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Forum Guidelines

1) No illegal drug discussion.

2) If a thread doesn't interest you, please move along. There is no need to post in the thread letting us know you think it's stupid.

3) Related to #2, purposely trolling a thread or threads will result in a warning with the next occurrence resulting in a temporary ban, the length of which is up to the moderator.

4) Getting 2 or more infractions for posts made that same day will result in a temporary ban.

5) If you post about a highly controversial topic (ie. politics, etc.) keep it clean and respectful.

6) If you have a disagreement with someone, it is not ok to post their address, phone #, etc. in the forum.

7) Related to #5, do NOT publicly call out members if you have a disagreement. Handle it over PM, leave them negative feedback, etc. but posting an "Mr. X is a dirtbag" thread will result in an infraction/ban and a deleted thread.

8) No religious discussion. That means no pro-religion or anti-religion topics. Those topics never end well so avoiding them is the best solution for this forum.

9) Multiple accounts are not permitted unless cleared by an admin. Using another account will result in its deletion and a 1 week or longer ban on your "main" account.

Active Infraction Point Penalties
5 = 2 week ban
7 = 1 month ban
9 = 3 month ban
10 = 6 month ban

If you manage to get more than 10 active points, your ban won't be temporary.

* If you are banned for any reason and create a second account, that account will be banned/deleted and the most recent ban on your original account will be doubled with no credit for "time served". Rinse. Repeat.

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