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  1. RussMB
    01-20-2010 10:44 PM
    I don't know why, but forgot to mention this. Hole number 8, plays alongside the back of a graveyard at the Barnwell course. Pretty Cool! I got a great picture of it in the photos! (It was initially taken down, but it's back up again! )
  2. RussMB
    01-04-2010 10:36 PM
    No problem! I kept watching it, being unreviewed, and was determined I was going to photograph that course. You said it about small town SC! lol I laughed at the fact that the gas station across the street was called "Jim Bo's". ...I can't say much, there is a chain of restuarants and Gas Stations here called "Cooter's"! With a nice redneck as the mascot! LOL My wife's folks live in Hampton/Varnville, So it was only a 30 min drive. Tried to play Orangeburg after I played Barnwell, but Half the course was flooded! What a pisser! Let me know what ya think when you play it!
  3. asu225
    01-04-2010 09:16 PM
    Hey Russ, thanks for letting me know. Barnwell, as you saw, is a typical small SC town, one of the reasons I have it on my wishlist is because I have family that live there and the next time I visit, I plan to play. Thanks for taking the pictures, I'll be checking them out next. Happy New Year.
  4. RussMB
    01-03-2010 12:36 PM
    Hey, I just thought I'd let you know, I played the Barnwell, SC course. I snapped some pics while I was there. I was pleasantly surprised! For a small town DG course, it was nice! It's a 9 hole rec course, but I had a good time with it. Anyways, just wanted to let you know I threw some pics up. I seen your name in the wishlists.
  5. RussMB
    11-04-2009 04:29 PM
    Definitely! I'll let you know if it's worth a trip down. I'm thinking it will be!
  6. RussMB
    11-02-2009 08:34 PM
    Hey, your missing one from your wish list! lol
    I'm going to be playing this one in about 2 weeks. I'm going to see if it lives up to its name!
  7. RussMB
    11-02-2009 08:32 PM
    Thanks for the add, Ok, I know where your at. Do you ever get out this way much?
  8. RussMB
    10-20-2009 10:20 PM
    What part of SC are you from?

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