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How do I become a Trusted Reviewer on DGCR?

To become a Trusted Reviewer, other members on the site must vote your reviews as being helpful. After a predetermined amount of helpful votes, you will achieve Trusted Reviewer status. The current level break-downs can be found below:

TR Qualifications
Bronze: 10 Reviews, 100 Helpful Votes, 20 Unique Voters
Silver: 25 Reviews, 200 Helpful Votes, 35 Unique Voters
Gold: 35 Reviews, 350 Helpful Votes, 90 Unique Voters
Diamond: 60 Reviews, 1000 Helpful Votes, 250 Unique Voters

In addition to the above requirements, your unhelpful vote count must be less than 45% of your total helpful vote count to qualify as a trusted reviewer.

If you become a Trusted Reviewer you're also entitled to a Trusted Reviewer DGCR Mini. Details on that can be found here: http://www.dgcoursereview.com...ad.php?t=5679

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