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05-07-2010, 09:16 AM
I'm a second year player. Let me know what you think.

xESP Avenger SS 174g - worn
Straight midrange shots
xFLX Avenger SS 169g - beat
Short to medium right shots
xGummy Champion Beast 175g - beat
Not really sure yet. Still testing
xElite X Cyclone 175g - new
Straight Shots
xChampion Groove 172g - new
I'll let you know lol.
xESP Nuke 174g - new
Long Drives
xFLX Surge SS 174g - used
Long left disc or the opposite with my sidearm
xKen Climo Champion Teebird 169g - used
Straight shots
xChampion Valkyrie 170g - worn
xDX Wraith 146g - beat
Sharp turning finesse shots
xElite X Buzzz 174g - used
100-200 foot shots
xClassic Roc 175g - new
Trying it to see if it will replace the buzzz. Blasphemy I know. lol
xStar Rhyno 174g - new
xSoft Magnet 174g - beat
Anything within 20 feet

05-09-2010, 11:44 PM
First off, know that the Classic Roc is not the Roc that everyone raves about. I wouldn't begin to think I could remember what it's a retooled version of, but it's basically a putter. You want a 180 rancho roc I believe. There's tons of 'em out there but the 180's ranchos are the easiest to get your hands on iirc.

The Nuke and even SurgeSS might be too much for your arm at this point. If you are using the SurgeSS as a left hooking disc throwing RHBH, it's too fast. Stick with the teebird and valk. The avengerSS and Champion beast would be right at your power level. Ditch the groove, nuke, and surgess. Throw in a banshee or firebird.

05-10-2010, 06:02 PM
My buddy who has been teaching me and helping me out recommended either a z-Crush or maybe even a 167+ champ katana. The Roc was mainly picked up for a test. I'm horrible with a buzzz (always throwing it down) and wanted to try a Roc to see if it would be better for me and it has. I will probably upgrade the Roc pretty soon or take my Ontario Roc back from my bro.