BUT don't. This disc needs to be tuned. Quite simply for RHBH
if the disc flies immediately left, take the disc, grab 2 sides and
bend the edges toward each other downward, bottom of the disc
Understand? if it flies immediately right, grab both sides and bend
up top of disc.
Now LEARN how to throw it consistently. I cannot help you with this.
If you want to use it right, then it takes consistent speed, snap, and
orientation. This disc does not forgive. Same throw every time will
yield good results. This disc will go far. My hyzer throw (with the
outside edge about 1 and a half inches lower) with enough spin will
level itself around 150 -200 feet fly straight another 100 feet, then
will fade left such as a innova wraith. take your time tune the disc
and study what you did. this disc will fly far. Have strength.
and When you want to tear this stupid disc in half. Don't. If it was
easy, no one would play this sport.

Posted 11-09-07
Submitted by Anonymous
Location: Redding Ca
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 300
Disc Weights: Epic 169
Review: I really enjoy this disc. I've been playing for a while now and have found 2 discs that i really like the Innova Wraith and the Innova champion Starfire. when i picked this disc up i automatically thought it was just a novelty disc not being able to be thrown more than 150 feet. i can consistently get 300+drives out of this disc. i see a lot of people use it as a sidearm but i throw it with the tomahawk. a little right of the target and when it rolls over it lands right where i want it too. the best part about this disc is a lot of my discs are light and wont go very far in a headwind where as this disc gets most of its glide in a headwind. love the EPIC not a fan of the sharpshooter though LOL.

Posted 06-03-07
Submitted by Colin
Disc Weights: 166-169
Review: I am new to disc golf but have been playing quite a bit. The Epic leaves the hand like a rocket, but it's usually unpredictable. Side arm and backhand, difficult to throw straight consistently. Works very well with a tomahawk however. Beware of trees with this disc, it does not hold its shape very well at all. I do like the grip and the plastic, but overall, it's out of control.
Posted 05-20-07
Submitted by Matt Taylermade1982@yahoo.com
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 450
Disc Weights: 175
Review: I consider myself a pro, winning a tourney here and there and I can throw 450 with my star max from innova and the farthest i could get this disc was 310 and then it does something different everytime. DO not buy!
Posted 05-04-07
Submitted by Derek jackbomber@gmail.com
Disc Weights: I think 167-
Review: I've played disc golf for about 3 years and have tried numerous different discs and types of throws. I read some of the reviews about this "epic" driver and I was interested. I have a pretty fair arm for throwing thumbers. Previously I've used an elite z Flick for this shot because it has a tendancy to come straight down and after a twisting flight path both right and left it generally lands in line with where I throw it. reading that some people actually got this puppy to rotate far enough to continue to glide after making about 1 and a half rotations sounded pretty interesting. I decided to try it and if I didn't like it i'd trade it to one of my brothers like I've done with some other discs that didn't agree with my throwing style. Yesterday while just chucking this driver across a large opening at cedar creek in Fairmont I achieved distance that was totally off my typical scale. I thew it at a steeper angle than I typically do and the thing took off. At about the distance of where my other discs rotate so they're perpendicular to the ground this thing rotated another 90 degrees and started gliding like a normal backhand throw. I walked it off with generously spaced steps at 163. given my stride is about a yard that's 489 feet. I have no Idea if I'll ever be able to pull this off again as it's rotating flight pattern is so inconsistant. This disc is capable of insane distance if thrown just right with an overhand thumber but I really don't think that it's suitable for much else. I attempted forehand and back hand drives and it's so overstable that it just takes off right or left way too easily. I still prefer my discraft flick for the overhand shot because flys a much more consistant flight path. ps... this site roc's!
Posted 04-09-07
Submitted by tommy
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 350
Disc Weights: ?
Review: I couldn't quite firgure out the disc at first, I found it stuffed in the back of a tee off sign, (someone gave up on it I think)it was a little beat up too.. whatever... but, after bending and fussing with it, I was able to get it to turn over pretty good.. it is probably the fastest disc I have thrown. people say you can't throw it back hand and get distance but you can if you tune it properly. 300-350 shouldn't be a prob for a decent arm. however, the true purpose of the disc is the tomahawk. I didn'y try it this at first, but I let my big texan brother in law who has arms like a streched out monkey, and has 0% disc experience get a hold of it. he threw it just like a freekin baseball only way up high, and it was longer than any of my flat land drives for sure. easily could have been 450' or more. a full barrel roll with loads of glide on it. That was his first throw. He has long ugly texan arms thoough. after that i wanted to punch him in the guts. freekin texans. Those of you who give up on the disc aren't realizing its true purpose. you have to bend it a little, and throw that mug over your head like it was your last chance. plus, if it hits concrete, it does a nice bounce.

definitely goin in the bag.
Posted 11-25-06
Submitted by Badger badgermonkey@gmail.com
Location: KC MO
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 225
Disc Weights: 166-169
Review: I throw LHBH and have been playing for a few years, I average about 7 over pro par and love the game. My drives have always been terrible, rarely going over 200' but with decent accuracy. The sharp right turn of most (all that I've tried actually) long range drivers drove me crazy. I knew to bring down my score I needed a serious driver I could throw long consistently - which is what I was shopping for when I saw the Aerobie Epic. I owned an Aerobie flying ring and loved it - and I often said 'I wish Aerobie would make FOLF disc's. Yes, I HAD to buy it. I know I don't have technique - even though I have the power - to throw a disc at the maximum velocity or even what is needed to make a high-speed overstable disc fly right but I was determined to work it out.

I went out and and gave it a great heave - wham! sharp right turn and I had a $15 lawn dart. I followed the tuning directions and got it to fade right instead of diving but couldn't get decent accuracy with that much turn. Cool thing was, it still went farther than most of my other drivers. I came home disappointed that I may have just bought a disc that I wouldn't be able to throw right for maybe 6 more months of work, but determined to give it my best shot. After reading reviews online I tuned it back to how it was when i got it (edge up) and tried a tomahawk for the first time that I wasn't in deep poop. Took off like a rocket, flipped upside down almost instantly, then curved up up up... dropped like a stone absolutely vertical. Accuracy - amazing - it went perfectly straight in the oddest fashion. So, I did that a few times liking what I saw even though it was pretty harsh to watch. I was just in a local park, no baskets around so I lined up on a tree about 350' away never thinking it would go that far (almost twice my normal drive). I Threw it HARD and with a nice lil snap at the end and WOW!!! It goes out, does it's rolly thing but comes all the way around to level again gliding off to the right, then it gently sailed back left and... - NAILS the tree trunk about 40-50' up telling me i just threw a 400-450' drive, with sniper accuracy. My approach and putt game is tight, so my friends are going to HATE this disc lol. By the way, the impact left no visible damage on the disc, even though one of the hard right nose-dives I got at first ended on a short cement block wall which did leave an ugly dent in the rim - didn't seem to change the flight characteristic's at all though.

Now, I'm working on getting that snap consistently, and looking for a mid-range driver so I don't overshoot half the holes on my favorite course. Looks like it will be an Arrow and/or Sharpshooter.

Thanks Aerobie - you guys rock! Is there a team Aerobie I can join?
Posted 11-14-06
Submitted by SuxGolf Disc Weights: 172
Review: This is the only disc that I feel capable of reviewing. I have had it for 18 months. I use it when I have to throw through a thicket or over a pond, secretly hoping that someday I won't be able to find it. If it weren't for its marginal ability to be thown out of disc hell and land somewhere hospitable it would be fodder for the landfill.
Posted 11-06-06
Submitted by John jpc24@uakron.edu
Disc Weights: 167
Review: As I was reading some of these reviews about the epic it seems that people do not know how to throw this disc correctly. This disc is made for people who throw the hammer throw and it will not work properly with any other style of throw that I have seen. With this said this disc works opposite of the normal hammer throw with traditional discs. So when you throw the thumb with this disc it will go to the left and the finger will go to the right, It sounds crazy but when you figure it out you will see amazing results. I have only been playing for a year and I cant throw backhand but with this disc I can reach distances of well over 500 feet. Note: this disc should only be used on holes that are long and wide open due to the flight of the disc. Here is a good story about this disc I got it from a friend and one of the first times I used it I got a tap in 2 on a hole that is between 450 and 500 feet in length. My friends said they have never seen a disc go so far.
Posted 11-06-06
Submitted by RJ Latherow rjl@inerita.org
Location: Tarpon Springs, Florida
Level: Beginner
Avg Drive: 250
Disc Weights: 172
Review: Goodness, what a random disc.

I had had my longest throws ever with this disc, easily getting 60 feet past my farthest. And yet, 75% of the time the disc will be completely random. Usually, it will have the crazy overstable dive left nonsence many others have reported. Another day, understable without coming back. Alot of the time, fairly tight S with a weird hook, like God was smiting the disc from the sky in the last 10 feet. Bizzare.

Tuning does help, but I think the problem is that its very sensitive to technique - snap, power, all make a MUCH larger difference than any other disc I tried. I took it to the field this morning - just by varying my grip strength I made it go through its various moods.

If you can master it, master your own minutia, its awesome. Unfortuantely, at the point that you are that much of a master, you probably don't need this disc.
Posted 10-19-06
Submitted by todd catania todd.catania@oomc.com
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 400
Disc Weights: 174
Review: I hear all these reviews about the disc being a good tomahawk and thumber disc.....that me be the case if you throw this way. I'm a disc junkie....and I'm a sucker for a gimick....but I gave this disc away the same day I bought it. I"m a pretty decent thrower, been playing for years......so if your a backhand thrower like me, then run from this disc as fast as you can......unless of course you like your discs to go dead left then do a nose dive into the ground after about 50 feet. I can throw a cinder block farther than this disc.
Posted 10-11-06
Submitted by Diaz bbstar77@hotmail.com
Location: louisiana
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 400
Disc Weights: 170
Review: this disc goes pretty far and in a hurry, but during its flight i cant tell where it is going luckily the disc does. for me throwing rh sidearm it flies to the left then to the right then to the left then to the right again and lands about 375' away pretty close where i wanted it. suttle changes in the release will alter your throw in a big way. throw a slight angle like you would throw for an s-curve; if to much it will flip on its back, not enough it will hook fast to the right. I have thrown this disc about 400' and it rolled another 50'. it goes far hard to throw correctly
Posted 10-04-06
Submitted by tim v roninartist@gmail.com
Level: Beginner
Review: I hated this disc and kept it in the back of my bag for weeks on end. I'm typically a horrible driver, with more of my backhand drives have the disc nose turn up and soar up and off to the far left. I usually make up for it with a good approach (bc i am throwing much more softly). After a few frustrating times out I hit the course solo with the intent of emptying my bag at every hole. I started slinging side arm and got some decent tosses and for plain shits and giggles pulled out the epic. I launched it at least 75-100 ft further than anything i had thrown, and on a few drives it turned and rolled another extra 30 ft. I would definitely agree that it is very hard to develop some consistancy with this disc, as on the last hole on my training day, i had it catch wind, soar far right and roll about 50 ft right into the lake (btw it is definitely not a floater). With that said, if you're desperate for some improvement like i am, anything is worth a chance, and i have another one ordered shipping overnight for this saturday morning. We'll see how well it performs when my form and driving methods get better (i hope)...
Posted 07-22-06
Submitted by Gilbert gilberteaz@yahoo.com
Location: Tucson Arizona
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 350
Disc Weights: 169
Review: I saw this Disc at my local used and new sport equipment store. I thought it looked cool with the off centered hole and the packaging said something like engineered to fly farther than any other disc! or something like that , so I bought it. It does not fly farther then any other disc. I normally use champion Wraith, Roadrunner, monster, Orc and lightning 1#pro . I can throw all these disc 350+ the epic flies around 40ft. less. When I throw it backhand right handed it hooks left hard. I can't believe people are saying that they can throw this disc far. What are they usually using for disc 10lb. plates? I have had my buddies try it and they all said it looks cool but they where not happy with the results. Because it hooks ridiculously hard. I have used it when stuck behind thick bushy trees with branches overhead. My buddies laugh at the predicament that I'm in. I actually throw it straight 90 degrees away from the basket and it hooks so hard to the left and gets around the trees and land on the far way. My buddies have accused me of cheating with this disc. When they are stuck behind the same trees they ask to borough my epic disc. It sits last in my bag I hardly use it only to get around trees. Because my accuracy is getting better I am avoiding getting stuck behind trees and I have been hearing good stuff about innova T-rex and Discraft surge. I am going to have to make room in my bag for both of these disc and the epic is first to go. It will end up in a duffle bag full of beat-up old disc and other unwanted disc that my brother and I lend to buddies new to disgolf. If you get stuck behind trees and other obstacles I would recommend these disc to get around them. I do not recommend this disc for distance drivers.
Posted 05-23-06
Submitted by joe jdogg_7_7@yahoo.com
Location: Columbus, ohio
Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 200
Disc Weights: N/A
Review: The disc was fantatic with both types of tomahawk (2 fingers, and thumbing). Really is the best tomahawk disc ive ever used...and suprisingly it wasnt bad for approaching either. I tried it side arm a few times but only once did I get the super long flight on it...so it has the ability to really really go far when thrown side arm if you can master it. Tomahawk is where it shines...I wasnt getting super long distence as some people claim...but I was getting the complete barrol roll in a straight line and it would stop on a dime on the green. It also would flip back over for a sort of 1 1/2 barrol roll on its back and skip closer to the whole and then die. Great disc if you tomahawk. Im not sure why some people have a hard time throwing it...ive never thrown one and I played 36 holes with it...it was just like any other disc...but it rolled over better.
Posted 04-28-06
Submitted by moonlit PDGA:
Level: Beginner
Avg Drive: 275
Throwing Style(s):
Disc Weights: 166-169
Review: I went to the local disc shop to look at DX Leopards. It was then that I noticed the Epic hanging on the wall. Since the packaging said it will fly farther for players of all skill levels, I decided to give it an honest try. The packaging info had me all excited that maybe "I found my disc." I went straight to the course to give it a rip. I went to an open area with at least 400 feet of open space to play with. I let 'er rip and the disc went about 80 feet and turned 90 degrees to the left. No biggie. I tried again with more of an anhyzer and let 'er go again. Same result. I tried it sidearm since it is easier to control the angle of my release. You guessed it. It went straight about 80 feet and turned severely to the right on me. I threw that thing 40 times with the same results. I had my buddies throw it. Same results. I had strangers throw it with the same results. I tried tuning it, etc. all to no avail. I threw it in the woods near hole #2 and left it there. I have a 164 gr Star SL that gives me a beautiful, tight S-pattern delivery. I'll stick with that. I am approaching 300' and loving this game! (Just to let you know, I am jealous of those who have figured out the Epic.) I just don't see it as being beginner friendly.
Posted 01-02-06
Submitted by Brad Von Aschen jmva@sbcglobal.net
PDGA: 28025
Location: Oklahoma, Tulsa, disc golf mecca
Level: Amateur
Avg Drive: 400
Disc Weights: 166/169
Review: I am a fairly new disc golfer,less than a year.Like most new players I thought it was important to know what local players carried in their bags,end result was an invetory of plastic that other players could throw but I could not. Simply put different skill levals different discs.However my 3 epic discs are rutinly refered to as I Pull them out as "Brads cheater discs".I have each of them tuned differently and can count on their reactions when thrown as a thummber,exceptionaly long get out of trouble accountability. Given I have quit focusing on other people and begun focussing on results of my game.The epic discs are definatly a chore to get right,alot of time throwing at nothing in a field,retuning and doing it again, the end results are astounding. As a backhand disc I orriginally felt them to be undependable,then I learned how and when to throw them.Remember first usually a bad drive is not the fault of the disc but the fault of the player.I will continue to use my "cheater""equalizer"discs for a long time.
Posted 12-07-05
Submitted by Thad yahoo@tly.com
Disc Weights: 166-169
Review: The Epic is a scientific marvel. {If you can under stand the science of flight.} If you have just one it can be hard to dial in. I recomend this disc for players of less power, but it works a fantastic tomohawk. If you really want distance out of a tomohawk shoot it straight into the wind. Several times in a row I went 390+. Although you need alot of room and I have yet to find a hole that I would rather through the epic. It is areally cool trick shot disc
Posted 09-14-05
Submitted by Zac Martin layeredhavoc@yahoo.com
Disc Weights: 166-169
Review: Excellent tomahawk disc! Unique in its flight pattern. Those who tried and couldn't get it right just didn't do the throw right. This disc will do a full barrel roll and glide down to the ground for major distance. The key is getting enough snap on the disc and height to extend the glide at the end. If you need a little help in gettig it to roll correctly, try releasing at an angle less than 90 degrees. Bring it down to 75 degrees or less and see if that helps. What you're doing is starting the rolling process early. This helped me in my learning of this disc.

Bending the disc does help loads. Bending it down will cause it to perform more of a barrel roll, bending it up will cause it to drop down like a normal disc. Instructions are on the back of the wrapper it comes in. Very versatile disc which has earned a permanent place in my bag.

Durability is a bit frightening at first. Hit a tree and the disc will let you know. However, the plastic is flexible enough that you can bend it back to its correct shape.

Posted: 06-05-05
Submitted by Anonymous
Location: Oregon
Level: Beginner
Avg Drive: 400
Throws: Righty
Throwing Style(s): Sidearm, Overhand
Disc Weights: 165
Review: IF you figure out how to throw the Epic - you will be very happy. This disk is amazing. Need to see it to believe it. Hole 7 (?) at Hagg Lakes Sain Scoggins Crazy 18 in Oregon is 447 ft. The Epic out drove the hole!!! It has been a lot of fun to figure this Disc out!

For those who don't know... The Epic needs altitude. Aim about 45 degrees up from horizon and throw. Not too much spin or the disk will dive bomb short of the 400+ ft it can go. Tomahawk will result in Right curve at the end of the throw and the Hook-thumb to the left. Want short hard right... increase angle and throw. Does the it plastic hold? Not as well as I would like. Mine is beat up pretty good. Nicks, dings, and gouges. Hard to predict? Yes/no. Wind, humidity, and temp all change how this disc flies... this disc and every other (almost). With practice it is more predicable. It has been a lot of fun to figure this one out! Still doing it and loving it. Would I suggest it? Yes, if one if up for a new challenge.

Posted: 06-05-05
Submitted by Nathan nathan.collins@oc.edu Level: Adv. Am
Avg Drive: 300
Throws: Righty
Throwing Style(s): Sidearm
Disc Weights: 166-169
Review: I am a main sidearm thrower, with the occasional backhand and hammer. When I first saw this disc I thought it looked retarded, my next sighting of it a few months later and I changed my mind and decided to give it a shot. First tossing it around in the back field not far, the flight seemed nice, but I noticed it still had a nasty slice even after tuning, and this was not far distance throwing (150-200 ft.). When I took it on the field throwing both sidearm and backhand it sang a different tune, and was unreliable. Despite I kept trying but often smash the efforts of the epic with my discraft crush. I find the only thing the epic is really good for is the hammer. It has a sweet turn over and has saved me on a few holes because of the amazing flight in this throw. Probably my best disc for that, and that\'s why it holds an expandable place in my bag.
Posted: 5-01-05
Submitted by Taylor Gantt
I played a lot of Frisbee golf in high school and some in college. My play decreased for a few years but in the last three weeks it became very popular in the town I live in and I have gotten back into it. Only having large ultimate Frisbee discs in my garage, I went out and bought the Epic driver and Arrow Aerobie discs. I had a ring Aerobie in HS and the thing flew forever so I felt an obligation to buy another Aerobie disc. My first couple throws with the Epic were disastrous. It came out of my hand pretty fast but rolled over to the left almost instantly and dove into the ground where it rolled for a while. I was frustrated for the first day and went to the internet to see if this was normal. Sure enough, I found a few remarks about first time users being frustrated with the Epic so, I felt better. The next day I played and my game progressed. After tailoring my game to the disc I made a few good throws how I wanted to and I actually liked the way it skipped off the grass. About the 5th hole of my second day with the disc I pulled a throw to the right that was way off. Although I was off target, the Epic absolutely sailed like Iíd never seen before. It was straight, level, and had great carry. I donít know how many feet it went but after that throw, everybody in my group wanted to try it because they were shocked at how far it kept going and going. I was hooked. I havenít managed to consistently replicate that throw but Iíve made strides from my first day and I think Iíll master it after a few more weeks of consistent use. As for the ďadjustmentsĒ you can make Ė bending it down to go right, up to go left Ė I think thatís bogus. If it works, I havenít figured it out. I think it has more to do with the way you throw, not how itís bent. Iím sure it matters a little, but Iím not going to waste a nice day and round of Frisbee golf messing with my disc. I found a couple ways that work and Iím going with that.
Posted: 2-09-05
Submitted by Layne D
Disc: Aerobie Epic (166-169g)
I am an intermediate right-handed player with 10+ yrs of experience. I throw both side arm and overhand (pinch grip). I am the type of player that will go for a predictable drive and approach vs. trying for a very long drive. I have found the key to a good score isnít a super long drive but a reliable & predictable throw. This review is for the Aerobie Epic (166-169). After reading a few reviews about this driver I though if I ever saw one in the sporting goods store it might be worth a try. I spent $12 on the Aerobie Epic last week and I feel I wasted my money. The packaging and statements from Aerobie are that this disk is scientifically designed to fly forever. Apparently this disk can be "tuned" to your individual throwing style and you can "tune" it to roll-over more/less by bending the disk a certain way. The tuning instructions are vague and make no sense and the disk is a bit strange as it has an asymmetrical rim or grip that is fatter on one side. Supposedly the disk is weighted such that you can throw with more leverage. This disk comes in 1 weight (166-169) I have no idea how heavy my actual disc is. I do like the plastic, it is similar to Champion plastic & DX plastic. The disk is super bright dayglow orange and has a very comfortable sticky grip despite it's odd shape. I am confident that the disk is resistant to abuse (scratches, dings, etc.) as the plastic is very rubbery. How the disk flies: I did notice on my first several throws that this disk literally rockets out of your grip off the tee. I also noticed that the disk has sinister turn-over and has a tendency to bounce or skip quite a bit when it lands. I tried several times to tune the disc and had no luck. My regular golf buddies also tried this new technological driver and had similar results. In flight this disk is all over the place in the air and does not hold a predictable flight path. This disk does fly far but not that much further than my other goto drivers. Perhaps I should try "tuning" it again. I might also add that the disk has better than average glide but I can still throw my Champion Valkyrie almost as far and much more reliably. As I am a big fan of a reliable & predictable throw I don't feel this disc will be a regular in my bag . I will most likely use it on those "I don't care if I loose it" situations or I will trade it for another disc. This disk is probably more suited for beginners than for experienced players who are used to using a traditional driver. I did not notice an incredible distance advantage when using this disk (although it does fly far) and I tried very hard to replicate the results of some of the other reviewers of this disk. The phrase "If it's too good to be true" comes to mind, but for $12 I had to give it a try.
Posted: 10-21-04
Submitted by Kirt Griffin
Being a newbie beginner, looking for what works, I tried the EPIC unsuccessfully on my first session. It sliced into the ground and even stuck on occasion. After reading Allen Adler's discussion on tuning I tried to make it more stable. No benefit. Bending it down resulted in my longest throws compared to 5 of my longest discs by about 10%. Some 35 repetitions of each. 100% of the EPIC throws were the longest of the six discs in the test despite some less than stellar EPIC throws. I could have tuned it down more but the disc was landing on edge and was rolling several feet for added distance. If you have one don't give up on it too soon or offer it to me. I'll pay the shipping.
Posted: 10-21-04
Submitted by Cole William Eppstein cole.w.eppstein@Vanderbilt.Edu
The one thing about this disc is that it acts like a thumber when thrown as a hammer. I'm right handed and my hammers come down to the left but the epic will come down to the right.
Posted: 9-13-04
Submitted by ajclark_thedude@yahoo.com
I inherited an epic from a friend who I play disc golf with. He couldn't throw the disc so he gave it to me, and it changed my game completely. I can regularly throw over 450 feet with a tomahawk throwing style and with remarkable accuracy. While throwing the aerobie downhill I have broken 500 feet on several occasions. My previous best score at my home course in Stillwater, Oklahoma was even par; that was a month ago. Since then I have broken par on about 80% of my rounds and today I shot a personal best -3. Oh by the way this disc makes 60 ft. trees a non-factor along with moderate headwinds. The Epic is far and away the best tomahawk disc ever made.
Posted: 8-24-04
Submitted by Robb - Advanced Player
Agreeing with previous reviews, but adding this: if you DO use your epic in the wooded areas and it gets beat up, it is possibly the world's BEST thumber disc. Once beat in, you can throw a thumber shot with it like this: throw your shot about 200 ft in a 45 degree angle up and away from you. If thrown right, it will flip completely around 1 1/2 times, and then HYZER out for another 200-300 feet. Instant 400-500 ft. drive. This works great over the top of low trees or in wide open spots. It does take some tuning, but once it's tuned... LOOK OUT!
Posted: 6-12-04
Submitted by Todd Watkins
I have a new name for this disc that I hide deep inside the Misty Mountains - Golem. This disc has a purpose, but what that is I haven't quite found yet. As an intermediate to advanced amateur sidearm thrower, I find this disc to be very unpredictable in its flight depending on the amount of snap and angle of release. This disc will go a long, long way but I suggest wide open spaces for your choice of fairway. It tends to be very overstable, but with enough snap upon release, it will turn over in the early to mid-flight, then finish with a very hard right at the end (to the point of flipping a couple of times before landing) ! This is a great disc for overhand throws, as it will make a very quick loop and plop down and quiver a little before finally settling down. Also, of note, the speed on this is one of the fastest of all the discs I've thrown. I believe the maker of this disc and the other Aerobie flying rings may have the basic principles of long flight down, but has somewhat of a Frankenstein released here.
Posted: 1-15-04
Submitted by Brian cdale600@hotmail.com
Brian; Intermediate Amateur sidearm driver. This disc is fairly hard to throw. Its rim is huge, and not centered on the disc. The skinny section of the rim is still something like an inch thick so for smaller hands it will be difficult to grip correctly. It must be thrown completely flat for maximum distance as any hyzer/anhyzer on the release will be VERY evident in the flight path. However if released flat this disc will S curve and travel a long way! My fourth throw with this disc was my longest drive ever. The plastic is not very hard and I refuse to use it on wooded holes. This, coupled with its crankiness about the release angle means its usefulness is limited to holes with wide open fairways. It is also rather pricey for the durability of the plastic, but when you really need big distance it's good to have around.
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