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  1. AirMcNair
    03-29-2014 03:40 PM
    I may after my wife starts her nursing job. Those courses are good from what i have heard.
    It is supposed to be in the high 70s this week.
  2. TheWCG
    03-26-2014 08:32 AM
    Things are warming up out here. We hit the 50's the other day!
    When is was down there I was on the east side of the state. I played warriors path, morristown kiwanis, and Harmon hills.
    You should quit your job, get a van, and travel...
  3. AirMcNair
    03-26-2014 07:53 AM
    Working like crazy. I have a course 2 min from my office and have only made it like twice. Where did you come play?

    How are things in cold chi town?
  4. TheWCG
    03-23-2014 03:07 PM
    Hey hey! What's going on!? It's been a while! I played a couple courses down in Tennessee but you weren't there?!
  5. AirMcNair
    03-23-2014 10:26 AM
    Long time buddy. Just got on here cuz I am bored. Then I click on your profile to see that amazing picture. Hope all is well.
  6. AirMcNair
    01-11-2013 08:00 PM
    I didn't say quitting, I am saying selling most of them but keep my bag full and at least two backups.
    Yes I was just starting to play open and doing good. Then I got a real job and haven't had time to play. Been playing a lot of soccer, volleyball and football. People just want this sick athletic specimen.

    It sounds like y'all are about to blow up there. That sounds like a good time there.

    I almost went out today but spent time with my wife and pups.
  7. TheWCG
    01-11-2013 08:27 AM
    Quitting DG? That's gross. I think I just threw up in my mouth...
    Weren't you just starting to play open?!?
    Things are going good around here! Chuck Kennedy is installing two solid courses out here which will change Chicago DG as we know it. That course we played with Jason for doubles is one of the courses that's getting a complete face lift (Fairfield) for a gold level layout. I super stoked about 2013!
    On a side note, I'm demanding you pick up those discs and get out and play! Your a good player! But not as good as me...
  8. AirMcNair
    01-11-2013 12:59 AM
    HAHA Working my tail off. Haven't thrown a disc in about 2 months. I have thought about selling a lot of my discs but think nah I should keep them just incase I someone come in that wants to throw.

    How are things with you?
  9. TheWCG
    01-10-2013 01:00 PM
    WTF?!? Where the hell have you been ma man?!?!?!
  10. TheWCG
    10-17-2012 10:37 PM
    no sweat! just thinkin at this point..

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