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Conversation Between JR Stengele and Mr. Anderson
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  1. JR Stengele
    05-30-2013 07:02 PM
    JR Stengele
    Will do. Probably closer to August.
  2. Mr. Anderson
    05-30-2013 06:59 PM
    Mr. Anderson
    St Martin just got put in a month ago, its the exact opposit of Woodland Creek park. STM is a wide open course on the campus of a catholic college. New Innova 28 baskets and natural tees. Let me know when you make a trip down and I will do my best to join you.
  3. JR Stengele
    05-30-2013 06:53 PM
    JR Stengele
    That would be killer. Never heard of saint martin. Is that private? I love me a new course! We could do a tripple header.
  4. Mr. Anderson
    05-30-2013 06:26 PM
    Mr. Anderson
    Thanks dude. Come down sometime and check out Woodland Creek and St Martin (on our way to Shelton).
  5. JR Stengele
    05-30-2013 06:16 PM
    JR Stengele
    Just wanted to congratulate you on some really good DG lately. Your last few tournaments have had a lot of solid rounds. Good job and keep it up!

    Hope to come down your way this summer and get a tutorial from you!
  6. JR Stengele
    03-08-2012 07:36 PM
    JR Stengele
    Hey there Mr. Anderson,

    I play for Team Chainbangerz' as well but am yet to meet you. I am part of the Adv. team along with Ian and Adam. Hopefully you will be able to meet up on the 24th in Shelton with the rest of the team and then I can meet you in person. Take care and glad to see you on the site!

    JR S

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