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Disc Golf Reviews "Best of" Awards
This is a list of web awards where I give props to the discs and equipment that I think epitomize the best in quality and value of the products on the market. A list of previous winners can be found at the bottom of the page. I will try to keep this list revised so that it only includes standard production models and stays current as discs are discontinued.
Updated: 5-12-06

*Disclaimer: Please keep in mind these are my own personal opinions. Feel free to disagree by submitting reviews or by posting on the message board.
Disc Awards  
Best Stable Driver:
Honorable Mention:
Innova DX Teebird
Champion Starfire, Discraft Elite X Avenger, Innova Star TL
Best Overstable Driver:
Honorable Mention:
Discraft Elite Z Crush
Innova Star TeeRex, DGA Tsunami, Discraft Elite Z Avenger
Best Stable Midrange:
Honorable Mention:
Innova DX Roc
Gateway S Element X, Discraft Elite Z Buzzz, Discraft Pro D Wasp
Best Putt & Approach:
Honorable Mention:
Gateway S Wizard
Innova KC Aviar, Discraft Pro D Challenger, Discraft Pro D Banger GT
Best First Disc:
Honorable Mention:
Discraft Elite X Comet
Innova DX Goblin, Lightning #3 Flyer, Millennium Aurora MS
Best Beginner Driver:
Honorable Mention:
Gateway S Sabre
Innova DX Ace, Innova DX Leopard, Discraft Pro D XL
Most Versatile Driver:
Honorable Mention:
Innova DX Eagle
Innova DX Gazelle, Discraft Pro D Cyclone, Discraft Elite X Tracker
Best Sidearm Disc:
Honorable Mention:
Innova Star Starfire
Discraft Elite X Talon, Discraft Elite Z Avenger, Innova Star Wraith
Best Thumber Disc:
Honorable Mention:
Aerobie Epic
Discraft Elite Z XS, Discraft Elite X Wildcat, Innova Champion Orc
Best "Out of the Box" Roller:
Honorable Mention:
Little Flyer Maximizer
Innova DX Stingray, Discraft Pro D Stratus, Innova Champion Roadrunner
Straightest Flying Driver:
Honorable Mention:
Gateway S Sabre
CHING Power Velocity, Innova DX Teebird, Millennium JLS
Straightest Flying Midrange:
Honorable Mention:
Discraft Elite Z Buzzz
Innova DX Goblin, Innova DX Aero, Innova Champion Coyote
Straightest Flying Approach:
Honorable Mention:
Ching Fusion Juju
Innova DX Aero, Aerobie Arrow, Innova DX Classic Roc
Straightest Dropping Putter:
Honorable Mention:
Discraft Elite X APX
Discraft Rattler, Discraft Elite X Putt'r, Innova DX XD
Most Overstable Disc:
Honorable Mention:
Gateway E Spirit
Innova KC Whippet X, Innova Champion Firebird, Gateway S Demon
Most Understable Disc:
Honorable Mention:
Innova Optimizer
Little Flyer Maximizer
Fastest Disc:
Honorable Mention:
Gateway S Illusion
Innova Pro Wraith, Discraft Elite Z Flick, Discraft Pro D Venom
Slowest Disc:
Honorable Mention:
Discraft Rattler
Discraft Elite X Putt'r, Innova DX Birdie, Wham-O 86 Softie
Best Standard Plastic:
Honorable Mention:
Gateway S
Innova DX
Best Premium Plastic:
Honorable Mention:
Discraft Elite X
Best Super-Premium Plastic:
Honorable Mention:
DGA Pro Line
Innova Star
Stiffest Plastic:
Honorable Mention:
Gateway S
Discraft Pro D
Stickiest Plastic:
Honorable Mention:
DGA Gumputt/Blowfly
Millennium Supersoft Putter

Equipment Awards 
Best Permanent Basket:
Honorable Mention:
DGA Mach V
Discraft Chainstar
Best Portable Basket:
Honorable Mention:
Ching Skillshot
DGA Mach Lite
Best Large Capacity Bag:
Honorable Mention:
Gateway Tour Bag
Santa Cruz Bag
Best Medium Capacity Bag:
Honorable Mention:
Disc Revolution Team Bag
Gateway Player Bag
Best Small Capacity Bag:
Honorable Mention:
Innova Diamond Standard Bag
PDGA Standard Bag
Best Bag Strap:
Honorable Mention:
Phenix Quad Shocks
Revolution Team Dual Strap
Best Value Large Bag:
Honorable Mention:
Lightning Large Lite Bag
PDGA Tour Bag
Best Value Small Bag:
Honorable Mention:
Ching 12 Pack Sport Bag
Lightning Starter Bag
Best Grip Aid:
Honorable Mention:
Birdie Bag
Grip Tite

Previous Award Winners

Best Sidearm Driver 8-24-04 to 8-08-05:
Discraft Elite X Xtra
Straightest Flying Midrange 8-24-04 to 8-08-05: Millennium Aurora MS
Most Overstable Disc 8-24-04 to 8-08-05: Gateway E Speed Demon Best Overstable Driver 7-24-04 to 8-24-04: Discraft Elite X Predator

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