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What do the elevation abbreviations stand for on the hole info update page for courses? How do I know which one to choose?

FL = Flat
UP = Uphill
DN = Downhill
RL = Rolling hills
VL = Valley

As far as which one to choose. Choose the one that best describes how a hole primarily plays. It's not about where the basket is located, it's about how a hole plays. So if it's all flat and then the basket is on a hill side, that's a flat hole. If it's a nice downhill bomb, that's obviously downhill.

Use your best judgment and try not to mark cases of very slight elevation as something it's not. So if hole has a slope that is barely noticeable and doesn't really factor into how the hole plays, that would be flat rather than uphill/downhill. If there's a tiny dip in the the fairway that really makes no difference, mark it as flat rather than valley.

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