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What are DGCR Player Ratings and how do they work?

DGCR Player Ratings (DGCRPR) are an estimate of what your PDGA Player Rating might be based on the scores you have entered into DGCR's Scorebook http://www.dgcoursereview.com/scorebook.php .

Your DGCRPR is the average of your recorded rounds over the past calendar year (i.e. there will be up to a year between your most recent round and the oldest round included), weighted according to how many holes were played in the round (e.g. a recorded round for a 9-hole layout only weighs half as much as a recorded round for an 18-hole layout), with your most-recent 25% of included rounds double-weighted. If you have less than 12 rounds for the year we will pull some older rounds to use in our calculation. You must have at least 5 rated rounds recorded to obtain a DGCR Player Rating.

To get a Round Rating (and DGCRPR), you must enter a round correctly. Make sure you use the "Detailed" tab (not the "Quick" tab). Select your course (you must have that course marked as played for it to show up on this list) and then select the "Tee Played". Choose the color layout that matches what you played (hole "Distance" will auto-populate). If there is not a selection that matches the course configuration you played, fill in each "Distance (ft.)" manually. These Distances must be populated to get a Round Rating.

Your Round Rating is displayed in your Scorebook http://www.dgcoursereview.com...ok.php?vall=1and your Player Rating is displayed on your DGCR Profile http://www.dgcoursereview.com/profile.php .

How is your DGCR Player Rating calculated?

Your DGCRPR is a comparison to how a Pro (Scratch player) would score. A Scratch player has a PDGA Rating of 1000. As a starting point to get your DGCRPR, we calculate a Scratch Scoring Estimate (SSE) based on the course length and how wooded the course is (Lightly, Moderately, or Heavily). Par is not a factor. For more information on SSE's see this FAQ: http://www.dgcoursereview.com...how&id=43

For your Round Rating, SSE is based on the Distances recorded in your Scorebook. Then, for every throw that your score is above this SSE, a certain amount is subtracted. An average course subtracts 10 ratings points per throw above SSE. A very short course could take 15 points off, and a very hard course could only penalize you 6 or 7 ratings points per extra throw. Of course, if you score better than SSE, your rating will be above 1000 since those points will be added rather than subtracted.

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