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Last Updated: 5-9-07
If you have a link to a disc golf related site you would like me to list, send me an email and short description and I'll post it with my next update.
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Disc Golf Equipment and Technique Resources
  • Disc Flight Ratings Chart I Wrote For Gotta Go Gotta Throw
  • Disc Flight Physics - VERY interesting site covering the physics of disc flight. The links on the individual pages do not work, so you will have to click each page and then go back.
  • Disc Golf Sweden's Disc Database - In depth informational database of nearly every golf disc made.
  • Disc Golf Report - An instructional disc golf site covering disc golf technique and disc flight aerodynamics.
  • Dana Bell's Disc Golf Stuff - Short summaries of most golf discs that have been in production over the last 5 years or so. Also the home of "What's in your bag?"
  • DiscGolferUSA - Solid site with short reviews of many discs, news, club/tournament information and a message board.
  • Disc Golf Resources - Lowe Bibby's MSN group featuring technique articles.
  • Raleigh Area Disc Golf League - Many instructional articles.
  • Area 46 Flying Disc Academy - Re-launch of an old Swedish instructional site.
  • DiscGraham - Grips.
  • New Hanover Disc Golf - Nice club site with lots of information on grips, distance tips, etc. Click on the "Golf School" link for articles.
  • Bi-Moto Putting Technique - Videos of said technique.
  • Disc Golf Expert - A site covering the basics of disc golf on an introductory level.
  • CE Roc Collector
    Links to Sites With Throwing Videos
  • Disc Golf TV
  • Disc Golf Review's Videos at Stickitdg.com
  • Disc Golf Sweden's Throwing Videos
  • 2003 Brent Hambrick Memorial
  • 2003 Ohio River Bear Open
  • 2001 Brent Hambrick Memorial
  • Disclife.com's Video Drive Study
  • Theo Pozzy's Video Drive Study that Appeared in DGWN
  • Area 46 FDA
  • Hyzernauts TV
    Disc Golf Message Boards
  • Discgolfreview.com
  • PDGA.com
  • Stickitdg.com
  • Discgolferusa.com
  • GDStour.com
  • Discgolfchat.com
  • Discgolfontario.com
  • Uniteddiscgolf.com
  • Women's Disc Golf Association
  • Gateway South Message Board
  • Nebdisc.com
  • Middle Tennessee Disc Golf Association
    Other Disc Golf Links
  • Discgolf.com - A large variety of links and resources, including online scorekeeping and course messages.
  • PlayDG.com - A site offering course tours and descriptions for courses in the midwest.
  • Huk Lab - High quality disc golf apparel and accessories.
  • Disc ID - A resource promoting networking for the return of lost/found discs.
  • Topper Sports Disc Golf - A nice site with an online scorekeeping feature that lets you login and store your favorite courses and scores from your rounds.
  • DiscLife.com: The Online Disc Golf Resource Guide
  • Disc Golf Sweden
  • Distance Records and Contests - Results of Big D Distance Contests, Long Throws, Distance Records, etc.
  • PDGA - Official site of the PDGA.
  • Scott Stokely's Official Website
  • Juliana's Disc Golf Stuff
  • Ken Climo's Official Website
  • John Solberg's DG Pictures from the 2001 Worlds
  • Port-A-Field Reusable Field Liners: Ultimate, Guts, DDC, and more. Disc golf targets coming soon.
  • Hyzernauts - German site with lots of videos, interviews, tips, etc. with much of the content in English.
  • Women's Disc Golf Association
  • Discaroo Disc Golf Trader - Discaroo is a place for disc golfers to exchange discs with other players.
  • disCtribution.com - Disc Golf based community website
    Links to Disc Manufacturer's Sites
  • Innova-Champion
  • Discraft
  • Lightning
  • Millennium
  • Ching
  • Wham-O
  • DGA
  • Gateway Disc Sports
  • Aerobie
  • Dolf Designer Catching Targets
  • Disc Revolution Bags
  • Disc Wing
  • Latitude 64
    Disc Golf Publications
  • Disc Golf Magazine
  • DIsc Golf World News
    Build Your Own Basket Plans
  • http://www.ourdailybrad.com/hardware_basket/hardware_basket.html
  • http://www.centxdglove.com/basket.html
  • http://www.dadg.org/basket.htm
  • http://www.flyingdischunter.com/dgbasketplans.htm
  • http://chaaaching.blogspot.com/
    Other Links

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