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  1. GripEnemy
    09-28-2018 10:20 PM
    These are in my tourney bag, and the Team Teebird3/wiped Z Buzzz are daily drivers. Have plenty of other pink in my closet Drones are old old friends I recently benched..
  2. JNichols
    09-28-2018 04:57 PM
    I expect to catch some crap throwing a Vagina pink Cyclone, but that Sharknado looks BOSS! Lol
  3. GripEnemy
    09-28-2018 04:46 PM
    Yeah, crap from chumps who can't harness the beauty that is a Cyclone. If you find it to be a little too straight we also created the Innova Sharknado for your convenience.
  4. JNichols
    09-28-2018 04:37 PM
    Lol. I get crap for it sometimes, but the Cyclone has been one of my Favorite discs since I started throwing. Still have the nasty, bright pink ESP that I started with. The ONE disc I haven't lost, yet....
  5. GripEnemy
    09-28-2018 01:56 PM
    Glad to see someone still throws the Cyclone

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