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  1. jimbosprint
    03-21-2013 06:01 PM
    We're all hoping it will be open tomorrow, but it's tough to say for sure.

    You can check the status here: http://www.chico.ca.us/General_Servi...dwell_Park.asp
  2. TempleOfDoom
    03-21-2013 05:26 PM
    I'm a little iffy on driving that far if Chico won't be open. How long does it usually close for after a rain?
  3. jimbosprint
    03-21-2013 04:07 PM
    Chico might be open, we'll have to wait and see. If it's open, I'd be happy to show you around in the morning.

    You should come play Lava Creek on Saturday afternoon. We have a weekly at 2pm that I'll be playing for sure.
  4. TempleOfDoom
    03-21-2013 02:28 PM
    I'm thinking of trying to get up and play Chico and Black Butte Lake on Saturday. Are you interested? How long does Peregrine usually stay closed after rain?

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